The Perfection of Simplicity


Humans. We like to believe that the more complex a thing is, the better it will be, simply because it takes forever to figure it out. No one thinks about the fact that in nature, simple is perfect…

We have been guided for the entirety of our lives and made to believe  that the less work that something takes for us to do, or the less thinking and thought that a thing requires, the less likely we will be to see a desirable outcome.

The way that we have been brainwashed is as simple as knowing the truth – simplicity is perfect.

Simplicity is Perfect, no matter what

We are thinkers, we humans being are.

We have the ability,and some of us,like myself, have a talent for overthinking things. Some of us call it “mind-fucking” something. Mind fucking something is a gift, actually, because it causes us each to have to pare down the most incredibly wonderful thoughts into something that is just as incredible, just as wonderful, but lots more simple.

Simple is beautiful, really, and is this way because it is the way that nature intended it to be. Get a few overthinking, mind-fucking humans in the mix and suddenly that which was very simple becomes over complicated, at least in our own thoughts, minds and eventually, realities.

When we hear that something is simple, we think that it will not work, or last, or either of those things. We cannot bother ourselves with simplicity, because of the negative emphasis of the word “simple” and how we have caused ourselves to believe that there is something very …dullard…in the word “simple.” If you looked at the simple beauty that is nature, you will find many things out, just from the clarity of mind that one can get from thinking about the word “simple.”

Keeping things simple, in terms of the work that we do in this lifetime, is probably the very most important thing for us never to forget. It is easy for us to allow things that we do with and for others, in terms of what it is that we each do in this world as healers and Shamanic types are concerned, because if we complicate things, it means that the thing that we are doing for others is not all that it can be. In fact, it is even a tad bit on the egotistical side when we do things with such grandiose energy and take measures to show our stuff in that same energy.

I mean, it is one thing to do things with ceremony, or ritualistically, but there has to be a boundary where we, ourselves, will not cross and will not cross it because again – keeping things simple is how this needs to be done.

There is nothing hocus pocus about keeping things simple. It is no big deal if, when in celebration of things, we want to do things with extravagance. The place that our own arrogance, and our own level of extravagance need not be is when we are working with others. Extravagance, while it is nice from time to time, starts to become a whole lot like being way over-dressed. Imagine being invited to a picnic, not realizing that while you have been invited to lunch, it was not the sit down type meal that you were not clear on. So, because you are you, and because you are not clear on some things, you wear your Sunday best.

Imagine how strange and uncomfortable you might feel if you show up at the address and realize that it is not ‘lunch’ in the standard fashion that you are used to, but lunch in terms of a picnic lunch, complete with all of those things that do not require your Sunday best.

My point is that, sometimes, a healer, a practitioner, someone in the trades of the weirdness, will go over and above the real reason for why it is that we have appeared in someone’s life. For some of us, the pomp and circumstance is just part of our ritual. This is particularly true for men who are weirdness workers. Ceremony, while it is a lovely thing, is indeed a guy thing. If you thought about it, and also think about the way that it was explained to me, you would know that I am right in that men like ceremony. Men like a very definite beginning of things and very definite end of things, and men like it that way because that is just simply the way that they are created.

Thinking about it in the manner which it was explained to me…if you thought about every sporting event, and how it is that, even though women are more and more becoming sports fans, because sports have always been primarily targeted at and run by men, you will know the reason for the opening and the closing ceremonies of any major sporting event televised.

Think about the Stanley Cup Finals, and also about the PGA Ryder Cup, and of course, the Olympics…all of those events have an opening and a closing ceremony, and all of those things for many years have been pretty much, even now, a “guy thing.”

(And there is nothing that anyone female is going to say to me that is going to make me change my mind about it…get over yourselves please, and let the men have what is theirs already, okay ladies? No need for being ass hurt about this…it is merely an example)

This is not to say that women as healers and workers in the weirdness do not like things in a certain manner, but, we are more likely to call it ritual, because that is how we do things. Period. Where men are ceremonious, women are more subtle, and it is with good reason – because all the way around, men are “outward,” and women are “inward,” even and all the way down to our physiology.

Some women healers like being …almost manly…in terms of the way that they do their thing.There really, inherently, is nothing wrong with it if that is how you have done things forever already, but really, girls…time to take off the man-chick mask and learn to behave like a total female healer for once in your light-working lives…for reals..there is room for us all in this healing circle. You do not need to behave like a dude. Magic is primarily the bastion of women anyway. Whether you want to believe it or not, while Ann and Nancy Wilson might have called one of their songs “Magic Man,” the rest of that story that no one “magical” really talks about is that the Craft and pretty much all things “weirdness” are the very strength of women, for one good reason – most of the things that need healing are rooted in our emotions. Emotions are the logic of women, period, and logic really is more a man thing than is ours. This is not my law, but that of the Universe.

Time to start acting like a lady…and not some arrogant…man-chick…when performing your rituals.

Rituals are NOT ceremonies. They are rituals and they are OURS.

Be female in your workings

I said it, so deal with it.

Sometimes, we get way too ahead of ourselves when we think that this thing or that thing over there NEEDS a ceremony. Sometimes, we get so concerned about if we are doing our rituals correctly, not thinking that the reason that a man will have ceremony is not the same reason that a woman will have ritual. When a woman puts way too much of her focus into the ritual part, it is the ritual that receives all of her healing energy and that is not where the healing energy needs to be focused. This is why I say that having an opening and a closing few words is fine and good, if that is how you roll, but, over all, it is really not needed UNLESS it is already a part of the way that you conduct your own healing ceremonies or rituals.

Some beliefs of some healers require that they do ritual. I am not sitting here making anyone think that if you do it, or don’t do it, that you are going to be able to turn someone into a toad if what you meant to do was help them with their soul.

What I am saying is that keeping your focus on something, with all of the distractions already in our midst, is not that easy if you are so busy with all of the pomp and circumstance that you forget the real reason behind having ritual or ceremony to begin with. Thinking about this more broadly, you might even figure out that because of all of the pomp and circumstance, you might, if you place more energy into your ritual than into your healing, why it is that sometimes, your workings might feel like you have done them “half-ass.”

It is not that they are half-ass, but that you put all of your good energy into your damned self and placed all your magic into the perfect ritual when in reality what you were supposed to do was put it all into your energy for working with the people who show up in your life in need of healing.

Again… I said it…that you are focusing on your self rather than the task at hand…if you place your stinkin’ ritual above the reason that you are what you are in the first place. There is no need for the ritual unless it is meant to help you focus on the matters at hand and not on impressing people with your heebie-jeebie language.

All you will do in that instance is scare the hell out of your clients…