Plan B


“Plan B”…it’s that thing that outwardly we think we need. Yet, in the lives of those who work in the weird, the idea that Plan B is the only thing that we have to fall back on is not the only thing that we have. In fact, in our world, we only have a need for the “A” Plan….never Plan B

Workers of the Light…we have this thing about us that reminds us who we are when it comes time that not only we are experiencing turmoil, but also those in our lives, and those in the lives of those closest to us who are not us. Right now, Fall of 2015, there is a whole lot of turmoil on a collective level. There is heavy loss, loads of unhealed heartache, and many, many people are perplexed by the idea that somehow there is a Spirit, a God or a Goddess Who Loves us and who wants the very best for us.

While it might not seem as such right now, w are very dearly Loved. It might not make sense to anyone reading this right now for me to state that, in fact, we are immensely Loved, and proof of this is the very turmoil we each and all, both in a singular manner as well as a collective one, are currently experiencing. There are some of us who are wanting it one way, even though for a long set of years now, their energy has told them that they need to see who they are, what they are doing in their lives in every manner, and everything else in between as being “ever-evolving.”

When we think of things in an ever-evolving manner, lots of us here on Earth will automatically think about Darwinism, and this is fine, but it is not that sort of evolving that we are doing. We are evolving in the soul, and when we are doing this, there really is not a lot that we can do other than go with it. While on the top of things this might sound like it is really easy to deal with, it really and truly is not. I like telling people who I coach to look back on their lives about twenty years, and see that whatever it was that was going on at that time has come to pass in our lives again, and it is now time that we answer that call.

The majority of humans being here on Earth were not wise to these things. Those of us whose lives are lived in the Weird have been following the energy patterns, the thought patterns, and in my case, along with those two things, the behavioral patterns of a whole lot of different types of people. What I have learned, or actually reaffirmed is that as a lot, as a race, we are not willing to go headlong into the light…the Light is where our healing happens for us, because the Light is able to shed on the darkness, all of itself, so that we can see, perhaps even in the physical sense, what it is that we are not needful of anymore in our lives. What I mean by this is that throughout our lives we “need” to learn things. We learn things from other humans being. We learn things from ourselves. We learn things from those outer images (I call them this…because they seem to come from “outta no where” and sometimes even “Outer space”…please…read on…) that we tend to get from nowhere. We learn, if we are aware enough, and we are thoughtful and open-minded enough, from our intuitive selves.

Our Intuitive Selves

After having spent the majority of my life sitting my okole on church pews, I am sort of an expert on things that are not really “anti church,” but more about the truth about the things that we are told are the truth while we are there. This is not my telling anyone “in the church” that what you believe is not the truth, because if it is the truth to you, then it is YOUR truth. This is fine. No one is judging you specifically. What I am …AM judging is the idea that we are not allowed to use the gifts which we have been born into these bodies with. When I was a little girl, I didn’t realize that the shadows that I saw in the house, that no one else saw, or that the things that I saw in a different manner than did anyone else, or that the “guessing” that I did when I was a child was not a curse, but a gift.

I was taught, in church, that my gifts would send me straight to hell. Throughout my life I feared everything, but it was because I had to shun the things that I was being “told” by the Goddess. Yes – HAD TO, because I was a child, and because I was a child it was not different than other children who also listened to their parents and hung on their every word. As I got older, my gifts became more pronounced. I started feeling like an outcast and my behavior was chalked up to my being a “PK” – a Preacher’s Kid. Lots of people told me that I was faking it, because I was being rebellious. They were not thinking that maybe I might be gifted. When it came down to it, I knew that there was something to the things that I was getting “out of nowhere.”

It was because I was told in church that we always needed a plan B for everything, because we were meant to use our brain to keep ourselves safe and out of harm’s way via our creating a “Plan B.” You can only imagine the confusion this brought to me, because I was under the impression that my mother’s God would save me from everything and that I really had no real use for my gifts (even though my scorpionic mother used hers all the time…). Lo and behold, here we are, many, many years later, and the only thing that I can use right now that is mine and mine alone, are those very gifts that I was told I had no use for.

You will be told that there is no use for them simply because of many things, with one of those many things being that other people, namely those who would tell us that we aren’t really gifted, that it is just silly to think we are. In terms of gifts, to be frankly honest with you all – many people are very jealous of people who are willing to use their higher gifts. Understand now that we all have the ability to intuit things, have the ability to “make guesses” and to be right with those “guesses,” but at some point in each of our lives, we were taught that these were demonic things, that who we are is somehow wrong in the eyes of a very domineering and jealous god who seemed more inclined to kill us than to love us.

The reason that, once you train your brain to accept your gifts, I say that there is no need, after the fact, for a “Plan B” in terms of things that you have any kind of energetic inclination towards trying to heal, namely if it has to do with you and you alone (okay…you alone and perhaps possibly a few people very close to you in every way). This is not to say that there will never be a need for a backup plan. This is only to state that once it is that anyone has learned not only to use, but also to trust their higher selves and their higher gifts, the need for protection “just in case” becomes more like something that we used to do. This is not saying that you will not prepare and plan ahead, because to not do those things is reckless.

It is saying that for the most part, the need for a Plan B becomes something that is habit more than need once we understand how to use and to trust our gifts. Once we learn to use our gifts and to trust them, the idea that we need to have a Plan B becomes obsolete. By saying it becomes a habit means that since we were so inclined to create a Plan B in the past, we will continue to create one. One day, though, after we have done this and after we have chosen to use our gifts, we find out quite by surprise that the Plan B that we created for whatever is in front of us right now will not work and that we have got to trust our intuition.

It is hard for those of us who have followed “the norm” in terms of how we handle things that are not that great. Right now, at least at this time in our collective history, we are all learning that sometimes having a Plan B works against us and that not having one allows for the Universe to open wide the gates of understanding and may well even grant us peace through manifestation of the things that we so desire the most. Yet, according to our upbringing, we are going to burn in hell for having the wherewithal to be able to discern for ourselves through these gifts the things that we need most in our lives. The one thing that we do not need in our lives is the further belief of things that others have told us is the truth so that they (a) do not have to be ‘wrong’ in their beliefs, (b) do not have to made to look foolish so as to save face for being wrong, (c) very dearly want control over things and how better to do that than to scare the hell into people…or (d) they are just simply and plainly so insecure in what they truly believe that it is easier to scare others than to be wrong.

Regardless of anyone else’s reasons for being this way, know that it all boils down to trying hard to save face and to remain in control. You cannot bother with other people telling you how you will spend your life should the shit hit the fan and you cannot find another way to get out of it without some sort of help in terms of higher thinking and messages from the great beyond…messages that a whole lot of us tend to just pass off as being strange thoughts.

The Plan B thing is something that not a lot of us use anymore, because we don’t have to. This lesson was brought to me about a week ago when I was talking with someone who is very, very close to me, and I had to acknowledge that “this time, I don’t have a Plan B…and I always have a Plan B…” Not only that, but, another person, again, very close to me, told me that she was, at that same time, thinking of a Plan B. Sometimes when we do not pay attention to our own selves, we find out things that we did not know were happening. In my case I was finding out that indeed my gifts are stronger than I am giving my higher self credit for having – hence, the reason for a lack of a Plan B.

There are some of us who have never had a Plan B, and right now those people are finding out why it is that they never had one. It all boils down to the idea that when we are sharper than we realize with these gifts of knowing and intuition, that when there is a lack of a Plan B, we don’t need to have one. We just need to trust what it is that we are sensing and figure out what it is that we are being told. We have been taught our whole lives that basically we cannot trust ourselves, that we are always wrong, that we have no way out of our ailments which plague our lives without a Plan B. What we are not thinking about is that there will come a day when Plan B will not work.

It will be on this day that we are called to use our gifts so that we can “think” our way out of a thing. When that day comes, also with it comes the calm of knowing that we can trust what we are sensing and more than anything else…

…finally, we can trust our own selves…

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