2014 -The Circle, Complete… Words from Kahu Mapu

The End Result is the Beginning

Lots of changes happened these last 12 months. The reason that this is being written in this blog rather than my teaching blog is simple – of course, it is always nice to have more readers for that blog, but more, because somehow, this morning, I am guided by Spirit, by the Mother Goddess, to be here, in The Ghetto Allegory, reminding you all, including myself, that 2014 is on its way out, that it was a very harsh year that contained within it those moments which were SO big and so very life changing.

The things that happened to you, for you, with you there, were all moments which could easily be thought as anything, with any kind of energy that any one of us could put into anything at all, but the bottom line is that, we learned, and more, in many more ways than only one, we completed lots of karmic circles.

When you decide to look back at your 2014, and you see there the adversities you survived, and you look back and think to yourself how you never believed for a moment that you would make it out alive, with your soul intact, your heart not more broken, your life not shattered… and here you are, in all of your reigning, insanely bright and beautiful glory. Here you stand, Alone, in your Stand Alone manner, shining brightly, like a diamond who’s been roughed from the coal it once was housed in.

You may choose, if you like, to remain back there, in that pain, in the things that broke you, even though only for a moment, and you may choose, if you like, to bother yourself with all those things that you cannot change, the things which have not been karmically resolved, or, you may choose to see those things in a very different manner. It is, will be, will never not be, your choice.

There are a great many things that we who “work in the weird” must deal with that others who do not choose to follow the path of healing, light, of genuine Aloha, cannot do – not for any other reason than that it is not theirs to deal with, at least not on their own. It is the reason for the cards, the psychic hits at just the right moment, the visits from beyond the veil of consciousness that take us quite by surprise, and the love which, most of all, is the very ingredient which into the stew of life we must add. This is our job, our place and our work in the world – to be the beacon, the light which, when there seems no other way, we hold for others, for no other reason than that they will find their way home, no matter where that may be, within them, for them.

Please, do not look back upon 2014 as “the worst year ever,” and instead, see it as having “been in the cards” for many, many of us, even and especially those of us whose work in this crazy, and at times, collectively livid, place called Home – Mother Earth, deals with things not visible to the physical eyes, not discernible to the physical human ears, not real to those whose lives are firmly wrapped around the tangible nature of Life.

See this past year not as the thing that hindered you, but gave you something to mold and gave you something to call yours and gave you the reminder that you are here for a purpose, here on a mission with others who, like you, carry a similar energy, a similar reason for being, even if you really do not know what that reason is outside of the one thing that makes not only the world go round, but actually bathes us in the light of Aloha from our ‘Aumakua, as well as The Mother Goddess.

To anyone reading this, recall those times which broke your heart, rendering you shattered, leaving you breathless, wanting for better, and know now that it was all with a Divine Purpose. Know now that the pain you suffered was not without a good enough reason, and that even if you are not aware of that reason right at this moment, in time that reason will become readily apparent and available to you, and suddenly, the things you endured will  make sense.

Remember that you were alive and breathing through it all, that no matter what you suffered, that the healing process is not an easy one, that it takes time to mend and heal the pieces of your tattered and worn Soul, and that when it seemed that no one was there to catch you, always there was Spirit, always there was the Love which you carried within you, not only for others, but unbeknownst to you, for yourself, as well.

Know that your Soul-Ache, that feeling of wanting for more was the more that you sought out, but was in the rough, waiting to be culled by you so that you alone would find there the treasure which was only meant for you.

Understand that in what seemed like the loneliest times of your life, you were not ever completely alone, that you were being made to be Stand Alone, in your own uniqueness, in the Power that can only come from within and is cut out of the rock called anger, chiseled by the blade of disparity, and later, was seen as the work of art that is now this version of You.

While it seems that we have all been living in the phrase “All good things must come to an end,” we must not ever forget that this also applies to things that hurt us, all the way down to the Bones of The Soul.

Please remember that even as these last twelve months may have had the energy to beat you down to what you thought was nothing, rising from the very ashes of what you were, is who you Are.

Who You Are is Gorgeous…

Many Blessings…Aloha … ROX


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Dr. Doreen Virtue’s “Artemis”

Artemis , by Elizabeth Kyle


“Artemis” by Elizabeth Kyle

Card Deck, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

There are a lot of ways that this particular card can be discerned. My personal favorite interpretation of this card is one of “GIRL POWER” because that is what and who Artemis is in Greek mythology – she is the ultimate tomboy, the one who is not scared to climb giant banyan trees without shoes on, the one who is not waiting by the car while the boys fix it but is rather the actual one who is schooling said boys about the proper way to adjust anything under that hood.

Artemis is the protector of women and children, the protector of the meek, the weak, the downtrodden – she is who we call upon when championing the underdog.

In a reading, no matter if the person being read for is male or female, it could mean exactly what the card reads (see the lovely picture painted by visionary artist Elizabeth Kyle), that you and your loved ones are safe and fine in the arms of Spirit, that you have made it through whatever it was that seemed to be hampering your abilities in one way or another. It could mean a whole lot of things, really.

It could mean that the time has come for you to take up the sword and the shield and prepare for astral battle. It could mean that the inner battle with one’s own self is a tough one and that in that particular case and with that particular battle, it is really time to call on the internal parts of yourself, the part that is called “feminine” (don’t sweat it fellas…it doesn’t make you a “ChickMan”…it means the receptive and emotional parts of who you are), or perhaps it can mean that you have fully developed this part of who you are and it isn’t such a bad thing really.

When I draw this card in a reading, namely when it is for someone who is about to go through or who is squarely in the middle of a life issue that requires a fight of the spiritual sort, it is one of those things that I tell the person who I am reading for to know that they are going to become, through that battle, the protector for those who are considered vulnerable, perhaps in their own world and life, or maybe in the world at large (don’t forget, please, that much rests on the other cards drawn).

Artemis, the sister of Apollo, was the eternal virgin, the tomboy among the goddesses. It is she who, when you want to rescue small animals, when you want to do charity work involving women and children (something that I am dearly familiar with), when it is that you feel like you must do something for those who cannot do something for themselves, we each call on for assistance to keep our Artemis Spirit within strong and alive and ready for anything…

When was the last time you got your Artemis on?

Until next time…you know it…I Love You All !! #LiveAloha…


The Queen of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot

queen cups shadowscapes

The Queen of Cups

Artwork by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Deck and Companion book by Barbara Moore

The Suit of Cups in a deck of Tarot Cards is related to the element of Water, to emotions, to being cradled within the energy that is of Creativity and the birthing of that creative nature through the melding of both logic and emotion.

This particular card speaks to me, personally, and on many levels, because, of course, I am a water-sign (Pisces),  and yes, because I am one whose life and living is made through the melding of two worlds into one, creating a bridge between the elements of earth and water, of above and below, and of traversing through the two worlds effortlessly. This is common among water signs, because in Astrology, we are the rulers of emotion, are the very representation of that which lies beneath the exterior of the outer world. We are who know well and best that there is no outer world that makes much sense, no creativity at all in that outer experience without our also having an inner world experience.

In looking at this card a bit deeper, though, we find many elements of things that are not only about the picture, but have also elements of Numerology, Biblical elements in terms of the book of Proverbs and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. There are literally seven pillars of stones behind our Queen of Cups, and beneath her feet and in the ocean upon which we see her effortlessly and fearlessly tread, we find that there are Seven Turtles whose features can be seen. The turtle, in Native American Wisdom carries many meanings, but the ones that mean the most in terms of this card, at least in my opinion, are protection of the inner world, again, the link between the earth and the sea (logic, the tangible, melded with the emotional side of things), spiritually being grounded (think about the tale of the tortoise and the hare) and to to keep a steady pace, and of course, to develop our ideas, thinking about them and putting them through every mental and emotional possibility before we bring them out into the light of day consciousness.  It also reminds us to trust our own leanings, to believe the truth that is hidden and protected beneath the surface of what is the general understanding of things, and to depend on that trust in our own selves to bring us through to the light of day and, as well, to illuminate for us what it is that has been hidden beneath the surface of ourselves.

Pretty much, this card is telling us to use our Wisdom, but not be afraid of trusting that we are totally safe in our own creativity, that what we are doing is right, good and most of all, done with the very purest of intentions.

Where is it in the creative nature that is you that somehow, you are afraid to just let it all go, and let it all be?

Until next time… I Love You All !… Live Aloha… ROX


Words are Powerful – #19, ‘Ole, Hawaiian Mana Card Deck

'Ole_actual Mana Card

The Hawai’ian word for “Conch” is ” ‘ole.”  It also can mean indistinct, rambling talk, and also “bark beater.”  It is the card drawn that is that of the Story Teller. For this writing I will keep it simple – basically, our lives are built upon many things, but without the stories which are actually the keepers of the lineage of traditions, of familial customs, of our own spiritual and actual genealogical histories, we do not know, really, about where our own place in those stories are. This is the reason why it is important that we contribute to the story that is our life, through the creation of traditions which are particular to one’s own culture and one’s own familial tradition.

There is more to it than only that though. The ‘Ole card reminds us that there is much power in words, that the things that we say are the very foundation upon which our own lives are created. When this card is drawn, there are questions that we need to ask ourselves, questions which involve the things that we say, not only to others, but to ourselves.  What are the things that you share with other people about you, about anyone at all, and what is it that you tell yourself about you and what are you believing?  What have you accomplished, and what are you showing the rest of the world in that energy? Are you being truthful with you about you, about others, about your life?  What is it that you are telling others about you, about where you came from, about where you are now, and about where you are headed?

In through all of this, who are you in these stories? Are you the good guy or the villain? Are you the hero or the zero?

This card is telling us all that we need to be very careful of our words, of our stories, because our words carry power to hurt and to heal, to make others feel alive or others feels like they would rather just crawl into a hole and just remain there, absent from the world, and dead to the pain that was caused by the words meant to hurt.

We are in charge of our own stories, and through them we are able to use the power of our words to change not only how we feel about what has occurred in our past, but also, how we feel about right this moment, because right this moment absolutely affects our future!

Feel free to answer the question “What is my story telling the world?” in the comments…and please- do visit my teaching blog, #TheManaoBlog, published most weekends !

Until next time… Live Aloha ! ROX


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