When Others Pass Judgment

Dave Grohl Devil TGA

“What other people think of me is none of my business. One of the highest places you can get to is being independent of the good opinions of other people.” –       Dr. Wayne Dyer

Light Workers, Psychics, Diviners, Healers, Shaman, Kahuna, Wiccans, Pagans, Druids…no matter where it is that you operate from as any of these people, and no matter what it is that you were raised to believe, not one of us has been raised to be free of the opinions of other people, and really, that is a whole LOT of the issue that a whole lot of people employed in the realms find as being a reality which is not that easy to deal with.

The Good Opinion of Other People

For the most part, people have opinions not only because they have them, but, some of them actually have our very best interest at heart.

Then there are the rest of them, the sort who like to call us Devil Worshipers, Heathens, Occultists (which, actually is the truth), and anything that would be thought as being a means by which anyone who is employed in the realms would be manipulated by fear, and fear that does not belong to us. In fact, that fear I have found through a lifetime’s worth of actual researching the best group of lab subjects I can find – the very family in which I was raised.

The good opinion of other people is not something that we should be worried about, really, because really, they, the most of them, are not even speaking or citing their own truth, and that they are not able to think of a means by which they will be who they are in the spiritual sense and still manage to listen to what their own belief’s text says that they need to do, other than scaring people into the idea that they, by virtue of the guy up front and behind the pulpit, have the truth and the only truth, and that truth, as I am sure many of you already know, does not come close to what and who we are.

What and who we are

We are what we are at the time of our conception. Who we are is subject to change due to the fact that we all have life lessons to learn. In my case, it is this that you are reading today that was the harshest lesson of all, and the lesson by which I have been girded in strength and in that stand alone manner about which I say much.

In order for any person employed in the realms to be effective in their doings, they MUST be free of the opinions about them that other people have. When it is that an entire population of people, for generations, have been taught to fear rather than to inquire, this breeds within the populace an “Us versus them” energy. This is not something that was not understood back in the ancient Roman days, and this was not something that was not understood when our own American ancestors took humans and turned them into slaves, and this is not something that, for the most part, all humans are not able to do.

Being able to manipulate people so as to serve one’s own needs is as old as the first human being. Being able to do our job without manipulating anyone to believe what it is that we are saying is a challenge if we were, at one time, one of those people who were told, rather than shown, how to judge, even if that judgment was taught to us through others within that energy of beliefs of others by our being judged by them.

Being judged by others tells us that that which others are not inclined to learn, are not inclined to better understand through questioning a person (albeit in a nice manner), are not inclined to accept, that those others are living in a fear.

They are scared, no lie, to find out that what they have been believing for a long time is somehow not the thing that someone else will believe, and that someone else does not believe it makes the someone else a (gulp…I have been called this one too many times….) ‘devil worshiper.’

They are scared that maybe they, themselves, might be swayed by our truth, might have to eat crow because for a long time, they were the very ones who were out in the world telling people all kinds of scary stories about people like you and me.

Judgment of others = AFRAID of something

Think back to that time when you were a kid and you believed in Santa and then your pals started not believing. You wanted to believe, so you did. Then one day, you caught your parents in their most Santa possible way, and suddenly, it was not that your friends were correct, but that they were so judgmental in the way that they told you that you were being stupid cause you believed in Santa.

It is the same way in terms of people of certain religious beliefs that the best method of getting people to believe what is their belief is through bullying tactics.

It is not that these people like to bully, but rather and only that this is the way that they have been shown, been taught, believe is the right and the only way to make certain that what they are choosing to believe and to follow is the only real and only one correct and true way and system.

They have been told that their activities are right and good, and that when they are out and about, enforcing their own beliefs and helping elevate the congregational numbers, that sometimes it is with the very hand of their god that they will have to proverbially thump these unsuspecting people in the head with their doctrine.

Then, the day comes when they happen upon someone like me.

Let me get this one thing very clearly understood, right now, and that is that if you feel like you have to force anyone to believe, to follow, to do anything that you want them to do and you have to use fear or other terribly ugly things in order to make that happen, not even for you but for a collective of “you,” you are wrong.

This is something that I have always believed – a person will grow into and become who and what they are supposed to, and no other human being can change that.

When those who are “of the church” happen upon me specifically, it is natural for them to remind me who my parents are, natural for them to want to try to save me, natural for them to not think before they speak, and natural for them to assume that because I no longer bow to their god, that I have to be, must be, AM a devil worshiper, and all because of the fact that I am no longer able to believe in something that I never really believed in to begin with.

Dealing with people who are arrogant is part of our purpose, my dear fellow weirdos. Dealing with people who want to help you feel like you owe them an explanation regarding who you are and what you do is really and truly not something that you HAVE to believe or to do. You do not HAVE to tell them anything that you do not want them to know, and you, more than anything else, do not have to be guided by what anyone else’s thoughts or opinion about you or anyone else is.

The Hard Part

Haha ! I bet you thought that just knowing these sorts of people exist and believing that they exist, even if they don’t exist in your life at a constant, was the hard part. It isn’t.

You see, the most important person who we, as professionals in the realms, have to heal, have to deal with, have to teach, if our very selves. Just because we were taught another way does not mean that we are not meant to teach ourselves how to deal with having been manipulated as we’d been in the past.

You have to be able to know what is your own truth and you have to believe that truth, because it is the truth that you, yourself, created through lots of hardships and lots of tears and lots of people being awful to you, and of course, the other side of all of that awfulness you also learned a whole lot from the people who have loved you unconditionally. The Goddess does not ever give us one energy without also giving us the corresponding energy, even though we have to actually go through what we have to go through in order to learn what we are supposed to learn.

You have to be able to know what it is that others like and love about you, because without knowing those things, you cannot know anyone else and you cannot, because you will be bothered by the symbols in your own mind that are telling you these very things, discern what is your energy and what may be someone else’s who you share a particular kind of closeness with, no matter what that closeness may be about.

You have to be able to let go of what it is that you want to still believe is good for others and turn the attention to yourself, and ask, without being shy, without worrying about how you might hurt you, what it is that you are not able to face in regards to what other people say about you. You cannot remain in the energy that is someone else’s thought about you, make it the truth for you, and hope that you will be able to be all the light worker that you are meant to be.

You must be able to put aside your opinion of their opinion, be able to take it apart, word by word, energetic “zap” by energetic “zap,” accept what it is that you like that is given by others, and more, not bother with what is not the truth, and what is no longer YOUR specific truth.

The opinions of other people are valuable when we make them that way, not because they are the people whose mouths are the biggest, voices the shrillest, opinions are the strongest. Those descriptors are useless if you, yourself, do not make them YOUR truth…

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More than just a good guess


All of us has, at one time or another in our lives, been presented with a jar filled with jelly beans and have been given the chance to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar.  When we “guess” and end up being very close or even precisely right with the number of anything in a jar, it is way more than just luck, than just a good guess.

Students of weirdness ask me the same thing all the time – “can you teach me how to know things before I am supposed to?” and most of the time, they are perplexed by my answer, because my answer is always “honey, you don’t realize that you already know things before you are meant to know them, and sometimes, you know things before anyone else knows them, and we need to teach you how to tell when it is that you can tell someone what you see, and when it is more proper that you only let them know that things are about to change and that there is not a lot else that you are able to tell them without you, yourself, having to relive the lesson because you let them cheat on theirs…”

It is the truth – every person on this planet, to some degree, can tell the future. While some of us are more sensitive in that we are able to see exactly what it is that is upon ourselves, or upon someone else, on the whole, human beings are, each and every one of us, able to at least have a tiny glimpse into what might or might not happen (according to the way the person sensing something changing discerns their own symbols and energy in regards to anything at all).

What I mean by stating that all humans can “tell the future,” I mean exactly that at one time or another in each of our lives, we each have “guessed” the “right” answer to something, or have been given the right symbol for the answer. This could have been one of those times when you felt a certain energy, an energy that seemed to just not leave you alone, and in that energy you began to see symbols that could be thought more as being the greatest game of word and picture association you have ever “played” with no one but you. I go through this all the time.

An example

These days I prefer to not rehash things from the past, but in this instance it is the only way that I can illustrate for all of you how this works for me, and how it also may well work for you.

I have made it no secret to anyone at all that I have always been she who has worn the “name tag” of the familial black sheep, regarding both the extended family on one side, and as well, the very family into which I was born.

It is not really that I wasn’t born to be this person (I was and I know that I was and really, it is totally okay – no one else could wear the cloak of the black sheep as well as I have had to), but more, that I was born to not be like the rest of the “flock.” More than that, because I was born into a very, very born again family, it has been made doubly so, the idea that in each family, there is always going to be that one relative who no one understands, and no one really likes to be around, and most of the time, those who are the ones who wear the black sheep name tag…well, most of us do not realize that we are who and what we are for a very important reason, in fact, MANY important reasons.

I won’t get into all of the many reasons, other than that if we know who and what we are before we are meant to know those things, our ego-selves tend to take the lead. When dealing with Spirit, we must defer to things that are not of this tangible world.

What is not of this tangible world is our ability to zero in on things that catch our attention and why it is that those things catch our attention.

Zeroing in on things that catch our attention

For many years, and long before one of the most important people in my life appeared (of course, it helped that I followed the many prompts and symbolic signs I’d been given over two decades’ time…and yes, the length of time was for a very good reason) in my own conscious awareness, I ignored things that were coincidental, not realizing that at that time and all those times which followed, I was being given hints from the Astral regarding things that I not only wanted in my life, but more than that, somehow needed and was required for this part of my life, the part in which I am “Kahu” and not only “Kumu.”

Over the years, I would dream about, think about, visually see things that my own internal guidance would tell me was somehow very important that I know, that I pursue, that I investigate a bit deeper. In that same time, and as events would unfold and I would be markedly affected by those events and the people who played a part in the making of those events happen, good or bad, it was not yet in my knowing, my awareness, that the reality of the things that I was going through were all meant to teach me to become this me – the me who teaches all things weird.

For years I believed that I was meant to become an actual educational instructor, meant to become one of the state of California’s finest higher minds in the area of college teaching, with my believing that I was meant to become a college professor. I went to college, scored very well on everything that I was tested on, and to this day, cannot begin to believe, at least not in the manner that is the absoluteness of all what it is that I do know and have experience with, that I am not PhD’d, not MS’d in the area of learning that is Behavioral Sciences.

When I came to the realization that the sort of teacher that I am meant to be is the very sort that I am right now, that I am loving being, it was also the moment that everything to that point became very, very clear to me. Throughout the years that I had been receiving the message that I should become a teacher, what I did not realize what that, after all of the student loans, after all the Dean’s list honors, after all of everything that I did learn in regards to Behavioral Science, the one thing that I finally realized was that all of my book learnin’ was meant to shed light on the teacher that I was already.

Through my not realizing what it was that I have become, and my not even thinking, at that time, what it was that I had already learned from life itself, I did not realize that my “schooling” came from my own experiences, that the teacher that I was meant to be, I became and still continue to be, that the things that were brought to me outside of the traditional educational means were the means by which this me emerged and this me became and remains to still become.

It was also at that time, perhaps within a few days, that my next teacher would appear and would be the very one to explain to me that knowing what my own symbols are is a very important part of all of this weird stuff that I do, and most important, that through those symbols and the things that would prompt my attention to be drawn wherever it was drawn and at the time that it was drawn, I was learning my own method of Divination, through messages and promptings from my own Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guides and “Good Guesses”

Understand something very important right now – everything that you want to believe is a good guess and is something that you want to think you just made a lucky call on is anything BUT that.

When we have a “good guess” and are right, one must believe and also think in terms that when we ask for guidance, or more, when we ask specifically for things, situations, etc., and if we are ready for those things and what have you, it is with a grand swiftness that those things begin to go into play for us.

While we are waiting for the creation/manifestation of the thing that we intended and  “guessed” about, other things which are all directly related to that one manifestation begin to happen. Think in terms of the steps a doctor makes when a new baby is coming into this world. The doctor makes sure weeks ahead of time that the parents, namely the mother, is prepared.

In that almost same manner, when it is that we are waiting for something in our lives to manifest, always, the Mother Goddess makes certain that in every manner possible, we are prepared for it, not only so that we can enjoy it, but more, so that we know how to take care of it. Over time we might go through a whole lot of ugly things that makes us not want to wake up and get out of bed the next day. Over time we are made to go through things, sometimes over and over again, and those times are meant for us to be able to see or to discern exactly the message of what it is that we might not realize we already have learned.

Once we are finished with those lessons, we also get messages of what it is that we are learning at that moment from the end of that lesson.  While it is that topically we know that we are done, what we are not aware of at that time is that even as we are done, there is still the little ends that we must see to as they are ends that could make it so that we have to relearn, once again, the lesson that sucked, because the part that we did not learn yet or perhaps just did not think to ourselves might be important that we see to is not seen to.

And the end to anything does not mean that we have to get up in anyone’s face – it means that we have to, within ourselves, realize that it is the end of things, in regards to that one thing, and call it over with.  Sometimes it is something as …trivial…as audibly, so as to hear it with the limited and five human senses.

Don’t ignore your signs…trust your guesses as being correct

Your own symbolism plays a large part in how it is that you come to the conclusions that you come to. You have been told for a long time that you have to trust what someone else tells you is YOUR truth, and you have been taught to not trust your truth, being told, too, that they who can scare you the most with whatever is THEIR belief in anything at all is also they who have the absolute most control over everything and anything having to do with you, your decision making, and everything in between.

This is a huge thing that plays out in how it is that the masses of those who follow organized religion follow, sometimes blindly, what it is that they believe. When we have been told and taught and basically manipulated into believing through the tactic called fear, it is very easy for a human being to lose who they are, failing miserably to the fear, and more, failing miserably at their own game called “Life.”

When we choose to believe someone else’s truth over our own, we are going to, without fail, go through a series of tests, of lessons, of everything that we have to go through in order for us to know what is the truth according to ourselves. When we have given in to and allowed the fear that others have within them – the fear, mostly, that is tied to someone else negating a truth that anyone at all would stand by, namely blindly so – to govern any part of ourselves, we are, at that point, about to be taught by the Goddess a lesson in trusting our own selves.

The “good guesses” that we all, from time to time, have, are not that at all. They are the early warning signal, are the moment before the guest of honor arrives for the party they don’t know their loved ones have planned for them, are the things that too many unenlightened people dismiss as being coincidences.

Pay attention to those things, and learn to decipher your symbols, because in learning what you associate those mind-pictures with and understanding what it is that you are seeing, sensing, “knowing” and what have you, are keys to your unlocking the world within, and the world which is comprised of freedom of self and of thought at its highest and finest.

Too many humans don’t understand, have a hard time believing, simply dismiss their own power, because someone else told them that their good guesses are mere coincidences and not hints regarding something in one’s own life, not hints to things being what they are supposed to be right this moment, not hints, period, but merely and only the thing that too many want to dismiss, because they do not want their own truth to be hampered or questioned, and they will do what they feel they must in order, not only to protect their own truth, but to enforce that same truth on others, for what I want to believe is that it would be a poor attempt at proving “the safety in numbers” idea.

A ‘good guess’ is really not a good guess. It is your truth, via the Goddess, being given to you in the manner that you alone will understand – through your own symbols, your own ability to bodily feel it when you know that there is more going on than others are telling you.

When thinking in terms of what are good guesses and what are coincidence, one must remember that there are no such things as coincidence, and that really, one must be willing to retrace one’s own steps, to identify one’s own symbolism, and to be able to apply what it is that they see there in their own visions and visualizations.

Above all else, when it comes to things of “the realms,” you, the student, must never forget that you have got to trust you for your answers, and you have got to apply those answers, and most of all, you have the choice to allow someone else’s truth to become yours.

There are no such things as good guesses and coincidences.



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Karma (For Real)

Karma TGA Lucy and Ethel

For a very long time, it seems, lots of people have been remarking that they cannot wait until another person’s Karma catches up with them. What those who say such things do not realize is that, simply saying what they will of Karma and other people is creating Karma for themselves. 

I will admit to having said in the past that I cannot wait until a person’s Karma catches up with them. It was my Auntie Kalei who first taught me that whenever we choose to say something regarding someone else’s lessons and how we cannot wait until they have been zapped, we are also creating for ourselves that very same karmic lesson.

Karma is not what a lot of folks think it is

OK…so, the last time you breathed the words “I cannot wait until their Karma catches up with them” was also the time that you made it so that you might also have to go through something similar in relation to what it was that you hoped for regarding someone else’s Karmic lessons.

Karma is NOT Spirit’s way of helping us all get even with anyone else.

When we make statements regarding what we desire for someone else to go through, and we behave as though somehow, we are not going to have to deal with something similar to what we just, unbeknownst to a whole LOT of humans, stated and gave life to in regards to anyone else at all, we create Karma for ourselves. By the energy created from our intentions is Karma born.

Karma is the reason that phrases such as “Be careful for what you wish for, because you might get it,” were created. When we wish for things for anyone at all, namely someone else, and we are truly desirous of an outcome, good or not so good, this is the energy called “intent.”

Intentions are those things we also call wishes, and intentions are the reality of what we actually want, and intention really is the spark which creates the fire for us to have what we want in our lives. When we want happiness, it is our intention toward that goal which helps us seek out things and people and situations which will create that energy for us. This same thing is true for when we are desirous of things for other people. When we are desirous for good things for others, it proves itself by becoming true, just as much as it proves itself when we are not exactly being awesome about how we feel as a result of how one other or perhaps a few other people have helped us create that feeling within us.

Feelings are the things which create the intention.

The intention to hurt someone else just because we can is created by a feeling that in our past, recent or distant, we went through something not so great with someone, and throughout the years we chose to harbor that feeling, and throughout the years we have harbored it like it was some sort of magickal thing that we would use against them. The truth is that indeed it is a very magickal, very powerful, sometimes dangerous and almost all of the time, if you do not know better, used for the wrong reasons.

Because we do not know this about our intentions being created by our truest and deepest feelings about anyone or anything at all, and if we are not more aware of why we feel a certain way, good or bad, we will create the energy/intention which matches that feeling, regardless of what words we have spoken.

Basically, when you wish for hardship for someone else, when you make or pass judgment on others and hope they pull their heads out of their butts and think like you think, when you believe that your actions which are born of the feeling which bears the energy of the intent, you are guaranteed to, eventually, be met with the very thing that you wished on or for anyone else at all.

My greatest example is that of a minister and his people, “welcoming” all, parading around as though they are the most unconditionally loving people on the planet, and then later on, with those people who they hold the most secrets with, tell tales and pass judgments on people in their congregation who are not just like they, the pastors, are. This could be anything, really, but the example I will use is the one that I know the best, which is a street-mission type church, where it is that they leaders of that church welcome these people, and then later, behind closed doors, gossip about them as though  somehow those people have not been through enough as is.

Years later, the very things that these church officials spoke of regarding the people who come to them for guidance are suddenly met with things that they were judging all these …ghetto types… for. They begin to see things like their own kids going through issues with drug addiction, with no good job, with an abusive spouse, with a lot of things that they, themselves, might have stated to these wandering souls was the church’s mission (to save them from their own sordid lives), but on the other side of that was the reality.

The reality that even pastors of large churches are humans who are prone to the gossip thing.

EVERYTHING that EVERYONE intends, judges, whatever, and it is not that great of an intention?

Yup…you will have to, in some manner, learn about it through experiencing it yourself.

Karma is energy and also energy in response. 

Someone once asked me to explain Karma to them in the simplest terms that I could. Because I have always been one who has loved learning about everything strange, and because I have always been an avid student of all things “chain of events” and because I have always been one who has studied behavioral patterns of other people, I have always also been able to see exactly how Karma works, and it was not until I had a very good friend of mine say that he might like to do something that, really, I never believed he would do. I never believed it because he is a good guy, and I never believed it because when this person thought more about it, he realized what the hell I have been talking about all these years.

It is one thing to have to deal with an ugly issue that you would rather not deal with, and another thing to have to deal with the issue while also knowing that someone else was involved in creating the issue.

It is also one thing to hope to never have to go through whatever it is that we go through and which sucks, but it is quite another thing to go through those things, all while someone else is also going through those same things, and then later find out that the other person was not on the up and up…and ultimately, you wish horrible things on them, and sometimes you may well want to exact them.

Know now that while I totally get it in terms of wanting justice, also know now that doling out your own justice will only make you have to go through something similar…no, really.

When it is that we are working with anyone at all, and the person who is in front of you tells you, perhaps not in so many words, that the reason they are there with you is because they either want you to do something horrid on their behalf, or, they want you to somehow make a good reason for them to get away with wanting to see someone else suffer because they suffered through that other person, you are dealing with someone who has no clue about the reality of creating Karma.

Let me make it very clear to you all that I have been right there, sometimes am still right there, and yes, it is in terms of a “non-partnership” with my very soon to be on paper and filed on ex-spouse. I won’t normally use that part of my life to teach, but in this case it is very appropriate.

The ex abused me, on every level, in every way imaginable, and made excuses for it, most of the time. Because I do not care to have to relive those abuses through telling the story one more time, I will state now that there came a day when I figured out that all of the foolishness in terms of my wishing him dead (he is very physically ill) only served to have to make me wait far longer than I am willing to. The reason for his not being gone to the great beyond is simple – that is not mine to call, not mine to direct, not mine, period.

When it was that I came to terms with my having to go to “battle” with this person and eventually file for dissolution, and started creating the good Karma (Dharma), not for him but for me, through my no longer wishing him dead but truly wishing that he would be able to go out into the world, for however much longer he has to breathe on this planet, and when I thought in terms of him just not being my kind of person (and my neither being his kind of person), and instead of confronting this person, choosing to bring to the table what I could, things seemed to get a tiny bit easier, at least for me.

It is the energy that is contained and dwelled on that drains us the most. When we are drained of good energy and drained of it because we have been trying hard, in an ethereal manner, to get what we want without thinking about the others involved in a thing, we do not realize that we are expending our needed energy on someone or something that really, technically, no longer needs to even have our angry energy, let alone our good energy spent through our feeling like we need to exact what is our method of justice.

Our Method of Justice Vs. Spirit Teaching Us and Them

Regardless of your own set of beliefs, there is not one student of mine who will disagree with me when I state that our method of justice versus the fact that we are being taught by Spirit through other people is the thing that not a lot of people consider.

The bottom line truth is that people, by and large, do not pay attention to the things that they might well create for others, simply by their action or their inaction.  While we all know that actions can be seen, and that lots of people tell us about what actions they will take, Karma is also created via inaction, and when there is inaction, ALWAYS there will be an underlying sneakiness as to why someone would not take action to right something.

The fact is that Karma is created, not just by the actions that we take, not just by the things that we do not want to face and choose no action is the best action, but by the underlying energy which is the truth of us all, and that underlying energy is called intention.

It is our intention, coupled with our actions (or inaction) which creates the Karmic energy. When we do or say or think anything at all, and we mean it, and it is backed by our good, or other than good, intention, we create the reality, at least for ourselves, that is Karma.

Understand now that Karma is not something that judges anyone or anything or any situation – it is just Karma. Karma can mean a whole lot of things for a whole lot of people, but the one thing that it means to ALL people is that, if you are willingly trying hard to make it known by anyone at all that not only have they hurt you (if it applies), but that indeed you are not happy at all with them, and you choose to act on something not so great, calling it justified, telling anyone at all that you are not angry, hurt, etc., but your words to whoever you say this to, particularly someone who is employed “in the realms,” I promise you that you are NOT going to like what someone like me tells you.

The thing about all of this is that, it is not what you are saying, but what you are not saying and which lies beneath the surface of the reality.

This means that, out of your mouth you might be telling someone that you are not mad, but in the conversation which you have with that someone, you tell that someone things that would give reason for that someone to believe otherwise.  IF it is that you are only venting, and IF that person who you are venting to is one of those very aware types, the words out of your mouth will match the energy which is sensed by that other person.

HOWEVER, since it is that most folks like me can tell when someone else, while they might not be lying, they are also NOT aware that their own energy is giving them away, and is also giving their truth away. This is the time when, being the teacher that you are, that I am, that anyone is aspiring to become, might want to take advantage of a really great opportunity to teach this person about the reality that is the Karma they do not realize they are creating for themselves, through something that they are not even thinking about – their own energetic vibration giving away all the things they are not aware that they are still feeling.

…so, basically…

Seriously, when it comes to how you are feeling versus how it is that you would rather feel versus how it is that you would rather NOT feel, it is something to take into consideration when it is that you have chosen that you know what is best for someone else and that would make you feel better by making them hurt like you did.

You must ask yourself if it is at all worth what you will end up having to deal with, all because your ego has been somehow dented.

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Sometimes, when we are learning what are our own Spiritual lessons, and when, also, what it is that we do in our lives lends to that which is our life’s calling, to they who are the ones in our lives who will spend the rest of our lives with us in varied capacity, we are sometimes sent on The Mother Goddess’ Scenic Route to get to where we are meant to be going and with whom.

I have this friend. I don’t have to state his name – he knows very well who he is, and while it took him a little while to come around in terms of this last lesson that he was meant to learn from someone who he thought he was betrothed with, learn he did.

In that lesson, he learned that he was more than only the thing that he could provide tangibly to anyone at all, and as of this moment, he is happier than he has been in a very long set of twelve months. And until he chose to accept this lesson and also, the idea that the person who taught him this lesson and who was not me, he learned that really, he was not always happy like he is right in this moment.

The reason that he was not always this happy is that throughout these last twelve months, and while it was that he thought one thing was supposed to happen, a completely, more fitting and different thing was in the background and manifesting for him. While I cannot say what it was that happened to him and that which has placed that big giant goofy smile back on his face, I CAN and WILL state that all of us has a Spiritual Scenic Route that we travel and that my good friend who is like family to me will not ever forget the thing that he learned over the last year.

What I mean by this

By this I mean that when we really want something, and when we really deserve something, and when it is that the Goddess knows that we are meant for that one thing or that one person, and of course, when our soul is ready for it… She will, without missing a beat, begin to help us wear away the shades and colors of the old version of ourselves.

The wearing away of the old colors of ourselves

The wearing away of the old colors and version of our very selves is not easy. If it is that you have been going through things that you are not understanding, things that seem to hurt immensely, things that your own human brain cannot conjure believing have happened in your life, please don’t fret! The reason that those things that suck seem to happen a lot is because really, on the way to your destiny, whether it is a person, a place, or even a thing or a way of being, or perhaps all of these things, there are other things that need to happen for us in order for the thing that we are meant for to manifest. One of those things is that we need to learn who we are, and more, who we are not.

Depending upon the size of what we are manifesting is what dictates how much we need to be refined. The process of refinement is not easy, is horribly terribly unkind on many levels and in many ways, and most importantly, the refinement by the fire of life is not only not for the faint of heart, but if you are not able to deal with facing the lesson of the Karma that you have created in the past, and if you are not ready to let go of that energy yet, or if you have simply just refused to not learn because you are either not strong enough, or you simply are just lazy and do not want to travel that path, you WILL end up going through more and more stuff that is a lot like the sucky stuff that you are experiencing now.

This was something that my friend really needed to come to terms with – the idea that what he thought he wanted was not to be, and more, the idea that something better for and suited to him was waiting, as he recently found out. It seemed a bit on the strange side to him, when first I’d told him that this is what was going on, but now that he has the tangible proof of things that were meant to be versus the things that were simply the scenic route on the way to his shared mission in life, he is not anywhere near what he was just a few short weeks ago.

The reasons for the Scenic Route

When we are learning anything at all, we do not understand why we have to travel that route, because we do not, as finite human beings, like the idea that we have to learn and we have to grow, and in order for those things to happen, we have to be able to get rid of our old ways of being and we have to recreate who we are if who we are at this time is not the right fit for who we are becoming.

If we thought about it in another way, it would seem a lot easier to understand in that, thinking in terms of moving into a new place to live, there is, in the case that is a house versus an apartment, usually a backyard.

It normally takes a few weeks, perhaps even months, given that tangible life happens while the weeds in the yard literally begin to grow. After a few weeks, and after the gardener has shown up to mow the grass, you begin to notice that mowing the grass is the ONLY thing that the gardener has accomplished.

As you look around the rest of the yard, and while walking around to see it all, you begin to see where in that yard that you are now calling yours, needs to be tended to. And you see there, too, that the reason that it needs to be tended to is not only that there are a lot of weeds there, but that you need to make it personally yours.

Even with the help of someone who knows you very well, well enough to be able to help proverbially weed your yard, that person is still, regardless of if it is your hands which pull the weeds from the ground, able to help you get to the real life that you are recreating for yourself, you still must make sure to it that the thing that you are seeing is all about you and what are your plans, and if it is not, then it needs to be tended to.

There is no room for others when you are not willing to look at you, and fortunately for me, the majority of my own soul tribe and most of my students already know this. It is in the willingness to bother looking at and acknowledging that weeds need to be tended to, and the willingness to accept it when it is brought to our attention and more, the willingness to accept help from anyone to make sure that your “yard” is yours.

This is the same thing that we are not aware is happening to us when it seems like everything in our lives is being turned upside-down. It is not really that the Goddess is turning your life into what may well seem like a carnival act for the world to see, but rather and only that She is taking you on the Scenic Route, and that along the way, like on any other highway, there will be potholes, road work, accidents, detours, etc., etc., and whether we like it or not, in order for us to rise to the level of who we do not realize we have evolved to, the Scenic Route SUCKS!

I have taught this one lesson, at least the book learnin’ part of it, that is, for a very long time. My own life is a story in detours, potholes and the like, and I am still on that route, but at the same time, I also know this – growth is not easy, and growth makes us hurt, and growth is that thing that we do not like to do because in that time, we are being taught the things that we need to know in order for our own purpose and our mission with others can be had.

A bit of work for the long haul never hurts us, even though most of the lessons and how they are brought to us will (Yes, WILL)

It is lots easier to stay as we are, to remain in what seems to be the only fit that will ever be. The truth is that you will always know when it is that something just is not meant for you, or perhaps, in more cases than not, you are being refined through the difficulties so that you can recognize it if you need to or, my favorite – you will know that you have learned and no longer need to hurt from it.

Light workers will normally ask for a distraction, and most of the time that distraction comes in the form of something that is within us that needs to no longer remain as we have grown comfortable with it remaining.

When it is that we ask for anything at all, the Goddess never lets us down, and at the same, She also reminds us that that which we want in our lives, if it is to be of any value to us, to our lives, to our mission and our work in this world, we will have to learn it, and we will have to take on whatever demons and dragons and trolls there are that She will throw in our way.

This is not my rule, but this is the thing that I have been sent here to teach, and the thing that I can say, from my own experiences as a human being, are the very best teachers there are in terms of our own growth and our own realization of who we are for real in terms of this particular collective consciousness.

It takes someone who has been through a lot, who has been shown what it is that they need to see in terms of what it is that really they are looking at. Not a lot of us who are here on this planet are able to look past what it is that we see in front of us in order so that we will see the meaning of the things that we have gone through.

Everything, you will find, has a theme to it, much like a movie has a theme song that pretty much sums up the energy of the thing that you are watching. If you can find out, through observation and self-questioning, what the theme of a lesson is, you have half the battle won, with the other half of the battle being the actual going through it all.

I refer to our lessons in life as given to us by The Mother Goddess as being “The Scenic Route” and it is meant as a means to distract us from the fruition of manifestations that we have asked for. Contained in those lessons are the very things that we have asked for, the very things that we want to believe we know is dressed up as one thing but actually is not that one thing. When we need something, The Goddess always attends to us, but does so only when we are ready in a bones of the soul deep way.

Ready, in a Bones of The Soul Deep Way

While it is that our lessons do hurt us, because none of us likes to lose what we think belongs to us in a tangible manner, the lessons won’t kill us, most of the time (hey, if you don’t listen to a person telling you that you should not do heroine, and you end up losing your sanity because you don’t stop, you will go through the Karma called “addiction” until you have learned that it is not good for you).

The lessons suck, and the lessons might make it so that the things that have been so typical in our lives, and the things that we think make us who we are won’t be that way anymore, because really, what we are not thinking about is that no matter what it is that we have lost in our lives, sometimes those things are not truly as big a loss as we want to assign to them. 

That last example is not applicable to the people who’ve transitioned onto the next level of consciousness, mind you, but to things of a tangible manner. We have those things in our lives as either a lesson in loss or as reward. If we each thought about our lives to this point, we would be able to tell when it is that we are about to have something fruition for us, based on the theory I named “The Twenty Year Theory.”

The Twenty-Year Theory

In short, if you can follow the behavioral patterns of another human, you can also follow your own behavioral patterns, so long as you can tolerate finding out with a quickness that you are not perfect, that you make mistakes, that you are as human as is anyone who comes to you for your brand of light.

This theory is one that I have sworn by for as long as it was before I chose to label it the “Twenty Year Theory.” If you could go back twenty years and see all of times in your life where something that was significant happened and happened at a time when you might not have realized that you needed to take the Scenic Route, you would figure out your own behavioral patterns.

Your own behavioral patterns are what dictate your thoughts and actions. If you can step in front of that pattern before you choose to make your next move, you can turn the pattern of habit into something – such as a better habit, no matter what that habit might be – that would help you get to where it is that you are meant to be.

Some folks like to fight this pattern, but it is a pattern that will not change, even if you changed your behavior. And really, that is what this is all about – our ability to form our own good habits through reflection of what we have done and where we have been and who we have been with over the last twenty years, coupled with how well we adjust to the things that we cannot change but can sort of turn into something else for us. (I.E. – smoking cigarettes, drinking way too much, eating very badly – all habits…I smoked cigarettes for a long time..I now vape…did not change me, just the way I deal with that learned behavior which became a habit)

If you can see the similarities between twenty years ago, and remember with some sort of clarity the most important themes of everything that was of major, life changing significance, while you won’t be able to get out of the way of the lesson (unless you refuse to learn it), you will be able to have your own heads up in terms of you having to shift your pattern of behavior again.

Energetically, you are always going to, by virtue and guidance of your own natal chart, see the same things again and again, even though it will absolutely be with different people, namely if your lesson is the people who are in your life right this moment, or, perhaps, you have already learned that lesson from them, about them, in spite of them, and have applied it to your life right now.

So, grasshoppahs, learn to grit your teeth through the losses, the hurt, and it wouldn’t hurt you too much to also perhaps learn to sing the blues from the middle of your soul, so that the Goddess can hear your truth…

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False Positive



MANY professional weirdos end up feeling like they have been giving the people they read anything for nothing but false positives. The truth is that you were not giving them the wrong answers, but that you were not paying attention to your own symbolism.

If there is one thing that I teach ANYONE who learns what they will from me, it is NOT only the basics but also symbolism, and really, symbolism is meant to be as basic and understood as it can get and it is because your symbols are yours.

Your symbols mean something to you, and that is the way that we are given our hints and our clues as to the things that anyone will ask us.


Seriously…pay attention, all kinds of it, because it is that you were not paying attention to the signs, the symbols that are all your own that your reading may well have come out not to be what you thought it should have been. Your symbols are not going to mean the same thing that mine mean for me, even though indeed that symbol, on the top of things, might well mean the very same things.

For instance…

What not a lot of people think about is that while it is a universal belief that owls are symbolic of wisdom, a whole lot depends on what you are reading, who you are reading, what the owl means to them, and also, the idea that they might not even have a thought about an owl, which leaves that part and the explanation of it up to you so as to make it clear to the person who you are reading for.

For me, owls are indicative of wisdom, of the dark side of the moon, of the fear we have within us regarding omens, of Halloween, of the tootsie roll owl asking how long it takes to get to the center of that particular confection.

The way that I use this information is simple – if I see that the person in front of me is having a hard time understanding what my reading is all about, I have to tell them what it is that I symbolize owls as meaning for me, and I have to verbalize that much because even though I know things before I am supposed to know them, it does not mean or even give energy to the idea that the person for whom I am reading anything, even their aura, will understand why I see what it is that I see, at least not without a good explanation of what my symbols mean to me. 

Not knowing what your own symbols mean can mean a whole lot

I like thinking of this blog as being the next step in learning for people who have followed my actual teaching blog. I say this because in that blog, you are given the very most basic and universally felt things that all humans feel at one time or another, and I even give a really good explanation to things and how they work on a human being level.

This blog, though, takes things a little deeper in that, when we think we are right, or even when we are close to being right, and we do not understand what it is that we are “seeing” or sensing, right away that is a hint for anyone at all to at least think about why it is that they continue to receive a false positive when they are reading for people.

The reason that you need to know what your own symbols mean to you is because in knowing what they mean for you, you will be able to better know what it is that is in the heart and soul of your clients. The idea that anyone who is reading for anyone else and not knowing what their own symbols mean to them is not only dangerous, but very recklessly lazy to say the very little least. Not knowing what one’s own symbolism means will leave any person in the Divine trades to not really know themselves, and if you do not know yourself, what do you really know?

You will know that you are a hit-n-miss and not someone who has taken every bit of time they have had at their own disposal, namely if you are in the trades of weirdness full time, to be the very best at your own particular discipline of divination. My own particular discipline and my preferred method is simply reading other peoples’ energies. In reading their energies, even from a distance, I will get a lot of “hits’ to the brain in terms of symbolism.

Like, right now, I am thinking of a guitar. It is one that a particular person who I am very, very dearly close with has told me that they would trade in all the others if they had the one thing they’d need to have one like the one that I am seeing. I am not seeing this particular guitar because I was (and am always) thinking about that one person wanting that guitar, but more about that person, period.  That I know this person LOVES music is one thing, but that I know that when I see a guitar, specifically, namely the one that I am seeing right this moment, I know that the person who I am thinking about and who loves music is perhaps trying to get a telepathic message to me.

While I did not teach this other person what are his symbols, because I really do not have to, I did pay attention to what my own symbols mean to me in regards to this one very important person who is a big part of my life. While I did not need to ask if this person loves music, I did need to ask me the question of “why am I seeing this particular instrument right this moment?” and the answer was simple – I took the prevailing thought of my day and did not see this person’s face. The thing that made me know what I was thinking about, and more, who it is that is in love with music, who would love to have that particular instrument, all came from my knowing which guitar is ascribed to which musician who I know.

The musician who I am illustrating my point with is someone who is very dearly musically inclined, and over the last few months and weeks we have diligently and with much care and thought have begun to put together what is to be this person’s hobby room in their home…and yes, I got all of that information merely by paying attention to the thought of Guns N Roses guitarist, DJ Ashba and his awesome guitar upon which he plays the most magickal music.

The person who is on the brain almost always, at least in my thoughts and in this case, who does not know that they have helped me write this article, is, in my symbolism as well as in my opinion, very much a musician as is Mr. Ashba.

That I would think so means that I have been around this person enough to make that distinction.

That I know that I am right…well, that is because of the person who I am reading – yes, even from a distance.

And because I know this person very well enough to say these things leads me also to know that I am not getting a false positive. I would know that I were wrong if I did not pay as much attention to this one person as much as I have, and more, as much as I like to.

False Positives

Very easily put – a false positive is had when you are only going by what is your symbolism and not asking the person in front of you what it is that they think of anything. Let’s use my owl once again for this.

Say that you have a person who wants to know if they should return to college or if they should take a good first try at it. ALWAYS I am GOING TO BE that one person who is GOING TO, regardless of who is sitting in the chair across from me, encourage that anyone go to where they think they ought to go in order to gain a little bit of an edge in their job, or, if it applies, to start a brand new career and a career which entails that said person will need more education because the field they want to get into requires a certain level of education.

My “owl” might be this other person’s “evil”, and if I am smart, I will remember that my owl means to me what I listed up a few paragraphs ago and from what that owl means to me I will be able to at least ask the person if they are trying to do something that will increase their intellect. If that is not what I am seeing my owl for, I would then ask them to please tell me what my seeing an owl means to them because that owl could be telling me that they are scared to go to college, even and as much as they are scared to not get ahead in their own lives.

From their answers I would be able to give them what they, themselves, are not realizing they are telling me, and what they are telling me is the thing that they have been actually telling themselves and just not really knowing that in order for them to have the answer that they are providing themselves, they need to know what their symbols mean.

Without a knowledge of one’s own symbols, one cannot properly even “do” a reading for anyone else without a strict, intimate knowledge of their own meanings.

False positives come from not knowing one’s own symbolism

I have a lot of students who have come to me in the past who have been very upset with themselves because someone who they had been practicing their readings with walked away very unhappy with their reading because they felt like they gave a very weak reading.

I do not like to discourage anyone, but I do not recall ever NOT having been at least very bluntly honest with them when I ask them, point blank, what it was that caused them to forget their own thoughts about a symbol. Usually I will get the same answer, which is that they really had no clue as to why they were “seeing” what it was that they were seeing.

Most of the time I do my best at being very gentle, but there have been a few who have lit my ire and my fire in the past, for nothing more than being a lazy-brained student. By not learning your own symbolism, you are guaranteed to get half-assed or even wrong readings.

By not going through the steps of clearing one’s own mind before even attempting their readings, by not doing whatever it is that a student calls their own “ritual”, by not making certain that you, the diviner, knows what their own symbols mean, you are almost always going to get the same reads off of the same clients, and really, there is no need and neither any excuse for something that is as simple and basic as knowing what your own thoughts and what is contained in those thoughts actually and truly mean to you.

Once it is that you are well aware of what your symbols mean, you are then primed to practice reading for others. (Yes- PRACTICE…it is VERY IMPORTANT!)

The more you practice, the more you study your own thoughts, the more that you journal all of those symbols and their meanings, the more clear your readings will become.

Really…it is truly all in how you “see” what is popping into your thoughts the moment that you are asked that first question by anyone at all…

Aloha !


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