Patterns in Life

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When we are seeking answers, the one thing that a lot of us will do is turn to nature for those answers, and some of us will turn to others, but, for the most part, we should be turning to our own past for those answers, looking only to find those answers nestled in the memories which create the patterns we choose and live as our lives.

Humans…we are a very funny lot in that we will seek our answers to our innermost turmoils via the vehicle called “other people.”

We will, out of habit, need, laziness, anything, really, seek out that which we are looking for from other people. We will do anything at all that we have to do in order to instantaneously gratify whatever it is within us that we cannot also bother to look further for within us, to find the only answers that will be the correct answers.

This is based on trust, this inclination we have toward trusting the instincts of others far and longer before we will trust our own selves to not only make it so that we can deal with our lives, but also so that we can figure some stuff out regarding where it is in our lives that we need to be. Where it is that we need to be is always and only up to us. No one ever gave us a map, and no one ever gives us any directions – this life thing is all we are given, and it is a lot.

It is a lot


It is not an easy thing to deal with for the most part.

There are a lot of people who are also professional weirdos who cannot deal with it, and this writing is meant for those of us who work in the weirdness to remember a few things. One of those few things is that we are meant in this lifetime to be the guides to others in regards to what it is within their lives that they can, themselves, and without further help that is not warranted, without further help that anyone would feel needful of due to human laziness, and without all of the pomp and circumstance involved with any one of us becoming a drama queen and getting people to agree with us about things that would more likely cause the world to think that we are somewhat lazy in the care and feeding of our very own lives.

We are the Sherpas, so to speak, and as such it is our responsibility to teach others how to navigate life when they feel lost or confused because of the dizzying effects of every little thing that we are dealt on a daily basis.

Yet, even the Sherpas in life need help sometimes.

It’s like this

Let’s think about something that I think about all of the time – music and musicians, with our paying particular respect to the instrument known as the electric guitar.

I know for sure that it takes a lot of patience in order to learn how to play this instrument. I know that just like anything else, there is not only the patience involved in learning and practicing, there is also a whole lot of learning and practicing all of the other things entailed in playing the electric guitar. One has to have a pretty good grasp of sound and of tone, must have a pretty good idea of what musical notes are, and hell yes it is always a good idea to know how to read music. All of this entails the need for skills in not just the playing of but also the upkeep of a musical instrument.

Practicing takes time, and in order to be good at anything, it takes time and patience.

In the same manner, those of us whose livelihood is created via means not typical need to remember that, just like a guitarist will follow a certain pattern of playing, so, too, must we all. A guitarist’s fingers, if you have never really bothered to watch the way that any one of them will play, follow a pattern and it is a pattern that is not like that of other guitarist’s. The riffs they create come from somewhere very deep within them, much like the patterns my feet will follow when I choreograph a hula. There are no two hulas that are alike, and no two dancers who will dance that same choreography the same way – it is their own, even as the choreography is not. Just like the dancer’s expression of the dance is not the same as any other dancer’s will be, and just like the way one guitarist will play a tune written by someone else, the way that it is played by the guitarist will not be the same way another guitarist‘s rendition of that music will be.

This same thing is also evident in the manner which every other artisan of any craft at all will go about the pattern of their own life and all of the areas within that life.

You see, everything in life is responsible for creating the patterns within that life, meaning that we, not only as workers in the weird, but also as human beings, have an actual “thing” that we can follow in terms of how we will go about reading anything at all for anyone else. If we would bother to ask people questions, they would know, first of all, that there is no one on this planet who can accurately tell anyone else’s future. In terms of reading the future, each and all of us can only read the energies of the patterns in a person’s life and go from there.


I know.

There will be a few people who will say that I am wrong, that there are indeed people who can read the future, but just because that is the truth (yes, I can read the future too…so can you…keep reading…), what is also the truth is that while you might be able to read anyone’s future at all, the bottom line is that you really, even as someone who is psychic, cannot pinpoint the time of that future event.

If you are not also using the things that you, as the reader, normally understand as your own symbol for whatever it is that the person in front of you or on the phone has brought to you, you are not doing either one of you any favors by having forgotten one thing – you are only as good as how willing you are to be incorrect as you are confident in your abilities that you are correct. Reread that last thing and take it all in because it is the very truth. This is, that part where you are too confident, where you can take refuge in the idea that you can come very close to being very close to absolute correctness in taking the time to read the patterns in a person’s life.

I understand…I get it….the majority of the people who you read for are strangers and might well be those sort of people who will not believe you or your gifts as being real until you prove it by telling a fortune for them. There is nothing more insulting than being told that you are not good until you can prove it.  The way that you deal with this is remember that the person who you are dealing with is also someone who might not have had to go to someone like you until now, when they are done with doing things in the manner that someone else told them to.

You, as the reader or coach should already be thinking of the questions you will ask them, the ones that will have them think for a moment prior to their answering things for you, and the reason that you would ask the questions is so that you can get a better grasp of the patterns that their lives have run through during the course of their lives and NOT have to take just a “guess” at things.

You would not be the first worker in the light who would ask questions, and anyone who is working as such would also be very wise in telling people that while you are gifted as you are, that you are still human and that since you are still human that you are prone to human fault and frailties, and that you are going to make it known to them that just because you are gifted it does not mean that you are always going to be 100% accurate.

This is the reason for the questions and why you must ask a few – so that you can find out, through their words, the theme of their lives thus far and more, the lesson through knowing what is the theme, which can also be thought of as the karmic energy that must be seen to in order so that they can also know not only where their lives will go next, but how they can differently handle whatever comes their way.

Recognizing your own patterns will ultimately help you recognize other peoples’ patterns before they even tell you their story

Over time, I have become remarkably adept at reading the patterns in the lives of the people who I serve and it is because I have been studying myself all these years, with particular attention having been paid to the last 18 months.

Self- study is the thing that a lot of workers in the light figure out when they also figure out that they are meant to stay in the jobs they have, but that the reason they are there isn’t the reason that they thought they were there in the beginning. The reason that we are where we are at any given time is not an accident – it is because there is something that is a pressing issue in our lives and one that we have to dearly ponder if we should expect to learn anything from it and yes, ply it to our trade.

Those closest to me know that every experience that I call “mine” is eventually seen as a study, seen as something that later on, I will be able to use in my practice as a light worker. When I happened upon the person who I call “the Maestro,” I knew going in that ultimately, the end result would be what it needed to be, not only for me to learn what I would need to learn form him and at that initial point, but also because he would need to learn something from me, no matter what happened.

What happened is nothing short of beautiful, and that is putting it very mildly.

For the last year I have made it a point to study my patterns, the Maestro’s patterns, my two best girlfriends’ patterns, my parents’ patterns, my kids’ patterns, and even their dad’s patterns. I would not know to study their patterns if I had not also chosen, last January, to study my own patterns.

Without my own patterns, I might not have realized, after the fact, that I was meant to happen upon the Maestro’s life at the time that I did, might not have realized that Dannie has worked to this point for the one thing that she wants the most (but did not realize it until she and I uncovered it this morning during a phone call…of course, there still is the free will thing happening, but, my Gator knows that I am behind her every decision, no matter what).

I don’t have to go on and on about the things that I have learned. The only thing that I have to tell you all is that in having paid attention to the patterns in the lives of those who are closest to me and who mean the very most to me, I am better able to see, not only where I fit into their lives, but also where they fit into mine. Included in all of this is the ability to sense things faster and the sharpness that is needed by any person who, like me, chooses to use their tangible talents (writing and dancing) to help others with their intangible life stuff (emotional and spiritual blocks and issues which visit us all).

I have learned when it is that they will each and all go through a lesson, have learned when it is that they, themselves, have exacted the lesson, and most of all, I have also learned, through watching all of their patterns and my patterns and how those patterns interact with each other, when it is that I am able to say something to them each about what they are learning, and more importantly, when I am NOT able, or more appropriately, allowed, by means of Spirit and Karma, to say anything to any of them about what they are learning until after the lesson has been learned or at least presented to them in a manner which prompts them to ask me why they are learning what they are learning right at this time.

If we are to be anything near being as good as we care to be in our trades, then like a guitarist will practice the intricacies of the sounds and notes they create which ultimately produce a song, so, too, is it very important that those whose livelihoods are had via doing work in the weird begin to study the patterns of their own lives so that we can also study the patterns of the lives of those who we help. We can find things out by going backwards to the past, for nothing more than to find out what happened back there that would also be happening now, maybe not with the same people, but surely the same energies surrounding at least one of them.

Truly, in many instances in all of our lives, it is the past that was ours that will tell us the future by helping us to remember the importance of Now. Now is important in relation to what is to happen in the future for us. Our pasts help us to recall the things that hindered or helped us the very most and will allow us to be more aware of what to do and what NOT to do so as to bring about the positive changes needed in order to grow.

It is the reason that, more than most teachers of the weirdness will, this teacher will always make sure that her students never forget where they came from, because where they came from is also ultimately where they need to be, not in the tangible manner, but in the manner that is understanding why it is that who we are has been shaped by who we were in the past, and in that past, there are patterns which created the Now.

Paying attention to our patterns makes it so that we are also able to help others by teaching them that they can release the past, release the hurt, use the energies and the events which happened then and up to now, to create a beautiful future…

…no, really…

Aloha !



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The Importance of Meditation in ALL Forms

The thing about us all is that really, we need to take the time to unwind, to meditate on the things that make no sense to us, particularly when it seems that the answers which typically come so easily to us seem not to. When this sort of blockage happens, it is simply time to Breathe and Be.

Randy Jay's Silhouette TGA meditation blog

If there were ever any sort of actual lesson that I was actually taught by any of my three main teachers, it was to breathe. As strange as a lot of people have said it seems to them that I would do as my own teachers have done in telling my students of Spirit to breathe, it really is not strange at all. Breathing and focusing on one’s breath – also known as Meditation –  helps to train the mind to differentiate between what is real and what is illusion.

And really, to call anything at all “an illusion” is sort of also not exactly the right way, at least in this teacher’s opinion, to describe things that, in the lives of others, may well be real to them, even though as said same such teacher, I know differently.

The reason that I know differently is simple – I was told, then taught, the importance of meditation. And really, meditation is not going to be the same thing for everyone, not by any means.

For some folks it really is just sitting in the lotus position and allowing the mind to clear. Yet, there are those of us who are like I am, those who cannot keep still for too long or else we end up doing things that allow back into our mental awareness and within our spirit’s own manner, the thoughts that we do not want to think or have no longer have any purposeful use for.

This sometimes creates a misunderstanding between teachers and their spirit students, because lots of people cannot fathom that there are people like me who exist on this planet whose own method of meditation does not always or only involve sitting and just breathing. Really, it isn’t the fault of the teacher, neither their student, but rather and only that sometimes we all forget that we are very different from one another, even as our goal and the “end result” that we each want to see is the very same.

This one thing is very important to understand in that, there are plenty of my own students who were perplexed as to the reason why they could not silence their own mind. What they did not understand was the same thing that I also did not understand, which was that not all light workers are going to be able to meditate in the manner that is the same as their teacher or teachers of Spirit.

It was not really a misunderstanding as much as it was a frustration because all the way around, no one, at least I don’t think, thought about things in the manner that is sometimes, really, not the manner in which we are used to, and neither the manner in which we teach these things.

It wasn’t only one teacher who taught me this without outright teaching me this one thing…well, actually, more than one thing about this one thing – no matter what, we all need to to breathe, and we all need to be who we are, because if we do not do both of those things, we will, even if our gifts are pronounced and obvious, not be as sharp as we can be.

The one thing that all teachers of Spirit teach our charges is the very dearly important practice of meditation.

There is one catch, though…and really, it isn’t actually a “catch” as much as it can be thought of as another thing that we each and all need to do – that one thing is to be able to know what method of meditation is right for you. There really is no one way to do it.

There is no rule that states that in order to meditate, we have to do like we have seen in pictures, sit in the Lotus position, create Sacred Sound through our breath, and try really hard to make all the voices and thoughts in our heads vanish. SO many teachers of Spirit get frustrated when their students don’t meditate in the manner that the teacher feels is best.

What we all forget about, again, is that each of us is unique.

What works for one person may surely not work for anyone else. When I was told that I had to quiet the mind, I panicked and did so because of the things that were being presented to me and that did not tell me that I did not have to do what anyone else did and that I could choose to meditate in the manner that I saw fit. Meditation is meant so that we can gain a better manner of focus in an almost instantaneous manner. What a few teachers wanted me to do was to meditate the way that suited THEM rather than ask me how it is that I clear my mind.

My mind is always a jumbled mess of words and music, of pictures and energies that sometimes become overwhelming for me, given that I “sense” everything going on around me, no matter where I am.  For instance, even as my physical self is where it is at any given time, my Soul is always sitting right next to my Partner’s Soul, no matter where he is. Knowing all of these things are the truth of me at any given time calls upon my own ability to do what I do when the time comes for me to meditate.

Sure, I meditate the way that is assumed most people do, but it is not always the case for me, much as it is likely that it is also not the case for many others, my students included.

In fact, for the most part, and because I cannot sit still for too long (or else I will go bonkers), my most favored method of meditation is, of course, dancing. If there is no room for it where I am physically at, or I just am not able to do it for whatever reason it is that Spirit has, my other form is simply listening to music, specifically Hawai’ian Slack Key Guitar music with no vocals.

You see…meditation is different for the each of us.

Just like a doctor telling her patient in the labor and delivery room that there is no one right way to do what comes naturally, neither is there a right or wrong way to meditate. One teacher’s methods are not going to be the same as the next one’s will be, and the students of these teachers will, if the teachers were like mine were (and still are), get it across to their students WITHOUT making mention of the idea that all Spirit students need to practice meditation and practice it in the manner which makes the student comfortable.


ANY good teacher of “all things weirdness” will not allow their students to forget this one very important thing – whatever it is that we do and that is in common with the rest of the world’s workers in the Light, even as our own application of those things that we do in the weirdness are very different than another person’s will be, whatever we do, we must make sure that it is not only done with purity of heart and intention, but more, is unique to the energy signature of the light worker doing the work or doing the teaching.

The Energy Signature of the Person doing the Work

Understand now that things that we have each and all had to learn over the years took some manner of meditative practice. Meditative practice, at least in my thoughts, is our ability to clear the mind of all negative thought, of all judgment, of all things 3- dimensional.

While, in writing and in front of your face, it might seem all good and nice and easy, but the truth is that it is NOT easy to stop the ongoing recording of the thoughts in our heads that are also the very thoughts that have haunted a whole lot of us for the majority time that we have each been in these bodies. In order for us to sharpen our ethereal abilities, we have to be able to, not so much divide our physical selves from our ethereal selves, but more, be able to eventually walk the fine line between thought and what is higher thought (called “Mana’o” in the Hawai’ian language).

For workers in the Light, it is of tantamount importance that we all meditate. It takes a lot of time to undo all the things that have been said over the course of our lives and that we chose to believe . We believe all of the ugly things that others have said, whether it was to us or within our ear-shot and said of us or to anyone else. What we then went through, namely if you are very sensitive, was the very same thing that the person who was being bullied went through. It was through our Empathetic ability that we were, in that moment, able to literally feel how that other person felt.

At that moment, you experienced what I have called for a very long time as being that person’s “energetic signature.”

When we remember what was said, automatically, our mind “takes a photograph” of everything that occurred within that small space of time that we are experiencing whatever it is that we are experiencing. Think in terms of the heaviness that you might have felt when you experienced what you did with and near the person who attacked someone else, and, as well, the attacker. We have all gone through things like this throughout the course of our lives. We don’t realize that we are, without trying, experiencing our own measure of empathy. When we experience other peoples’ feelings, good, bad or otherwise, we are left with all of their energetic signatures.

An energetic signature is the energy that we feel when we think about someone who we have experienced things with and it doesn’t matter if we know them or not- energy does not differentiate that. It happens all the time.

It happens when we are in line at the store and the person next to us starts complaining about what they are reading on the magazine rack, as though what they are reading there really affects their lives.

It happens when we are out with our friends, when we are on the phone with others….it happens whenever there is more than only one person in any situation.

The energies we absorb and the feelings which we get from that absorption, including the actual physical feelings that we get from it all, are the energetic signatures of all of those people that we each have encountered. In order for us to recover our brain space from all of that, we have to be able to clear our minds of that energy. It is not only our minds and memories that experience what we do, but also, our physical bodies as well. Some of us are so sensitive we are able to sense the energies of those who we share closeness with, and unless we are aware of what is in their lives and how they are feeling about and dealing with it all, we will feel their stuff and believe that it might be our own stuff.

How meditation helps us discern ours from everyone else’s

No one seems to take seriously that when we are in a meditative state, we are open in terms of our awareness. What we let in is now literally an option, and every option is available to us right at that very moment. This is the reason that one of the very first things that any teacher of the Weirdness who is worth their very weight in gold teaches their students is how to block and how to bind.

Yes, I know – you have seen those two terms used likely on every single website which offers online lessons in The Craft. Those terms are not only used in The Craft – they are universal terms and Universally used tools in every discipline of The Weirdness.

The reason for these two things is so that you as the practitioner can block out all of those energies which normally you would allow into your awareness. When you are doing readings, the last thing that you want to happen is to read anyone else’s energy than the person’s who is sitting in front of you or perhaps is on the phone with you, in an email, text, chat…the bottom line is that blocking and binding are very important tools for us to use for no other reason than to protect ourselves and others on many different levels.

And a staple of all lessons in The Weirdness is that meditation is very important, as much so is blocking and binding others’ energies for whatever reason you might need to.

However, that which is meditation and that which is YOUR specific style are two very different things.

Where it is that you want to try your luck at the lotus thing, you might not be the type of person for whom that type of quietude is useful. I am one such person. I tried for a long time to implement what I was told was the best way to meditate, which was in total quiet with candles lit. While these days I can now do that style, my preferred method of focus is to (literally) dance away the energy which is so prevalent and in my head almost all of the time. That which is in my head all of the time is not what used to be there, because I have changed those thoughts into useful tools for my work in this world.

Too many people want to tell us how to do what we have always done as light workers, but no one ever thinks about the idea that we all do things very differently, and in that same energy, it makes sense, too, that one person’s lotus position may well be anothers ‘uwehe. Some people play music, others listen to music. Some people work out, others dance. Some folks drive, and others, like myself, prefer, at night, after everyone else has gone to sleep, and IF I have managed to not doze off, I will sit outdoors, in the darkness, without music in my ears, and the only company being that of the Mother Goddess.

We need to meditate, just like flowers need both the sun during the day and the darkness at night.

Meditation offers us balance, peace within, and a more opened awareness so that we can receive the messages of the Divine when we are meant to. Meditation offers us the ability, eventually, to clear our minds of all thoughts and worries, of everything having nothing to do with the matter at hand when it is at hand, almost instantly. On the other side of that instantaneously happening focus are the answers which we have for others, wrapped up in the silence that is the mind, which is a silence which can happen as soon as we learn to focus on it.

It is not that we cannot do what we need to do in order that we can learn to focus, but that we have so many things that we want to pay attention to at any given moment and all at one time that it is almost impossible for those not trained to focus to easily open their awareness. Make no mistake…there is one thing that you do that makes it easy for you to clear your mind. For me that one thing is and has always been Hula. I say a whole lot about hula, but that is because I have always danced hula, always danced, period, and really, when I am dancing is truly a very good example of a time when I am focused.

When we are focused we get things done. When we are focused, all those things that might have seemed next to impossible suddenly become possible. When we are focused we are, at that moment, primed and open to broaden our awareness, not only about the person sitting in front of us, but also, about everything that comes into our lives.

Meditation can be any form of enjoyable activity that requires your attention and that you can do by yourself. It could be playing music, building instruments, writing a journal, dancing, drawing…anything that is creative and requires your thought, your hands, and your love…

…it is not always only sitting in silence in the Lotus Position.



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It is something that not a lot of people understand, and more than that, it is something that not a lot of people realize they use, or even know that they have the ability for.

The Sixth Sense. We all know what it is.

Okay, most of us know what it is, but lots of us don’t know that we can all utilize it, and even more people on this planet, due to all of the wrong representation of it in movies, on television, and in books, are too scared to use this one gift from Spirit.

There is nothing to be afraid of 

This is not to say that there are not ugly energies that can and do seep through the veil between consciousness and are the types of energies that are malevolent. However, this IS to say that there are ways to use this in your everyday practice as part of your tools of operation.

Tools of the Trade

Like a surgeon has their tools for their practice, and a musician has the tools for theirs, and a tradesman the tools for his, you, as an intuitive and practicing as such also have your own set of tools, but none of those tools are what any one of us might think they are.

While we are gifted with such things as decks of cards, crystals and the like, the most important tool in our tool box usually are already the sort that we are born with. We need to think of decks, and crystals and such as part of that tool box, but more than that, we also need to pay attention to the one tool …actually the set of five tools known as the body’s five senses…which accompany that other, trippier tool called “The Sixth Sense.”

The first teacher, naturally, who brought my own tools to my own attention was, of course, my Auntie Kalei. She was who taught me about the earth energies which are ever-present in crystals, in water, in soil, in the wind, in the power of the daylight and the darkness which follows. My Auntie Kalei is the one who taught me that there really isn’t a true need for any of us to go out into the world of the weird and spend a whole lot of money on the things that we each will need for the things that we do in our trade.

She also told me that, more times than not, those things which we need would somehow and simply just…be there…one day, and that as long as we know what we are supposed to do with them as guided by The Goddess, we will not need anyone’s help with them. We already know what to do with them, as what we are supposed to do with these particular things is stored within us in what is called our cellular memory.

Another teacher, my Spirit sister and very good friend and Reiki Grand Master, Lanakila,  taught me about what was already within me and was already something that I knew a whole lot about, at least the putting together of sentences that make sense, that is.

I already knew how powerful words were when Lana and I found each other. It was she who reminded me of this, who still reminds me of this when she has the chance to read what I write (she’s kind of busy these days, just like Auntie Kalei). She often times tells me, not in so many words, that I have GOT TO choose my words wisely, because in doing so I am giving them each, each and every one of my words, the power to create, the power to build up, the power, conversely and also, to destroy, to wound, to kill that which lives within the Soul of a person.

And of course, last, but most certainly not least, there is the mothering Crone energy which has been provided now for years to me and many others like me (like my Gator) and whose name is Noreen, a woman who, for years, has taught me and the Gator a whole lot about the fact that every tiny thing that we do, and every little word that we whisper, and every single thought we think, carries our personal energy signature.

She taught us that we need to keep our thoughts and our hearts pure, like good workers in the light are meant to. For as long as we have each known this woman to whom we and others like us have referred to as “Spirit Mom,” we have enjoyed the explanation of these tools we have been blessed with and what they are meant to do for us.

Noreen is who taught me NOT to freak out when I sense things, that the things that I sense, when I see, with my mind’s eyes, the visual thought that I immediately get, that I need to ask me some questions about what the thought reminds me of, and more than that, perhaps even who that thought is about, and that if that thought is about someone who has crossed over, the likelihood of it being that person in my thought trying to contact me is a very good possibility…and most of the time, it is exactly that.

Mediumship…it is not only those who have crossed over talking to us

We have each and all been soiled, so to speak, by movies and television in that, we have only been shown the one way in which mediumship is thought to be and mostly used.

The reality is that mediumship is sort of the Mother Goddess’ two way radio between us and Her. True, we are gifted with the ability to receive messages from our loved ones who have crossed over, but also, when we do something called embodiment, or, putting ourselves literally in the thoughts and even the physical feeling reality of another person, even if we do not know them. Embodiment, just like mediumship, is a form of telepathy.

Telepathy is used at all times.

Okay… I have a friend in Spain whose name is Melody Fletcher. I refer to her as either the “Snarky Happy Puppy” to my Feral Rabid Kitten, and more often than not, I have always thought of Mel as “The Goddess of Gettin’,” because she is, outside of the person whom I refer to as “My Maestro,” the absolutely most insanely educated and practiced person on the topic of The Law of Attraction, is likely the best at the whole manifestation thing and is totally worth every penny a person has to spend on what it is that she teaches.

My understanding of what Mel teaches is that when we are desirous of something, and as long as, just like Lanakila has told me, your intentions are pure, your desires will benefit you and others within your circle, and what you want out of life involves you primarily and will not instigate problems with other peoples’ lives, you will get what it is that you most desire and also what it is that you so dearly need, sometimes at the same time.

In order for us to think those thoughts, we do something that is called “thought transference,” which is a bigger yet easier phrase to understand than is telepathy.

You see, telepathically, when we think any thought, that thought is carried out into the Universe and that thought magnetically attracts what is like it and most of the time will attract that which is JUST like it in terms of our thought energy. On the Astral is where our thoughts do the work. We supply the energy current which propels the thought outward into the unknown Divine Universe.

If our thoughts are pure, and we don’t want anyone else to hurt, and we believe that we are good enough to have that which it is that we are desirous of, it will be seen in the evidence when the manifestation of that thought produces the tangible reality of it. A very GOOD example of this is the story that I tell others about a twenty year search to find the most dearest, Divine thing other than my kids and my intellect are to me.

It wasn’t that my thoughts were not pure, but that my energy in thinking I would not get that one thing which I searched for all that time was not the truth of me at that time. It is also (and very important to remember at all times) that I was not yet ready in the soul sense for it to materialize until it did, and because there was another person involved in this search, I was not meant to create an energy that would take away that person’s free will. This is the thing that not a lot of people think about when thinking in terms of another person or other people being part of the things that we so desire – the other parties’ free will.

Once it was that I figured all of this out, and once it was that I’d practiced everything that I was taught by all my teachers, Melody included (and course, my own guides like to have fun with me and didn’t remind me of the other “R” that was missing all the time that I’d searched – which was before everyone could gain access to the internet and google), and most of all – once I accepted that I might not get what I indeed did find, I finally found what it was that my soul needed the most (and I do not recall being this happy…ever).

All of these things are what can be thought of as tools for mediumship and the tools needed to sharpen one’s own abilities for weirdness. (Yeah, I know…lots of people get upset when I call it “the Weirdness,” but really, that is what it is and that is what I call all of this so please – deal with it..because it is merely and only a Roxism).

As I said in an earlier paragraph, every profession has its own set of tools for getting the job done. What much depends on in terms of what your own set of ethereal tools are used for is entirely up to you.  My tool box includes mediumship, psychism, empathy, telepathy, and, of course, hula. (It is an art form, which is a gift straight from the Mother Goddess…in fact ALL forms of the arts are gifts from the Mother Goddess and are meant to be used in the manner that is creating a certain kind of energy in others as offered by the artist).

I am willing to bet that if you sat down right now and thought about all those things that you thought were mere coincidence, and all those things that seemed to just happen to happen to show up in your life at precisely just the right time, you could also pinpoint at what time in your life it was and that at that particular time in your own life you really needed that tool to make itself apparent to you.

I am willing to bet that when it was that you wanted something to happen in your life that would serve your higher purpose, again, the tools of the trade were right there for you to utilize, just like it is the truth of any artist that that which is needed seems just to show up when it is needed most, or, at the very little least, the things that you will need in order to create said such tool will, instead, be what happens for you.

Case in Point?

Think about Eddie Van Halen and the one guitar that we have all seen him play all that awesome shredding music with.

That guitar, the one which we have all seen and all been amazed by is called “Frankenstrat,” and was NOT created by anyone OTHER than the man, himself. It was his main tool for greatness, as we all have been witness to.

This should give light, as well as good reason, to every person in the trades of weirdness a bit of an incentive as to why it is that sometimes, our own greatness is within and is meant, including the tools, to be created by our very selves.

Eddie Van Halen did it.

What’s your Frankenstrat?

Mine is Hula…think about it…

Aloha … and Happy Weirdness !


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