WATERWORLD (Or “explaining water element to the world”)


The thing that water elements understand is what it means to try always to be brave while feeling very alone in a crowd at the same time

No, this is not me as a Pisces whining about anything.

That is what the world has been told about us born under the sign of the Fish – that we are weak, and whiny, and that we are gullible and naive and that really, you can fool us with your words and your bullshit but, those who are also water element sun signs know one thing that we fish people know – that you cannot fool a Pisces.


Try as they all might, people try very dearly hard to lie to me, or, at least try to hide the fact that they are lying to themselves. About anything, but, mostly about what they are feeling, all the time.

We fucking know whatʻs up, we fish folks do.

Donʻt try to bullshit us. We are quiet, not stupid, and more than that…we know when you are too tired but wonʻt admit it, and when you are too tired, or feel too weak – NOT in the body but in the mind and the soul, we know….we KNOW, okay? We fish folks know when you are lying to yourself, and we try hard to not let you know that we know. Then when you find out that we knew all along, you get all mad at us – because you thought you told us something that we already knew. The problem is not that this is not the truth…the problem is that it IS the Truth and we put a voice to it. I am sorry but, if this is how you feel, that I have somehow said something that you think you told me, without you telling me a thing, you are telling more than you know. 

(Yeah, fire signs…I am indeed and very well talking to a whole LOT of you! Those are not just thoughts that you are thinking, Aries, nor is it your turn, when you get one of those thoughts that the Aries shared with you, Leo, meant for you to become a royal pain in the ass because of…holding that shit over their head…and as if you didnʻt go tell the Sag you THOUGHT would keep your secrets could not WAIT to be off and running with their ….THEIR – haha, NOT YOUR version of the same truth…it is really all in the delivery…the context…guys….hahahahahahaaaa) (I know…you guys are action, and well, sometimes, action precedes thought….hello, Air signs…yes, you guys, too – indeed what the hell IS the big idea, right??? Keep reading, please lol)

It is like we are there in your head long before you realize that weʻve got your number and have already decided if we will be remaining in your life, or, if we are just going to bail and say nothing. And typically, we are magickal at it, because we are not just the quick change artists, but, more than that, better than any sign can – we can turn tail and just take ourselves out of peoplesʻ lives and awareness.

*Snaps fingers*

Just like that.

This same thing goes for the Crab (Cancer) in that, they are PHENOMENAL at the silent treatment. When they are ready to speak up, they will, and lots of times, those who they love the most actually have to guess when that is, through the things that this person will do (or how long it takes for them to come out of the safety of their distance) that tells their loved ones that they are coming back to balance and that it is safe to approach them again.

Then, there is the Scorpion, the person who will destroy you, but, at the same time, will help you rebuild yourself in some area of your life, in terms of who you are, not for anyone else BUT for yourself.

We all mean well…every single one of us. We are not here for the sake of intuiting all of everyoneʻs sins and secrets, and we are not here for people to constantly dump your own crap into (think about all those things all over the place here in town that tells us not to dump into the storm drains because they flow right into the ocean…keep reading). We are here to have a human experience, in a human body, so that our souls can learn, grow, and be part of this consciousness called “the human experience.”

Yet, the very lot of us who were born with the element of water as our sun sign have a very keen knack for having tantrums (lots of them) in some manner, and those of us with this element are sometimes known for being blatantly honest (and we enjoy watching you cringe at the very silky way we administer our venom…yes, the fish….and no, it is not for all of those who have pissed us off – we are VERY discerning about who gets fucked with and who gets space and time for balance…), and lots of times that honesty comes out at the very wrongest of times.

However, the one thing that remains sure and true – sometimes, the hardest thing in the world is to be a water sign.

Water signs feel EVERYTHING

Specifically my sign, the fish, feels, knows, sees, “guesses” everything correctly, and almost with startling accuracy.

It is the gift and the curse of all water signs to some degree.

And no, we are not able to just turn this shit off – it is part of who we are, and by that right alone, is the very thing that makes us very, dearly strong (even though we and the rest of the world are told otherwise….meh, whatever – it is usually written by a sign that has no real clue…til they ask a water sign…think about it…) and more than much else, able to handle a whole, whole lot of crap.

However, like everything else that gets filled to the brim, the thing that the rest of the signs seem not to remember is that even as we are….magickal…as water signs…we are still, even though we are also very spiritually inclined – we are yet still very human.

We are the very ones who first feel what people are feeling, and since some of us are not able to discern what is our own crap versus what is anyone elseʻs we sometimes think that someone elseʻs crap is actually our crap.

And yeah, unless we are able to discern that much, for the most part, we are also the very ones to whom entities called “emotional issues and mental ailments” love to stick themselves to. If we are not aware of this much, the things that we do in our lives and the things that materialize and the things that we see and hear and feel….all of these things, if we are not careful and if we choose to just take on whatever comes our way, will cause us to be sick in the soul. 

Soul Sickness and Water Signs

More than every other sign, when it comes to bodily ailment that we waters end up with, it is a guarantee that it is, in large part, a manifestation of ailment in the soul. Again – We are also the element who is most prone to mental and emotional issues, and truly, there is not one of us who has never dealt with depression.

And we would be the very ones who could, also seeing as how we are the ones who are the most creative in terms of healing ourselves, just walk the crust of the earth, soul-sick as can be, and only another water sign would know it, because they would sense it. There is not another element that, just like ours does – water – can become entirely sick in the body from being sick in the soul. We are also, not surprisingly, the very ones who come back from our ailments stronger in every imaginable way than we were before we were physically ailing.

Problem is…

Problem is that, more than most, water signs will be the very ones to also not say anything about not feeling well, are the ones for whom these ailments, as I already stated, are rooted in our emotions, rather than our having been made that way through physical contact. Donʻt get me wrong – we do end up sick from person to person contact but when it happens, we are very easily able to flush out the sickness.

Just like actual water does.

For real.

Dr. Emoto studied it….

But..again…problem is…folks tend to “come to the water to be healed” without realizing that perhaps it is that the water needs to flow as itself so that it can flush out its own ailments. The rest of the signs rarely see this, but, of course, it is because we waters rarely say anything about it. It is not because we have this thing about us that makes us want to believe that, in our state of denial (something else that we are magickally inclined towards…denial) we are somehow just going to snap our fingers and POOF! we are better.

Of course we try hard to do it that way – especially the fish (it is that big giant Pisces imagination…it fucks with us but rarely does it steer us wrong so long as we are aware of what our own, personal symbols are…again, please keep reading…), but, we all know that for the most part, unless it is statistically the time for that particular miracle to happen (indeed….wisdom, the sort that is home grown…The Professors, Lane….hello, guys…indeed I am still trying to stay felony free hahahahahahaa) it ainʻt gonna happen.

Even in the Astral world, folks, life is messy and still takes effort on either side of the Veil of Consciousness. When cleaning messes, one needs far more than rags – one also needs water…for real and proverbially….when the earth needs to be reseeded, it is the fire element that comes to burn the earth. It does not burn the earth to harm it. It burns the earth to cleanse and purify it, as does the wind blow to carry the seed to it, and the water to help nourish it and bring it fully into Life…no matter what, in order to Be, Life Requires ALL elements, but, can bring forth nothing without Water. #WaterIsLife and #LifeIsWater…never, ever forget this one Truth. 

You can bring a horse to water…

…and there is one person to whom that will speak volumes to, or perhaps more than only that one person, and I could sit here and repeat what the rest of that is, but canʻt because I have a different thing to say about it.

No one can make anyone else do anything. But this does not mean that others are not doing and saying things that we are intuiting differently than they are delivering it to our ears and our souls, and the most of it is bullshit. Believe what your heart and your soul are telling you, and not what you think your Ego wants you to believe and keep you…yeah okay, sort of safe…but safe because of the familiarity of the bullshit rather than actually safe and secure in the soul (and remember that in the world of the weird the ego is NOT what we have all been raised to think of it as being. In matters of Spirit, it is the part of us that makes us feel small when really, we are life sized entities brought by Spirit….think about that…let your watery minds drift off with that one for a bit…).

You know the Truth. The right people keep coming and telling you the right things, the good things that you never heard a whole lot until they showed up, the funny things that you never thought anyone would have the balls to say, and the ugly things that no one could ever put a more lovely light on than can a water sign.

We water people are masterful with the truth, and sometimes so much so, that even when it is something that we, ourselves, donʻt want to state…it is there.

Just like water is transparent, by the way that we wear our hearts on our sleeves is the way that we would hope the world would treat us. We know that we are not the only people on this planet, just as much as we know that we are as venomous as we can also be life-saving. We know who we are, even if who we are hurts us to our core from time to time. Like water can cure itself, we, too, as water signs, can do everything in our power to cure ourselves from our ability to take on everything this world throws at us, and everything that the world throws at everyone else.

We are like the element we are named for….transparent, even when murky. We can live in our Ego, but too much time there confounds us.

Eventually, we each and all come home to the Water, come home to who we are….we come home to our Truths

We all know the thing that is circulating this next bit of brilliance around the web … it too, is that thing called, THE TRUTH:










MANIFESTING LIFE – LESSON TWO: Clearing your emotional crap

Practical Magic Ghetto Allegory

In order for us to see our Powers of Manifestation at work, we have to open our awareness. In order to open our awareness, we have to be willing to accept and to change what is there and slowing us down.

In the last writing, I told you all about the important things that must be included in your quest for manifesting your own highest best selves, so that you can, at the same time, realize your highest best lives.

The work involved is anything but simple, and it is anything but kind. It involves taking a good look at the reasons we keep giving to ourselves as to why things do not work out as we plan for them to, and it involves our being able to settle things within ourselves and also, more than anything else, asks us if we are able to forgive, not only others, but, also ourselves. We are taught that we have to win and that if we do not win then this means that we are losers.

We are told how to mechanically do things, including this manifestation stuff, but we are left wondering about the other part – the energy part, which really is the very most important part of it all.

We believe ourselves to be stupid, when really, we are merely ignorant, and that word ignorant does not mean that a person is anything other than unaware of the truth. Once it is that we become aware of the Truth, we are not able to be thought  of as ignorant.

The movie, The Secret, while it was a very lovely explanation of the fact that we are each and all empowered beings, enough so that we would be able, because we are all able, to have the lives that we most desire, the one thing that this movie and ones like it is that, years later, when all has evolved to what it has become in the Now, we find ourselves lacking for the rest of the story. This is the thing about our Selves, guys – we don’t want to work for what we want. I do not mean go out and get a job kind of work. I mean the sort of work that makes us look at what is bugging us, down deep in the bones of the soul .

What is bugging, way down deep in the Bones of The Soul

I tell lots of people that when we deny the things that others see in us, that we cannot see and do not realize that these things are the evidence that we need, via the observations of others, of the things that we need to learn about and clear out of our awareness in the manner of energy that those things are, right this moment.

What I mean by this is that everything that makes us feel bad, that makes us react rather than respond, are the very things that we have to see to, the very things that we have to take a look at, even if we do not want to. The things that bother us, if we knew what they were consciously, would be the things that would not only hurt our souls (again) but, are the things that contain the initial pain of the past and the very thing that we came to this lifetime to ho’oponopono. (“To make right”)

We were not ever meant to stay the wreck that we are upon birth (reread that – yes, it is true. No matter what you have been told, you are only sinless at the start of this particular lifetime, but, may have crap that has to be cleared from previous ones….keep reading…). We are not meant to stay static in the idea that since we were born imperfect, that we have to live in those imperfections. No one tells us that we can go the other way and no one tells us that we have the right and the ability to change our minds about things and the ability to make right, that which was not right within and grow our lives the way that they are meant to grow.

We are not ever taught that the things that hurt us were only meant to hurt us one time and no one ever told us that that one time could take a long time to resolve for us and no one ever, ever thought to make it okay for us that we went through anything, even if what we went through was brought into our lives by our own energies. We are not taught to think positively, even though we are told that we ought to. We are not taught that forgiveness is the key to everything because within that energy of forgiveness the freedom from our ire is not for those who we ought to forgive but rather is within ourselves.

Yes – ourselves.

We want peace, but peace is not outside of us.

It is felt inside, where it counts and where we actually live. But, that is not something that we have been taught about, this garnering of peace within. In order for us to have what we want in life, we have to have peace about what it is that we do not have and we have to know if whether or not we want that one thing in our lives for the moment, or, if it is something that is meant as part of our awareness for the purposes of our growing and our being able to do our part in the healing of the planet.

What was wrong was that we were forced to live a certain way while we watched the adults in our lives break their promises to us, and they didn’t even breathe a word to us – it was in their actions, or rather, their speaking what they expected of us but not living those very words that we, the parents of the children born to my generation, cannot do otherwise BUT to live by them. My generation had no idea, some of us until this moment when you are putting your eyes on this…my generation as a whole is the one generation that I can totally say has collectively kept our word, to those generations which came after ours and the one which we parented. Our kids are bad ass and they live with integrity and truth. We did it right.

We made certain that there was not a lot of their own personal crap to clear, meaning that the world is now filled with successful people who listened to us – they worked smarter, not like we were told was the only way, which was harder and to this very day these people insist on learning things the hard way, rather than doing like we SHOWED our kids to do, which was to do things SMARTER.

Of course, their grandparents think they are crazy, but at the very same time they see their grandkids as brilliant. My grandparents were not that great at sensing the brilliance that, by right of what our own parents showed us that WAS good, we have instilled that much into our kids -they are called valuing morality and living in the Truth.

Living in the Truth

To live in the Truth means that you are not scared to be who you are for real. You see, lots of people manifest things that they want in their lives, and then they ruin themselves with that same manifestation. I have a theory – those people manifested from their Ascendant, rather than their Sun and Moon signs (it counts and truly matters – if you want to know more, go to my website and send me an email…). The Ascendant in Astrology is the game face or the mask that we show the world. It is part of what I refer to as being “The Big Three” in Astrology.

The Big Three are easy (okay, they are easy if you know what you are looking at…yes, I can teach you that, too)….They are your Sun Sign (mine is Pisces, the fish), your Lunar sign (Also known as “the moon sign” – mine is Taurus, the bull) and the Ascendant, or “Rising Sign,” (which I refer to as being your “daily mask” and your “game face” where guys are concerned…). The Big Three are the parts of you that are who you are, how you feel and what you show the world. These things are also the reason why, in your inner world, you have stuff, that we all have stuff that we have to clear out. Over these last few months we each and all have been clearing our emotional bullshit.

We do not know, a lot of us, that this is the reason why we have been dealing with this collective hurt.

The things that are not there anymore we have managed to allow to release – and the part that hurt us is not just what was on top of things – our emotions are tied to tangible things because the tangible things are the things that we feel strong emotions about, good or bad. The part that hurts always is the expansion of who we are that has to take place in order that we will be able to accommodate the new person who we each are becoming. We all think that this whole…manifesting thing…is about getting things when really, it is about creating a beautiful life.

The first thing to learn in this letting go of things is that we have to let go of who we were in order to become who we already are. This is directly related to those things that are called I Statements.  Basically, these are things that we tell ourselves that keep us in our power. The way this happens is that we are not able to place blame anywhere else for how we are feeling. Manifestation is based on energetically drawing to our lives what we are focusing on. If what we are focusing on is how we feel, and how we feel is always not that great, we are going to continue to draw to us those same things, events and ways of being that cause us to go through things that we feel are not that great.

If all we focus on, throughout our lives, are the things that we have lost, and we think that our lives are going to get better because we have managed to have all of those things at one time in our lives, and we are not looking at the thing that is there and not making itself obvious…the thing about this is that you figured out what to do back then, and back then, you did not know everything that you know now. What you know now is ten times more than what you did then.

Between that time and this time, you figured out what you needed to do in order that you would not have to flounder like you think you are right now. In fact, what it is that you have to do in order to move ahead to your future is simple – forgive the past.


This is something that a whole lot of us have heard about. In my case, I have been part of this energy of forgiveness at the soul level.

You see, there are things that have happened to us in our lives that we cannot let go of. Maybe we are mad at Spirit for having taken someone from us at a young age, or, perhaps it is an energy that is just there and has always been there for the majority time of our lives. Doesn’t matter what it is. Just know that for real – we all have baggage and we all have things that way down deep inside, we hurt dearly from.

Some of these things had nothing to do with us, and all of these things that had nothing to do with us, somehow was strong enough to harm us to the point that we would, at this time in our lives, believe that we are not able to let go of an energy that we have pain from. Significant losses will cause us to believe, if there are enough of them that happen consecutively over time….those events will cause us to see ourselves as the reason why these things happen. We will think that somehow, we were bad. The reality is that we are trying hard to not hurt, and when we hurt, we think about what we are hurting over and why we are hurting over it.

We do not realize how magnetic we are, specifically in the heart and the brain.

Yes, physically. When we ache in the emotional sense, we actually ache physically. If we ache enough, we will ache to the point of physical malady. This is how we end up with chronic physical issues. This is how we end up sick – we think ourselves sick, because we try so hard to fight how we are feeling over a lot of things, that when it comes to the things that have broken our hearts and have made it so that all of our lives, the running theme in one area of life seems to have no luster at all and for the life of us, we believe that we will never know the truth of what it feels like to know what it is like to tangibly feel the energies of manifestation working out to our benefit AND was also something that was just pretty much handed to us….making it seem almost effortless.

It is the feelings of self-loathing that make us have to wait.

We unconsciously believe that we go through what we go through because we are paying for Karma that we did not know we created.

We put ourselves through things that we believe are correct and are the right things to do, and we do them out of a feeling that we need to do anything to “pay for” the sins that we committed on others, but the truth is that we are paying for the sins that we have committed against ourselves in thinking that we owe any sort of explanation for the things that we think about, let alone do.  This is the truth – the fact that we spent a whole lot of time in our lives explaining away the things that we did because we wanted to do them, or did because we needed to do them and had zero choice in the matter…THESE are the things that are in your way in terms of what it is that you are not manifesting at the rate of speed that you expect rather than the rate of speed that your own belief in all that you are, rather than how much you deserve something in your life – THIS is how we manifest.

Manifesting takes a lot of forgiving

The thing that not a whole lot of people want to believe is that to forgive is to roll over and expose your throat to whoever it was that made it seem as though somehow, you are not meant to have what it is in your life that you so truly desire.  It might be that some of us feel like forgiveness is an entirely religious thing, or that we simply cannot forgive because we think we do not know how to. We also, a whole lot of us, want to believe that when we forgive others, that we are rolling over and exposing our throats and that is so not the case.

The actual thing that forgiveness does for us is releases us from the boundary set by ourselves to protect us from perceived wrongs done to us by others. Indeed others are going to hurt us, and others are going to challenge who we are and what we are and they are going to try to make us slip up and do things the way that we did them in the past. The reality is that we ought to forgive simply for the idea that it brings us a whole lot of peace.

Yet…again…we are told that we have to forgive BUT we are not shown the way to do that OR the actual reason. The only reason is you and your peace of mind and soul.

When we are able to come to terms with the things that have marred us, the things that have made us believe that we are bad and that we are not worthy of the things that we are desirous of, it is those times when we are meant to question ourselves, question why it is that we believe that we are meant to suffer.

We are not meant to suffer. Anyone who makes it seem like you have to suffer for the things that they are not getting what they want in their lives is because you have not offered your services to their manifestations, and the next time that someone tells you that same thing that you have heard from the time that you were a child and hurt your soul – THAT, and other energies like it are the things that, once they are forgiven, and once it is that you no longer believe that you somehow owe penance for the things that you have believed your life long that hurt you….this is when the proving of your power starts.

The one thing that we each and all need and ought to want to manifest in our lives, long prior to our manifesting the tangible things, is the intangible, yet peace giving energy that is forgiving one’s own self for every little thing that we each have gone through, that we have seemingly opted to sacrifice our very Sacred selves to the altar of the ego-self.

When I have taught others that this is the thing that must be, initially, because without it, nothing else will come as easily as it is wanted, I have been told that there has to be a way to make these things happen much faster than lots of people are willing to wait for it all to happen.

My last piece of advice in regards to this one part of the manifestation process is the very most important part of it all because it is the part that we do not realize we need. If it is that we must have pureness of thought and intention, then, too, all the way around, we must be as pure as we possibly can be, free of the things that brought us the pain for so many years and the thing that we are allowed to release, are allowed to not have to try to rectify any longer and the thing that we do not realize has been making us have a sickness in the soul that we do not know, because we are not believing it, is the reason why we ail physically.

Forgiveness is the key to our manifestation. We need to get into the practice of forgiving, of Ho’oponopono to and for ourselves. In order to manifest, we must remember that we have to Love us. We have to Love ourselves, believe that we deserve those things and that life and everything that we imagine is contained within it. Indeed, we must have an energy of belief, of a belief in who we are, a belief in what it is that we want to see in our lives and a belief in the Love Energy that is the Collective of Human Life here on this giant floating rock we each and all call home.

The thing that we have not been taught about manifesting our highest best lives is the thing that we have not been taught about the rest of our life and its energetic reality.

That thing is that just like the fact that we are a part OF nature rather than apart FROM it, we must also think of ourselves as being a part OF our manifestation process rather than apart FROM it because thinking that way also keeps us apart from, rather than a part OF, the life we want to have.

In other words…it truly is all and completely up to us, up to the idea and the energetic reality that is believing in the life that we want for ourselves…

It sounds simple, but it isn’t….

I can show you how….

Just Believe




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MANIFESTING LIFE: LESSON ONE – A High Willingness to Learn, and a High Willingness to Change…


There is no way around two very important things when trying to manifest one’s own highest and best life

I have a friend named Melody. I have referred to her as being both “The Goddess of Gettin'” and of course, I have always called her the Snarky Puppy.

However, as much as I adore this lovely human being, this writing is not about my lovely adorable pal Melody (Hey Snarky….how’s stuff? You already know how stuff is with me….and I told you I would start writing about it…here it is, lady !) but rather and only is the start of a series of blogs dedicated to making the Law of Attraction make even more sense to folks who, like me, wanna just have things go in our favor once in a while, if not all the time. That’s what I wanted to begin telling you all about…the way that Melody and a few others have taught me to begin to understand the LOA from a perspective that can only be thought of as being….blue collar….because yeah, even us folks in RegularLand like having things go our way.

In my studies at school, I have learned that there are two things that are required in terms of getting what we want in life. No matter what anyone wants to think, believe or tell me that I am wrong about, the thing that the movie The Secret gave to us was this deep-seated curiosity about how it is that people like me, and people like my Coven sisters utilize, at all times, and have only recently and are still learning what it is that Melody has been phenomenal at giving us all a clue about, and of course in language that we can all understand.

The Two Things….

You are not going to want to know this, but, I am certain that Melody would tell you that indeed there are two things involved with manifesting one’s own highest best life. Those things are to be very willing to learn, and more, to be very willing and ready (even if you think that you are not able) to change. And in order for these things to work, you actually have to implement them.

There is no cheating the Universe, and neither is there any way, at all, to get around two truths involving the Law of Attraction and why it seems to work for some while making the rest of the population feel …sort of weak-ass…in terms of the Craft and more, in terms of the LOA. (And yeah….the methods that I am teaching you all today are indeed the manner by which a lot of us Crafty Chicks do our thing…we play with the etheric energies. In my language I refer to it as “scientific research”) (keep reading)

Let it be well understood right now that just because I am one of those…Crafty…women, it does not mean that I am going to be able to get what I want to happen faster, and by that right, we must ask ourselves why it appears that something that we have been waiting to happen, finally and suddenly happens, and does so when others are watching it happen. In their heads this might well equate to our being magickal at getting our way via the LOA but the truth is that whatever it is that is appearing in the lives of those who we love the most and the lives of those who we feel deserve these manifestations in their lives, be they good or bad, are getting those things in their lives right at the perfect moment because one thing is certain…

Before I get to the thing that I am pretty sure you wanna know about, I have to remind all of you of the very MOST important ingredient of all, in terms of the LOA…

Ok….so there are actually three things…and here is the first one.

You have to believe.

Cher’s song Believe has gotta be one of the most inspirational songs ever known to mankind, NOT because of her butt cheek tattoos from Turn Back Time and not because of that song being thought of as only meaning a woman has found out that she is strong on her own (we are built that way, ladies..deal with it…keep reading…) but, that we MUST believe, and we must believe that indeed, we are strong enough to weather who we are, so that we can also rise to become who we are meant to be and become.

This is tantamount in all of this…manifestation stuff – in order for it to take place in the manner that it is meant to and the manner that it will serve the highest best good of all there must always in place be a pureness of intent and belief, not only in the thing being brought into being via the LOA, but more, one’s own magickal self as being worthy and able to receive and accept that which we each and all know is ours…so long as we BELIEVE…

And that part…the believe part, is best, I think, explained by a young woman named Gabby Bernstein, who is equally as awesome in my eyes as her pal Marie Forleo…and these women, along with my pal Melody, as well as a guy named Paul Santisi, are all one and the same in the thought that in order for anything to manifest in one’s life, there must always be belief involved, in all areas, but mainly in the belief in one’s own desires being right and good for themselves in terms of who we each and all are.

Paul Santisi’s own words resonate best with the way and the things that I teach other women, and the way that Melody, Marie and Gabby all speak and write, the message is very clear..in order to manifest your best life, you must not only have a firm belief in everything about what it is that you are manifesting, including and especially about your own self, but, you must also have those two things….A high willingness to learn, and a higher willingness to change.

Without these things, you will have a hard time understanding, really, how the LOA works. It is not really a genie -that is giving the power away to something outside of yourself. You are the power in all of this – NOT the outer Universe. Understand, too, that we have been taught to see ourselves as being apart from the Universe, and apart from nature, when in reality, that is what keeps us apart from the things that we so desire…because we see ourselves as being in control of the Universe when really we need to be in control of our own selves and our own energies. This is how we end up pushing away from us what it is that we are so wanting in our lives.

In order for the LOA to work in your favor – you MUST learn, and change, and most of all, you MUST BELIEVE…(or you can choose to NOT and consequently also choose to stay frustrated.)

Simple as that.

Been there. Done that.

Don’t forget this, guys…this is like salt – needed when baking anything. Belief is the very salt needed for the manifestation of one’s own highest, best life.

In order to manifest anything at all…you must …MUST have a very high willingness to Learn 

Indeed, my closest people are, themselves, also healers, and of course, in that realm of life, I am their resident scientist in terms of things ethereal as they relate to the tangible world of science and at the moment, I am researching the Law of Attraction in terms of why we want anything at all. I wanted to be able to use my gifts, and so I manifested the right kinds of teachers to help me along that course of action, and I chose, also, to stop believing things that were not and could not be true about me as was told to me by others and naturally, I had a LOT of my own bullshit to clear away.

And here I Am, all…”am what I am” and stuff, and loving every moment of it, because indeed, along the way I have met, and reunited with others who I have spent significant times in my life with, who I have known, now that I think about it, likely for many lifetimes (Hey Arlene…how’s my Healer Mamasita today?) and who with me, are here to help raise the planetary vibration. The planetary vibration is not going to be raised when there are still too many of us paying attention to things going on in the world of pretend (think politics and think reality TV and think…think think think).

Of course, for many, many generations, people like myself and my friends have been referred to as being “evil” because we happened to have a certain and real affinity for the unseen, quantum world, and more, because we also know that it is not something that we, as humans with souls, are not meant to know how to use. This is wrong, this way of thinking, but, truth is…we really don’t care.


For a long time, it has been that the social agreement with the world is that folks like us stay quiet because the “real” healers with their medical degrees and their kickback from the pharmaceutical companies far and long have outweighed what we heebie-jeebie people have offered, and which, totally and every time works….the only reason that it will not work is because it has not been tried. It always works. It never does not work.

If that were the case, millions and millions of “faithfully saved” believers all over the world would not be believing that what they have been told for the entirety of their lives is the truth – that we are very very awesome in terms of our magnetic nature, and by right of that magnetism, we are the ones who are actually able, the very all of us, to perform what are known as miracles. That’s right – miracles, if that is what you want to call them, are not things that happen by mistake. They are scientific, really, and if you don’t believe me, you can check out my professors’ books. I refer to them as The Professors, Lane, David C and Adrea Diem…in one of their books it is written that we are not here by chance, that we are miraculous in nature given that we have a 1 in…I forget but it was something like…40,000,000 chance to be here, right now, because for the most part, the majority of sperm ejaculated die on the way to the egg

You are not a mistake, but, instead, are a miracle, and according to my professors’ research in quantum physics – , we are “due”, on average, by right of the things that we keep doing and keep wanting and keep drawing to ourselves, one really way cool thing, every month…literally, one in a million chance (so go and buy their books and find out what I am talking about).

Yet, in order for us to “perform” these miraculous feats, there is a whole lot of inner work on the self that must be done and we have to begin to foster a love for learning things, namely things that we are not too sure are real by right of anything more than who and what we are. It is not that we are somehow touched with the Midas touch – but that we have been teaching ourselves and trading our thoughts and our secrets with our closest people, and we have been pretty much …not so much indoctrinating the tribe, as much as it is more that we are teaching our hanai ohana how to use what we are all able to use.

The thing that is our issue, though, as reasoning beings, is that we are way, way unreasonable about a whole lot of things, but most of all, we are unreasonable about what it is that we want to believe is our power. Humans mollify things, embrace things that are inherently worthless until another human places power on and uses it to control other people. We are here to share with each other. This is the reason that I will write these things and tell anyone about where I learned about them and how I was able to test them myself and use them in real life.

Really – we are amazing Beings, we Humans are. The reason it appears that things do not turn out the way that we want them to is because of the vocabulary in our heads.

We keep telling ourselves that we are “too (insert thing here) to learn, ” and of course, that they we are “too old and set in our ways” to expect things to change, and that there is the thing that is not ours to hold on to. That is something that we have heard for the bulk of our lives and in that process we have essentially brain mapped it so that this is the only thing that we are willing to believe.

Reread that – recognize that I wrote the word willing, because really, that is what keeps us from growing – our level of willingness, or, actually, our level of unwillingness.

You do not know everything there is to know. No one knows everything, and in thinking that you know enough is ignorant. It is a chosen stupidity (I said it, so deal with it) to not want to get better at something, because it is choosing to be less than your specific brilliant self, and is choosing fear of risking being great over the safety of being the same way from this day forward.

The reason that I believe that we believe that we are “too this” or “too that’ to learn is simple – by right of our human nature, we are lazy creatures. When we add to this truth the idea that we have been taught and then trained our lives long to believe that we have to work at a job that we hate so that we can take care of the ones that we love and when we are told that we have to do things the way that we have been taught (and ONLY the way that we have been taught) ourselves, as a collective whole, tend to have a problem with not getting what we want, because we are equating the phrase “work on ourselves” as meaning “working out” (and no matter what you want to think, once it is that the inner work has been completed to the level at the time that it is completed is done, you will not worry about what the phrase “working out” means to you…because it will have changed…keep reading so I can tell you why that is…welcome to “Spirit Science 101” …sit down, shut up, write shit down…here we go..).

TO work out….okay, sort of, because exercise will help to shake loose the stuckness in the thought process…is not the same as to work ON….know the difference in the words, and know the difference in the structure and context of sentences, and soon enough, you will also know the truth in the power of words, and why I so love them like I do….because they are very, very powerful….

What it means to “work on yourself”

This is very important, and you can sit there and get ass hurt, or, you can pay attention and think, really, really think about the things that bother you the most, and understand now that when you get your feelings hurt, and it is something that comes up, again and again, and you get to that point where you know you cannot go forward one more day thinking the thought that life is never going to get better and that you are just going to live in torture for the rest of your life – you need to know that you are doing this to yourself.

Reread that.

Hate me now for five minutes and then get over it – you are doing it all on your own through the mechanism of perception.

We all forget that while we might be experiencing the same tangible collective thing, every single one of us is having a very different experience, and we, in that moment, are not thinking this thought – of course we are not, because we are in survival mode, in some way, or maybe in the literal way. It doesn’t matter. You are who is getting angry at a situation in the moment, and that is fine, but, when you hang on to it for longer than whatever is healthy, it signifies that you “have some work to do.” It means that you have to figure out why you feel the way you do, and then you have to figure out if you want to get rid of the feeling or hang onto it, and then if you choose to hang on to it, you have to figure out why, and then starts the circle all over again.

And because we are human, we have to do this, because if we do not fail at things, we can never learn them. Sometimes, we fail at healing our lives, because we do not want to learn something that we did not ask to have, even though we love it so much. We fail at healing because we Love to the point of sickness, and at that point, it ain’t love…it’s sickness, and that is why people like me, exist.

To help people understand their Soul’s sickness, and to guide them in the proper manner to their wholeness. Sometimes, we need help. It is my job to help. This is how I do this, through these blogs and through Awareness Training (hit me up).

So, pretty much the truth is that, as Paul Santisi repeats, again and again, and is the truth that will resonate and is in line with the thing that Melody teaches (in that we are mirrors to one another) – “what you want, wants you, and what you want is careening towards you, right this moment,” and yes, believe this, please.

Whatever it is that you are learning is meant to be learned, and it probably sucks, but, once you learn it, you don’t have to learn it again, and going through all of the bullshit that you are currently experiencing is meant – and next time you have the choice to not go through it again. This is what is meant by having a high willingness to learn (even if not by the first time).

A High Willingness to Change

This one is harder than having a high willingness to learn, because when we think of the word “learn” we think of things in terms of literally sitting down and learning things, as a student, which is why in my thoughts, the reason why there are a LOT of clueless practitioners of whatever is their culture’s or belief’s version of The Craft, is because while they might have learned the mechanics of a thing, they have yet to shape themselves to the mold that they were born to fit into, which is the most magnificent thing in their world, once it is that they can wrap their heads around the idea that indeed – you are that fuckin’ cool…

Haha…I said….deal with it…here we go….

You have to apply what you learned. You have to change your level of thought, raise your vibration so that you can fill the void that is the chasm that you feel and that makes you believe there is only darkness. The one thing that has to change in you IS you, and that comes with learning, and once it is that you learn to learn, you learn to fail better (yeah there will be a blog about it and yes I will be sharing it here).

Learning to fail better

I used to be a huge fan of Cornel West, and it is totally because as cheeky as the dude is, he comes up with some brilliant shit – one thing that he came up with (but that I have some difficulty that he understands the actual depth of the ideal) is that humans strive to be better through learning to fail better…to fail ,up. To me this means that we each have a process, and we know that the process isn’t going to be pretty or comfy but, if we want to level up, we have to learn to fail better, perhaps more efficiently, so that we are spending less time on soothing our egos (which robs us of our precious soul energies) and more time knowing that we have learned something, and that right in that moment, we have failed up, have failed better, and because of this, we have gone up a notch.

I hate putting it that way but, for us all to get it in terms of this LOA stuff, I need to write in as black and white words as I can, because yeah – this series is gonna be long, and it is gonna be a couple of weeks before I am done teaching it. So, stay or go, it is up to you, but, know one thing for sure, and that is that you manifested this very moment, this very choice and the thoughts that you are thinking now were with purpose at the moment of onset. This is not a mistaken event, not a fluke and neither is it me trying to sell anyone on my ideals or my methods or anything that I offer to the world as a healing tool….

You manifested this moment, because obviously, you wanted to know something about the LOA that you were not getting from the typical places. You are probably tired of spending time on doing the free webinars and tired of getting only half truths and tired of being given a bunch of bullshit by “gurufucks” who want us all to think that only theirs is the way that this all happens.


Melody and Paul and Gabby and Marie all teach the same things that I do, and that one thing is that you have to be open to change, because being open to change means that you are going to be able to see the opportunities that you might not have previously. This is why it is so important that you learn what you need to learn, so that you can teach yourself what is your highest best level You. Your highest best level You wants you to have what you want, and what you want also wants you and is trying to get to you as soon as you figure this much out.

Ours is a very generous Universe, and one that does everything that it is  meant to in order to help us do what we are supposed to do in this lifetime – which is always, at the bottom of it all, to take care of ourselves and others, and this, in turn, takes care of the world. When we have learned, our level of wanting to change and adapt to that learning becomes almost automatic. So, when you can alter your thinking to KNOW that with a high willingness to learn, comes a higher propensity towards wanting to change, unless and of course, the change is automatically had via learning, which is, for the most part, almost an automatic thing. When we are not sure of what it is that we are doing we become fearful of failing. This is why I tell anyone at all that they ought to expect to fail, and expect to fail better and better every time. (You “lose” a BMW so you have room for a Bentley, if that’s how you roll…in my world, I lost a 99 Mustang, so I can have room for….well, whatever comes rollin’ into my life….please- keep reading…)

Changing your own thoughts to accommodate your new thoughts takes time to learn to do.

You took time to get to this point in your life, and it is going to take time to relearn who you are, so that you can take in the learning that you have done to unlearn who you are not.

Who you are not is who is keeping you from your highest best life. Who you thought you were is who is telling you, at all times, to be careful, and we end up being overly careful, and we end up not risking what was old for what is in manifest and being created through our own hand. Who you were is who you are not. This is not an easy thing to grasp. We look into the mirror at the person who is tangibly us, but, looking back at us is this person who we think is over with. Only the part that is no longer needed for your certain learning at this moment in your life – NOT the tangible things that you know (the tools of your trade, your knowledge, the things that you know how to do in your actual job) is not there. No matter how much we want to have those actual physical things be ours, we have mastered that part of our learning, and we cannot go backwards.

Of course we are going to feel like there is never going to be that sort of great time for us again, ever, because right now, we are upset that things are as they are. I get it. What I also get is that there comes a time when we get really, really tired of being tired, and we get really bored with looking at our lives through the lies we have chosen to believe and have, to this point, taken up space in our lives and in our minds, ultimately drawing us towards making some sort of …deal…with the Universe, even as we know fully that there are no deals being made – only the energy that is a high willingness to learn, and a high willingness to change, and a very dearly high belief in what you are doing, namely because it is for yourself, primarily.

So, here you have it – these are the three components of the Law of Attraction. It is just an introduction, an explanation, if you will…

Next time you will read about the energy that brings the goods to ya….and it has not one thing to do with how you will manifest things….the thing that gives you the energy will surprise you….

Until then…read, study, learn, change, Be !!

Aloha Mai E





In the comments below, tell us what you are Grateful for…part of making the Law of Attraction work for you is to know what you are Grateful for….here is the challenge, and I promise it IS a challenge. We all know what we do not want, and we all know that most of us do not know what we DO want. BUT, I bet we each and all can name ten things that we are grateful for, each and everyday of our lives…

Tell me in the comments what those ten things are….

Do You Know What You Want?

What You Want Wants You_ Ghetto Allegory March 31 2017_ Disney_Genie_Robin_Williams

We all know what we do not want, but, we are clueless as to what it is that we actually want and desire in our lives.

You each and all know that constantly, I am researching everything “Brain + mind + Esoteric Knowing + Kanaka Maoli wisdom” and of late, I have been studying things that can be thought of as being….snake oil.

Yet, undeterred am I, as per usual, and it is because of course – I went and asked the right people to help me out in terms of learning to relearn who we are, and more, learning to know what it is that we do NOT want. However, while it is that we know what we DO NOT want, we have NO REAL CLUE of what it is that we DO want.

And really…the one thing that I have been basically and pretty much almost dying to write about is a phrase that a “mind expert” by the name of Paul Santisi (sort of the guy version of my friend Melody Fletcher in terms of the LOA) and one that he repeats in all of his audio courses and all of his subliminal audio recordings, and while it is that I am well aware of the idea that in order for brain mapping and subliminal recordings go – the person listening must have an open mind. The students who I share this person’s recordings with, along with Melody’s blog all tell me the very same thing when I tell them that no matter what the hell it is …none of them really know what it is that they want, even as they are all and each very patently aware of what it is that they do NOT want.

I am not writing today to do more than give to all of you the one thing that, of late, I have shared with specifically other women, namely those who are being taught by me about who they are for real, so that they can get to their own place of Magick and Wisdom and learn to Be That Person….but, first, we must…MUST know what it is that we are desirous of, must know what it is that makes us joyful and what it is that we know would help us along the route of healing so that we can, in turn, go out into the worlds that we each and all call our own and teach others, as well, to know who they are, for real.

Most of us wants to know this – we want to know what we want, but, we do not know how to go about asking for it, because we have not ever been taught, even though we have been told that this is what we are here to do – manifest our highest best selves, everyday that we are alive and breathing, so that we can be the living example of healing that is always in manifest, because everyday of our lives, we have a reason to wonder why someone else said or did or opined the way that they did to us.

We are told, for the majority time of our lives, that we are not who we are by right of what we are, but, that we are who we are by right of someone else telling us who we are, and until we figure out that who we are is only and always only dependent upon our very selves and how it is that we conjure what it is that we will call our own homegrown medicine.

A Few Truths That No One Really Ever Thinks About (but is applicable to us all)

I am currently creating what is my new “thing” that I just do not yet know what to call it. This morning, my sister-in-law (soon to be former and for reasons of the men who we each married and who taught us about who we are NOT, the word “former” is a very GOOD thing…please, keep reading…) and I did what she and I do once a week unless one of us is not feeling well -we walk for an hour so that she can be taught how to open her awareness.

She is learning very well. In fact SO well that I really do not have to do more with her than to present her with the next thing that she has shown me in terms of her own broadening awareness and that she will next learn. She and I , at this time, are drawing to her what is the life that she wants to have and the life that she would like to share with one other person. Before we began all of what I call “awareness training for professional weirdos”, Misty was very aware of the idea that there were things about her that she had a hard time explaining, even though when they were explained to me, I was very well aware of what she was telling me. Misty has always been drawn by things occultic and things which hail from all those scary tales of Halloween and witches and goblins and werewolves.

Misty also has the one wish of the soul that all human females have, and that one wish is all about “right partnership.” In case you are not aware of what that term “right partnership” means, it pretty much means that before we enter into any sort of Divine Union, and regardless if it is on paper and filed with the government, or, the way that I prefer it to be, with only MY personally created paperwork – it means that you recognize everything that Spirit is telling you and is making you know that you are already joined in the Soul, and by that right, you are in what is termed as being “right partnership.”

Understand now that there is nothing outside of any one of us that is going to tell us that we are doing this…partnership…thing correctly – the only other person outside of ourselves is the other person with whom we are partnered with, via the Soul (where it truly and actually and matter the most)  rather than the government document (where you are nothing more than a number and a guaranteed tax payment) and via the Truth that is the very Love within any one of us. This is one of Misty’s greatest desires of the Soul – to share her Love, her Life and who she is for real with one other person. Of course, she has her own ideals about what this partner looks like but, on the whole, because she has been volunteering for my Awareness Training and what she gives to me in terms of working out the kinks in the hose so to speak, versus what I cannot get any other way unless I am directly working with people, is the truth that is everything that we are desirous of can and will be ours, so long as we each and follow a few different truths. Understand that not all of these things will work for everyone, and more, that for what there is nothing for one person to “get” and to understand, there is an entire world of other things that others WILL understand.

A very high level of Belief in knowing that what you want actually and also wants you (keep reading….you will “get it”)

It is not something that I keep hidden from the world, this thing about me that tells everyone that I want to know what makes a person behave how they will and more, I want to know what will make a person behave in the manner that they will once it is that they have learned their own “rewards system” for marking their work in manifestation through the Universal Law of Attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction is not something that we are not all able to utilize. The reason why the LOA cannot work for some people is because of what they are willing to believe and more importantly, what they are NOT willing to believe – and for the most part, most humans believe ourselves to be weak and ineffectual when it comes to making the very most of our lives by right of our gifts.

This is not something that EVERY light worker and professional weirdo does not know, this thing called The Law of Attraction. The problem is not that we have been taught wrong by that movie The Secret (but in terms of that movie, we were not taught everything about how to make it work – only that it exists) but that we have not bothered to do more studying regarding how to make it work. We know that we are desirous of the outcome of things but, we do not want to do the work involved, for whatever reason it is that we have.

What I mean by this is that what is “our shit” will remain as our shit until we have learned what our shit is meant to teach us.

The one thing that our personal and own shit will never teach us unless and until we are ready and willing for it all to happen for us (keep reading….you will find out what I mean when you get to that part….) is that we are not meant to hurt and that we believe the ugly things far sooner and more intently than we will believe what we also know is good about who we are.

We will believe, via the rewards system set up by organized religion, politics and social agreements (different than social contracts) that we are inherently bad, and this is a lie – we are not bad, we are ignorant. Ignorance is also not a bad thing, because all it means is that we do not know or that we have no knowledge of what it is that we want to learn and to know. Prior to my deeper studies in the Universal Law of Attraction I was only manifesting ridiculous things, silly things that I could have purchased. I was intent on making my life better in the tangible way.

What I was not aware of was that Spirit had my back the whole time, and that what I wanted was NOT anything OTHER than right partnership. I did not know that that is what I wanted, neither that the things that I am creating to happen in my life have always been in creation mode and that all I really needed was a very high willingness to believe that I deserved exactly what I want and desire.

I did not realize that I had already had that right partnership and that I was who was the defining part, up until the moment that I walked back into David’s life. At that moment, I had proof of my own power, and I did not know it yet – I was still convinced that I was no where near the measure of power that I needed to be in order to see to it that this one thing, with specifically this one person, would be the very truth of not only my own power, but the power that was, in that moment, through David, amplified because he, too, had this same thing in his thoughts, in his manifestation – he wanted to not walk the path of this lifetime by himself, and his soul was ready to accept the one thing that he was also as desirous of.

What I was not thinking about in terms of right partnership was that the things that I was doing were directly related to all things “relationship with one other person.” Of course when we are being taught by the Goddess those things that we MUST know so that we can effectively see to those things that we want to make happen in our lives, we are not aware of it. Those lessons come to us through others, and in my case, LOTS of those lessons come through the love of my life – this beautiful human soul named David and for the very life of himself, just like I cannot see my own, he also cannot see his own greatness that is self cultivated.

I see it.

He knows that I see it, but, again….I had to teach myself to see these things in myself so that I would recognize them in others and make them aware of that energy in them.

That I can see it is one thing, but, that they are not aware that it exists is the challenge, namely for people like me, like David, like Misty and Amber and Dannie and Ling….we are not aware of our own measures of greatness, and it is by design that we do not, for the purpose of not just keeping us humble within that greatness, but more, so through that humility, others will be able to better and more comfortably approach us and not have that fear there that told them when they were kids that they need to fear people like us. (Bear with me…you all know I have to write a lot to get my point across…)

It was not until recently – a little more than a week ago – that my David figured out what the key ingredient for mastery of the Law of Attraction – it is belief.

This is the very same for us all, this inability to forget about doubting our power, forget about this side of the veil of consciousness for a fleeting moment of time and BELIEVE.

What Melody says….

My friend Melody, the one to whom I refer as being the very Goddess of Gettin’, because she is who taught me in the “textbook” manner, through her Deliberate Receiving blog, that the most important formula that any human being needs in terms of making their lives great and seeing the proof as it rolls in, is belief. And this is simply referring to that whole, “rewards system” thing that we have no idea is what has been controlling us, more than much else has been, for the majority time of our lives.

When we are believing things that made us hurt and made us want to die, made us not believe in ourselves, the way that we can use that energy is to do what I call “stepping in front of that thought” and creating, through practice, a newer, lighter-energy thought that is the same thing but better, more applicable to you, and most of all, BELIEVABLE.

This is the part that I am talking about when I tell anyone that the movie The Secret is great, so long as a person is of a high willingness to step outside of that learning and allow it to grow bigger through studying other things and taking active part as your own teacher (hey – we Professional Weirdos can only do and teach so much…you, the participant of life, also must adopt an energy of DOING…keep reading…). A high willingness to believe is the biggest part of all of this, because without belief in something, it cannot exist.

So, first of all, the one thing that anyone at all who is trying to learn how to become who they really are, for real, you must adopt a high willingness to believe that what it is that you are desirous of is the truth of you. Without this, you cannot manifest anything other than questions in your head that cause you to want to not go forward with you and your life. When you learn to believe (yes – you read that right – LEARN TO BELIEVE) that your visions are the truth, and when you believe in what it is that you want, that you want to do, that you are desirous of in your life, you begin to see proof, not just that you deserve what it is that you want to have, not just that to this moment you have chosen to learn to be that which you desire to be.

You MUST believe in what it is that you are desirous of and more, that you are worthy to have what it is that you believe in, that you are desirous of – if you do not believe that you deserve good things, you will experience more reasons as to why it is that you are believing that you do not deserve that beauty unless it is somehow fractured and comes with conditions. Conditional Love is NEVER the truth of anyone with a heartbeat. Ever. We were not conceived through conditional Love, and this means that we ought to not live in the energy that is also conditional Love. You must believe that you are worthy of what it is that you can “see” with your mind’s eyes and you must create that energy and pare it down from its own special energetic outlandishness to something lots more believable, lots easier to wrap one’s own thoughts, beliefs and ability to use towards manifestation, and lots easier in terms of resting one’s own head from the thoughts that we are not able to manifest our lives.

I promise you that we are.

I promise you that here very soon there will be feet on a wooden floor, that there will be fractured souls from all over the place coming to learn this brand of medicine for life and I promise you that when I get completely and totally out of my own way and I have ultimately cleared all of my own crap from my own abilities to believe (not that hard…I’m a Pisces…it’s sort of our motto…”I BELIEVE”)…not only will I have realized that which is the thing that I so desired, I will not know that when I finally DO realize it, I will have been in that measure for a very long time.

Basically, I had to relieve myself of all doubt in terms of what it was and is that I chose to believe. I could believe all of the shit that people told me for the majority time of my life, and I could stay in that energy in hopes that soon enough, if I just changed the way that I think about what anyone else at all has to say, has to think, be, know, do, judge anyone else about at all, that it would make all of the difference in the world and in doing so, I would change up my own chances at right manifestation.

I was wrong. Dead wrong, and it was not until I chose to think in a different manner about things that had to do with me and why it was that I chose to believe the untruths that anyone else opined to me that was me according to them. It was not. It was never, and I certainly do not want other people having to wait this long to know what it is that is impeding them. Rather than purchasing these things through audio recordings, save your money and when you are able to direct your thoughts, THEN spend the money but don’t spend it on THINGS – spend it on HUMANS who are able to teach what you are learning right now and who specialize in retraining of the brain cave. Indeed – this IS someone like me, like Melody, like Paul Santisi and lots and lots of people who I share the professional air with….

What you want also wants you…

There will be another blog about this one thing, the idea that what we want in our lives also wants to be in our lives in the capacity that we visualize it there.

Paul Santisi is a meditation teacher, as much as Melody is a LOA teacher (and much like I am the same thing, just in my own way….please keep reading…) and from both of them I have learned one very dear, very important truth, and it is this truth that  makes me KNOW that when someone says that they would rather have something that ends their lives, rather than the chance and the opportunity to try to raise their vibration and their chances at not ever having to deal with the same hurtful energies that they have in the past, and those horrid things, no matter how much they state that that is what they want, the proof that is positive is the FACT that those ugly things have not happened to them.


What I am trying to say is that, whatever it is that is more important that you learn, versus doing everything that you can to deny yourself the GOOD things that are still in your life (called REWARD…in the psychological sense, that is….repeating behaviors…Pavlovian dogs tell us the whole story…) – whatever that is and no matter what, you WILL be learning that lesson, because really, the other thing that I have just begun, a few days ago, reading and deciphering, is this thing referred to as being a contract with God.

Through these contracts that we each and all create with ourselves, throughout every lifetime that we experience, we learn things that are pertinent to the thing that we are meant to be in these bodies for.  Biblically, the proverbial contract with God can mean a whole lot of things, but, for the most part, it refers to human beings behaving morally, treating one another justly, and not taking advantage of other people for one’s own gain. In referring to “God” what I have always felt that this energy is about is our level of integrity – that thing that keeps us doing right by others, keeps us behaving in the manner that we would want others to behave towards us. On that level, I get the whole “God” thing….


An actual contract with God is a contract made between you and your God and between no one else. That would be, for me, the contracted promise that I made to my very dear self to not allow the thought in my head that I am unworthy as a soul, that I do not deserve the Love that I have for myself, and more, that I do not deserve the evidence of this Love within me that is shown to me through David. He knows that I Love Me. It took me a little while to learn to do it, but, I did it….Loving one’s own self is an important part of this mystical contract with God that so many bible thumping crazy people want to make us understand that they are who have been chosen by whoever their fucking God is for whatever god damned purpose they have for shoving that guy in our face always..

I am so not talking about those guys. I am talking about the people who we know and who are in our lives and who daily show us their adherence to their own level of worth, own level of Self-Love, and that they are ready to receive what it is that they are both wanting and needing in their lives. It is the energy of belief that has them getting what they so desire into their lives.

It is not money.

It is not a connection or an insider.

It is nothing outside of anyone at all that causes there to be a way made towards their desire via the Law of Attraction – it is only that over time, they kept on believing that they would have what they wanted (or believing what they did NOT want) and ended up with what they wanted. It had everything to do with believing in whatever it was that they were manifesting and the fact that they knew they were worthy of it. It has everything to do with doing all of the work on the self and getting to know one’s own self for real and looking at who you are and accepting everything about you – even and especially the shit you cannot stand or are ashamed of looking at, examining and bothering to acknowledge. Those sore spots are there to remind you that this is where you need the most self work, and it is called self-love and self-acceptance and that is a very hard thing to do…Love, accept and embrace every part of our own selves.


So, totally – what you want wants you. It wants to be with you and wants you to be happy. It is trying as hard as you are to make its way to you, because yes, what you want, also wants you. It can be anything. It does not have to be any kind of relationship. It can be anything, as long as it gives more pleasure and Love to the cosmic groove thing and makes it possible that other people know that what you want wants you.

I am going to stop here….so that you can stop to think, for real about what your answer to this question is “Do You Know What You DO Want?” and of course, feel free to make comments about them…the reason that I will stop here is because thinking about this phrase – “What You Want Wants You” and how dearly it is that we forget about the Law of Reciprocity. (The law of reciprocal energies….it is totally a frequency…totally a quantum physics things but not the sort that would call anyone a geek of the quantum physics sort…keep reading…) (almost pau)

So, for now, rather than wrapping things up with a statement, how about let’s all just think about how big an idea it is….

“What You Want, Wants You..” 

(Paul Santisi)




Dear Pisces…

up the hill the ghetto allegory_7252016

This Year….remember this much, if you will, please…

Dear Pisces…

Welcome to the month of the fish. I am a fish. Not for real or in actual flesh and blood real life, but, astrologically, I am the sign of Pisces…the sign of the Fish.

And here we are, a few days after the change from Aquarius to Pisces, and for a lot of us, it feels like this time, in 2017, we are trying hard to not feel, not believe, not be who and what we are for real.

Who and What We Are…For Real…

The sign of the Fish has always been thought to be the most fearful, and while this is the truth, we are also the most resourceful – we have to be, in order that we can get through those times when we are supposed to call on our sense of bravery, and like the Pisces that we are, we want to retreat, but, still, we swim forward, darting left and right, trying hard to avoid calamity because so much of who we each and all are ends up dealing with calamity, and lots of it.

Yet, rarely does this deter us from being who we are and doing what we are able, as the fish, to do.

We are aware of the underlying energies, are able to discern what is the truth of any situation, and assess what it is that we have to do in order to remain with a feeling of safety. When it comes to us, the Fish, we may well be masters at the art of disguise, but without trying hard to do so, we prefer NOT disguising who we are to those who mean the very most to us, simply and only because we know that if it is any other way, not only will those who we love the very most end up confused as to why we would say or do the things that we say or do, when we say or do them, we will end up bringing more harm, more confusion, more of everything that no one else either wants as much as we know that you don’t….and we know this for sure.

This is what our special magic is – we have a clue, because we are the last of all of the Sun Signs, about how everyone else is feeling at any given moment, because our psyche, as the last sign of the zodiac, contains within it the energy of ALL of the signs, meaning that when we say that we believe you, it is because we can, and not because we are trying to score points or to impress anyone.

We are able to easily key into those thoughts, through discerning the meaning of the words being used, through their contextual meanings, everything that is going on in the  mind and the Soul of the people who we cross paths with, everyday of our lives. When we were children, other kids liked to bully us, but not because we deserved it, but because we were very different from the rest of the other kids. We knew things they didn’t. We came up with ways out of situations that no one else could, and when everyone else told us that those things would not work, rather than get butt hurt, we began to go through the list of things that we came up with, just to make certain that we did not miss a thing.

We do this because we know what the hell is happening in the mind of another person, but not only because of our very heightened levels of intuitive ability, our other ability that is loaned from our intuition – mediumship. We are adept at knowing the things that are going on in terms of the energy in the room and the energy of the people in the room, no matter what, most of the time, of anything, because of our razor sharp attention paid to detail.

Yes, we can be very forgetful, but, most of the time we are not – if we forget something, we feel awful because someone else might have needed us to be on top of our game or, it is not really forgetting, but, more a measure of trying to soothe our aching Piscean brain cave from all of the thoughts that were not ours, that we had to question and hone in on, because once it is that we know that the harsh emotions which are roiling beneath our Truth is the actuality beneath the surface of another human being, we are already waiting to be of assistance. This is our nature. This is Pisces. Most of us are like this, and there are a very few who are not. Most of us want to help, to heal, to make things right and balanced (because we are dual signs – we know, personally, what is balance. In the case of the Fish, we are those people who adeptly balance our emotions in ways that the rest of the signs, dual or not, can. Please, keep reading.)

This is how we navigate the world, the Astral, other peoples’ energies, and specifically other healers and Empaths who have no idea that the reason why they are suffering at any given moment is not because of everything that tangibly, they have to believe, but more, everything in the Astral, and in the intangible sense seems to have them in a vice grip hold. And no matter how much we cry about it, how much we worry and how much we teach, we sometimes forget that other people will grow at their own rate of speed, that other signs have their own strengths and abilities that, even as we also, given that we are Pisces, have those same gifts that they do, it does not mean at all that they are going to be able to understand everything that you are dealing with. No one really can, dear Fish.

Just You.

No One Really Can…Just You

Does this mean or am I suggesting that any one of us at all ought to try harder to change facets of who we are so that other people do not have to suffer so much, or, does it mean that we go into observant quietude? Does it mean that we stand firm in our goofy fish selves in terms of Spiritual weirdness, or does it mean that again, we must hide behind the veneer of those things, just so that we can not only make sense of everything that has happened in our lives, but more, so that we can help someone else understand what is going on, as well.

…and naturally, we are also doing these things to protect our very dearly fragile inner world.

Understanding what is going on is far different than actually going through it, even though when it is someone close to us, we are, without our realizing it, also going to go through those same emotions, those same fluctuations in our energies, because that is who and what we are – Pisces, the Fish, and we feel everything, believe every good thing, every bad thing more. We know who anyone is the moment that we encounter them, and we know when they are, or are not, up to no good.  This does not mean that we know it all, whatever “it all” is, and neither does it mean that we are going to go tell everyone on this planet and in our own worlds anyone else’s secrets. Again, this is how we roll – or swim, rather.

We Absorb Everything, and this is also how we seem to also know…everything…at all times…

We do not know everything. We know lots, but, no one knows everything. To think that we would be able to store everything that everyone on this planet knows, thinks, intends, acts upon is not placing us in our spot as also being human, let alone intuitive. Our intuition is both our gift and our crutch, and crutch because it is our fail-safe when we are trying hard not to fall apart.

And that we absorb everything is the reason why people think of us as being strange, and more than that, most people have the Fish pegged as somehow weak, not trustworthy, unthinking in the manner that is …juvenile, at best, and immature at worst…cry babies and people who are not reliable. These are the very furthest things from the truth.

The reason why people say this is because we are indeed very cautious, because yes – a majority of us, mostly those fish who have not welcomed their own Soul’s shift into a higher consciousness, whine about what is going on in our lives and whine they do at a constant. True – lots of us are not very comfortable right now, but, lots of us are so used to things turning on a dime that just like the creature in the wild, we are able to turn tail and walk away from anything that does not serve us with what it is that we know we need, and what we need is varied, and very important, just as it would be for any other sign in the Universe.

When we happen upon those who come into our lives and present to us, in the most beautifully fucked up manner that they are able to, those things which we need for our own soul, we stick to those people like glue. We do this because we know, without a doubt (okay maybe a little of one….can’t help it – this is the truth, one of many, of the sign of the Fish), who we are able to trust, and who we are not, and the day that comes that we have to accept the truth of someone who we have known and loved for a majority time of our lives and who has broken that trust – it takes us a very long time to rebuild that trust. The one thing that is the very biggest truth of the sign of the Fish is that we have friendships that are more like familial connections, and when that connection, that energy has become fouled by untruths, ego and contempt, we know it.

In fact, we know a whole lot, and when it is that we “guess” what is the issue of another sign, we are who is blamed, not, I think, for anything other than that, in our …Pisces -ness…we can only give love to those things that others are deeply ashamed of, because we also know that at the very bottom of all of us, and down deep in the very bones of the soul, we know for sure that Love is the thing that cures all ills. We know this. We live this. We are this. Because of this, we have been called weak, whiny, told that we are not able to be trusted, because somehow other than by means of our own sharp intuitive nature, we snooped and dug and stalked….no, that is not the Pisces, at least not in total and it takes a whole LOT for us to not trust, which then makes us do things that, while they are not outside of our character, they are very much a part of all human beings.

Pisces just knows, very well, how dearly being fooled (because we ignored our intuition), shamed, made to have to explain ourselves to just anyone hurts us. We refuse to stand down, unless the person who we are communicating with is someone who we have forged a rock-solid bond with. When it is in terms of that bond, there is nothing that can break it other than things being so unbelievable that even our own motto – “I BELIEVE” – becomes somewhat of a bittersweet thing for us. We want to see only the good in others, but some of us, like myself, and not unlike other Pisces, end up allowing damage into our souls, and the sort that takes us a very long set of years to correct. This is because we so badly, as much as we love others, do not want to hurt.

This is why people call us weak – because it is not hard to harm a fish in the wild, so, think about the Fish on the Astral. It is not that difficult to harm any fish. However, remind yourself daily, Pisces, that not all Pisces are guppies….the ocean is a big, mysterious place, and so is the ocean of belief, of spirit, of soul….and in those waters of emotion, some of us go from guppie to barracuda, and really, there is evolution in between those activities, evolution that the Soul within us all depends on. To believe that the Pisces is weak is to not bother with looking at all that the Pisces has to deal with. To believe that a Pisces can deal with things like another dual sign…Libra or Gemini…is not giving the Pisces his or her just due. To make it as though we cannot make up our minds is not giving credence to the idea that we are, as the Fish, the damned innovators of the zodiac. Steve Jobs is one example, as is Liz Taylor, and Albert Einstein…all Pisces….all people who made huge differences in the lives of the global collective of souls on this planet.

We are not weaklings – we are deeply feeling, and the world perceives the ability to feel as being a “weakness” and it so is not

I think this one is my favorite, and more, I also believe that this part I am writing for one particular Pisces – my very Pisces Self.

…another thing about us fish is that we are scared of no longer being with those who we love the very most. When even the thought comes to mind, it will break us into a million shards, and once it is that we have gotten over it, we are prone to avoid those things, and people, who we have come to discover have wronged us, purposely, and who have, without a soul’s thought, but rather and only that of the ego’s whims, went ahead and did or said or thought whatever thing it was that was done, or said or thought….rarely will we turn back for more of that same heartache, namely when it is someone who we share a history with, and specifically when it is someone who called themselves a friend.

We know who are and who are not our friends. We cling to those in our lives who treat us well, treat us like we are equals and who do not forget that we are also human beings as well as these really cool people who are a bit on the quirky side and who really and only just want others to get along, and if they can’t, just leave each other alone – it really is that easy for us. If we get to a point in our awareness that things are going to overwhelm us or that things are simply going to break our hearts – we retreat. We do not bail out, or abandon, but, because we are such highly intuitive people, when it is that we have found ourselves in the manner that only those closest to us have ever seen us be like, we simply just go into another room, or outside, or just away from the fracas, because always it is the fracas that tends to hurt us, and the fracas is typically had after we have been asked for the truth.

We are the very ones who are brave enough to spill our guts, and we are also those who endure much, complain very little about the really giant things (because we want to be optimistic, and anyone who wants to be otherwise we simply will not allow, no matter who it is, to burst that bubble, seeing as how no matter what – someone is always trying hard to burst that bubble). We are afraid of everything, but this is what also must be remembered in that, as much as we are afraid, we do not realize that we are brave, brazen and not putting up with anyone’s shit. We might have the thinnest skin, but, that is because we are very deeply feeling and we want to trust and believe everyone, but then people become the truth of themselves, and some of them who love us and who we understand their plight remind us that we are in their lives because not only who we are, but primarily what we are, which is deeply loving and feeling people.

That we can have a giant temper tantrum is one thing, but, that those tantrums are few and far between is the thing that people are not seeing when they are telling us who they think we are. That we are able to cry at the drop of a hat, and then as quickly turn into a raging cauldron of venom is proof of our very dual nature. On the one hand, we know why you are confused by us, but, on the other hand, we do not understand why it is that we accept everyone, flaws and all, but when others judge us, we forget that the reason others do not understand is because the bottom line is that they are not who we are, and who we are, no matter who wants to tell us otherwise, is a collective of brilliant (even as we are exhausted) minds poised and ready to come up with ideas that the world cannot comprehend, cannot even believe will come into being.

Don’t tell that to a Pisces, because we see what is beneath the surface, some of us literally, and we would, because actual fish “live under the surface of the water,” and in Astrology, water is the element of Emotion.

We are the sparkling glimmer of hope where it feels as though hopelessness is the only thing apparent. We are the shining brightness of the fire which tries so hard to rise, to rage with its own patent glory, to Be the Light of Love, because that is who we are.

We are the very epitome, sharing space with Einstein, Kornberg, Michelangelo, and Greenspan, Representative and MLK activist John Lewis, and of course, the One Pisces who the whole world likely wishes were here walking the crust of the planet with us – none other than Christ, himself…of the word “Genius,” and more, the sort of genius that can see past the science lab, the engineering lab, the physics lab, the psych lab. On the other side of that we share space, as well, with artistic geniuses, such as George Harrison, Karen Carpenter, Rue McClannahan and “The Man in Black” – Mr. Johnny Cash.

We are the people who are called “visionaries” and the very ones who, for the very life of us, do not know this unless and until someone else comes and tells us this. Because we have this…governance…about ourselves, in terms of our being able to accept, graciously, any kind of gift, or compliment, or both (because for the bulk of our lives, we have been told that we do not deserve to be treated kindly, equally, namely when it is good, or as if we matter….we have had to endure this sort of thing since we were each and all very small children…please keep reading) we are thought of as being fickle, as being (ready?) brain-snobs, and open to abuse.

We are not.

We are simply people born under the sign of the Fish. being born under the sign of the Fish has, just like all of the other signs, its own positive and negative traits, its own demons to overcome, and its own thoughts that are primarily a thought that anyone sharing a sun sign would think. We are here for our own purpose, which typically includes others. In the wild, sea creatures travel in packs, and in terms of the Pisces, it is schools we travel, and this ought to loan credence to the fact that the world’s genius gene pool, while it might not be ALL Fish, it is plentiful with thought leaders, with healers, with scientific intuitives, with people who parade around all day long, making certain that the world around us is as beautiful as we see with our 6th sense that it really is.

We have the magical ability to see past a person’s faults, to the goodness that lives within them. We have the ability to be and remain very quiet, and when this is so, it is not because of any other reason than that we are being the very quiet observer, the universal mind scientist whose goals are to heal the planet, one soul at a time.

We Love, endlessly, and we Feel and Believe in everything that we are told by our Loved Ones. There is not a whole lot that we will not do for them, any one of them, and when things get difficult for them, we want to make it all go away. We end up sad and upset, because it is times like those that we realize that we really cannot save the whole entire world, and it bewilders us when we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of something as fierce, as ferocious, and life-consuming and ugly, but, manage to get through it, we do. If you asked me how I get through it, this would be one of those times that I KNOW that, because I cannot recall it, because it is by means of the stories that other people tell me about me, about the things that I have done and that, for the tiniest moment, sounds a little bit on the heroic side, it has to be the Truth.

When I hear people tell me how strong I am, it is a bittersweet moment – bitter, because I know why I am so fucking strong, but still very sweet, because yeah…I am sitting here writing this, sitting here typing out these letters for you all to read, thinking about the one man who I love, endlessly, and how it is that every year he has referred to this month not as the month in which my birthdate falls, but, the month that we celebrate the Birth Month of the Silly Pineapple …Yours Truly…

And therein lies the gift in all of this.

…one day became the entire month…kind of like when entire cultures celebrate a whole month…

Dear Pisces….

We all need to get a fucking clue already, guys…take a bow, revel in your mysterious selves, and love the quirky, eccentric genius whose purpose in life is to Love, Unconditionally, Christically, and with every bit of the Truth of Who and What The Very Each and All of Us, on the collective, and damned straight, the singular, Soul and Self Level of Being Is…

To the Global School of Brilliantly Dazzlingly Sparkling Creatures of the Water….

… Hau’oli La Hanau….a very Happy Birthday, everyday, until the 20th of March, every year…

Aloha Mai E…I Invite Aloha to Your Lives….







Life Begins In The Dark


“You never listen to the voices inside. They fill your ears as you run to a place to hide. You’re never sure if the illusion is real. You pinch yourself but the memories are all you feel…”  

(Billy Squier’s “In The Dark”)


We all have them and the ones that we keep going back to are not the ones that remind us of who we are, but of who we had to wear being for years, because someone else told us who we were and like good trained animals, we followed suit. It was not then and is not now our doing, this ruination, or, the tried ruination, of the soul within. And fun stuff, the reason why I am writing this today, in this particular blog is because yeah – I guess that if anyone who did not know any better, wanted to know just what, exactly it is I am, and they who query cannot wrap their heads around my answer, which is always “A teacher of who you are, in terms of your Soul and your place in this lifetime…” I guess that I could be likened and compared to being a witch.

Who we are, as human beings, as a collective, is far more than we want to believe that we are…yes….believe. And no, I am not talking about those who would think of me as being a witch (I am a healer, am Kahuna Wahine, am a lot of things that not a lot of people understand so rather than try to understand, they judge and do so with their own fear, not of what I can do (or what they believe that I am able to do) but, what they have been told by their own religious leaders in their lives…which is INSANELY powerful, imbued with gifts that they have been told make me evil.

But, you cannot believe that I am evil, just because part of my own charm is that I call a spade a spade. You can also not believe for one moment that I am evil just because I do not follow any belief that condones violence on humans, even as it professes to be one that is both the most salvation producing belief that history has ever known (and the very most violent one, at that) as well as the only true one.

I am an expert believer.

I was born one – I am a Pisces.

Most of us fish have this innate ability to wear rose colored glasses, or so we have been told (and will ultimately believe), and really, because I am a fish, I am stating now that there is nothing that we do not see as it being in its own truth. That we like to create other ways of seeing what is in front of us does not take away from us that we are actually seeing what we are seeing in front of us. That we are able to do this…”change the shitty to a pretty” is our very own spectacular brand of Magick. (And yes, we are the very ones who teach these things very well – we fish have a little bit of everyone in our personalities, meaning that we literally can sit inside of the heartbeat of humanity and take its temperature and be CORRECT about it…please, keep reading…)

The beauty, if you can manage to think of it as being a beautiful thing, of right this moment, is that as always, and as folks who practice the Craft, practice their ancient origins’ methods of being in contact, at almost all times, with the ether, the Astral, also practice their own methods of healing on their very selves. We are, by and large, all damaged, and some of us further damaged, by the way that the world has seemingly just been turned upside-down within a few days. Things that are being done in the dark and away from public knowledge are not the things that we ought to fear, because the fear that is being created at this moment is being created to make the populace run and hide.

Running and hiding are the last things that any one of us needs to bother doing right now. What we need to do is the thing that we have, that we have always had – we need to turn to our own ancients, our own ‘Aumakua, and our own thoughts about the Divine and  things not understood in terms of what it is that what people like me and a lot of you do for your pay.

People like us were studied, and I guess that this particular writing, at this particular time in our shared history is meant to tell everyone who is reading this that if ever you were wanting to make certain that you were able to communicate with others, that which would not be most accepted at this moment in time by EVERYONE you know, there is not another or better time than right this moment for the very all of us who are “Divinely Employed” to take the chance right now to practice, in real time, the gifts that we are meant to use.

The gifts that we are meant to use are the gifts that we each have had since the time that we were born. In my case, because I was born under the auspices of folks like me having to actually be out in this world, through these words that I write, NOT adding to the vitriol but, instead, bringing to the world this newness called OPPORTUNITY, wrapped in the energy of fear.


Let’s face it, kids – the collective face of your typical American citizen is no longer what it was just a few days ago.

At all.

Where once there was this..tiny sliver of bravery…it appears that for a lot of us, fear seems to be the thing that just wears well with everything else that we are opting to wear. All I sense is that there are a lot of healers who are NOT trusting their own instincts, who are falling into the idea that what has been said over the last few months and that were things that we were to be afraid would be taken away from us are not the thing, I believe, and according to what it is that I have been hearing, seeing, sensing, knowing, and all from other healers, is that we are exactly where we need to be.

Now is the time that we would most be beneficial with our gifts, particularly those of us who are very adept with whole body healing from the mind, out. (No, this is NOT to say, neither take place of, ANY medical professional…at all…it IS to say that there are alternatives and even complementary practices that people like me offer….and that you can be taught to use in your own lives for your own health and well-being…it is how you were created – completely self-contained).

The scientist in me totally took the idea that we are here to be part of this revolution that was created by this growing energy of desiring change at the global level, and if we are wily and stronger in our thoughts about our own selves and our own gifts and how very dearly able we are to inform, to teach, to revive these things within us that tell us that what we are seeing and hearing is truly the illusion which is being created by the fear of the populace when really, what we NEED to do is take a look at our rights and realize that no matter who says what – those things are INALIENABLE...and this means that we are all prone to being able to do what we need to do, just as much as we were able to do what we needed to do in the past.

Except for today, as we are being TOLD what to believe is the truth, we are not seeing the great big opportunity that is had by ALL WORKERS OF THE DIVINE ARTS…

It is no longer play time, guys….this shit is real, and so are our gifts, and right this moment I am calling out to the masses…calling my fellow global coven mistresses, the Grandmothers of the Global Tribe, Na Kahuna Wahine Ali’i Nui…I am making the call to the other leaders and teachers in Spirit, the ones who, as we all know, are the very granddaughters of the witches they were not able to burn (source, still not known, but, it is brilliant, and true)…we would be those women, those witches, the ones who still possess the Spirit within, as it glows hot and bright without and is made untouchable by right of the Goddess whose light shines within us, each and all.

What we do not want to think of is that this is the end of things as we knew them to be, but, guys – that is what’s happened, and now is when your gift, my gifts, everyone’s gifts are needed, badly. Everything that we knew and was real prior to these last few weeks…that is all different now, and for the life of me, I cannot think of why ALL healers and workers in the light were not actively preparing for this time, for this…thing…that has happened and that yeah – we cannot change it, at least not the way that we want it to be.

Not the way that we want it to be…but…

…but we are able, the very all of us who walk on both sides of consciousness, who know that there is another side to all of this, and who refuse to not be who we are, just because there is a larger populace and energy that is making us think that we have to conform.

We are being told without being told (and you each and all know exactly HOW we are being told) that now is when we have to rise up, now is when we have to come out of our broom closets, our covens, the safety, even, of the religious fervor that we might have been raised with.

This is our calling.

This is our time.

This is the reason for the marching, and the opining, and the everything that seems to be a big giant mess at this time – we are here to fix it, to help others bring it to its changes, meet it head on and learn to not just protect who we are, but, the entirety of the very all of us, present and aware on this planet, and put into place so that we would have that tiny instance of what is, and what is not, our healing abilities.

And the term “healing” does not mean “one n’ done.” It means that whatever is ailing, the healing that has come from it is what needs to be more…permanent, and this means that we actually need to believe that who we are is what is needed, and who we are in that manner that is HEALER. We are hurting, but we all know who we are, and because of this, we are the very people who are telling others like us to simply be strong, if they cannot be patient, to just simply be strong and remain Wise.

Whatever is ailing is always ailing, and whatever is ailing is the thing that we need to pay attention to and whatever is ailing is the thing that we need to address and accept and make whole again, and this time it is a collective effort. This time, it is really all of us who are needed, because this time, it is not an emergency drill – this time, whether or not we feel like we are ready, if we feel that we are anything to look at, if whatever it is that we are hiding behind again, because we might not feel like particularly strong healers….guess again.

Guess again because all of us are needed.

Guess again because there are people in this country who are trying hard to usurp the things that are in place and made that way for us all, and guess again, because really, this is what we have been waiting for, is what we have called into being for ourselves and for the rest of the families, the rest of the souls, the rest of the world.

Guess again, because this is what we have trained for, for many lifetimes…this moment in time. The reason that this is hard for us, is because we are Being our…noetic…selves….

Our Noetic Selves

It is in our best interests to remember our noetically inclined selves at this time. Noetics is the science of the brain-heart connection. This, you guys, is where our power lies. 

It is not only in the thoughts that we are famous for thinking, neither the words that we speak when in prayer, meditation, in the power of the moon, but also in the connection between the heart and the brain – we call it “Mind.”

No one will call it this, at least not anyone scientific, but, I am both scientific and philosophical.  I have to mix them, and so this is what I refer to as being “Mind,” and yes, of the Higher Sort.

It is of a Noetic energy that this all must come from, and one that is the collective of the Mind that is One, and in that One, the energies that are created there, and the very ones that are going to begin to heal this planet.

We cannot wrap our heads around this concept – the idea that we are who can make this all …balance…itself out, and all we really have to do is help others realize that if they are to see the changes that they, specifically want, then also ,they must become the change that they want to see, and it cannot be change that gets rid of people, but, behaviors, beliefs, theories, and things of the collective Mind of right this moment.

Right this moment, we are being called upon. We who are known as the Women Who Worship the Moon, and the Tribal Grandmothers, Na Kahuna Wahine Ali’i Nui.

The Maiden.

The Mother.

The Crone.

This is our time. Our time now to include ALL women, All peoples, from ALL corners of this planet…even the ones who we would not think we could be friends with, the ones who we disagree with….every single one of us….

ALL OF US. We are all included, and we are all needed, and we are all here, meant to actually use our Divine Gifts, so as to begin the fulfillment of our Divine Purpose, because for many lifetimes, we have had a collective, Divine Mission…

…and in this particular Lifetime, we are meant to complete the Missions begun long ago, that until this moment, we had no clue of what it was, and then, like now, all we know is that it is about us, and not about what one man was told he should tell us, and then a panel of them bullied us all into turning into THEIR reality.

…we still have our voices, and that is OUR reality…and out from the Darkness, we Rise…

Follow what I’m sayin’?





Opportunity: The Gift in the Calamity


For what it is worth, this time in our collective lives can serve us with opportunities that we do not know exist.

If there is a word in the dictionary that I believe every healer, light worker, minister, shaman, kahuna, priest, dabbler…pretty much anyone with a heartbeat…needs to not only know, but live by, at least in the manner that is growing and healing, it is the word Opportunity.

Merriam-Websters lists the definition of the word Opportunity as follows:

Opportunity – 

a combination of circumstances favorable for the purpose ; 2 a good chance

I think to myself at times that there are moments in my past that I can look back on and know, for sure, where I might have missed an opportunity or four. (Yet, that doesn’t matter, because if we are supposed to do something at all, then the chance for that to happen again is very good- my oldest says “if it’s meant, nothing can stop it from being”…please keep reading). It doesn’t bother me, at all, because, when I do look back, I find that I have been visited with the opportunity to do those things that I was supposed to do, perhaps even a long time ago.

A Combination of Circumstances Favorable for the Purpose…

There is a whole lot going on right now on the planet. I do not need to remind everyone of what is going on here at home, and neither does it need to be expressed that all over the world, right now, thanks to the Plutonian energies at work (Pluto = God of Destruction, 8th house, Scorpio) what we are seeing right this moment totally still shocks a lot of us. We are aghast with the idea that humans really are as horrid in the soul as we have found ourselves to be, even if we, ourselves, are not horrible to people or ourselves.

The combination of circumstances right this moment and which are favorable are the very ones that a whole lot of people on this planet are begging to differ on. There is not a whole lot that can be done about a whole lot, but, there is one thing that too many light workers and other professional weirdos are not thinking about: We are supposed to learn from this, how better to help others heal, but this time, we are being called out to do our jobs, all at one time, together, all over the planet.

Some of us forgot that no matter what is happening in the tangible world of stuff, it does not have to affect us, not if we know how to use what we have been given as our gifts, not only to stay safe and sane, but more, to have a clue about what to expect next. (There is a reason why I check the planets and their daily positions, guys…because there’s a whole lot goin’ on up in the cosmos, and all of it, if you know what you are looking at, gives hints as to what has the propensity towards happening…) For the most part, we went back to being just carbon based beings and not the ethereal sensitives that we are. While I will never fault a person for being human and having a human moment, I will remind us all that there are reasons as to why things happen, and right now, my ONLY reason that I can or care to believe is easy – because it is time that light workers, healers, professional weirdos went to work….and this time, it’s for real, guys…and it is on the global and collective level.

We are being called to the task, to take advantage of these particular circumstances, see them for what they are on the tangible level and then, do as we will, look at it all for the symbolism that is particular to yourself and your work, for the meanings of words and the context in which they are used no matter if written or heard or sung, pay attention to your physical reactions and the thoughts which you are thinking. All of these things, as we all know, are our own personal messaging system from the ‘Aumakua…we are not only being called to the task, but, we are ready to take it on….all of it, and not one of us is thinking that we ought to back down, be nice, do what we will (and do no harm).

Each and every one of us is looking to the future. Each and every one of us were worried, but, because there are a lot of us professional weirdos on the planet, the most of us have chosen to flow with the energies that are being given by those who are rife with worry, scared to death that their lives are going to change for the worst.

I am here to remind others like me that now is our moment, our opportunity, to get out there and do good in this world, for the world, for your own personal and private world, because the truth is that good expands, grows in energy and finds its way to those in certain need of truth, of unconditional Love, of healing from the soul, out. This is our time, guys, to give the world a gift of the promise that we, as who and what we each and all are, will do what we must in order to give clarity, calm others’ fears as best we can, but most of all, remain truthful to the thing at hand.

The thing at hand is NOT what anyone thinks it is.

The thing at hand is the Purpose of why we who work in the weird exist in the physical form.

The Purpose is always Love. 

We have a very closed idea of what Love actually is, what it means to anyone at all to Be, in Love, why it is so vitally important on every level, including physical, and not just the sort that is between two people in Love, but, between members of the human race. We do not exist without it, and our only Purpose is to teach others about it through our manner of graciousness, our concern for the betterment of the world through the betterment of our own personal worlds, our need in this lifetime to be of good and kind service to the rest of the planet. We were never taught what it really looks like, because even our parents only had one idea of Love, even though if you were a church kid with churchy parents like I had, you were taught about what is now called “Christic Love.”

We are told that we need to be benevolent, altruistic, and in some cases, like that of people who are way, way churchy (of the pounding on your door on the weekend sort, that is). We are told that we have to sacrifice who we are for the sake of not hurting others’ feelings or making people be mad at us, just because they might not have liked the truths that we tell them about themselves. We are told that we need to give unto others until it hurts and made to feel guilty if we bother with doing stuff for ourselves. And the reward that we are given for these non-changes is that nothing ever changes.

We still end up stuck in the patterns of the past and at the same time have the very nerve to blame God or the Goddess for things not happening the way that we intended them to be (meaning that we have held on to the outcome). We stay immobilized by our own refusal to allow new truths to be lived. We end up dealing with the same things again and again, only to end up frustrated by it all (because we do not let go and allow the flow of things…I am REALLY BAD AT THIS ONE….Holy CRAP am I EVER!!…please keep reading…)

What needs to happen, by our example, is that we need to remember the Purpose of our Being.

That’s it.

Our only Purpose is to Love, and that can come in the form of many things, things such as our efforts towards doing things that bring more beauty to the planet (music, arts, writing, etc), to make certain that others have the knowledge that the first person who needs to be loved by them is them. You are not being conceited, or selfish, or anything else that you have been told you are should you love who you are. It is NOT A BAD THING AND NEITHER IS IT A FUCKING SIN.

We are not taught this. We are taught that we have to give up who we are so that we can be better accepted by others (because appearances are everything, right? ummm….no). We are taught that in order to be our best, we have to do better than the neighbors and we have to also make sure that all the other neighbors think so, too (because what others think of us is way more important than what we think of ourselves….whatever). We are taught that we are required by someone else’s big scary abusive god that if we suffer in our bodies, we will go to heaven when we die.

I don’t know about you all, but, this is not the way to self-love, but the way to being really very hard on yourselves until someone else tells you that you are acceptable just as you are (that’s that whole…Christic thing….happening….). You are thinking that what you are doing, in terms of loving You, is being a bad person, but you are not. How will any one of us know what love really is if we do not Love ourselves? And how does anyone at all expect that we would be able to share that Love, help others heal themselves, do what we were placed into these bodies and lifetime, all at the same time, if we are so glued to the things that were drilled into our heads as being the truth if we do not know what the truth of our own selves really is?

We cannot bother to deal with the healing help for others if we are not bothering to see what it is within us that makes us unhealthy in the soul. We cannot deal with the things in similarity to what we have been through all of our lives if we are not willing to reconcile it, let it go, let those who harmed us also go, and never in our lives will we be able to have the actuality called Love if we are too busy still trying to make shitty people not be shitty. For a quarter century I not only endured the abuse of the psychopath who fathered my kids, but, throughout that time, rather than truly trying to help me, those who swore they loved me chose instead to judge me (“why don’t you just leave?” “why are you protecting him?” “why don’t you kick him out?” …BECAUSE THERE IS THAT THING CALLED REVENGE AND LOWER-ENERGY SPIRITS DO CLAIM THE PHYSICAL BODIES OF THOSE WHO ARE OPEN TO CAUSING MORE GRIEF…and really, I do not have to explain to people who have not, themselves, been there, a fucking thing – you chose to judge me…you can go fuck yourselves). , chose to punish me for getting beaten – as if I asked for it, liked it, wasn’t terrified enough…I felt abandoned by these people.

The worst hurt was when one of my mom’s friends chose to call me an enabler, did not bother with me until years later, and when I saw her again, while I wanted to hold that grudge, I couldn’t. It hurt because she was so blunt about it, behaving as though I were strong enough to not need a shoulder, an ear, a friend, and once again, I was injured in the soul by someone who was clueless to the terror, the turmoil, the sheer-blackness of the fear that I felt at all times. It was not easy. I ended up hating people who meant well but who should have chosen a better way to tell me.

Then there were the rest of them, the ones who behaved as though I liked it….they’re called relatives. (But my cousins – Gina, her brother and our cousin Lance – these guys DID NOT AND STILL WILL NOT TURN THEIR BACKS ON ME, even though we are very markedly different, the each of us, since that time. They knew their Purpose, and it was all Love…I Love You guys!) and to this day there are still these people who think lesser of me for not having quelled my fears (which was by violent means…no thank you…I am a woman, not a manchick) the way that they wanted and felt was okay to do.

That was not Love, by any means, but more control.

Control is not a form of Love, but a form of fear.

Right now we cannot be afraid. We must be brave and we must believe that our Purpose is what we are here to live inside of, help to grow, become stronger souls because of it. This is our opportunity …this is our time to do what we were meant to do, to do what we were each and all brought to this incarnation for…to take Spirit up on this chance, this opportunity to raise the planet’s vibration.

Be brave, guys, not scared…

The planet is waiting…