Ever felt like no matter what you do, the Universe seems to be out for your skin? Take heart in knowing that, for sure, this, too, shall pass…

…and yes, I know – just because we all know this, it doesn’t make it any better. In fact, it doesn’t even change things. In fact, reading it might just piss you off…and if you think that is not a mechanism of Spirit – to piss you off just when the time is right…then nothing is ever going to.

There are a lot of myths about what it is like being a Worker of The Light, and one of those myths is that since it is that all Workers of The Light have at least one of those things called “ethereal gifts,” that we are able to get ourselves out of anything that’s not that great. Do you know how many times a week I have to explain to people – like, a LOT of people – that it does not now, neither has it ever, nor will it ever be some sort of  Magic Pill that fixes all of our problems.

There are other ways to see the things that are going on right now…

It is difficult for any of us to think of the things that we are going through right now, even as Workers of The Light, as anything more than a severe pain in the soul. I get it. I am there with you. In fact, I am there with a whole LOT of you. NONE of us wants to deal with all of this crap happening in our lives right now. None of us wants to suffer more losses. And at the same time, all of us are here, alive and well, looking back at all of the garbage that we have been through in these last twelve months, and trying hard to not look ahead, because we know that we could again get let down if we are not careful with misunderstanding what it is that we are receiving as messages from the Ether.

Messages from the Ether are rarely ever point blank. We have to look at the things going on in our lives and see there what is the underlying energy within it all. When we are able to build the story from the fragments left in our midst in our tangible lives, and when we can opt to go with the thing that we have thought all along is when we are starting to see our own ability to open up our awareness to other, better, possibly higher possibilities. Yet, when it is that we are stuck here in this consciousness, and in these bodies, and are rooted in the things of the moment, it is very difficult for us to look beyond it all. We want to blame ourselves, always and first, and we want to not hurt others, not create Karma for ourselves through placing blame correctly. I am like this, and a lot of people who I remain close with are also like this.

The Broadening of Awareness through Turmoil

Oh man…I know this one very well. So well, in fact, that I am able to see it on the faces of those in my awareness, particularly in the facial expressions of those with whom I am the very closest in terms of energy and tribal bond. I hadn’t thought about it until today while I was in class this morning.

And you must all understand that at this time in my life, there is a whole LOT of turmoil, and some of it is meant to be this way because I am sure that I am learning what it means to be one of those “through thick and thin” types, even though I already know that I have always been one. It dawned on me this morning that sometimes, it is through the broadening of awareness, through the “think outside the box” energy that so many of us talk about, that lots of us would love to be consciously aware of our doing, that a few of us are aware of knowing about, and that very very few practice, and we do not practice it because we are not aware that it is happening.

It is very possible that not only are we learning what NOT to do through all of this turmoil, we are also being prompted, through the turmoil, to seek out another, “seems impossible to pull off” kind of stuff right now, and I am finding out that we are phenomenal at doing exactly just this. What I mean is that, when we are forced to go through things, and those things are the very things that scare the hell out of us, we are being called to think outside of the proverbial box, to trust our inclinations and intuitive hits if we are Pisces, or to go with what are our own statements in fact and that are completely truthful if we are Taureans, to follow what is our “gut thought” if we are the highly intelligent Crab in Cancer, to think that we really can fly to the highest heights if we are the thought provocative Gemini…if we are more aware of what it is that we are meant to pay attention to and more inclined to think with what is our first inclination, and learn to know what our own souls are telling us through the things that they normally do…we will, no matter what, get through what it is that we are now calling….things that not even I will go ahead and write about haha.

I guess that what I am trying to say is that even though I know that our lives, in what seems like every important manner, are somehow a clustered mess of pain in the soul, what we can try to do, even though we are sick of trying and putting effort toward things that are not effective, is to try to do things that we would not normally do. In other words, all of those ‘crazy’ things that you wanted to try but felt that other people would think you were a lunatic for having tried…go ahead, try it (as long as it won’t hurt anyone.) All of those things that you want to see manifested, go ahead and dream – BIG – and see what you come up with, and don’t forget to put it in writing so that it is already a tangible thought…in front of your face, on paper, in ink and in your handwriting…write that shit down.

What I am suggesting is that we each and all need to take it upon ourselves to understand what parts of our physical selves we need to or ought to be paying more attention to, from each of the three main signs in our charts, and blending those three energies. That is where our biggest thoughts come from, and those thoughts are either spot on, or exactly opposite of the truth – there are no two ways about things in this manner..things either are, or things are not…period…



The Same Thing (but in a different manner)

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Most folks on the Magickal Path don’t realize that most of the time, it is not when we get something “right” that we are practicing correctly, but when we continually make mistakes that we are actually in the “Magick Zone.”

Truth is, I am not really a Witch. I repeat this daily, even trying to get myself to believe it. I am not a Witch…I am Kahuna. (Basically, almost a Witch).

On its own, that is not enough to make it so that I can go out into this world and turn anyone into a toad – it does not work that way, at all. It also does not mean that I am somehow “bad” or “evil” just because I am not “religious.”

Simply and only, it means that as Kahuna Wahine, I am very well schooled in certain etheral arts, and some of those arts and practices can be thought of as being “Witchcraft.” This is fine and good, because this is what people actually believe. For someone like me, someone whose life is not only lived in the manner that is “tangible,” but more than not, “ethereally,” on the top of things, it would seem as though I might very well be…Witchy.

And this is not the topic of this particular writing. The difference between all of the professional weirdos on this planet and each of our titles is not the thing that I am writing about. The thing that I am writing about is the Magickal portion of what we who work in the weird do in terms of what we “do” in this lifetime. For the most part, if you were to take what I do, and say, what my girl, Dannie, The Gator, down in Louisiana, each does in our own practices, you would find out that her workings and my workings, in terms of what those workings are about by the each of us in a singular manner, that what we do in our own work in this world is markedly different. It would be this way with anyone at all.

I am Hawai’ian from Los Angeles, and she is the Bayou Queen, and is also from a place whose initials are “L” and “A”…same letters, but a totally different thing. Mine is not hers. Hers is not mine. Yet, when we put our different styles aside, there are not two better practitioners whose magickal practices work beautifully together as a combined energy. It could be that we are both Pisces, or it could be that we are both Leo Rising. It could be that we are both of the element of water. It could be anything. What it is not is the same damned thing.

She is the daughter of French Settlers, and I, the Kanaka Maoli. Either way, we each come from places, each have backgrounds in history that are markedly magickal. It is the same thing, but very different. It is different because we are two different people, and it is different because she has her way and I have mine, and we both know that neither of either of our personal ways is right or wrong…it’s just ours.

To think that you would be able to learn all these things from a computer or a website is ridiculous – magick and everything having to do with it requires time, practice, patience, and caution…this is why a whole LOT of peoples’ workings rarely happen to happen – because too many people tend to have a certain time limit on things, and things like energy workings take a LOT of time sometimes. If those workings have to do with other people, it can take a lot longer than we care to think it will. This is why it is recommended that we only work on things that (1) are beneficial to everyone in your life, including you  (because then the energy can reach out into the world through those people and the people in their lives), (2) are meant to protect you and everyone else around you (i.e. bindings and banishings and straight out daggers from the eyes of the Goddess…), or (3) which is my favorite – good things.

Good things. We wait for them to happen, and don’t want to believe that it is within us to make them happen. I am a life coach, and as such am always amused when I read some of the advertising and marketing for a few of them who are trying hard to meld Spirit with the tangible, and when they try too hard, their workings backfire on them, and they don’t know why or how it happened.

I am always amused because they – some of them – like to tell the world that they guarantee an end to whatever strife it is that a person is going through, when the reality is that having no strife in life is impossible, and that no one can guarantee anyone else that the magick that they might need might not happen the way that some of these practitioners are promising. The simple fact is that not only do two practitioners NOT practice the same way, we also don’t practice the same things…each of our ways will be very different.

Same Thing…

There are not a whole lot of people who will disagree with me when I state that all magick is the same magick. The difference is the person working it. There are a lot of different kinds of teachers. There are the ones like a woman whose name is Noreen and who teaches Celtic Ways. There are the ones like another one, named Lanakila, who teaches Japanese and Kabalic Ways. There are the ones who, like me, my Auntie Kalei and a whole LOT of Kahuna, who teach in the old Hawai’ian way. There are those like the Gator, my girl down south, whose name is Dannie, who teaches the way of the Bayou Mojo Practitioners.

While it is that all of us are working with and within the very same ethereal energies, the way that we do our thing is VERY different.

This is the reason that not all teachers, not all practitioners, not all professional weirdos are going to be “one size fits all healings.” This is why, when I am presented by the Mother Goddess with a new student of the Weird, I am very careful with who they are. I have to remember that they are not me, that they will not understand what it is that I am doing if I do not listen to who they are, or if I am not willing to also remember this. It is like someone telling anyone at all that the reason that they are (insert ugly experience here) is because they are allowing it. There are so many other better ways to say that, to tell people that they need to get out of their own way and let the Goddess do Her Thing. The problem is that what not a lot of people remember is that professional weirdos are still human beings, and as such are still prone to the folly of humans being humans.

We all teach the very same things, just in a different manner. Where it is that Dannie will call a vessel a vessel, I might call it a pu’olo. Where it is that Noreen will call a healing a healing, my Auntie Kalei will call it body work. Where it is that Lanakila will refer to the Kabala for anything, I might be looking at an ancient text or even the Kumulipo for guidance for a student.

I suppose that what I am saying is that, when you are wanting to learn anything about the Weirdness, it is a good thing to take stock of who you are and think about what, exactly, it is that you want to learn. What no one realizes is that there is a lot more to these things that only what you see on television or in the movies. All of those things that are not seen in the media are the very most important things that there are in anything Magickal.

The Magickal life is not one that is without its difficulties. in fact, there are a lot of difficulties that you will notice that you did not notice in the past, and that is not a bad thing. That is what all of this…raising of awareness…through learning these things, from the kinds of teachers that are the kind of person who you are, will only serve to help you.

Not a damned thing wrong with a little help from time to time…even if it is the sort of help that goes unseen by the physical senses.

Proof of it working is that I am alive and well…and really, given everything that I have gone through in my life to this point…

…we shall say that I am damned glad that, more than once, I was able to “hear” my Auntie Kalei teaching me as a kid…

She was right – once you can “see” what you could not see before someone like me walked into your life, there is no turning back. The freedom of being who we really are will not allow it…