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To know how people do things in the manner that can be thought as their behavior, those who are considered life coaches, light workers, healers, and the like, watch patterns through means of numerology, astrology and plain old observation

My mother is one of those people who loves to watch people. I used to think that she was crazy until the day came and I found myself watching them, too. The difference between my mother and myself is that, for her, watching people is a form of entertainment. For me, I am conducting research in the field called unfiltered human life.

Unfiltered Human Life means Unfiltered Human Behavior

We can see the patterns of other people by literally just watching them.

This is the way that a whole lot of us professional weirdos work – by first referring to a person’s birth chart, sometimes backing it up with a numerology chart, and then, of course, by conversing with them. It naturally takes a bit more than only one time in conversation, and of course, once it is that we have read a person’s chart – either of them (for this particular light worker, I get more out of a natal chart than I can from a numerology chart), we can see where it is that each person will have challenges, where it is that they will have an opportunity at some success – we can see a whole lot in those charts.

The one thing that we cannot see is the manner in which a person will go about fruitioning the chart’s information.

This is where observation is helpful. It is in the observation of a person where we will be able to see how a person deals with their challenges and in which area of life, and for me, I do use the 12 house system of astrology for one purpose – it is easy to see in that chart, given the aspects to planets in it, and how it is that I see each sign as someone in that person’s life. And yes, really, that is the easy part (once you understand how to read the charts and the charts make sense to you, that is).

For real – the easiest part of much of what I do is understanding a natal chart in the most basic way that any person could. (this is where what your symbols mean to you come into play) While it is that whatever is in any natal chart is absolute, the thing that is not remembered is that human beings have a tendency to behave like human beings, meaning that there is only so much that is contained within a natal chart that will tell you what their propensity toward a certain action or way of being will be. Of course, we cannot forget that most humans come equipped with the ability to choose. It is through our free will choices that the dramas of our lives will unfold.

It is contained within those dramas where the natal chart and all of its contents, good and bad, black and white, light and dark, will be revealed.

Because we are all human, we are all given to our own choices, and within our choices we know that there are going to be consequences and challenges, as well as ease and reward. It is from the way that we have been consequenced and challenged, or, easily rewarded, where our behavioral patterns are evidenced.  Within the birth chart is where it is revealed in which areas of life it is that we will have challenge or ease. The way we react or respond to either of those things is called our behavior. The way that we turn that behavior, if it is at a constant and our manner of response or reaction is how our patterns are set, and almost all the time, we are not paying attention to the thing that we are creating our lives with. And really, our lives are created through our own patterns.

It is like watching a trained animal do what it is supposed to and as it has been trained. Contained within our natal, or birth chart, is where the things that will make us happy, make us sad, piss us off, hurt our souls, change our lives is at. It also is where is revealed where we will not even begin to know that we are behaving like an overgrown two year old who cannot have his way, where we will behave and create a pattern in terms of how we relate to others and within a certain area of our lives.


All of life is trial and error. Within that trial and error are contained the very lessons of life that we are meant to learn, and if we do not learn how to deal with the challenges, it will be revealed in our behavioral patterns. Our behavioral patterns are set by the things which visit our lives all of the time and that seem to be the things that we either benefit from in some way, or, things that will challenge us. Whether you believe it or not, it is the challenges which will define who we are, because contained within those challenges are actually the keys to who we are. The reason that they are or can be called challenges is because we are challenged to try to find another manner in which to deal with said such challenge.

Humans are prone to reacting, rather than responding, to challenges, and it is because we are taught to react rather than to respond to anything at all. In the time that it takes for us to calm down and rationally think about the things that are challenging us, we are given to the idea that what is happening around us elicits some sort of response. What we are not taught is that there is a difference between a response and a reaction. Somewhere in all of our personal natal charts there are things there that will cause either a response or a reaction. It is through this behavior that our patterns are created, and it is through our patterns that we can see where it is that we will or will not have a challenge to face.

All of our behaviors and how we will or will not react or respond is contained within our natal chart, and how it is that we will behave in the manner that is logical or emotional is contained within each house of our natal chart, as is who it is who will be who challenges us.

Our birth chart reveals for us all of the things and characters who will bring to us these lessons throughout our lives. The signs contained within each house will not only tell us in which area of our lives we will be met with certain things, but also, given our own planetary placements, aspects, and of course, signs, who it will be in our lives and according to the signs within each house, how it is we will react.

While I know that yearly, facets of other signs will be part of who we really are, I also know that the one thing that never changes is who we really are. The challenges come to us not only through other people in our lives, but also through where it is that we will also take on shades of other signs which will become part of who we are for that year. Sometimes the sun sign we are born under will not agree with the sun sign we are for that year, meaning that sometimes, we are the one who will challenge us the very most.

…and that really is the way that the majority of those whose lives are lived skating the rails of life…well, skate the rails of life…



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Defining what is “The Sixth Sense”



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We all have a Sixth Sense. Here are some words about how to tell when you are using it, and more, when it is best to be used. 

The Sixth Sense is not just a movie title – it is for real. Too many of us have been conditioned to believe in only the tangible part of life, but what no one thinks about is that even our tangible nature can be chalked up to someone else having used their own sixth sense.

What the Sixth Sense is

The Sixth Sense can be simply thought of as being that little voice inside, the one that you have many conversations with, and the very one that you know you can depend on when you are in a sticky situation and a sticky situation which depends on you leaning on what is not obvious, neither tangible, but completely open to you for your use.

The Sixth Sense can be thought of as either an early warning signal, or, on the good side of things and where it is that we are not running away from something and need some guidance as to what it is that we would be better off as running toward. It is that piece of our selves that we think of when we need something there to help us in any situation and that requires a lot of thought.

Of course, the Sixth Sense is also there at a moment’s notice, when we ought to be watching our own okole, when we are not paying attention because something …some feeling or emotion steps into play and begins to run amuck and play havoc with us – either way…in a pinch, or in a blissful manner…it is the Sixth Sense that we should be depending upon the very most in terms of our own practices in divining our lives.

Divining Our Lives

I like believing that what I write about is easily understood, and if it is not, I like believing that people will choose to take a second look at what I have written and will be able to grasp onto what it is that I am trying to say to anyone. This writing specifically is about how all humans have the ability to call on what is outwardly known as being “The Sixth Sense.”

What none of us thinks about is that when we are planning our lives, and when we see things within the confines of our lives as either being something or someone that we need to keep around, or if it is someone or something that we know is only there to teach us what it is that we need to know about and that is in our lives and is not going to be of any good purpose for us beyond the lesson that that thing or those people brought to us. The Sixth Sense is that part of us that many professional weirdos refer to as being your intuition.

The intuitive part of all humans is the almost like the instinctive part which is present in all creatures which have not been domesticated. While it is that all humans rely on instinct, we also rely on reason. It is our reasonable self that tells us that we need to choose between one thing or another, and always we will choose the best thing for ourselves at the time that we have to make these choices. The instinctual part of us kicks in only when we know we cannot rely on something and when something is going to go awry – this is when instincts kick in. When it is that our intuition AND our instinct meld as one is when those two together can be chalked up to being the comprised end result called “The Sixth Sense.”

It is that part of us that can be an early warning signal (you miss a flight, the plane goes down…you weren’t on it…you leave to work late, decide you are already late and already going to hear crap, so, you take the scenic route, only to later find out that your normal route was jacked up because there was a fatality at the very time that you would have been at that very place where it took place…), or it can be something that we want to have in our lives, but because of one thing or another, we do not have it, then one day, we think in another manner, even after we have not thought about that one thing in a while, and bang! One day…that thing we wanted is there, and all we did was have an inkling of a thought about it and knew to call or email whoever was offering whatever it is…you somehow knew to call, to make contact, to do what you needed to do in order to bring that thought to fruition tangibly…

This is what can be thought of as the Sixth Sense in action.

What the Sixth Sense is NOT

We have been, an entire generation of people even, over the years of our lives, conditioned to believe that only what we see or have seen on television over the years as being the truth of what is the Sixth Sense.

The most…correct…way…that at least I have seen has always been in person, never on television, is never any one of Dionne’s Psychic friends, is nothing that you can call in to talk to unless it is offered in a manner which does not make anyone feel like they might be watching an old rerun of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

The Sixth Sense is one of those “things” about humans that, while it can be scientifically studied, because of its ethereal nature, is limited in matters where being able to have concrete evidence of its existence. The only truth of its existence is the human specimen. The only proof that it exists is that we are using it all the time, and the sad part is that we are using it without realizing we are using it.

It is not something that can be used, at least not in the proper sense, to retaliate against a person. It can be used to find out more information, but even then, that information is subject to what your own symbols of what you are being given in terms of ethereal information mean to you.

It is truly not something that is meant for anyone at all to use against anyone, even if you know that you are able to “do” certain things, things that you cannot even explain to anyone else, at all, and things that seem to just happen when you are overly emotionally inclined to go out of your head now and again and really wreck things for other people on purpose. Yes…on purpose…(has no one ever heard of someone who practices on the darker side of all this weirdness? All of us has the ability to call on it…those of us who know our own strength tend to fall to the side of things that tell us we will pay dearly if our intention is not right)

It is never to be utilized as a weapon, your sixth sense. As a weapon it is something that you have complete control over, and as a weapon is something that you know will only hurt someone else, even though it might, for a moment in time, be something that makes you feel like you have won some sort of sick competition. You can’t win anything at all if your intention is not right.

The Sixth Sense is not a weapon. It is a tool for each human on the planet to use to better their lives with, so long as the wreckage of someone else’s life doesn’t happen because you “knew” or “felt” and then ultimately “did” something to exact it happening. “Doing something” with a negative result in mind does nothing for anyone, namely not you.

The Sixth Sense is not something that is a toy, and the worst possible thing that anyone at all could use it for is, as I already said, in a retaliatory manner – that is called creating Karma, and you really don’t want to do that, because then you will have to clear it up. That takes time and whether you want to believe me or not, you WILL Have to go through whatever it was that you wished or thought about happening to anyone else at all.

How you can sense your Sixth Sense

It is very easy to use the five physical obvious and apparent senses. We use them all the moment we are born.

It is not easy, though, trying to pinpoint what is the sixth sense if you are not always aware that it exists. It exists. Again, recall what you read a few moments ago about a car accident or a plane going down out of the sky. You have used it time and again but don’t realize that you have. You have used it when you needed to, and now, in order to use it otherwise, you have to recognize it when it shows up and how it shows up.

Think about the last time you misplaced your keys, and now think about how you retraced your steps and how that didn’t end up showing you where they were left. Now, think about you zeroing in on that set of keys, and how you might have visualized them in the last place you’d seen them, or how you recall what was being said when you lost them. Now, be amazed at how it was that you ended up with them in your hands – you were able to go right to a certain spot that you might have thought to look at first. Logically, you were not convinced that those keys were left where you were thinking they were left…but your sixth sense told you to look where you didn’t think they’d be. Then you looked there, and they were found, in that place where your sixth sense told you to look to begin with.

This is really how this works…it is the intuitive process, coupled with your own symbolism, that engages your sixth sense, especially when you need it the most…




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Divination requires that we know why it is that when we sense, see, hear, feel, whatever, certain things, pictures, people, etc., and more, what it is that these things called Symbols both mean to us and are saying to us about certain things, events, and people.

In the world of the weird, symbols are everything. If you asked your favorite Wiccan or Pagan or other such weirdo like myself what it is that this Celtic Cross means to any one of us, you are almost guaranteed to get a different meaning for this symbol from the each of us. The reason is that we each associate different things with different symbols, and Spirit knows that this is how we do what we do.

How we do what we do

My own teachers taught me this one thing very early on. In fact, it was one of the lessons that I was taught by my Auntie Kalei, a long time ago, long before it was known by me that she was the first teacher who I learned from who was making it so that I would understand that what I see in that picture of that cross up there might not be what someone else will see. This is because we each and all associate that cross with different energy, different times in our lives, and different meaning. This does not mean that someone else’s definition or sense of this symbol, just because it does not match your own, is somehow wrong.

Bear in mind that Auntie Kalei, being the teacher who she is, was very mindful in teaching me about these things, because she knew, too, that I was brought up with a very strict, very religious background. She somehow just knew how to, through the history of this particular symbol, explain things to me that would not offend my very young mind, even as my very young mind at a very young age could grasp very complex things. She knew that when I, at that time, saw this cross, the only thing that I would be able to associate it with was what I was taught in church.

When she started explaining to me that all cultures, namely tribal cultures, which the culture from which this cross is derived is indeed tribal, have symbols which hold not only religious meaning, but also personal and spiritual meaning for people, it clicked right then – and I think I was maybe 13 or 14 years old – the idea that what I was looking at indeed was a cross, but that what I was looking at would be different for me than it would for anyone else. The way that she made this clear to me was to, after I was finished telling her what I saw in the cross, give me what she also saw. It was the greatest, easily grasped explanation, not only of symbolism, but also perception, that I had ever learned.

Symbolism and Perception

Our symbols are created throughout our lifetimes. We have all been taught since a very young age that black cats and the number 13 are synonymous with bad luck. What we are not taught is that what we are being told is someone else’s symbolism of those things. What we are not taught is that it is not just our own thoughts about what our own symbols are, but more, what our perception of those symbols also are.

When we are given signs, and we see what those signs, whether they are actual signposts with words on it that say just the right things, or if it is a mental snapshot at the moment that we are trying to divine for ourselves what answers we seek, and those things we see “speak” to us in a manner that is meaningful, this is an example of our symbolism at work. It is when we assign meaning to the symbol, should that symbol also carry with it and within it the answer we were looking for, it is through our perception of that symbol and what we are defining that symbol to mean in accordance to what it is that we are asking Spirit about, regardless if we are asking for our own selves or if we are giving a reading for someone else.

In regards to reading for someone else, the symbols that we visualize might well be something that we would associate with something that makes no sense to us, but the moment that we ask the person who we are reading anything for what that symbol we see means to them, and it holds any kind of meaning for them, this is when we see and know and figure out what our own symbols mean for us.

What our own symbols mean for us

I can tell you all about a black cat, about the fact that I love living with black cats, and the reasons are many, most of them should be obvious, but many of them are symbolic reasons, with the one that is not so obvious that tells the world, much as Queen Ka’ahumanu basically told the people that she was not scared of the religious rhetoric and neither the fear that was prevalent at the time, that I am not one who is likened to follow another’s symbolism in terms of what the world, for far too long now, has ascribed to these gorgeous felines. Black cats are beautiful animals. That the world has seen them as bad luck without understanding why it feels this way is anyone’s guess.

That I can only state in writing here that the reason that I love these creatures is because yes, they are associated symbolically with Magick, with The Craft, with all things weird, they are also associated with things of a female nature, with Catwoman, with all of those things which symbolically scream “FEMALE AND FELINE,” which, hell yes, I have been associated with being a human female whose physical energy is like that of a large jungle cat. It should be of little surprise, for anyone who is in the trades of the weird, and who is familiar with Mayan Astrology , that my personal Mayan sign is that of the Jaguar (large jungle cat), or Ix (pronounced “eesh”).

Cats as symbols for me is nothing new. I have associated a whole lot of strange things happening in my life, and normally when I am on to something, or, more, when something is about to come my way and that is of any kind of significance, somehow, a cat enters in to my awareness.

I will see cats on television, and I will see them outside in 3’s. I will see them in the unlikeliest places (such as running as fast as they can across a very busy street in the middle of the day, and always, the cats make it to the other side). I will hear them outside my window, and hear them late at night in the distance, much like I hear the coyotes and the night birds – again, with significance, namely the owls.

To each of these animals I assign a particular energy, not on purpose – it just happens that way. When I am sent a messenger such as a cat, and I have been asked by anyone, even if asked by someone who is a healer within My Sisterhood, a certain question about anything at all that is happening in their lives, I must also ask myself why it is that I am seeing that particular animal on the date that I see it, and why it is that that particular creature is the color that it is, or why it is going from a green house to a yellow house…I think you can see what I am trying to tell you here.

A lot depends on the question asked, and more depends on the energy that we are being given in order to give the reading, but ALL Of it depends on what MY symbolism of that creature means to me and how it will be perceived and processed by the person who I am giving a reading to. When I tell a person what I “see,” and why I think I am seeing it in regards to their question, and they tell me what their own thought about a cat, or a bird, or the numbers they see repeating all the time, I also make sure that they know what I associate those things with.

If I do not tell them what I associate those things with, I am not going to be able to help them, because the simple fact is that my symbols, even though they are meaningful to me, may well not mean the same thing to the person asking anything. While it might be that they can associate it with what I am telling them, if I do not explain to them why it is that I believe myself to be seeing what I am seeing, they are not going to be able to even understand the reading or what it is that I am telling them if they do not have their own associated energy with that same symbol.

Our own symbolism makes it so that we are able, through some sort of associative manner, to divine for others, for ourselves, the messages of the Goddess, sent to us with meaning and with Love and with things which we will understand, even though that understanding might take a moment to figure out. We will always figure out what it is that Spirit is trying to say to us or through us simply by paying attention to what it is that holds symbolic meaning for us.

Aloha !


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