The Law of Attraction and Being Our Own Lab Rat

Pinky_&_The_Brain_WallpaperThe Law of Attraction is not as easy as a lot of “gurus” like to sell it to the world as it being. It takes practice and actual work to make it be what it is meant to be.

If I didn’t know better, I would say that this past week has been one of those…magickal…type weeks. Of course, my being what and who I am, it would make sense to anyone at all that I would phrase it in that manner. Also, the idea that today’s writing has the words “Lab Rat” in the title is pointing toward the thing that I pined for, that I wanted and that as of this coming Monday, I will be…again. If you don’t already know, then the likelihood of it not being an important part of your knowing is very good. Just know that right this moment, I am pretty much dancing on air, pretty much about to bust at the seams, and pretty much almost the happiest that I have been in a long time, with exception to the one thing that happened for me about a year and a half ago – NOTHING competes or can compare with that…at all. (And that, too, is also something that the Law of Attraction, now that I think about it, worked…beautifully)

I have this friend. Her name is Melody. I have written about what she does, maybe not in detail and  maybe not at length, but surely and at this time I must state now that if you have not read her blog and do not know who she is, and if you have been trying hard to make what is known in the world as “The Law of Attraction” work for you, or, for that matter, even make sense to you, my only suggestion to you is that you take a moment when you are finished reading this and read what she has to tell the world. I will say that, while I was a fledgling worker in the weirdness, it was, in large part, due to my contacting Ms. Fletcher, not to ask her how to make the #LOA work, but why it was that it does if it is done the correct way and in the proper manner.

Understand now that most “gurus” will turn into grandiose douche bags if they are given the chance, but not Ms. Mel…in fact, it was Melody who, over time and through emails and my paying very keen attention, not to the end result stuff, but to the scientific part in the middle that calls for flesh and blood human beings to learn something about truly knowing, not only what we want and desire the most, but also and more, how not to slip into the thinking that is “yeah…but…” From her I learned that it is the “yeah…but…” and the incomplete sentence that begins with “What if…” that truly screws all human beings when thinking in terms of what it is that we really desire to have in our lives.

Like most practitioners of the weirdness, I thought I had it locked down tight. What I did not know at the time that I started communicating and actually talking with her was that the reason the things that I wanted to see happening for me were not happening is because I was not literally thinking in the manner that I was supposed to be. You see, this whole…magick…thing…takes practice, but the thing that it takes the very most of is positive ethereal energy – in other words, the bippity boppity boo and all of the other weird practices and the like (including all of that Christian miracle working stuff we hear so much about…yeah – you guys, too) ALL of it requires a measure of biologically measurable energy of belief.

Yep…I went there. The geek in me will not allow otherwise, because the geek in me is the same geek who, without taking much time to really sit and practice the LOA, made the LOA work for me. Typically humans don’t do things that will not produce results immediately. You can chalk this up to that instant gratification thing that is inherent in us all. However, the whole idea that one small change in our thoughts leads to other ones and that those smaller ones end up being “filed” under and in bigger “thought files” is how it is that the gigantic and life changing things happen for us. This can be anything, at all.

I have a lot of proof that is my own, and, as well, there are people who have taken giant leaps into their own real lives to make those lives be what they want them to be and desire them to be. The problem with all of us is that we can only “see” the end result that we want to see, and the end result cannot be predicted for one simple reason – we end being disappointed because what we see is not always what we end up with, and what we end up with might not be what is needed in our lives to make our lives what they are meant to be.

Our lives are meant to be great, but not without some effort. Do NOT let all of these …”gurus”…tell you otherwise.

Everything in this tangible world is an example of our inner worlds as a collective whole. The jumble fuck that you see all around you is the outcome of all of the things that everyone whose energies were emitted into the ether for the thing that they thought about, desired and manifested, even if the end result is the opposite of what was wanted. What we wanted and that is the opposite of that is NOT a bad thing. In fact, it is what we don’t want…what we DO NOT WANT…that will propel us, through the energy that is needing to make it right, toward the thing that we want, desire, and for the life of us, we do not even begin to realize or think about the fact that even when what we end up with is not what we want, it is the LOA that makes us want to try again.

Think about it.

The reason that you think you are only getting the “bad” things

I am asked about this often. I would give you Melody’s answer, but, in this case and because she and I both work in the weird but in totally different manners, I will give you my reasons. (Of course, I want you to take a look at her blog, because it is so much clearer and meant for everyone to understand…even your stuffy 3000 dollar suited boss will get it…keep reading)…

Because we have been taught all of our lives to expect things not to go our way, and while we keep our sights set on the outcome rather than the journey, we end up with the thing, a lot of the time, that we do not want. All is not lost at this point unless we just throw up our hands and give up and believe that what we ended up getting is all we are going to get. This is not the truth. What the truth is, in terms of Magickal workings (our lives are magickal…you must admit), is that we have to be willing (because we are very able) to see things in a symbolic manner.

Take, for instance, someone who I have been working with lately, who is a very strong candidate for the workings of the Magickal sort to happen for them in their lives as soon as they can see tangible proof it is there. This person took a huge step in their lives toward growth, so that they could see for themselves the fact that they can have what they want, but that it will take a whole lot of work of the inner sort to get there.

What the LOA is primarily about is being able to shift the energy in our lives by the mere shift of thought. The effort part of this is that when we are learning to shift our thoughts we are actually also training our brains to shift what was once a believable thing about ourselves to become a new and more believable, more positive thing to think about – all while allowing the thing that we want to see to remain the same as it has been (this causes us to have that thing called belief, or, in other words, what we can wrap our heads around and believe is the truth or could be the truth).

A lot of us were raised to survive, rather than to live. To survive means that always, the underlying current of energy is going to be harried, perhaps even somewhat desperate, because to survive, at least the way that a lot of us were taught, means to avoid certain things happening. To avoid things is a desperate and negative energy. It is like being the wart hog being chased by the lioness. The only thing the wart hog knows to do is to run the fuck away. If you think about it in those terms, the way that a lot of us go about things that we do not like is to turn away from them rather than to question why we turn away from them. Turning away from them makes it so that it “disappears” and the reality is that in that moment of turning away from them, we have shifted our focus. When we shift our focus we have that moment to think about why we did so. If we can accept the reason why we shifted our focus and our thoughts away from that thing that we see there, we can sort of and also grasp the way that this whole LOA thing works.

My thinking, and I am not sure that my girl Melody would agree (or maybe she would because that is how she rolls…everyone is different, so everyone will do things in a different manner…) that, in my world, which is the world of the weird, I prefer to not look away.

Of course, it took me a while to be able to stare at my own demons and my own closeted monsters, and of course, it took me some time to actually train my demons and my monsters to do circus tricks for me (you should see them run through hoops these days), but none the less, the things that used to be the things that would scare me away from studying my own “negatives” are the things now that make me look at them all and use them as a tool, a device for making my brand of this whole…Craft…thing work in the manner that it does.

For me, the thing that is most important is NOT making the monsters and the demons go away, but to use those things as the propellant toward making them become something else. Lots of people who work in corporate America could use this because they face the demons called their coworkers and their shitty bosses daily, and daily these workers suffer, not at the hands of those others, but at the symbol that those others create for them. It is how we are symbolizing and believing what we see there as the only truth and the only thing that will ever be, when really, what we need to see those things as is their being (and ourselves, too) in flux and in manifest (See how different that feels now? Weird, but cool, right?)

If we can turn the tangible things that make us ache into symbols, we can also learn to make those things that are uncomfortable for us into the medicine for healing the fear of change and the fear of believing we are worthy of those things (yup…you read that correctly…it is that we need to BELIEVE…not just BE because once you BELIEVE you will BE…think about it – it has to do with thought energy). We fear our own greatness, and we fear our own power, because all of our lives we have only been taught about what we are NOT rather than what we are in manifest. What we are in manifest is our own creation, and what we don’t think about is that we are always changing. No one thinks about this, because no one is taught about this or that this is actually a very good thing.

When we can think about the thing that we desire to have in our lives, we can think, too, about all of the things that we intend to do to get to those things. If we can look at the things that are the “negatives” in our lives, and we can see them as only being symbols of traits within ourselves, we can shift our thought, our very conscious effort, about the things that we DO want rather than keeping ourselves and our focus trained on the things that we DO NOT want. This seems, in writing, like it is very simple, but it is not. It took you a whole lifetime to get to this point where you know that there is more out there for you…and likewise, even as it will not take you as long to train your brain to shift its focus, it will happen.

The first thing that you have to train you to do is to believe that it will..

Really…that is how this actually works…it takes work…it takes effort…

Now…get on out there and make the effort to retrain your brain…


Braving, Embracing and Utilizing our own Shadow Energy

1_TGA_Embracing the darkness

Just because it’s dark, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong

I used to be afraid of things that I was told to be scared of.

That is the thing that a lot of people do not realize – that what they were taught as kids, many years ago while they sat in the pews at church, is not completely correct.

This is not my suggesting that everything that a person learns through their own personally preferred system of belief is being lied to. It means that whatever it is that we are taught while sitting in those pews and how we are taking what we are being told is really up to how it is both delivered and received. What I was taught was that we are to fear that which we have little knowledge about, and for that matter, if you have to believe in the knowledge that you gain from others in the textbook manner, that you can and are allowed to believe everything that does NOT conflict with biblical writings.

ALL holy texts are simply just words of wisdom written by scribes who, like me and anyone like me, are receiving the messages from a higher source. What no one who reads the Bible and who has read the Bible for at least as long as I have been on this planet – which is 45 years- is willing to even accept is that what they were told was and is open to anyone’s interpretation. The way that it was all delivered to me confused me, badly, for a long time, because the message that I received was that people who were gifted were the tool of the devil. The messages that were also received told me that women and girls were never meant to be anything more than looked at, told what to do, and to only be at the behest of men for their own …”usage”.

Ummm…nope…not this Kahu…NEVER this Kahu, ever, ever again…

This is the Shadow, the darkness that I was taught about the reality of the world that we all live in and that was offered to me as a child of ministers who wanted the world to believe what they did and do. I have no issues with beliefs, at all, but I have got to tell people through this blog that that which you have been taught in the pews of that church and which scared the hell out of you (or rather INTO you) is not the truth of you…and if you are concerned about your curiosity regarding things that can effectively change the way that the world looks, and in some cases, behaves, around you, as being a “sin” against God and man, I am here to tell you, and even me, to an extent, that it is not time to fear what we do not know about…it is now time to really embrace the Shadow within.

The Shadow Within

We have been taught to fear the things that we are TOLD will send us to the hot and fiery netherworld, where we will burn eternally and that there is no escaping it, namely if you are like I am…gifted, in the ethereal sense.

So, rather than tell you how to avoid that thinking, I am just going to tell you all that the way that I am handling this…shadowy darkness…bravely and without looking back…is to simply just do what I know I must do, in my professional capacity as a healer and my bloodline-place as Kahuna, not only of mind monsters, but more, of fear of things we know nothing about, which is to explain how it is that I have, myself, embraced the part of me that I was actually told that I MUST actually get rid of.

If you are having trouble with the way that you are feeling, be it guilty, afraid, nervous, etc., the only thing that I can say to you is to do what I have done and to continue to practice it until it just feels right and you can live with and accept that which you might still want to think will send you to someone else’s hell. The way that I have done this is to recreate sentences that I write, about almost anything, so that the energy that I am feeling does not take away from the energy and neither the focus needed to make things happen that would cause the world to refer to me or anyone like me or you…(gulp)…as a witch. Understand NOW that I know LOTS of Witches, and not one of them is evil, and NONE OF THEM does a SINGLE THING to hurt ANYTHING OR ANYONE LIVING. 

And as far as this thing called “The Craft” is concerned, it is something that healers, Shaman, Kahuna…people who work in the weird, pretty much, ALL use, not only in the course of our work, but also in the course of our everyday lives. It is a tool which we each use to better utilize the energies which are prevalent and which will only help to speed up whatever it is that we are working on. This is the truth. No matter what you have heard “in the church,” while I won’t suggest that you ignore it, I encourage anyone to take from it all what you can use. I will also say to be very careful when employing such…”stuff”… as The Craft…because the truth is also that this is NOT a thing with which you can threaten others or harm others with and expect to get away with it.

There is a WHOLE LOT of Kuleana…a WHOLE LOT of RESPONSIBILITY that comes with being able to do these strange and magical things. No two practitioners do what we do in the same manner. This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT that ANYONE who is interested in this sort of thing NEEDS to get in touch with a coach or a teacher who can show you the CORRECT way of …balancing things in this manner…in the tangible reality we all share the air in.

NOW, understand that if you are practicing the Craft, that there indeed has GOT TO BE care taken because you don’t want flying monkeys to appear just anywhere. You want your primates to be focused so that they can zero in on what it is that they need to and NOT on another person (sort of…keep reading).

ANYTHING that will bring harm to someone else does not need any help for it to happen. That is the thing about creating balance from imbalance…nothing can make things be different once it is that the focus and the energy has been exacted and with a purity of heart and intention.

When the focus is on making things right and restoring balance, and once it is that things have been set into motion, really – nothing can stop it, because this Universe in which we all live DEMANDS balance and that is really all anyone who works in the weird is doing – restoring things to their proper energetic balance.

Focusing your primates for take off

I am trying hard to be very lightly energized about this subject because it is a subject that I know too many Light Workers are very leery about.

I understand why – Karma is real, and if you are sending your monkeys for take off while you are pissed off, not only are you not focused enough to make things at least become balanced, you will make them more imbalanced because your monkeys will be flying in all directions, namely the directions that your emotions (rather than your balanced energy) are focused on. There’s this one thing that I know I have to do, even as the reality is that I still and also have to do what I must in the tangible world. The one thing that I know that I have to do is focus this shadowy stuff where it belongs – on the situation, and not really on a person. It is not easy to do, but for the imbalance to be made right, what must be done is focusing every energy regarding this one thing toward balance and not revenge.

That was the hardest part of learning this…trade…at least to this point – to NOT remain angry, namely when…practicing things to balance other things…because that angry energy, while it will work, it also has the potential to make things worse and to come back to you, three times worse, and you will have to start all over again, and the thing that you did before will also have to be corrected. SO, the way that I was told and taught (CORRECTLY), is that when sending the monkeys for take-off, make sure that those primates stay RIGHT HERE ON EARTH. It is because their flight path, while it makes it through the Cosmos, is meant to correct and balance things here IN THE TANGIBLE world. We do things that we do in the ethereal sense, to bring balance here to this reality and in the real and tangible sense.

There is a lot more to it than just having a reason, by the way, to want to send your primates flying. One cannot just open the floodgates and let them go – no, no, no, no, no….NO!

The reason?

That’s easy…the more negative the energy that you feed your primates, the more of it that it will take for you to get the result that you want, even if the positive result is not the same result for the situation towards which you will be sending such primates. Bear in mind that no result is negative, that all results are meant to balance, and that if you are not in your right or focused mind, that which you send out into the world WILL come back to you.

This means that you want to keep your thoughts, NOT your emotions, at least NOT when you are creating the wording for such things, focused on the energy and as well, the intention. It is in the energy that the changes are created, in the energy where the thought that balance needs to be restored that the energy for that balance and restoration MUST remain because without it, nothing will happen to make things right.

NOW, it is important that your EMOTIONS are also in check and balanced, even if the thing that you are doing in order to send your primates out to do their work happens to be rooted in your own emotional self, those emotions and that…human part of you, rather than the soul where balance is required…needs to NOT have its say so in this.

While it might be the truth that you are hurt, or that you are mad, or that you are whatever it is that you are on the human being tangible side of things, it must be the soul within you who makes the human on the outside NOT screw things up. It is the human and the ego part of us that wants to see the flying monkeys have their way with whoever it was who last made us want to see them suffer.

It is not suffering that we want anyone to go through, but rather and only balance that we need to see restored so that life, on its own, can become what it is supposed to be and not what it might be for anyone who is hurting by means of another human. And that is also part of this – remembering that the ones who create whatever situation it is that has been created are also only human. In their own human nature is where others end up doing, saying, being the way that they are, whether it is that they are leaning more on their light, or have seemed to always have embraced their own shadow more, for whatever reason it is that they have done so.

For whatever reason things have to be done

I cannot lie and say that I have not always been able to do this…stuff.

It is just that I have been very afraid to screw things up, and really, that is what I did not understand was what I actually needed to be – afraid to screw things up, thereby making me check myself prior to wrecking myself and whoever else is in the path of my flying primates. For whatever reason it is that we who work in the weird has, even as we work in the actual world, feel like sometimes the only thing that CAN and SHOULD be done to rectify a situation is to release the damned flying primates.

Believe it when I say that for a very long time…at least five years… I have been just simply and dearly WANTING to release my own primates. Had I done so without the things that I have learned better in that time, I would have recreated the very same situations for myself, through that negative energy produced by my own negative thoughts about a very negative situation which really, it has been seen to and has been done with for a lot of years now. Now what needs to be done is the fruitioning of it all, yes, through my hand, through symbolism and through focused energy.


…this is really how all of this…”Crafty”…stuff…works…

Don’t fear it. Embrace it…feed your primates the right stuff…

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