Every last one of us likes getting confirmation for the things that we know are happening, the things that we know will happen, and the things that we know are going on in the live of others. Getting confirmation is like getting a receipt for the thing that you have just acquired through your own efforts.

I have been asked a whole lot lately, namely because I spend a lot of time at school, how it is that I know that I am right when I “guess” that something is about to happen or how it is that I am so sure of myself when I “guess” that someone is or is not behaving in the most honest way they can. It is not the thing that I am making a guess on that is the confirmation – the guess itself is that on its own. (Read it again – it is not making a guess, but guessing…(ahem) “guessing” period, that is the confirmation…keep reading…) When a worker of the Light is practiced, has honed their skills to the best level that they can at the point that they are at in their abilities, has been able to see the results that they have “guessed” to that point and are seeing that they are right in those “guesses” is the very best receipt one can have.

…we call them ‘receipts’…

I have referred to myself and those who are in the practice and the continual learning of this thing called “The Craft” as being ‘Professional Weirdos,” and to the guesses that we each and all make, we have collectively always referred to those right answers and guesses as being our receipt for having practiced what we have, in every manner that we can, for as much as we could handle and for as long as we needed to, in terms of what it is that we are learning and practicing. The Craft is not one of those things that too many people take seriously. You can credit that not-serious approach to the media making The Craft seem like a trivial little past time that a lot of bitter women involve ourselves in.

It is not that we are bitter, not at all, but that we are more inclined to an open awareness that allows for us to see beyond only what is there and obvious. This is not something that is particular in any manner to just female humans being. This is something that we all have the ability to do and something that, at first, seems to be so fantastical in and of itself that we tend to get carried away, not with the idea that we can all do this, but with the idea that we have taken a huge step away from whatever it was that we feared in terms of the Bippity-Boppity-Boo and have chosen to venture within. It is the venturing within which matters. No website you can find is outright going to say it in the manner that I have just now.

In fact, after having researched a lot of those sites myself and seeing there the language that is used … I promise – I get it…it would confuse me, has confused me, with all of the Victorian language and everything else that seems to be somewhat obscure. I will be the first one to tell anyone that it is with purpose that they write these things like this. What that purpose is takes no space in my brain. And really, the only thing that I can think of that would make sense is that they are trying hard to keep these things that we all have at our privilege as a secret. I have no idea why. This is just how these things go, and this is just how we have, as a society, been taught that it is supposed to be. Things that make no sense or are outside of our trained thoughts about what we are able to do versus what we have been told we are able to do are the very things that, since it is that we have them kept as secrets from the vast majority of humans being, we each and all are able to do. It is just that for a lot of generations, we have been told what we should believe and what are our abilities outside of our five physical senses.

This is why, for the most part, a whole lot of us cannot tell when we are being given confirmation on the guesses that we make in terms of everything “weirdness.” We have been taught for the bulk of our lives, as much as the people who taught us this way and who also were taught this way, that in order to know anything at all, we have to trust what someone else…typically an “expert” who is an expert by virtue of book learning and not through actual practice of it all…and what that someone else says.

The problem with that is that when we trust those guys, they are not telling us what we think is coincidence is not really coincidence but is actually manifestation. Even if what we see at that point is only manifested to a certain point, the point is that we are seeing that thing happening and we are manifesting the answer to the questions we have. Sometimes when we want something to happen on behalf of or even to someone else, we have to wait for the receipt.

Waiting for the receipt

This is where it gets sort of tricky. Once we put our intention out there into the great big all that is, we have to remember that there has to happen a certain set of events that will lead up to the actual thing we want to happen. This requires a measure of patience because whether we want to believe it or not, nothing in this universe, even if we have behaved and have been good kids, is done without it happening in the manner that it is meant to.

This could mean a whole lot of different things, and can bring with it a whole lot of different possibilities. Take for instance, the idea that we really need someone out of our lives because they are just not one of our kind of people.

When someone is not our kind of people it tends to make things uncomfortable because the differences between you will cause there to be friction. Friction happens because we (1) plain old don’t like each other (2) have a very big difference of opinion about a matter of great importance to either of you or (3) are only meant to be instrumental in the thing that you are bippity-boppity-booing at the moment. Most of the time, we don’t realize that it is #3 – we are working on something that requires us to be patient, to allow the process to happen to completion and that allows for balance to be restored.

Our limited human thinking does not allow for us to immediately think that we are meant to wait because other things are going on that are meant to happen at the right moment. What we cannot wrap our heads around is the idea that we want to think and believe that the thing that we need will happen right away, like it used to happen on old episodes of Bewitched. The show, while it was absolutely adorable, was so off in its rendition of what it means to be a practitioner of the Craft that it has also made it so that we have to rethink the way that we think those things work. This is an example of what I meant by our having to be able to see things as they really are and accept that they are how they are. Without accepting how things are we cannot move forward. In our limited thinking we are prone to emotionally reacting to something rather than logically responding to it all.

Indeed, most women are not able to immediately see things in a logical manner, and most men cannot emote their needs in terms of tangible things that would make other things seem a lot better or at least a lot more tolerable. This is when our killer instinct does not need to kick in. Logic and instinct are two very different things. Men are more logical and women are more instinctual when it comes to certain things and manners of being. That we are these two things all the time is one thing, but that we are each better suited for one thing more than the other is all together different. In order to make The Craft work, it is essential that we understand where it is that we are coming from when it is that we are sending the intention out into the ether.

When we come from emotion and it is a good emotion, we will see our confirmation coming at us from a mile away. In some cases, the person who intends the energy is the one who will see the confirmations first. It might not be for ourselves. It might be for someone who we are particularly close with. It might be for a person who we are working with because someone else referred us to them…it doesn’t matter who it is. What matters is the emotional energy behind it all.

When we think about the way that we feel throughout the day, and we think in terms of not bringing harm to others, we are not thinking in neutral terms, and neutrality is very important in all of this weirdness stuff. When we are neutral and have no emotional attachment to outcome is when we are going to see these confirmations a lot faster and a lot clearer. BUT, when we assign emotion to it, and it is our own, and we are looking for something positive to come from what started out as being a very real negative energy, we can expect to wait for what we want to see for a long time – as long as it takes for us to not emote that same energy toward that same end result that we ought to not attach ourselves to for any reason, but for the biggest reason being that we do not want to actually accept, through the confirmation that we receive, the truth about ourselves.


I went there.

That is a lot of why many of us will not get our receipt – we are not being honest in our reason as to why it is that we want something to happen, and we are not being truthful with the end result that we want to see. I won’t lie – there is something very big in my life that I really would like to no longer have to have in my life. While it is that I know there are people who care enough to tell me to just get it over with, the bottom line is that there are things that others have not experienced, that others cannot begin to think would happen should they take their own advice and just get things done.

The issue there is that, even then, when someone else has offered their advice or even their opinion, when it is that their energy has been met with resistance and the thing that they believe would be the best for anyone else who is not them does not happen, sometimes, those people become dictators. When they become dictators is when they need to look at the real reason – and they all always know the real reason – as to why they would want anyone else to do the thing that they offered perhaps their unwarranted advice about.

That is the bottom line – when our intentions are pure, that which needs to happen will happen and you will get confirmation for it all. When that which needs to happen does not happen immediately and we ascribe a physical reason as to why it has not yet happened in the time that other humans being have set for it, it is these people who will chastise anyone else for not having done things the way that they might have. When you read that last paragraph, I am almost certain that there are times in your life that you can think back to that you were either the person with the directive, or, you were the person being told. And the things that you were told were not the nicest things.

That adds to the slower energy. It makes us have to wait longer, and why? Because we have placed a tangible energy on something that is not tangible. You see, everything in life is a thought first. Then, once it is that everything else that needs to happen, happens, it becomes tangible proof. In the interim, when we are waiting for that proof, we are given little bits and pieces of confirmation as to what it is that we WILL BE getting sometime in the future. If we are more inclined to only being right, we will be given confirmation that we only want to be right and that the thing we told anyone else that we want to see happen for them was simply our own way of saving face from having bullshitted someone else so that we could get our way.

This is not my rule. This is the way that I have learned that things in our lives happen. It was a very scientific manner in which I went about all of this and was with someone whose mind works in the same manner that mine does (Hi Kapiolani). When it came right down to the things that we wanted to see happen in our lives, versus seeing things happen to other people that we wanted to see happen because we had some sort of emotional attachment to the outcome, it all became much clearer, at least to me, in terms of how it is the Universe not only catches us in a lie, but shows the world, if we are not careful, what that lie was.

Lies as confirmation

Here is something that you can try out that my other half and I are now learning to use.

Trusting your gut.

It seems simple enough, right? Yet, it isn’t, not even for anyone who has already been practicing these weird things for a long time now, even without this explanation. Trusting your gut is not something that we are all able to do on the conscious level because we are so emotional about not getting what we want that we shun our own energy. We shun this energy because this is how we have been taught. We are taught from a very young age that we can trust everyone outside of us who is a bit older than we are, and this is not the truth, as so many of us find out as years go by and we get older.

In order for anything like The Craft to work, we have to trust us. We have to let go of the recorded bullshit in our heads that we have heard all of our lives and might sound like our childhood bully, or our parents, or the person in charge of our care as a kid, or, yes, and in my case, all of those people, and also the person who I share kids with. When we can create our own tangible proof (which can simply be someone else witnessing us gaining whatever confirmation it is that we will) it builds our trust in our own self and in our personal powers. Our personal powers are not these things that all of these self-improvement gurus are selling to whoever is buying. Our personal powers are those things and those gifts that we have that we use to intuit what we must if what we must intuit is not of a tangible nature yet.

When we hone our gifts, we are strengthening our personal powers. When we make “guesses” to what will happen and we are “correct” in those guesses, we are training our awareness, and by this are strengthening our gifts and strengthening our gifts helps build up our personal power. Sometimes humans being will take it too the point where it is that their gifts and their strong intuition become their badge of honor and the thing they wear on their sleeve. This is fine, but often times, these people forget that they are yet human and that as such, are prone to tripping themselves up. When they have a hard time focusing, you are being given confirmation of what it is that they are now being expected to make right before they can just do whatever it is that they want again.

That they are not able to do what they used to be able to do is indicative of them having taken too much of an advantage of something that they do not realize could hurt them if they continue to misuse their gifts. That they will blame everyone and everything outside of themselves is meant to confirm that they are not going to take responsibility for the way that they have behaved or have thought or have judged anyone else, possibly for the same energy that still is alive within themselves.

That they are not truthful in their leanings toward one outcome or another is confirmation that this person, this practitioner, is not living as fully in the Light as they would have anyone at all believe.

Now…get out there and study…see where it is within you that you are not getting what you need and figure out why.

It won’t hurt any of us to learn to tolerate the taste of humble pie every now and again…



Set Free From The Boundaries of “What used to be”

1The Soul Set Free TGA

“What used to be” is everything that made sense a long time ago. Some of those things still make sense, but might not make sense in terms of who we are at this moment. When we learn to let go of what was, what is becomes so much more sweeter.

I love nostalgia. So much so that the things that I do in my work in this world all seem to point to a time when things seemed to be easier, and maybe they were, or maybe it is my own mind that is making me think this way. I ran away from the past, as though somehow, it was hurting me, but really, it was me hurting me with that pain from those times in my life. Like a herd of stampeding elephants, we run away from what we cannot bear to look at, and we run like hell when someone tells us to “just let it all go.”

In our minds is where we live, or didn’t anyone ever tell you that? This is particularly true for those of us who work in the Weird. It is where we think and live because all of life comes from a thought. (Again, did no one ever tell you this?) What we think is what shapes us and the world around us. If all we are thinking, and all we are doing in response to those thoughts, is that we have to get back to the time when we were the ones who were at the top of our game.

This is all fine and good but thinking about what was only keeps us there. I am not suggesting that we not go back in our minds every now and then to revisit a place in time that meant a whole lot to us, but it is my telling anyone who will listen that if we all chose to stay there, even in our thoughts, then there is the only place that we will ever be. No one who I know likes being stuck someplace, but from time to time, we elect to stay stuck there. Maybe we want to be back there, because maybe back there, things were easier.

It is not that they were easier only, but that we hadn’t yet been marred by the world and all of its mundacity, to the point we are now, where, in this time in our lives and our singular adulthoods as humans being, to look back makes things feel nicer, even though in reality, we still have all this shit to deal with in this reality. The way that going backwards serves us (because it does serve us), is teaching us to appreciate what we were, what we had, who we know, what we were all about, but to do so without forgetting that no matter how bad things might be right now, there is no place any of us would rather be, and no one who anyone would rather be than right where we are as the people who we have become.

We forget sometimes that we are who we are for a reason and that our life’s purpose depends on our being this version of us. Even if we are not done yet with the building of this version, you must admit that being that green behind the ears version of yourself did not have all the Wisdom that you now have at this point in your life.


You don’t realize that what you have been through, and what you have seen, done, screwed up, messed with, is all part of and remains to be part of your process. Your process is that part of you that only you know about, but that a lot of other people can see. The process is something that cannot be made different because the process itself is something that is neutral. We are who make it good or otherwise. When I say things about the process, what I mean is that we have to pay strict attention to it, have to think in terms of what it is that we can add to it, so as to make it easier for us to deal with.

In that adding to it, we know that like life, we also have to get rid of things from it, and the things that we have to rid ourselves of are the things that no longer hold any sort of anything for us in regards to who we are or where we are going in our lives. When it is that parts of the process, while the process itself doesn’t change (meaning that we will go through the process in the very manner that we have always gone through…even if we panic, then think about it all…it is still our personal process and one which cannot change from the way that it is brought about into our realities), it is through the mechanism of the process that change comes about.

The Mechanism of Process

Who we are is not dependent upon anyone else but ourselves. When we think about how big this planet is…hell, this Universe…we begin to see a bigger picture and within that bigger picture we stand somewhere between who we are and who the rest of the world wants us to be. Through the mechanism of Process we are given a glimpse of what it is that we are all about in terms of how we go about dealing with things that suck. This same process is had and gone through when things are cool, but for the most part, it is through this process that we find out what is really and truly needed by us in terms of our place on the planet as well as our purpose.

When it seems like things are a bit out of sorts is when it is that the Process is happening. The process is, I have found, for a lot of practitioners, another word that a lot of us use to get out of giving a good explanation of things that we know about. It could also be because we just do not feel like explaining it in a manner that could be understood by more than only ourselves. When we are responsible for teaching others the right way, the understandable way, and the way that they can best digest the information that they are receiving.

And that – the information that they are receiving – is where the nuttiness begins, because that is where all of us tend to understand less than we actually do understand. This is what the process is for – so we can gain a better and clearer understanding of the things that we go through in terms of the process. A huge part of letting go of things and setting new boundaries. Setting new boundaries is change, and we all know that change is never easy, even when we are happy about it.

We have, for generations, set both unrealistic goals and boundaries for ourselves, and in our haste to make a good show for the rest of the planet, we have found ourselves stuck within the boundaries that might no longer apply, and they no longer apply because we have evolved. When a healer evolves, it means that somehow, they have risen above the maladies brought to them or through them by Spirit, and maladies that may have started out as emotional but have, over time, become physical. We all have a process, and within that process we find out, through trial and loads of error, what is the right way for us, no matter what.

It is also within the mechanics of the process that we learn to let go, because in letting go, we find out that there are things within our souls that are of no more good purpose. I am not saying that we have to let go of our memories, because within them are lessons and all of those memories are landmarks in our lives of where we have been, what we have done, how we got to become this version of our healer selves. What I am saying is that while we look back there, we also find out that we have, indeed, come a very long way. We don’t credit ourselves for having been as far as we have been. We don’t pat ourselves on the back enough for us to really know how unappreciated we are with ourselves. This does not become apparent until other people have pissed us off, til other people have treated us in a manner that is less than kind and have made it so that we have to second guess ourselves all the time.

It really is not that we would second guess anything, but that through their vision of what we are not, we find out what we actually are. Through what we think is their level of self-importance, we find out that we are not like they are, and through the process that we have instituted all of our lives and now use as a tool for the everyday Weirdness, we are able to identify who we are, and more importantly, who we are not.

When we find out who we are not, we start, through the process, even though we don’t realize it, eliminating the things from our lives that no longer hold any purpose for us. I am reminded of a time in my life when it seemed that the only thing that was very important was that I was able to get noticed, mostly for these gifts that I took for granted. Then one day, it happened – I had to lean on my gifts because I was expected, by the Goddess, to use them. All of them. I was afraid of what I could do, afraid that what I knew was going to hurt other people, when really, the only thing that I did not want to do was screw things up more for myself.

Yet, I didn’t screw things up more.

In fact, had I not gone through those things, I would not have been able to be this me. If I had not bothered with scrutinizing my own process, I would not know that I am doing what I was born to do, enjoy doing, and will never not do. Through my own process, I was able to let go of the things that were no longer useful. I let go of the anger caused by a lifetime of being bullied. I mean, sure, I still and forever will likely always have an energy about me that tells other people that sometimes, I am not having a very good day and that maybe, people ought to not proverbially poke sharks on the shoreline if they don’t want to get ravaged.

However, because I, one day, chose to follow the path of the Black Flame, and because the person with whom I share that Path knows all about the process and what it entails, even as there are potholes, even as there are going to be parts of that walk which will mirror walking on hot coals, the truth is that without it – without all of the harshness by the fires of life – there is no refinement. Refinement is a huge part of a Healer’s life, a huge part of everything that is a worker of the Light.

When you walk the Path and it seems that the fires of life are getting too close to the Soul, this is when it is okay to stop, look around and realize that there is more to this whole…humans being….thing, than meets the eyes. You realize that you are not alone and you realize that without a doubt, you are better now for having dealt with what you had to in order to be this you, to be this version of who you are now.

I am sure that who you are now is someone who would never look back, not when they have made it this far for this long…

…think about it…


Searching for the diamonds in the excrement

diamonds_in_the_dog_shit TGA

You should know that all what you are experiencing right now is not a mistake and that the Goddess does not hate you. What we are doing is nothing short of seeking out the diamonds in the proverbial dog shit that’s been handed to us.

I am not one to mince words. I call things like I see them. There is, for me, no matter what, no other way for me to do things – and I am known…well known…for my ways of being this way, particularly when it comes to coaching people. I am not one to make something awful seem as though it is somehow not awful. I am not one to see what is not there and not call it like I see it. There is the other side of this…thing…about me, and it is the side of me that not only sees the parts that no one wants to look at, but more, the parts that no one wants to look at and that have not even been considered to be seen in another manner…

The Ability to See Things in Another Manner

All professional weirdos have a “signature” thing about what we each and all do in our trade. I coach people, indeed, but I am not one of those flowery, “new age” terminology, kid-gloves wearing type coaches…at all. There is nothing but realness that I give, because it is in the realness, in the genuine nature of who we each and all are where our strengths lie waiting for us to find them. No one wants to seek out the strength within them. I know this. I lived this. One day I got really tired of asking my teachers and other learners of the light to help me learn my own strengths and with those strengths, fortify my gifts.

Anymore now, I have no choice but to see everything in my own life that might appear to be something that sucks, even when it is something that sucks, as a means by which I will learn another way to use one of the gifts that I have been born and blessed with, perhaps even a gift that I do not realize I have. This is really how this works.

The way that we become strong is the same way that an athlete becomes strong – by the work that any athlete would have to do in order to become faster, become stronger in their core, become all of the stand alone person that they are meant to become in the manner that they are supposed to become that way. In that same light, most human beings will not care to actually stare their own demons in the eyes, will not want to deal with taming their own proverbial dragons, will not want to deal with looking into the closet of their own minds to see the monsters that they, themselves, house there.

When I say that we are dealing with all of this sort of thing on a global scale, I mean that we are all being handed our own okoles, in the manner that is having to go through things and go through things over and over again for one purpose – to learn. We learn through doing, as much as we have the option and some of us the opportunity to do so through schooling and what I like to call “book learnin'” and even with the weirdness, we learn methods and create our own methods from reading what we will about whatever it is that we don’t realize we are learning.

In my case, it is my learning to let go, mostly of people, and mostly people who I have, for a very long set of years, tried, again and again and have failed, at trying to get them to stop being such creeps. By creeps I mean that these are people who are the worst, most arrogant types of narcissists I have ever come to know in my life. I am positive that the reason I have been around these types for too long already is to show me that really, I am not meant to be hurt like they make me hurt. I am not meant to have to prove myself, my level of intellect, my level of bravery, my level of anything at all, period, to anyone. It is something that has been a part of my life from the time that I was a child – this inability to not see the good in people, even shitty people. It is because for as long, I have had a problem with people abandoning me, a problem with people taking for granted the fact that while I am very strong, it doesn’t mean that I need to be subjected to their brand of teaching. I am a lifetime learner, so much so that I have returned to college, so that I can turn my research into legitimate therapy. On the other side of that is the fact that I would love nothing more than to be able to help people learn to think in another manner. I would love to be called “Doctor” or “Professor” right now, but, even though I want to do that, I also know that I have to do what is needed.

What is needed is that I have to finish another round of college, and what is needed is for me to already begin to exercise what teaching skills I have always had and utilize them in another manner, so that I can relate myself with the people who I intend on teaching – college students, mostly undergrads, in any one of the branches of Psychology which intrigues me, which is mostly Jungian Psychology.

I am not saying that I do not thoroughly enjoy my time that I spend physically in class, and while I would never say that this part is the excrement, I will state that when it comes to things like doing what I am meant to do, I am very impatient. In this case, because I enjoy learning, and I know that I do not like waiting for things that I know I am able to do right now, even without the proper certifications, etc., we can consider this part of my doctorate program and my having to be patient and finish as being “the excrement” (meaning my level of impatience for the things that HAVE to be done to do this teaching thing) in which the diamond (a Doctorate in Psychology and the right to be called “Professor” as well as “Doctor” and to teach and help others heal in that manner) must be sought out.

The Diamond in the Dog Shit

No one likes to think about it, but it happens – sometimes, our Fido-friends eat things that they should not eat, and sometimes the things that they should not eat are things of value. It is not that they are trying to make our lives difficult. They are merely being dogs. We can’t fault a dog for being a dog. On the other side of that is how we feel about the way the dog got hold of the valuable thing and more, some of us feel kind of silly for having left said thing of value within the reach of the dog. While we can put things out of the dog’s reach, we are human, and we tend to not always think that everything that we need to keep out of reach of those who would make things difficult, everything that we deem as “valuable.”

Lots of us know what it is like to have to wait for the valuable items to (ahem) “reappear,” and not one of us wants to think about how it is that we will have to regain possession of that thing that we know the dog ate. It is not only work, but it is work in having to wait, and it is work in having to deal with some serious nastiness, but, we also know that whatever it was that the dog ate and that we are now waiting for is worth going through all of the shit, literally, that we have to go through. What we are not thinking about when we are in the middle of things is that we can either curse that which we are doing, or, we can become our own lab rat and start studying, not only our reaction, but also what is the Universe’s reaction to what it is that we are taking in and learning.

What we are taking in and learning

Collectively, I am sure you are already aware of it, we are going through a whole hell of a lot. And most of it has the energy of our no longer needing certain things or people in our lives, to the point where what we are, at least in our own minds, is not what we are anymore. I know this one very well. I used to be a hula teacher, but now I am a Medicine Woman who uses hula as medicine. It took me a very long time to think about it that way because my entire life up until I chose to take in all of the crap that I took in and use it as a tool, Hula was only a means to an end for me.

It is not some sort of secret – I have danced hula for over 40 years. There are a lot of raised eyebrows, still, about what I have chosen to do with my hula. Part of this whole…excremental…thing that I am writing about is to show you that sometimes, that thing we do needs to evolve. Believe it when I say that it was not the easiest thing for me to see Hula as a legitimate dance or art therapy. It took me using it as my own medicine for the last 3 years for me to know, without any doubt, that the reason that I have not been able to do much else with it is because it…Hula…at least where I am concerned, has evolved. In order for this tool called Hula to be used the way that the Goddess has intended for it to be used by me specifically, there are things that I have to do so as to do it.

It is not easy when we know that the thing that has served us for many, many years, even as we are the best at whatever it is that we have done with it, sometimes, we need to become the best at it in a totally other way and in such a way that only we can make it happen. I know, within the very core of me, that even as there are many, many very awesome hula kumu on this planet, there, at this time, is only me who is willing to turn it into medicine. I know it works. I am proof that it works. As long as we have the proof that what it is that we are still doing and still trying to figure out the reason that what we love is not the same as it was, it is because, just like I had to look at hula in another light, so, too, does anyone at all when thinking in terms of that one thing that we each and all do and that we have always done better than lots of people have.

Lots and lots of us digging through the excrement right now

If you looked at the people in your own life and really thought about everything that is going on in their lives, and you listened to what it is that they are telling you, most of what you are going to hear is that they have “lost” something, when really, it only appears that way. What is happening is that we are all being called to the mat, all being given a chance right now to evolve whatever it is that we have done for along time into what it can be, not only for ourselves, but also, for the rest of the world.

Most of us cannot see ourselves even passing on what we know, but for the most part, this is what we are, as light workers, meant to do. We are not only here to impart healing and love, but also knowledge. We are here and being shown our place. Not too many of us sees the thing that we have done to feed ourselves for the majority time of our life as being something that we, through that trade, are meant to impart more than only that teaching and that technological know how to others. We are meant to teach, but not only what it is that we know in the work sense. We have much to offer the world in terms of how it was that we made it through whatever hell we have gone through and we each and all lived to tell our stories. In fact, lots of us have gone on to tell our stories in the Global forum, and many more of us will be granted the willing and waiting listening ears, agile minds and physical ability to do certain things.

Where it is that we think we are done for, we really have only just begun. Where it is that we believe we are not going to be able to live like we have become accustomed to, we cannot, because we fear the worst, think past the idea that we have to do this much in order to have that much so that this little least of what we have can be had again. No, I am not making light of anything. You must remember that I have shared my story of tangible losses, and have heard about the remarkable and intangible things that have been granted me and my life by the Goddess – I am proof that while a whole lot of us have what the world deems as ‘nothing,’ what it is that is seen this way is not also seen in the manner that the ‘nothing’ can be thought of as a new sheet of paper upon which to write new rules for a new life ahead of the very each of us.

That style of thinking…really, by the way…is the excrement…I am sure that with some time and creativity, you will uncover the diamond that is only hidden by the fact that you have not yet accepted that the excrement first has to be cleared away to see it. There is not one person who I know of who likes to think of things as no longer theirs.

Instead of thinking in those terms, think in terms of whatever it is that is still theirs as being truly and only theirs.

It is not what we do, but what we do with what we do that matters. ..

Think about it…

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