One might imagine that in terms of Icons, most of them would be something akin to some sort of strange and ethereal “thing” that a whole bunch of people would choose to one day call their “Deity.” In actuality, the way that Icons can be interpreted is via our own understanding, not only of the piece itself, but more, of the power it holds for the person using it.

Let us get one thing perfectly clear – this post is NOT about how we can worship these silly little “things” that we in the ways of the Weirdness choose to use as tools for our daily ritual and practice. An Icon is something that is representative of something bigger than one’s own self. The dictionary’s explanation of this thing is that it is a religious symbol made out of wood, but, I am not a dictionary. I am a teacher of things strange and of things spiritual and of things mystical and otherworldly.

How an Icon, in terms of the Weirdness, can be interpreted.

I have a rule – whatever is your practice, make sure that it is ENTIRELY yours, this includes the tools of ritual and magick that you employ within your practice. I am Kahuna, meaning that the same tools for ritual and practice that my ‘Aumakua (Ancestors, both in body and in spirit) guide me to use are the very ones which mean the most to me. We all have things we call “keepsakes,” and in a sense, this is what an icon, at least in this writing, is. The things that we call our own ‘keepsakes’ tend to have for us a power of its own. They are able to help us feel certain emotions, and they can tend to bring to us a memory that, at any time, a practitioner will need in order to bring about a certain energy in ritual or ceremony. Bear in mind that, in terms of spiritual practice, RITUALS are more a FEMALE thing, and CEREMONIES are more a MALE thing. Think in terms of a “birthing ritual” and an “opening ceremony” and you will know what the energy is that I am using with those two words. For the sake of this writing, I will refer to certain things as “Rituals” because yeah…I’m a chick…please – keep reading…

Icons, as I know them to be, can be worn. At this moment, and hanging from a chain on my neck, I am wearing two guitar picks, both of which were acquired at significant times in my life and gifted to me by my other half. Alongside those two guitar picks are symbols of the each of us. I wear a Yin-Yang (he is a Cancerian) as well as a little Pineapple charm (that is what he calls me -”Pineapple”- and has called me for a long time). All of these four charms “live” near to my heart (literally) on a stainless steel chain that one of the picks came with. On a choker, I wear a brass Triquetra (Symbolizing the Triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone, as well as the Ancient Wiccans of old, and the idea of the Holy Trinity).

On my left wrist (left= the side of the body where the heart is) I wear a bracelet made of black jute twine and adorned with peace symbols (symbolizing the sisterhood energy I have with my very close friend Amber…I Love You, girlie!…for me, it also symbolizes, since it was given to me by a Soul-Sister, the energy inherent within the part of my Tribe that is myself and ALL my Soul-Sisters, all of which KNOW I love them so very much.), as well as a Jade bangle bracelet (given to me by my mother, another water sign in Scorpio, and symbolizes water, which I am in Pisces, as well as my Spirit Mother, who is a Cancerian), and also, of course, a dove-tail shell lei that has been on my wrist for YEARS and symbolizes my roots as a Kanaka Maoli – a Native Person of Hawai’ian Ancestry (and of course, it also symbolizes WATER…which is my birth element. It also reminds me of my own ‘Medicine Dance’ – Hula, as with Hula, the Dove Tail shell lei is a staple in terms of Hula adornments).

The way that we have been taught and made to believe any icon is remains to be too very closed off in that, an icon is something of a religious symbol, but, not all icons are religious. (Think about Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin, and George Harrison, and Cliff Burton, and BB King, and David Bowie….all of them iconic musicians…all of them gone from this consciousness) We have been taught that icons are to be respected, and in terms of the way that the western world has been cajoled to believe and to think, an icon is meant to be revered but never to be used as a tool which would give the person using it as such a sort of iconoclastic sort of energy through means of something that is intensely personally important for them.

The only power that anything at all possess is what power we will choose to give to it.

In my case, because of the things that I choose to wear as my own tools for the Weirdness are so very close to my heart, I chose things that would remind me, through seeing them, of what is so important to me, and what gives me strength, what (and who) honors me as much as I honor and Love them, what is important to me in terms of the gifts that I have been granted and am capable of doing almost effortlessly. The things that I wear are things that I, myself, through the thoughts that are produced by those things when I look at them, even for a short glance, have assigned a certain level of my own soul’s energy. The things that I chose as my ‘wearable tools” for my shamanic practices are things which symbolize that which is most important to me, to the things that I do, and all of them are connected by the surreal energy that is Love between people, the sort of love that is partnership, that is family and the Tribal ways that we each employ with and for one another. The things that I use are the very things which symbolize the pureness of who I am, of who those closest to me are and their place and purpose in my life. And it all is about the intention for good, not for only learning and balancing, but for the grander purpose of healing, through learning and through higher thought (Mana’o) that we all and each are very well capable of.

The Energy Behind the Icon is all about the Soul’s Power

We humans, namely here in the western world, are all about Power, just not of the sort of the Soul. We all and also know that power corrupts. When thinking in terms of power and amulets and those things that your God Fearing mother told you would send you straight to hell in a hand basket is what I am talking about here today. The “fear of God” is a power and a symbol that does EXACTLY what the words tell us it does – makes us afraid. When I was told, as a kid, that I was having the fear of God instilled in me, and when I think back to those days, I can recall the fear that I would also experience, and I can see my mom pointing out in her Bible where it says that if I chose to do certain things, and if I chose to go ahead and quell my curiosities of the things that I have been able to do since I was a kid, that I would come short of the favor of her personal God (the one who she painted for me, a word picture of this abusive scary old man with a beard, sitting on a huge gold throne, judging people and destroying them for not being perfect…anyhow…) and that he would, without a doubt, send me to a fiery pit which was waiting for people like me – devil worshiping crazy people who ‘knew’ things before they were told.

Then one day, in the throes of being someone else’s victim, I cried out to my mother’s god, and her god failed me. I continued to be abused, continued to spiral evermore downward in to a hell that was not of my creation. This is when, by the very grace of the Goddess, my Auntie Kalei began to spiritually teach me how to use what was going on in my life to that point to strengthen and educate me about the realities, NOT of being a victim, but, of using what was my experience in this body and in this lifetime at that time in my life, as Medicine for my soul. It was as though she were the doctor and I her intern, being taught about how it is that, just like a flu shot, we could better understand ourselves if we faced the fear, and faced the pain, and learned to get from those things what we could later use to help others be all who they are for real. She taught me that the best Medicine Women were NOT trained in the halls of academia ( at least not at first), but that we have been trained, through karmic lessons and the like, by the University of the Goddess, from the time that we are born into these bodies. She taught me that we never stop learning, and that when it was time for another teacher to come into my life, I would know that what I was meant, at least to that point in my learning, to learn from her, I would have learned. The proof would be that other teachers would materialize and that I would know which one I was meant to learn from.

Enter the one to whom I and many others have referred lovingly to simply as “Mama No.” She is a woman from the north who now hails from the south, is a true living Druid ancestor, as well as a Celtic Crone and a woman of Irish origins whose leanings in that Tribal energy are true. The reason we call her ‘Mama No’ is no one’s business but ours. The thing that she taught me, that she teaches us all, is that it is up to us to figure out what, exactly, we will use as our tools. When she told me, years ago, about “Icons,” she explained that they technically are rooted in religion, but that we are meant to discern for ourselves what that word actually means. That I am Hawaiian is one thing, but, that we wear on our person, things of a spiritual nature, things that are intensely personal in terms of that spiritual nature, and things which point to us what and who we are and what is the most important to us, and most of all, what it is that we are teaching others in this lifetime, is completely and totally another thing all together. I have already explained what each of these things that I wear mean to me, and why they are so meaningful. I have told you all why they are important and more, without saying so, told you what they symbolize and what is left up to the world to figure out, on its own, what they mean to anyone else. The power is not in the wearing of them. The power is knowing what they symbolize and how that energy will be utilized by the person not only wearing them, but also, the outside world and what these things that are mine that anyone else will discern them to mean to them.

This brings to my personal icons a different kind of power that is produced by outside means, typically other people. This is the truth about these things that all people who work in the weirdness use or wear or embrace as our own. My symbols mean a whole lot to me, and, in fact, when I think about what each thing means and why those things are so important to me, to who I am and what I am, and how it is that the world will perceive anything that I do, I realize that in a far away kind of manner, I also sort of know that it is up to the person who is not me, who might not even know me, to take in the entire “picture” of who I am and to take from that energy whatever it is that they will perceive as being the Mana of my Soul (My Soul’s Power – essentially the heebie-jeebie thing about me that people are usually spot on about)

This is what my Icons, the very ones which I wear, all the time, no matter what, have brought to me, hold for me and empower me with. In your own lives and in your own spiritual thing you have goin’ on, I am sure that now there are things that you can think of that hold these sorts of energies for you. I am not stating at all that these things technically hold any kind of power. What I am saying is that we are who give these things these powers, and these powers are nothing that we do not all have. They are all gathered under one “heading” called “focus.” These icons help us to focus on the energies at hand that are delivered to us via the thought behind what we are physically seeing.

When I see the yin-yang, or the guitar picks, and of course, the tiny little pineapple, I am immediately given a sense of peace and well-being in terms of who my time is well spent with, always, and no matter what. I am reminded that at the end of the day, I am no longer just me. I am part of something bigger than me, and that it calls from me a certain kind of attention and the kind of attention that I am pleased to give. 

When I see the Triquetra, I am reminded of the universal groove thing about women, period, and how it is that we are amazingly powerful, how it is that we are magical in the sense that is bringing forth life, and how primal we truly are. I think about how it is that we hold this ethereal magic that is only inherent in those who can call ourselves “Human and Female,” and it is a beautiful thing, indeed.

When I look at my peace signs, I am reminded of the solace that I am given, the understanding and the sisterhood type love that I have, that I teach to my daughter, to my soul-sisters’ daughters, to anyone’s daughters, about the magic that is being female and being those who can replicate life. I am also reminded of my Tribe of Soul-Sisters, the women in my life who make my being me and female much better than I was ever taught it could be. These women make my life a joy to be part of. No…really. 

When I look at my jade, I reminded of who brought me here, of what my position in this lifetime as Kahuna Wahine is, and how important it is that I follow and be guided by the things that both of my mothers have taught me and continue to teach me to this point in my very storied life thus far.

When I see my dove tail shells, I am reminded of the thing that we are all meant to have in our lives, which is healing and love, joy and bliss and the endlessness that is the soul as it dances in the light of the Universe.

Our Icons…the only way that they are religious is that we love them religiously, use them carefully, respect them and  and in no other way use them for any reason that is not connected to the Universal healing Light of Love.


The Reason You Feel Like Crap


There are a WHOLE LOT of us on this planet right now feeling sick but totally NOT sick for real. There is a simple explanation for this collective bout of the “Soul Flu” that we are experiencing here on Earth.

If you have been following my blogs, particularly this one, over the last almost year that I have been writing this particular one, you probably already know that I like explaining a lot of this weird stuff that people are sensing but not thinking is real.

It’s called Ascension

Ascension. Shifting. Going into a higher vibration – all of it means the very same thing. It means that we are being brought to ourselves, collectively, yet still one by one. When we each and all chose this Path of the Healer, we each and all took a vow with Spirit which told Her that we know that we have a mission in this lifetime, and that indeed that mission will include others who are like us.

Others who are like us are those in your tribal circle who have been going through the very same things that you are going through, just within the confines of their own lives. Lately, myself included, we have been feeling a bit under the weather. In fact, the truth of the matter is that we collectively feel like yuck. Collectively we are all trying hard to raise our vibration but collectively we still all have certain facets of ourselves and our old ways of being that will not do in terms of what it is that we are raising to the level of.

I knew a couple of years ago that this shifting of consciousness and the raising of our vibration would not be easy, but, I was not prepared for it to physically hurt, was not ready to feel like I have the flu, even though I don’t have the flu. I was not prepared for the feeling of having the very worst case of postnasal drip, of my eyes itching and my body aching and everything seemingly and still falling apart around me. I was not ready to have to go through this part and still have to endure all that I endure on a daily basis in this madhouse that I live in.

Typically I won’t write this blog as much as I do The Mana’o Blog, but I am compelled to do so at this time for one reason – there’s a whole lot happening to us all right now, and it seems like the only true explanations on the web are the sort that are written in very mystical language, and really, not a lot of people who read my blogs are inclined to go and seek these things out so that they make sense. The way that I have always known that this part of our evolution would be is that we would be “getting rid of” things. I thought this meant that we would actually lose our actual tangible things, but, that is only a small part of it. I had no idea that the things that we would lose have nothing to do with our things and have everything to do with our own selves releasing things and people and memories and the like, from the past, that cannot and will not ever serve us as once they had.

What this means is that anyone from the past that has made you mad is also a part of right this moment when you are not feeling well at all. I will not lie – I am also a sinner in the church of not letting go of what others have said or done to me which hurt me or brought harm to my life. I have a hard time with letting go of being mad at someone if they have brought me significant emotional injury. Since it is that I have a hard time with it, The Goddess has chosen to pretty much zap all of Her kids with what I am referring to as being “Soul Flu.”


Soul-Flu. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but, if you could see things from my point of view, then you would know that I really have no reason to have the flu. I take very good care of my body. It is the only one that I have and I sort of need it to get through this lifetime with. I try hard to ingest things that are good for me, and I limit my bad food intake to the weekends when I am busy . And even then the food that I eat is not really harmful.

This ought to make a whole lot of you reading this wonder how the hell you will get through this when you cannot let go of the things that hurt you. I do not have an answer for you. I am merely human, merely flesh and blood, and am going through this shit right alongside all of you. And really, the only thing that we CAN do to make this shit go faster is to wait it out and try hard to help ourselves by finally allowing ourselves to release all of that pain.

Think about that for a moment – a whole shitload of us are in some real physical pain from flu like symptoms. I would say that it was normal were that it were flu season, but it isn’t. What it is is Ascension season, and we are all being worn down by the Goddess so that we can physically feel all the pain that we have carried or perhaps held onto for a lot of years and the pain that we are all experiencing right now IS that pain. Some of us are regularly having dizzy or fainting spells. Lots of us are going through hot and cold flashes, including men. All of us have gone through the whole migraine nightmares. Every single one of us is experiencing allergy symptoms, even those of us who have never suffered from allergies in the past.

This is a wake up call to us all…time to start with some gentle self-care

As healers and light workers, we are already selfless. We are already out in this world trying hard to help others even when it is that we are not feeling all that great ourselves. Let this be the thing that you need to know and to understand – it is not time to use your healing measures on anyone else but you.

This means that everything that you have suggested to others you are now being prompted to use on yourself. It means that if you have friends who are also practitioners, it is time now to offer them some sort of ho’okupu in order that you might be able to realign your energy. It is not time, at this time, for you to continue to do your work with strangers as much as you want to. This is not my saying that you should just stop working with others, but it is my saying that you need to take some of that healing energy and those lessons that you teach them and apply them to yourselves. It is not an act of selfishness but rather and only that of self-love. In order to be any kind of healer at all you must be healthy yourself.

It means yes, return to your meditation, but you are your student this time. It means that, indeed, do begin taking or changing what supplements you have been taking and of course, add some other stuff to it, like royal jelly. It means that everything that you have taught others to do for themselves are the very things that you need to do for you now. This means that water signs will benefit from salt water and chamomile baths. It means that earth signs will get the best pampering from things like mud baths and hot stone massage. It means that fire signs need to learn to take a run in the sun instead of at night so that you can absorb your own element and truly cleanse yourselves with the fiery heat of the sun. It means that air signs ought to be thinking positively and realigning yourselves with thoughtful meditation and much restful thoughts.

The only other thing that I can say to anyone of you outside of all of these things is that above all, you need, we need, all of us, to not forget about ourselves during this very harsh shift in consciousness. This is one of those times when we have to wait, to be patient, and to learn to release the toxic past because really, that is what your soul is telling you via route of the pain in the body. The pain that I am feeling feels like old shit. It feels like the thoughts that I am thinking and that I am not prompted to think – the thoughts are just popping up like old movies on an 8mm projector. With every still, I experience some sort of bodily pain. Once I am done experiencing that particular pain, I am okay again for a few hours and able to do things at the speed I normally would. Then, inevitably, I am made to pretty much sit down and just go through whatever it is that my body is prompting itself to do, which is to purge the bad.

And, really, this pain has been here, at least with me, since March 10th, which is the day before my birthday. I am still in some pain, but not as much as I was. This, I know, is because I have had the hardest time with releasing all of the pain that others gave to me and that I carried throughout the bulk of my life. Right now, my body is giving me my soul’s message, and the message is loud and clear – time to let go, Rox (and everyone else) and if you don’t, it’s going to hurt and it is going to hurt until it is all gone through this process of elimination on the soul level.

Indeed, you are reading this all correctly – all of the physical pain that you are feeling, right now, is what are the remnants of all of the pieces of emotional pain that you have experienced and that you have had a hard time letting go of. It is hard to let go of something that seems to the each of us to have kept us each safe from whatever spiritual or emotional harm we were sheltering ourselves from. That pain that you felt is only alive within you, and because of it, you are feeling a bit under the weather. Lots of people are blaming it all on El Nino, but, the truth is that it can be thought of as the great purging of the collective ache in the soul that we each and all have allowed ourselves to go through for years now and have refused to let go of out of habit.

The time has come, and really, because you are feeling like crap right now, you don’t actually have a choice – you have to let go, or, you have to let your body feel and experience the physical part of what that emotional pain was like. If you have a headache, maybe someone told you that you are stupid, and that pain has to be expunged. If you have been told that you are ugly, you might be breaking out horribly and even believing that lie of what you look like. If you feel like the world is resting nicely on your shoulders while you toil beneath the weight, you will be experiencing aches and pains in the bones and joints. Every thing that you have opted to go through on behalf of other people, everything that you have chosen to hang onto for whatever reason you have had – ALL of it is being literally sweated out, shit out, coughed out, blown out of your noses, peed out, sneezed out, migrained out….just…OUT!

I hope this helps…if you need to know more, feel free to contact me, because this Ascension stuff is real…





When thinking in terms of all things ‘weirdness’ and specifically where we each should all start when first we choose this Path, the best place is our ancient, native origins

I make it absolutely NO secret of what my origins are. I am Hawai’ian, of course, like almost ALL Hawai’ians, of mixed ancestry.

Yet, I am like all Hawai’ians who were raised by island born parents – to be Hawai’ian in everything that I do. This includes everything that I do with what it is that I am, who it is that I am, and what it is that I do in the sense that is the ‘weirdness.”

Lots of us have been raised as “one nation under” a big and scary God. We have all been told who we are in terms of what we are allowed to believe. Then, one day, ultimately, we all grow up and we all grow into the idea that perhaps it is that we have another, different path upon which we will traverse than the one which our loving parents guided us down through childhood. On that matter, I do know how difficult it is to explain why it is that we don’t choose to follow in the belief systems that we were brought up in and expected to remain part of. Some of us stay. Most of us don’t. I am one who did not. And really, the most important thing, at least to me, that most of our parents don’t understand is that the fact that we believe in something outside of ourselves is the reason that we do the whole traditional church thing while we are kids – it is because if we are to be the healers and the light workers that a whole lot of us are finding out we are meant to become, we have to have a clue as to how we ought to do things in terms of what it is that we believe.

A Clue as to what it is that we Believe

I was raised by Christians.

Yeah…I know….not all of them are bad, though, but a whole lot of them are very ardent supporters of the God who they worship. Their fervent nature is what is the most important thing, and this is the one thing that I clued in on at a very young age – no, not that they were “on fire” for their lord, but that they were such believers in their faith that they could be on fire. What that taught me was that if you believe in anything, believe it fully and with an open heart and an open mind. Not a lot of Christians can claim to having an open mind, because what a lot of them are taught is to remain with only their clergy’s interpretation being the correct one.

The clue, though, is not only that. The clue comes from a long, long time ago, long before a whole lot of us weirdos were brought into this lifetime. The clue is to return to your own roots. There are no roots in Hawai’ian ancient history in terms of Christians until the islands were found, meaning that long before those islands were found, there were gods and godesses and kapu (taboo) and all of those wonderful other strange things that I am just very, very fond of knowing, and also teaching (the RIGHT way) to others, namely other Hawai’ians.

In order to know things you don’t know about what it is that your specific bunch of people believed in long before anyone invaded anyone else’s lands, you have to know what it was your ancient ancestors not only believed in, but followed, and more, studied. 

I am told often by my soul mother that we have to go with what we were born with. It took me a long while to figure out what she was talking about but when it mattered I knew what she was talking about.

What we are each born with are our roots, and in my case, said roots are indigenous.

Why Knowing Your Roots is a VERY vital thing in terms of Healers, Light Workers and Professional Weirdos in General.

If I went with the fear that I was told I should have in terms of what my ancient ancestors did regarding gods and goddesses and belief, I would not have the brain in my head that told me to research it all. You see, many, many moons ago, EVERYTHING was kapu, or taboo, so long as the high priests said so. This led to many abuses, and really, when we think about it, doing that was akin to the fear mongering that a lot of politicians use in order to gain your vote. I luckily was more curious than I was afraid.

Of course, because I was constantly threatened that I would burn in hell if I were even curious about these things, it only made me more curious. And thankfully so.

Rather than remain afraid, I chose to do some research, and chose to hang out a lot with my Auntie Kalei who is one of The Big Island’s most beloved practicing Kahuna and by now likely one of the world’s most well known. She didn’t get this way because she didn’t study. She didn’t get this way because she did not practice, or because she was afraid. It was the opposite – she did all she could, fed every weirdness curiosity she had and when it came down to her becoming who and what she now is, she was fearless.

Of course, I am a Pisces, and we tend to run at “scared,” but, not this Pisces.

This Pisces was fearless of what might happen, and my biggest fear of all was that my mother would no longer love me, would disown me and would deny my very existence by her birthing me, but that did not happen. I am sure that it might have hurt her a bit when I first told her that I do not follow her beliefs and neither her God, but at the same time, by watching me do what I do, she now knows that really, there is nothing to fear and why?

Because, I know my roots, and I know what the actual Hawai’ian “thing” is in terms of belief – Truth and Love, and those who know me best know that these are the things that I truly try to give to those who come to me for my specific teachings and guidance.

Truly, there is a wisdom inherent in Ancient Knowledge, and there is a presence in things of antiquity. Some of those things have been handed down through the generations, but none of those things are the same things that we each and all will have in terms of what it was that our ancestors did in regards to the things that we do as light workers.

Knowing your own roots gives you guidance, and makes you know that you are part of something that is as old as history. I tell my own students of all thing weird that the one thing that they need to do is to absolutely learn where they came from. I have always known that I am from an indigenous people. I have always known that we have a deity for EVERYTHING but I did not know that there was a caste system in place and that most of the time no woman was allowed to be Kahuna. If I did not study my roots, did not ask my Auntie Kalei about things, I would not know that the one thing that I love to do more than I love doing lots of other stuff – hula – was also something that women were not allowed to do.

The reason that we need to know where we came from ad how the ancients did their thing is not because of anything more than a better self-understanding from that point of view. This means that if you are studying weirdness, and you want to know about something like…say …witch craft (quit shaking – nothing scary here unless that is the practitioner’s specific empowerment), of course you will seek out what you must. HOWEVER, in order to fully understand how to utilize those things in your own practice, you have to first know where you are coming from.

I recall a long while back that someone close to me (no, not my Maestro) apparently chose to no longer be that close to me, and eventually, not even say a thing to me anymore. I am sure they have their reasons, and whatever they are I am good with it.

This person liked to chastise me for not doing things their way, and I was taught by my Soul Mom that in order to be any kind of light worker, any kind of good healer, and in order that we can know where it is that our own specific power comes from, we have got to know our ancestral roots in terms of ancient practices. When we know not just where we come from but also how our own ancestors did their thing in terms of all things strange and other-worldly, we cannot depend on just knowing the mechanics of what we are taught outside of things not related to where we hail from.

I could easily have done things from my Japanese side, or perhaps my Chinese side or even my Portuguese side, but, I was not raised as anything OTHER than being a very good Hawai’ian. Because I was raised in that energy, and because I have always been very drawn to things that are not completely explainable or accepted by mainstream religion, I figured out, many years later, that what I have to offer is NOT subject to the judgment and neither the good opinion of others. What I have to offer is uniquely my own and was created by me after I had learned a whole lot about those who came before me. The first thing that I studied were my own familial roots and found out that I have not just one empowered person in my bloodline, BUT MANY, and on both sides. Rather than continue to just follow what I was told was right and fear what I was told I should fear because everyone else was afraid, I chose to study, to learn and eventually to live and to Be all that I had learned.

Truly, nothing is more Divine than to know you have ‘arrived’

What this means is simple – once you have a clue about where you came from, you begin to know and learn certain things that only you can teach you. The reason is that you hail from that place within where the ‘Aumakua speak to your soul. Your ‘Aumakua might have been Celtic, or perhaps you hail from Vikings. Maybe you are tribal. When you know where you came from, you know where you are coming from.

Before I knew all that I now know, I depended heavily on my Auntie Kalei to simply just hand over the knowledge.I thank the Goddess everyday that my Auntie Kalei NEVER just handed a thing over to me, namely not ANYTHING having to do with all things weird and eccentric (because at those times, I really had no clue of the danger involved, but that is for another writing. Please, keep reading).

She was and remains to be one of my most beloved teachers of Spirit. It was she who, initially, clued me into the idea that religion is not the same as spirituality or belief and that no matter what, all of those three things are very personal and should always remain so. What she also taught me, as did “Mama No,” is that without a deeper understanding of our own roots, we can never know how to properly go about a different kind of weirdness and because of this, while we may well end being very good at other peoples’ stuff, we will never really know how to use our own.

No. Really, and it was more Mama No who taught all of us this than anyone else, for the simple fact that it is wise for us to know ourselves.

If we do not know ourselves, how will we really ever be able to know anyone else and for that matter, how others practice what they will practice? The answer is simple and is now also the answer that I give to others who want to learn how to use the weirdness in their own lives – you won’t. You mechanically will know what you are doing, and you might even love what you have learned, but, just like we must love our own selves, we have to step away from the self-hatred that has been implanted within us for generations. This is one of the most important steps in all of this stuff, far more important that knowing how to do any of this stuff – it is to Love your own self.

The reason is obvious, but in this case, you cannot know others if you do not know you, and you cannot love others if you do not love you. Think about what could happen if you find out that you really and actually CAN turn someone else into a toad, and once it is that you are not angry with them anymore, how the hell are you going to turn them back into the half-human, half-turd that made you want to toadify them in the first place?

You won’t!

Yes, it is vital knowledge knowing where you came from, and it is a lot of fun trying hard to figure out how to use our own ancient and cellular knowledge that was not only handed down to us genetically,but, by the very grace of the Goddess, we live and breathe to experience.

I promise…you will not go to hell for simply being yourself.

Learn who you are and where you came from and watch your awareness of things change almost immediately.

I do not have to be told this.

I live this

Think about it


Maika'i Ka 'Oiwi o Ka'ala - Splendid is the form of Mount Kaʻal

Indeed…I am very well AM joyful when I dance…