Fear and Weirdness


Life is scary as is. SO, why is it that SOOOOOOO many workers in the Weirdness seem to (still) believe that it is fine to do things and “predict” or say things that may be purposely scaring the crap out of their clients?

This is a very good question. It is also one that…hell yes – you bet your okoles that when it comes to working in the Weirdness, there are different personality types who are willingly teaching (or actually selling) with fear rather than with guidance.

I cannot sit here writing this and tell anyone that I do not accept payment for the workings that I do, that I have done, that I will do. What I will tell anyone at all is that there are those among us who choose to charge, which is fine, but who do so after they have purposely scared the crap out of their unknowing client.

This is not okay.

It is not okay to scare people when what they are coming to any one of us for is to gain some guidance and certainly some clarity. This is what our work in this world and in this lifetime is all about – being the Guide, the Teacher, the Sherpa, sort of, for those who are trying to figure things out in their own lives. Sometimes, there are people who are learning the ways of Weirdness from us, and really, those are the people who we should NOT charge, because of the FACT that we have been taught by others who also did not choose to charge for us to learn from them. So, in that instance, it is, in my opinion and in the opinions of other Weirdness professionals, when it comes to helping others grow their gifts it is wise to NOT expect payment but to accept it if it is offered.

However, when it comes to actually helping people via the gifts we are given (and no, I am NOT talking about people like Dr. Loretta Standley whose website is free to learn from and meant to teach us all about Astrology, but, whose chart creating and patient coaching services are paid services she offers), it is my feeling that we ought to help those who need our help. When it comes to doing things like Divination Card readings, Chart Interpretation, Chart Readings with Predictions (I don’t do these. Charts are meant, where I am concerned, to be used for the purpose of figuring out someone’s personality type. When it comes to the propensity of possible things happening, it is best to consult with Loretta Standley. She really knows her stuff…please, keep reading), charging people to do what we are supposed to do comes with the idea that there are two types of people who do these things that we all charge for.

I call them “Pros” and “Cons.”


I have been told on more than one occasion that I behave, in terms of my work in the Weirdness, like a professional. My opinion of a professional in any trade is a person who is rigidly intending to keep a close grip on their integrity, a person who is not willing to lie about the things that they are gifted with, is a person who chooses to use truth in doses that their clients can handle, bearing in mind that the person who we are dealing with is a human being, is someone who feels every emotion that all human beings feel, is someone who is coming to one of us because they may have exhausted all other possibilities and are still not convinced that what they have been told is the absolute truth.

In every industry, as we all well, and some of us personally, know, there are people who are going to hide some things that they know or have been found out (and found out through their freely given Divine Gifts) for the sake of the money involved, and that there are people who will hold back things from a client so that the client will return to them and them only, because the weirdness worker chose to say that they could not “see” or sense anything further, but to please return because they “saw” something in their chart that might be of concern, but that they can say no more because the “Spirits are telling them not to.”

Again…this is fine, BUT, there are a WHOLE LOT of us who work in the trades of the Weirdness and who are very dearly motivated by things like money, power, being able to control someone else’s life through the mechanism of fear.

You have probably heard a tire and wheel guy tell you that you should buy their warranty for your new tires (but neglects to tell the customer to check the manufacturer’s website for the warranty offered by the maker of the tires), or perhaps an unscrupulous pool service guy tell you that you need much more chemical in your water or else something will happen that will cause your family to be exposed by environmental toxins (that warrant the pool guy trying to sell his or her clients on additives and *ahem* repairs that he will charge an arm and a leg for, even if he doesn’t know what he is talking about or that are actually NOT needed) and charges the client prior to his showing up for the entire (unneeded) job, when really, all he needs to do is be honest because he is who knows better, or at least should -but typically doesn’t – know what the hell he is talking about.

I am sure that you can see yourself in one or perhaps both of these examples, and you probably were or have been duped by more than only one person in different trades that you know nothing and knew nothing about. Like most people, rather than doing or trying to do something that you know you are not able to do, you call in the help of a professional.

A professional is someone who will not only live up to their words, but they are also not willing to lie to their clients, period. They might flurb unknowingly, but, overall, they work with integrity, without worrying that what they are telling anyone, namely potential clients and especially referred ones, the wrong things. Professionals are good – VERY good – at telling clients that they have and also the ones that could be potential ones the very truth. One can only be as good as one’s own well-honed skills. Professionals KNOW there is a darker side of being very good at many things within the same “genre” of abilities that they have. That dark side is the side in all of us that compels us, through energies like greed and need which is overwhelming (sometimes, because most of the time it is greed and a covered up feeling of powerlessness…why else would anyone try to pull one over on people unless there was some sort of gain for them?) to tell those who come to us that there is an extra charge for finding out the truth, an extra charge for making things seem as though they are not what they truly are or are in totality. We have all been faced with making this one decision. Because the majority of us choose work with the highest level of integrity, we continue to have experiences which allow us to be referred to others, over and over again. (It is called The Universal Law of Reciprocity)


We have all been conned, all of us. There is not a person alive on this planet who has not been told one thing and experienced another, and went through this because someone who claimed to be a professional was anything BUT.

I am not stating that the people who work in the same trade that I work are all con artists. What I AM saying is that indeed, there are LOTS AND LOTS of charlatans who we share the air with who are all over the internet and predicting this, that and the other, charging an arm and a leg for those things, and then proceeding to try to sell other services a la carte, and all for the sake of making some fast money, had on the fears of the people or person coming to them for guidance and peace of mind.

These are the ones who tell the client, again and again, that they need to come back and that they need to brace themselves for the news that they have for the client. Usually the news is really, really good or really, really bad(and nothing in predictive work is absolute, but everything that is called fear within the human thought process is absolutely there and available for people to scare the crap out of anyone through predicting horrid things “seen” in a card reading or a chart interpretation), and usually that is enough for this type of Weirdness worker to become very human in a dark way and tell this client of theirs that they need to come back. That they need to come back is one thing, but, that they need to come back so that the person can read for them again, things that might (or might not) happen, and said reader will typically use fear (that same said reader will label as “caution”) to bring this now way too happy, or entirely way too scared, client to come back to them.

I am in no way suggesting that other Weirdness workers choose to do everything that they do for free, and neither am I suggesting to NOT be who you are. What I AM suggesting is that it is very important to place ourselves in the position, at least momentarily, that the client is in. We cannot, for the very life of our livelihoods, do wrong so that we can get more out of someone who is simply coming to us for guidance and clarity. This sort of work is easily abused by those of us who see what it is that we do, believe that we are meant to do this work because we are somehow more special than are others in other trades. This is not the truth. For a person to have been self-employed “in the realms” for any amount of time means that they truly enjoy this sort of work. Some of us go on to implement what we do in the Weirdness with other things, such as returning to school to earn a degree, perhaps paying for coaching certification, or maybe even being self-taught, like many of us are. There is nothing stating that this sort of work, on its own, will ever be enough to pay for our lives, let alone a few practitioners’ desired lifestyle (hey – just because a person knows how to manipulate energy, it doesn’t mean that they ought to abuse that ability) UNLESS it is done with integrity. For the most part, most practitioners DO indeed do what they do from a place of and within an energy of integrity.

Yet, in doing a lot of web-based research, and in asking a lot of clients and potential clients what it is that is most important to them, I was told that we are the very last line of hope that most folks will seek out. This is why I stated in that paragraph above this one that and for the most part that this sort of work, unless it is coupled with other kinds of work that are not “in the Weirdness” but could work in tandem with it (I am a life coach as well as a student working towards a Doctorate in Cognitive Psychology), is not going to feed anyone. There has to be other stuff involved. A friend who owns a store here in my locality (Kindred Spirits in Claremont…Hi Guys ) not only sells all of those cool things that all workers in The Weirdness use (Crystals, Incense, Divination Decks, Books, Etc.) but also opens their doors to those of us in the local area to conduct classes, healing sessions, divination appointments and the like. My point is that for anyone who does this sort of work, there is never going to only be one “thing” that we each do and that can be hoped for in terms of being able to feed us consistently. I mean yes – there are a LOT of people who do ONLY one thing primarily, BUT, those people have done what they have to in order to NOT scare the hell out of people.

Fear should not ever be the motivator for people to come back to us, ever. Fear is that thing that we have been tasked with helping others get through or get rid of. It is our job, because we have been caught in an energy of fear (MANY times…that is why we are healers – because we have healed ourselves and now want to help others) for what could be a lifetime’s worth of time. We know what fear is, some of us in a very intimate manner. Where we have been in this lifetime was meant to bring us to the point of integrity and self-confidence and being self-assured that we know our boundaries, and we know, too, that it is outside of the lines of integrity to operate in a manner that will bring out the fears in others (unless that is what we are actually working on directly with them) so that we can gain something from what is their loss.

Fear is that thing that is one of our greatest motivators as human creatures. Fear is the thing that begets bravery, but is NOT meant to be our covert selling tool. The reason that this article has been written is because my neighbor who I often read for and do clearing work for asked me to tell her why it is that the person who is not me and who she keeps going to for the purpose of “spell casting” the energy away continues to tell her the things that I keep on helping her to rid herself of. I finally caught onto what he has been doing to her for a long set of years and most recently began at least giving her hints as to what he will say to her to make her more afraid. It is not that hard to induce fear in most people who are water signs. I know this because I am one and most people who are closest to me are also water signs. We know that we are powerful signs, are a powerful element, but, we also know fear very well because we are also the one element that is very fearful.

We haven’t the right to instill fear into people unless we truly “see” something horrific that carries the possibility of them dying. We haven’t the right to scare people with these things that we are able to discern from the ethereal climes. We have the absolute right to, even without getting one red cent for it, give folks the heads up when we see huge things happening for them that will cause them to want to no longer live (but, it doesn’t happen that way because good practitioners will make it known to others that while we cannot see what the actuality will be, what we can see is that the things that are going to happen WILL be harsh, but, most of us can ‘call it’ in terms of making sure that these same people KNOW that they WILL make it out of it and that no matter how long it seems like things are taking, that they are going to experience the things that they so wished for and that we had NOTHING to do with happening for them – it is all THEM and not US…get it right, guys…you cannot keep on screwing people over with the expectation that any gain you will experience will somehow be permanent…it won’t be, and you know it won’t be…keep reading…). We are absolutely right in choosing to tell them good news, to confirm for them what they already know…we are right in choosing to give these people who come to us ANY kind of good news …great news….that we KNOW is correct.

BUT, when we are not sure (because NOT ONE of us is 100% on target with all of our readings and not all of us are willing to continue to study, even if we have been studying our own stuff for the majority of our lives) we DO NOT have the right to guess, because we will not be able to rectify what it was that we have told another human creature that we are sorry we told them that their house was going to burn down (which, for a lot of us, the house burning down could mean a whole lot of things OTHER than the house actually burning down), or that they were going to die (which is also ANOTHER THING that we cannot and should not tell them until we have learned what these things symbolize for us so that we can tell them THAT and not the LITERAL thing that we “saw”). There is care which MUST be taken in EVERY trade, but, in this trade specifically, we HAVE TO BE careful with the things that we see, that we interpret, and most of all, that we charge money for, because, like anyone else in any other profession, there is a lawsuit and a legal advisor waiting to win a case against someone like us, for the simple reason that they, themselves, might well have been told something horrific at one time in their lives.

That it could happen is one thing, and it is our job, with or without payment, to ensure that human beings and their lives are safe. That we are not ever absolutely 100% spot on with things is the thing…the “other thing” that a whole lot of us do not let people know. We each and all have our own reasons as to why this is. For me, if it is not something that I believe the client will survive or at least do well with, it is not something that they need to know with haste. If it IS something that they will go through for the purposes of learning or if it is for their own evolutional good, I will tell them as much as I can without scaring them too much. I will tell them that they are about to go through a time in their lives where everything they know as real, and everything that they see in the confines of their lives is about to start to change, I will let them know that it won’t be easy (I use the word ‘difficult’ a LOT) but that the one thing that I CAN see is that they are going to come away from that experience alive and well, happier than they think they will, with a new outlook on life, because they survived something that most would simply just throw their hands up in the air and do nothing at all which will serve their growth.

There is no need to scare the shit outta people when they are coming to us, coming to anyone, for assistance, no matter what it is. Operating from a place of integrity is NOT just good business, it is a good trait to have in life, period.

Think about it…






Headlong Into the Fire



When it comes to being judged harshly, there is only one way to handle the depths of hurt that all healers feel and which is caused by that judgment…that way is simply and only headlong into the fire

I just finished writing something about the opinion of other people in terms of who is and who is not assumed to be that who will willingly reach out and help others. In that writing, there is a photo which depicts a very well known rock musician from the heavy metal band called Slayer.  The reason that I would use such a depiction is simple: There still is an extensive populace on this planet and who we each and all share the air with who believe that unless someone appears as something, they are not that something, and in the case of that particular writing, that “something” is unconditionally loving of another creature on this planet.

I know that it is easy for anyone at all to say that we should love others unconditionally, but the truth is that loving in this manner is not an easy thing to do, namely not when, for the bulk of anyone’s life, we have had to learn to either endure the harshness others brought to our awareness, or, face the fire of that judgment that was ours on someone else, or typically, someone else’s judgment upon us.

No one likes to be judged. Particularly, those who are in the trades of the Weirdness have, the very each of us, come to that place within ourselves that we find ourselves either judging someone else very harshly, or, more likely, because we are so damned weird, we are who is being judged very, very harshly.

It would be great if we could just snap our fingers and get over it.

The obvious truth is that as much as we who work in the weird would love nothing more than to just be able to get over things, the issue is that when your entire livelihood depends upon one’s own ethereal sensitivities, it is a bit on the difficult side for people like me to just get over things for the simple reason that we are always “in tune” with the Universe. Sometimes, it is not that simple to just not hear, feel, see, or know things.

This is the crippling thing about being a Light Worker. The hard part of having this insane ability to hone in on the pain and the heartache of other people is the other side of that ability – lots of us, myself included, have a dear time trying to just block other people out. By this I mean that there are going to be people who we cannot block out for the simple fact that we, with them, share a Soul (he knows who he is). Sometimes, it is not just our significant other who we cannot easily, if at all, block from our energies, but also those who are very close to us in terms of our Tribal Soul families (Ummm…yeah…this would be Amber, April, Dannie, Ginas 1,2 and 3, Mama No and my daughter, Gracie…my soul sisters, soul mother and my actual daughter. Most of the time when we can feel their energies, it is because we are of the same gender – most of the time, but not always.

And really, the thing about being able to block out the energies of others is mostly to save ourselves from becoming exhausted in the spiritual sense, because when a healer is exhausted in that manner, it is time for said same healer to step back from the forefront of what it is that we are meant to do, and simply just breathe. Because every bone in our bodies are all benevolent, all altruistic, it is not an easy thing for us to be able to just not feel the energies of other people. When we are finally able to block it all out, we end up feeling badly and as though we were supposed to feel every bit of pain that the rest of the planet feels. This is not the truth. The truth is that we are meant to feel the pain of those with whom we share the most with. The Un-Truth is that we are not meant to take on the energies of the entire planet just because some of us are able to do that.

We Are Still Human…

Because we are also comprised of flesh and blood, we are prone to having a reaction that spawns from the Ego-self when it comes to those times in our lives when we just cannot seem to get past the things that we are feeling. When we feel certain things, most healers who have been using our gifts for a long time now have learned (because we have great teachers…Mama No…Auntie Kalei…and also Denise D….thanks, ladies) to discern what is and what is not our own energy or if is that of those with whom we share a strong bond. This is why we are gifted, in this lifetime, particularly this one, because of the fact that the world as we know it in terms of its tangible self is changing and we are too.

If we do not have the ability to know what is ours and what is not our energy, we will end up tired all of the time.

If we do not know how to block the energies of others who we are working with, even those who we might be teaching, we will end up tired.

If we are not aware of the things that you read about here and are not applying what you are learning, it is of little wonder to this teacher as to why it is that you are tired all of the time.

Sometimes, it is a malevolent energy that is messing with us, and sometimes, those energies are trying harder to get our attention so that we can send them to where they need to go, which is usually “into the Light” that we have heard so much about. Sometimes, when in terms of a malevolent energy, the thing that they are made stronger by is our ability to sense that they are there, and the thing that we need to practice at that point is simply just blocking them out or ignoring them, as hard as that is, so that what they are doing and saying will not bother us.

Yeah, I know -lots of people have thought me as being not well in the head, but the truth is that I am quite fine and really, likely one of the most stable souls in a body that folks know of.

That we are here to do a particular thing is one thing, but that there are people who share the air with us and who want us to doubt ourselves, doubt the things that we have always known were the truth of us – these are the people who will most test us, who will judge us harshly and will make it so that the human part of us doubts our Spirit-given, birth-righted abilities. The only reason anyone would doubt our abilities is because they do not have them, or think they do not have them, themselves, and are trying hard to doubt ours. They can doubt us all they want, but what they cannot doubt is that we are the ones who have been called upon to be the beacon of Light in the collective darkness of the soul, the nights which are long and seem to take forever and are alive and well, even in the light of the day.

I suppose…

So, I suppose that this writing is meant to explain to the rest of the Light Workers that no matter who says what of us, we are here for a purpose.That purpose does not entail our being judged by people who are not like us, or at least do not realize that they are more like us than they know. They do not understand that in order to live life the way that we do, there are a lot of things that they need to know. This is what enlightenment is all about – becoming informed about things that we would rather not be informed about. We humans, when we are not evolved, can tend to be very, very judgmental, namely when it is that we do not understand something.

When others do not understand something, they can tend to be very nasty, very judgmental, can be very indicative of the darkness within them that they think is hidden from the rest of us. This is not so.

What is so is that the things that they say to us tell us what is their inner turmoil regarding life, even as they want to make us believe that it is us. It is not us. It is them. What they think they are hiding and what it is that they want to believe, obviously, because they cannot prove things, is not the truth. They do not trust us because the things that we do, even as the things we do actually work, cannot be proved in the tangible world, which means, at least to them, is not for real.

Our job is NOT to make anyone else believe in a single, solitary thing OTHER than in themselves or at least in the power that we all have to change our own lives. That we have been, the each of us, through a whole HELL of a LOT of pain throughout the times of our lives is one thing. That there is an entire population of people who have chosen to turn that pain into the greatest medicine they have ever had privilege to is the thing that we are all about.

We are not here to change peoples’ minds -we are here to teach them that they are loved, that they mean something to anyone else at all, and mostly, that they are here for a specific purpose. What that purpose is …well, that alone is up to Spirit. That we carry that purpose out is why we go through what we go through. I have said it, written it, texted it to a whole lot of humans over the course of the last ten years, that our purpose here is why we go through so much and that if we do not experience all these things that suck, we will not be able to help others who are currently in these energies that we each and all are very well familiar with.

While it is not that great to have to go through what other peoples’ nonsense puts us through is just half of the story of being taught to be the best version of yourself as the healer that you are.

What is the very greatest thing in the world in terms of our being able to rise above the nonsense of others’ level of disbelief in what it is that we do and who it is that we are is fodder for another blog post…

Other than that, don’t forget that you were placed on this planet and in this lifetime to do great things. Great things require a honing of the skills you already have, and a teaching of the skills that you have always had but did not know that you had them. Being great at being a human being is a greater feat than is only being a great healer, because all great healers have always been and will remain to always be good human beings…

If you need a reminder, go read about The Guy In The Photo you were briefly told about at the beginning of this writing and indeed, if you know any good humans who could learn a lot about being better humans, feel free to share it with them…

#LiveALOHA !






…because we have much to Teach…and many to lead…


In a blog I posted yesterday entitled “The Spiral,” I tell the world that indeed, this harshness that we are all encountering now is meant, and lots of people have already asked “meant for what?”… the future you, that’s what…

I woke up yesterday morning not in a very good mood at all. It wasn’t because of anything other than that everyday, unless I am not here in this place where I am writing this from (in the literal sense, guys), I am typically one who deals with the one thing that I do not want to deal with anymore, on a daily basis. There are a few who know what I am talking about, and while lots might think that it is something that has to do with my Maestro…well, he knows all about the things that I am encountering everyday, just like I am very well familiar with the nastiness he goes through.

I could sit here and be very well angry with the idea that apparently, the thing that I am faced with now is the thing that I have left to learn. I am truly tired of learning this one lesson, which I am assuming is one in patience, one in forgiveness, one in letting go. There still is that part of  me that is flesh and blood, that is feeling all of these things that I am feeling and still that part of me is wishing for things that the Soul in me would never. One of those things is upon me, and I know it is, and even though I can “see” it happening, it doesn’t make things any easier – My time and that of Spirit’s are two very different things indeed.

However, I am also not writing anything about time, about my time, your time or even that of Spirit’s. I am writing about one reason why I believe we are collectively experiencing all of the suffering that we each and all are, for however long we are, or have to this point, and the good reason is that we are being made whole through our broken state.

I know -that doesn’t make anyone, including me, feel any better and for that matter, anywhere near anything resembling spiritual. What I also know is that, for what it’s worth, we are all being made shiny. (Again, I know…it still sucks) and the reason that we have to go through all of this garbage is very simple, and really, what you are about to read is only a part of it, but really, it is a very extremely important part. Please, keep reading…

My reason, in part, as to why I know all of this hardship is happening, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with whatever it is that anyone of us would like to believe it is…(No, you are not being punished, I Promise…)

If I told you all who are reading this that while right now sucks ass, right now, even as crappy as it is, is very well needed and simply because we, namely those of us who are suffering immensely, are being prepared for our next place in this lifetime, and what a place it is. I have always held the belief that the more hardship we go through, that the blessings on the other side of it will be as big, if not bigger, than the things that at this moment are breaking our hearts. I tried explaining this to another healer, and one who is established and one who has gone back and revisited her own place as a healer and rather than agree with me (which eventually she did), she chose to try to pick me apart.

I would have none of it. One could imagine the ethereal scuffle that I tried to avoid was actually one that could not be, and it could not be avoided for one reason: I needed to know how to deal with that kind of person, because apparently, very soon here, I will be coaching those kinds.

It wasn’t as though I didn’t think that maybe they were mirroring back anything at me, because that is always my first thought. Then, I thought it was another person who works in the weird having a bit of fun at my expense. Then, I thought it was because of a biological thing going on right at this moment, and again – nope…not even close. When I exhausted all of the things that I thought might be the reason why it is that I am going through all of the mess that we are all experiencing right now.well, it made me think about things in a collective manner, and in a collective manner we are not only being prepared for our ever-growing brilliance, but more, we are being prepped to be part of a collective of healers who are, by the very things that are going on in our lives, singularly and even in part, in a small way, collectively (example – it seems that ALL of the people in my own personal tribe of souls is going through some seriously ridiculously crappy crap right now, and all of it is beginning to wear on the each of us, so much so that we are each and all trying hard to not have to go through it anymore, all to no avail…)(and yes…it sucks….more than a lot has sucked for any one of us in a very long time).

Whether we want to go through it anymore is one thing, but, that I know what happens FOR us each after the fact is no joke either, but, it IS very much to look forward to.

The one thing that all of us who are in the middle of this fiery pot of hell stew are not thinking about, cannot focus on, are having a hard time accepting that this is all meant for our highest best good, is that we are being made ready for our places, seriously, as the very ones, because of all of our pain, who are meant to be here to teach others about how it is that they, too, will make it through the fire of life just fine. We are supposed to tell others when it is time to that we have been where they have been and are, that we felt just like they do right now, and that the most ….sanity saving thing for anyone going through this stuff…is not only that it is temporary, but more than that, it is meant to teach us to teach others how to heal and to lead others to their own enlightenment.

There are a lot of my own Soul Tribe who are feeling like things are never going to change, that this is the end.  It was not only one text, but MANY from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO I AM VERY VERY CLOSE WITH, over the last few days and absolutely over these last few hours, who have eluded to me that they are really not wanting to go on, that they have nothing really to look forward to and that really, they, just like I, are just not just wanting, but needing this madness of pain to stop, finally, forgivingly, permanently, but in a good way.

What’s This All Meant For Anyway, Right?

Believe it when I say it, because I know it, because I live it, not to the extent that I am busily creating everyday of my life, but, it’s comin’…and I am not the only one for whom this really cool thing is comin’ for. It’s for us all.

The thing that all this crap is meant for is simple: Every light worker on this planet is going through a LOT of hardship right now in one way or another, in several ways, even sideways. We are all EXTREMELY exhausted. Yet, we carry on.

We carry on because we know that once it is that the thing (or the several things) that are bothering each of us privately, and all of us collectively, have been at least accepted as they are (and without my even trying to make it seem like I am telling anyone that when you do accept things, it doesn’t change the things – it changes your perception of the things…please, keep reading…) the pain that is excruciating is going to be just that, and while I know this is the truth, it doesn’t mean that I like ANY of this, at all.

I am not fond of people being horrible to other humans. It is just not okay. I am tired…reeeeeeeeheheheheheheeeeeaaaaaally tired of shitty people and I am tired of their underhanded, shitty, no-responsibility taking energies. I am tired of all of this. I am tired of hurting because the one thing that I have access to and that is the energy that my own understands fluently is so close, yet so damned far away….I am sick of the idea that people who have taken a horrible advantage of those who trusted them and were not allowed to NOT trust them are still walking the crust of the planet as though it’s all good and we’re cool or something. I am tired of people, in general, believing that people like me (yeah…PSYCHIC…DEAL WITH IT….I SAID IT SO DEAL WITH IT – quit hatin’…we ALL are…shut your faces already, okay?) I am exhausted by the very idea that there are people who we share the air with who behave as though they have no freakin’ clue of all that we are each and ALL going through…and then have the damned nerve to ask me…or any one of us…that if we are psychic like we know we are, then why can’t we call it when the shit hits the fan?

Because…it simply DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY, and anyone who tells you that it does – they are lying to you. That, or you are that naive…specifically you – READ THIS PART…and become educated, please

Let it be well known, this moment, that I am indeed one of those gifted people, the ones to whom the world refers to as being (ugh) “Psychic.”

I am not a charlatan. I am gifted. I tell people things that I could not possibly have know. I have always been able to do this. Over the years, I have been told by well meaning people that if I choose to use this gift, that I am going to burn in Hell. Fine. Good. Super. GO away please unless you intend to learn something here. When we are talking about things weird, there are MANY people who will tell you that I do NOT expect payment for the things that I do. I also make these people know that I can sense them, can make some of them go into the light, but it is not always going to be that way. These things take time. No one honest with this stuff would do otherwise. While offer of pay is AWESOME, for the very most part, a whole LOT of us CHOOSE if, when, and even what type of energy exchange we will have with anyone. Most of us get paid cash. Lots of us barter. A few of us get paid in ways that the ancients used to – with usable goods. I do it. My neighbors do it sometimes. Plenty of readings were done for favors in return.

So, please, do not think that in any way shape or form, that ALL of us weirdos get paid tall dollars. The truth is that we are ecstatic when we are offered anything for our gifts being shared with the world.

I did not want to start this out this way, because the real reason that this is being written is that it needs to be known, by anyone with eyes that read (go get your glasses…lol…I will get my red polka dotted ones…muah – mahalo) that the reason anyone at all would go through the crap we are going through and live to tell about it is because of that -so THAT we could actually live to tell the world about it, and to teach others how to get through it. It is like leadership training, but, not the way any one of us would have expected it to be. We cannot help others heal if we do not know how to heal ourselves. This is just the bottom line truth. I have to (because I have tried EVERY other way that I could to exact this one thing, barring doing things that would put me in jail for a long, long time…seriously…thanks to you who proverbially have talked me down from the tree…) go through this, because there are other people who are going to need to talk with and be coached by someone like me who has “been there,” right there in that hell that you find yourself stuck in, right this minute. As I mentioned in an earlier blog today, I am not a happy girl right now. There is only one time anymore, barring my children and school, that I am my happiest.

That, by the way, is the very gift in all of this…I don’t need to say it…he knows who he is. He knows what it is and why…

We have to acknowledge what is our pain. And the pain is real, is seering and burns us in the soul. Our collective spirit is damned nearly crushed. Our wounds are open, some of them festering, and we are all at a fever’s pitch right this moment in terms of believing that all of this…crushing enlightenment is so heavy, we have a story for the world, and it is one of redemption. I think I am writing this right now so that we each can remember that this is the thing that we are doing. We are relearning who we are and who we have always been. To do that we have to go through a lot of pain. Knowing ourselves well enough to know that we are able to teach others to know their own selves is what we are doing. I have told many souls that this transition would be harsh, that we would all be going through it, that it would be very painful but that we would all make it out alive, polished and brand new.

I was right then. I am right now.

And it hurts to get to where we are all meant to be. We are all being, as I have said to many people over these last almost nine years, that we are each being refined by the fires in life, and that we are being processed like sand in an oyster. It takes time. It takes irritation and things to bother us, like the sand bothers the oyster, until it is formed and polished by that creature and eventually is there waiting for someone to see it…this is us, in our purest form, because in our purest form, we are raw, as is our beauty, which is nothing more than knowing that we are here, in all of this pain, for the purpose of the things that we are meant for. Those who hurt the most now will be those who teach others to get through the same soul pain. Those who proverbially dance around the way that they are being will be those who will seek out those who seek, now.

This does not change a thing. This only gives you something to ponder while you recall every hurtful thing, and that through it all, you lived to tell about it, one more day, when you would know that sooner than you are willing to believe, you will, like we all will, look back at this a year from now and laugh….

I Promise..

You are learning about what it is that you will teach, and to who you will share your knowledge with. Pay close attention to those who you encounter, and those who you have called into your Being and why. Pay attention to the things that you pay attention to in your thoughts and realize that it is that way for the best reason that you can think of when you visualize that picture. Remember that you were not brought into this lifetime to be with those who you value the most so that you could stop looking toward the future with them all, but rather and only meant to learn from one another what it is that you are, right this moment. Things like who will be there for you when you need them to be and who loves you enough to tell you the truth? Who will give to you what it is that they can and why, and what have you done to deserve it? Light workers – guys, we have to start being able to accept that this is what we are going through. Not only that, it is also making it so that we have to learn to trust one another, for all the right reasons. This is not happening for nothing – it is happening because you are being given these things that you are learning to use so that you can give what is yours from this time in your life to do the thing that you were each and all meant to do…so go do it…



You are the Light in the Darkness, the Guide up to the lip of the volcano…even though right now it might seem otherwise.

For real…


Facts …

Heebie Jeebie Witches of Eastwick

Lots of people do not understand that what is depicted on television and in movies, while those things might be sort of the truth, what is the absolute Truth is that not all practitioners of the Weirdness in Life can truly control things in the lives of others, no matter how much we want to believe they can.

I will never say to anyone who is interested in weird things that they are not able to do this, that or the other.

What I will state is that knowing that there still is a whole lot of misconception of what it is that those who call themselves a “witch,” “light worker,” or even “Kahuna” can actually do, and really, this came from those very types of people who I have known for a very long time. The information you are going to read will explain what it is that at least I and others like me are and are not capable of exacting in the lives of or on behalf of others.

First of all…the person doing the magic has to have the intention backing the working

I am not a person who likes to bring havoc to anyone else, at all, simply for the fact that the Karmic debt would be way too much for me to have to repay. (I mean really…I don’t even have a cell phone contract – I prepay it, all because I do not want a bill every month. It is a psychological thing, really. I have control over what is spent on my phone. I do not leave it up to a phone company to dictate what I will spend.) Just like a bill, always, in terms of magick, someone is GOING TO pay for the things that are caused by the practitioner. The thing that scares me the most about this sort of working is that if the person who is doing the working has more ego than good intentions, the working might not turn out the way that the person performing it told others it would happen. I will not lie to anyone and say that I have never done this sort of thing before, but, I am not a witch. I am Kahuna Wahine Nui – the two are not the same. While it is that I have studied and even have had the chance to do some things in terms of The Craft, it is not now, nor has it ever been, neither will it ever be, a mainstay of the things that I do in terms of my work as a healer.

Not only that, but, the truth is that while I like to actually study (with books and research and the like) the Craft, and my teachers would all agree with me when I state that really, while it is a lot of fun to do, for me, personally, it is just too, too…involved…in a manner that is far removed from my personality. This brings me to my next point –

The workings that we each do has to “match” our personality and who we are

I am one of those people who can intuit things from the cosmos, and heck yeah I can pretty much be spot on, not with another person’s thoughts, but, the energy behind that thought, and be spot-on correct with it, but I am not one of those people who likes to or even elects to do things to harm other people. I am not a Kahuna Pule’ana’ana, the type of Kahuna whose job it is to pray people to death (or to bring about death for someone else…uh uh…I value life and peace…keep reading). I don’t even like thinking about the energetic reality of these types of Kahu when they are preparing for such a thing. I cannot even think to take a life on behalf of others. I cannot dream to bring harm to anyone using what I know could really harm their lives. I am not that person. I know that there are a lot of people on this planet who are like that, but, I also and truly know that I am not like that.

As a healer, it is not my place to point the finger at anyone, not my place to bring more calamity to anyone’s life when what is my place is to help others figure out, by means of their own magic, exactly the way that they need to be talking to themselves, the way that they need to be looking into what they are going through at any given moment (so that they can see the symbolism within it). In terms of my magic, it is all contained within the words that I write and share with others, all contained within the energy of my spoken words to those who mean the very most to me, all within the things that I think and ultimately turn into the things that you all read here every few days.

I cannot now, nor have I, specifically, ever been able to bring harm to people. It is not my way. In fact, the only time that I have anything to do with any practice deemed “Crafty” is when I am outdoors at night, by myself, simply staring at the moon. Any more now I have stopped the practice that is not my practice and have returned, after much learning about what IS mine, to my own ways of the Ancient Hawai’ians, which, in and of itself is as practically magical as anything could claim to be. While I have dabbled, and while it is that I compare practices that are not like mine to mine, I do not practice this in the manner that one might think. The way that I do this is to simply research it. Once it is researched, I compare it to the earth-centered practices that I DO employ. I will not now, nor shall I ever, much as ANY worker in the weird will or will not, stray from who and what it is that I know I am.

While two disciplines can and do mingle, the twain can rarely mix. Why? Because traditional values dictate what does and does not get done, that’s why. In my world, the world of the Kahuna Wahine Nui, while we are as strange as any other types would be, our magic and our own soul’s power is nestled in words (G. Hu’eu Sanford Kanahele, Ku Kanaka- Stand Tall: A Search for Hawai’ian Values, University of Hawai’i Press, 1986). We know how very dearly words are powerful. We are not the sort who will just decide to not be careful with what we say, write, do. This sort of work is not the kind where there is nothing to have to “pay” for because the opposite is the truth. Always know that when you are talking about things other-worldly, care and caution are typically exercised by those like me because we absolutely know, for real, how much psychological, and sometimes even physical, damage can be done to others if we do not use caution.

In fact, the link up there in that prior paragraph is to a site that, while it promotes us, it is not something, and neither is this thing called “Huna,” actually Hawai’ian, even though I Am. The reason that I would state this here is simple – it illustrates my point regarding what I am, as Kahu, and what I am not, what a lot of weirdos like me are not, allowed, and in some cases, even able to do. When we are talking about the migration and the transference of energies to others, and when we are talking about those energies being potentially evil in nature, it would take the kind of Kahu whose job IS that evil energy. My energy is anything but evil. In fact, mine is very scientific, very intellectual, very, very spawned by words and their power, rather than the ethereal climes in life. In fact, the Hawai’ians of ancient times knew then what this Hawai’ian of modern times knows, has always known – that there is power in words, that “in words there is life. In words there is death.” This alone makes it already a very heavy responsibility being in the position that I am in, which is far more than only legalizing marriages and baptisms.

Witches are not Evil, and not all Kahuna surf

Turn off the damned television, and stop with the whole thing about “The Big Kahuna,” because neither of those things are real. What IS real is the fact that BOTH of these people, if their energy is right, are here for a Divine purpose. What that purpose is, neither of them knows, but what I do know is that all of the things that we go through are meant to create within us the fire that is meant to be there to bring about our lives in the manner that they need to be so that we can raise our own vibration and heal ourselves. No Kahu and certainly no witch who I know is going to encourage healing through harm. It will never be okay with the type of person who I am, who my Soul Mother is, who my Soul Sisters and Brothers are, who my Maestro is – we are not people who bring harm, and more times than not, we are more apt, unwittingly so, to bring harm to our own selves so that others will not have to deal with it. (and this is not something that is only particular to the list of people I have given you. This is actually particular to a whole LOT of people who are here for their Soul’s Divine Purpose. We need to stop that practice, guys…it ain’t good).

A Witch is someone who is trained, we hope, in energy work that is physical, that can be felt, seen, heard and sometimes tasted and actually lived. A Kahuna is someone who is more like a Medicine Woman or Medicine Man whose job it is to listen, advise, pray, guide and teach. Either way, each of these two people have a specific job in this lifetime and are born with a specific alignment with the things that we ARE supposed to do within the energy of what it is that we are for real. To think in the manner that what we are able to do is to bring havoc to anyone is to think in terms of what the television and movies have been telling you all this time – that witches turn people into toads, and that I, as Kahu, am somehow able to surf. (I can’t, although I do own a board…Which I fully intend to turn into a coffee table)

That I am drawn to things that can be easily defined as things having to do with The Craft is one thing, but, that I know where the fine line is drawn in terms of those things that I can do , I know that in my own practices as Kahuna Wahine Nui, I am safe in working with other people so that they can know the truth, and the truth is that there are a lot of us who are still convinced that this is what I am, that this is what several of my own Teachers and fellow workers in the Light are. We are not. We are not these people who can bring to anyone else the harm that many people who are not enlightened about these things are actually and still believing that all of us can. We are not people who, as healers, would venture into the darkness for any other reason than that we are very curious about it – PERIOD. We are not the sort who are not going to get more information or more education about a thing for any other purpose than to know about them. This is because through that education and through that research, we find out, according to who we are and the personalities that we each have, what is the right method for our own selves to use with others, and more, what is the very wrongest manner by which we will go about our lives on this planet helping others to heal themselves.

I know that my safety, my genius, my Kahu power is nestled in words, just like it was for my ancient Ancestors.

I Know that my Gifts, in terms of things weird, are not there to use at my own will, that they are there for the specific purpose of keeping my own curiosities about The Craft in check.( You read that right – IN CHECK)

I Know that my prowess with words, coupled with my constant thirst for knowledge, as well as the fact that my ancient Ancestors were word smiths, just like I am, and that the Kahuna of ancient times were not the malevolent sort, even though these are the sort that have the most dramatic influence on an entire culture, is indeed my magical ability and is the very strongest of them all for me.

It is not that we do not have among us, those whose entire practice is about revenge, but more that there are more who are bringers of Light and Healing through the same gifts that those with bad intentions may have.

We want to believe the bad…instead, try believing the good and see how you feel afterwards…

I will never tell a person to NOT feel their own goodness. Yes, this is one of those “Kahu” things that I do – simply tell others, and specifically those in my own close-knit, tight and closed circle, to do for themselves.

I have this friend (Hi Ronny) who, every time the man saw me, would ask me what my cards told me about his destiny. This is the first time that he will read this, and will likely tell me off the next time he sees me, but, I knew that he was meant to be with the woman who he is absolutely crazy about, but I just did not know who it was (She does though…Hey girl…). It was a surprise to me who it was, but, that the energy was what it was when first I read the man’s cards is a totally different thing. When I saw who this woman was, it was almost like I had been given my “A” for Discernment. It is things like this that, for a long time in my life now, I have been able to intuit – not the immediate, but, the future. The night that I read these cards for my friend Ronny was a year ago, December, in 2014. I saw Ronny and his other half this past September, at a wedding of a friend who I grew up with and who I also told that one day, I would be marrying him to his beautiful wife. And I did exactly that this past September, 2015. (Hey guys …I Love you)

What this all means

What my friends proved to me, without them knowing that they did, is that this is what I am meant to be doing – utilizing what I was born with, what I was born as, to bring to life the things that others need in their lives in terms of peace, joy, Love, happiness, and above all, the words which will bring them clarity about anything at all happening in their lives. To be the neutral third party might seem like a drag to a lot of people, but, for a science geek like me, the sort who is all about the world of thoughts and how we can retrain our brains not only to work more efficiently, but, work how they are meant to (and to ultimately bring us the manner by which we are able to heal our lives one day at a time) for the greater good of all – it is the greatest behavioral and thought sciences research that this Kahuna Wahine Nui has ever had the pleasure of doing, all on my own, and without anyone telling me that I am insane (okay, so one person tells me that I am insane, all the time, and my reply to him was “three shrinks worth”). This would not have happened for me had I not first employed these things with words that I do for my own benefit.

So, in light of the things that about three hours ago were presented to me by a (ahem) “good Christian” who was yet another person to tell me that, due to my upbringing as the eldest of three preacher’s kids, I “should know better” than to venture to my roots, as well as a whole host of other things. That, and there are a few people who are close to me who really ought to consider my words here as concrete. If I ever even thought that I could do harm, this would also mean that through that same mechanism, I would be able to get any one of us out of all of these things that are haunting all of our lives, right this moment.

What I am is not what a lot of people would have anyone else believe me to be.

I am anything but dangerous, in thought or in any other way…at all…neither is anyone who, with the right emotional and energetic intention, namely not those in our midst who are serious practitioners of The Craft, able to bring harm, simply and merely because it is not in them to do so, at least not in the manner which any one of us has been shown or wants to believe.







The Difference…

Male and female symbols.jpg

We are all magnificent at manifesting what we will, but, in terms of where our strengths lie is where, for the most part, we are confused.

I have to make something adequately clear – all of us in this lifetime are great at manifesting things.

However, when it comes to the actual energies of what it is that we are manifesting, and due to habits and our brain’s ability to “map” out where it is that our strengths lie within us, we have not been shown, seriously, how to use, NOT our ability TO manifest, but (ready?) HOW we manifest what it is that we need to have in our lives.

And believe it when I state that we are, at this time in our lives, seeing to the things that we have no control over, or at least we think we have no control over. The reality is that, and this includes myself, we are so…into…making things better for the world outside of us that a lot of us have perhaps forgotten the one thing that makes us powerful – our gender.

Gender has a key role in manifestation

Through scientific means, and over the last few weeks, I have come to understand something about our powers of manifestation in terms of our gender. What I have learned is that what a wise man once (actually several times) told me is that basically, men are more about the tangibles in life (because they have to be) and women are all about the intangibles (which really, the two go hand in hand once it is that we understand this much…please keep reading…). What I mean by this is that when a man assigns, through habit, the emotions that he feels toward anything at all, and those things are of the tangible sort, the end result will be a mess (at least to any man, that is) for any man to get himself out of UNLESS and UNTIL someone tells that person that what they have been learning all this time is this one thing, which really, there are not a whole lot of men on this planet who would be able to state, for real, that I am wrong. When it comes to actual THINGS in life, men are very good at manifesting them.

This is in no way stating that when it comes to emotional things, that a man is not able to do this, because my Maestro has proven that wrong (it just takes him a little time to figure it out or at the very least accept it). What it means is that just from who we are in the biological sense, and according to gender and how things are in terms of our being able to do things from that energy, we do not know how powerful we are.

We believe the wrongest of things when we assign emotion to tangible manifestation

Yes, I know – that is hard to digest, and at the risk of sounding like a sexist, it is the truth. Just because we have been told, over and over again, that “anything he/she can do, I can do better,” it doesn’t make it the truth. At all. In fact, that is the very worst thing that anyone ever did to any child – make them believe that glossing over and past their gender was somehow going to make things happen the way that we want them to. When we assign things and energy to something that is NOT readily available to us by virtue of our gender, it takes us a minute to understand things in the manner that is acceptable to us.

I actually know this one very well, and because of the Maestro, I also know that I now have this insane amount of real power that allows me, so long as it is in the emotional sense, the ability to change things for myself so that I can take on what comes next. Because we really have no idea of what actually is “next,” and because women are better at manifesting exactly what we want ,so long as there is the truth of our emotions behind it in terms of things intangible (again…I am NOT suggesting that we are not able to manifest things…I am saying that we are putting “guy energy” behind those intentions when we ought to be putting our own chick power behind them). Come on, girls, you know it is the truth, and I know it is the truth, because my research tells me that when we manifest things, those things are typically of an emotional nature.  Since it is the truth of us, my thought there is that when it comes to things of an emotional nature, we are in our power. When in terms of things tangible, it takes us a little more time than it does the guys when it comes to things that we want (think in terms of actual things and you will have a clue as to what I am saying her).

In terms of healing the self and the soul, and when it comes to a man, their initial thing is the physical proof that this is what they are better at (again, in terms of tangible things..they are the ones who bring things to us to wow us…think about it…I am always wowed when the Maestro brings me actual things…which is a lot more often than anyone else has in the past…this is because this is when he is in his truth and is utilizing his MALE energy to do what they are good at – THINGS). Men like to bring to us the world as they want to see it. When they are in their process, it is our job to key into their emotional state (without prying…that is for a later blog…please keep reading…) and give them the strength that they need that can only come from us and that strength appears not…NOT as “well you need to pull yourself together and make me happy,” (you all know this is the truth) and change that thought (because we ARE, the all of us, Ka Poe no’ono’ono…the thinking people – we just have to remember that the genders think differently) to “I love this person, and I want them to be okay, so, to do what it is that I am able to for them, I will respect that process knowing fully that this is meant and that they need to get their momentum back..” or something along those lines.

BUT, for generations, we have been taught this lesson that in order to prove our own worth to the world, we have to do so in the tangible manner, and we are not choosy about how we go about this. We typically come from an emotional place, and ladies, I know that most of manifestation is empowered by our emotions, but, this is not something either gender thinks about when either is in the hottest heat of emotion. We are far better at getting a hold on our emotions, because that is how we are made. My thought there is let men be men, and while they are being men, we can go back to being our evolving feminist selves, knowing fully that what the world has told us for a long time is that we are weaker than they guys. The truth is that any real man would tell any one of us otherwise. I hear it all the time, and no, he is not wrong. He sees in me the thing that he knows belongs to him, and this is where the beauty lies – NOT that he knows he is a man, but that he know that I know my own limitations, and like I have a deep and abiding respect for my guy’s process, he has a deep and abiding respect for my being able to handle my emotions, no matter what they feel like at any given moment. I am able, for the most part, to see through to what is the actual truth of lots of people. Please…keep reading…

Ladies, please do not get me wrong because I am not suggesting that we are not good at manifesting actual things. What I am saying is that like a man will contemplate what is a better price for anything and will negotiate that price, will choose which place has the best offerings to him, a woman will contemplate what she has been through with any one person, will weigh the pros versus the cons, will take into consideration what she knows is the truth of anything, any situation, and absolutely any person, and deal with what she feels will, in terms of manifesting healing through the black-and-white truth (we are very good at this one, but some of us are more apt to use the ugly black and white instead of coming from what is the actual truth of the soul…and really, ladies, it is time that we personally, singularly and on a collective level, decided to pull our heads out of our asses and make way for the future with our other halves…let them do what they need to…period. Right now it is needed. This is why this is being written) start the healing process that, in terms of twin-flames, is so very needed – because inevitably, one twin is always in need, NOT of healing that does not come from themselves, but, the assurance that the other will never forget the ways that we each communicate with one another, and most of the time, it is not the words spoken, but rather and only the energy that is pure and cannot lie. This is the beauty of knowing how to deal with one’s own “things”, namely as a woman who is also granted in this lifetime the opportunity to finally help others heal themselves.

We have been told by so many well meaning people for the entirety of our collective lives, that it might seem normal to any one of us that we need to remain in that energy. When we do things that go against the grain of our genders, we are going against who we really are. We are emotionally inclined, ladies, and because of this, we are who are meant to take a step back, namely when it comes to the matters of the heart and soul, and allow the process of things to do what it is meant to, which is to reveal the realities of any situation and to heal that situation to the best of our EMOTIONAL abilities. We are NOT meant to be singing, for the rest of our female lives, “Anything he can do I can do better,” and if we continue to go with that line of thinking, all of the disappointments that we each have been trying to avoid will be right in our faces. You do not have to believe me. What you can do is think about every emotionally trying time in your lives and think about how you handled those times. Then think about all of the times when your emotions took you to a place where you knew better than to venture, and then think about how it was that when you chose, even if it was hard to, to do what you knew would be best for the emotional well-being of others (namely when it was a time with someone who you loved) that you could deal with their process, that you could, by means of your GENDER, be patient.

While this all might seem a little bit way out there, it is the truth. It is the collective truth that we have, as women, been denied believing – that really, we know what we are doing. We have just been told for the entirety of our lives that we don’t. That’s bullshit. We know exactly what we are doing, and for the very life of us, we have taken on this bullshit that we have been told all of our lives and we have made it fit us, meaning that we have stepped out of our own empowerment, have chosen to not take on that kuleana, that responsibility of the soul, and have chosen to live our lives as manchicks, and well, girls, that is over with. I am not saying it will be or even is easy. What I am saying is that it is needed. It is needed that we recall our truths as the nurturers, and recall ourselves as being these higher beings of light that somehow, we forgot we were. There is not a person reading this right now who can honestly state that who we are has been forgotten, and has been forgotten because we have chosen to follow a truth that someone else told us was the only truth. We are strong and resilient, the very all of us here on this planet. Not one of us is not needed and not one of us needs to cause more harm just so that we can prove that we are somehow weak. We are anything but weak. This is one of the reasons that this is being written today – not only so that we can absorb it all, but so that I can remember my own truth, as well.

Men, on the other hand, have historically made it so that they would be the ones to go out into the proverbial wilderness and see to it that the tribe was fed. They used what they needed to do in order that they would be able to fashion the best weapons for the things that they were seeking out, and then they would do, through logic, what we are not biologically able to do better than they do (NOT that we cannot do anything logically, but our logic is rooted in our intuition, and our intuition is rooted in the realms of the emotional parts of us. Those emotional parts of us are rooted in our souls…keep reading…). I am sure, ladies, that this one thing…this one TRUTH…makes you mad, and you ought to be mad, at you. You believed the lies that you were supposed to compete with the men, and the media made it this way. You did not realize what, for a while now, I know very well – when we go with what we are, we are, in that moment, living the Truth.

In knowing a whole lot of women who have striven to become the best women in a suit, and knowing, too, a whole lot about what their heartaches are, the one thing that I have heard the very most is that they are tired of playing a man’s game and in a man’s world. Whenever I hear those things, it makes me wretch for the simple fact that no one’s success is ever riding on anything more than a belief in our abilities – it is NEVER on what others have told us is their truth about us. It can be their truth. It NEVER has to be ours. We cannot make someone else see who we are for real, the most of us. To a man this is the ability to prove through their tangible abilities what they are capable of. That all of them have the ability to destroy things with their hands is one thing, but that they are also able to repair and rebuild and ultimately renew who they are through those abilities, no matter what they are, is the thing that you, girls, are fighting against. For what reason?

Because you have been told that this is how things go, and went with it…

This is not my suggesting that we are not great at things like running a business, and does not mean that any man is not able to run a household. The difference lies in where our emotions are at all times. It is not easy to map and keep care of them all the time, and that is because we are all flesh and blood. We are all only capable of doing what it is that we are meant for. This is NOT my saying that we women are meant to be in the kitchen serving our men, and it does not mean that these men have to succumb to our every desire. What this means is that because we are engineered toward hunting or nurturing, we have, for a long time, gone against the grain of what we are, of who we are, and we have expected that things that we see  in our heads is what they will be, period.

We put ourselves through so much turmoil that when it comes down to it, we have really made things harder for us and on us in that we want to make things right, and we want the things that we think we have made ugly for someone else truly ugly- at least a lot of us women do. We are not thinking that we have the opportunity, everyday, to make things be how they are in our heads. How they are in our heads is subject to change- even though what we want to believe is opposite of that. Some of us are so able to make things happen that we are willing to make things happen that we do not want to happen. This does not mean that we chase exactly what we see. What it means is that we have a guide and with that guide we follow the whims of Spirit to make that thing that we want and that is good become as close to what it is that our hearts are desirous of. What it means is that we have to compare what it is that we know to be the tangible nature of a truth versus the truth that our souls actually and really know is the real truth.

I have been asked and tested for a long time now, why it is that I do anything that I do, and for and with whom, and the real answer to that is that I am as real as I know I have been told (correctly) that I am. When I tell anyone anything, I mean every word. This means that in terms of a tangible reality, the things that we are willing to assign to what we want to believe is the truth is open for anyone else to either make a conclusion, meaning that they have decided for anyone else what is THEIR truth, or, is the organic truth that is all theirs, that is the absoluteness of the truth, and is the truth that, through the grace of Spirit, is not changeable. Truth, you will find, is rock solid.

Truth is that thing that we are all seeking and really, when it comes to the truths that we have a hard time believing, it really means that it is likely a truth that we need to have torn apart for us, so that the other people who these misunderstandings are believed to be the truth of us can be brought out into the open, so that the light of who we are can shine on it, showing us that we are worthy of that truth- the good kind- that is given to us by others who mean the most to us, no matter how much we want to believe that what those who have purposefully lied to us about becomes more believable.

The reason it might seem more believable is due to the idea that people like to talk, and people like to bring us down so that we can fit THEIR model of what they want us to believe as OUR truth because it is THEIR truth. There is solace in the idea that “the ugly truth hurts” but there is more solace in the things that we know are absolutely the truth of anyone else, and when it matters, it is a beautiful truth about our very selves. What makes that truth unbelievable is that we are more willing to allow what has been said of us and that is “bad”, more apt to believe that we know what anyone else is thinking when really, what we might be reading is the thing that someone else fed to us because our own truths are not the same as theirs and they want theirs to be right only so that they do not have to be wrong.

The word “wrong” is an ugly word. It denotes that we do not know what we are talking about when we know so inherently well what it is, as healers, we are saying. There is nothing unbelievable about anyone else’s truths. Those truths do not become unbelievable unless and until we believe that we can talk anyone into believing in a manner that is not theirs. We want so badly to not be wrong that when we find out that there is not an ounce of truth to what we are discerning as being the only truth (because other peoples’ ugly lies that they want to believe should also be our truths…and they are not…are sometimes, because THEY believe it so dearly…because they want us to doubt ourselves when really, that is what they are doing with themselves all the time), it bewilders us. One day I will be able to put into words what it is that makes us believe all these ugly things that are not our truth and are only meant to bring us down when really, we are already down, and the only way out is up.

I have been told recently that somehow, I do not really know what I am doing in terms of an emotionally powerful and important thing, but the reality that I know is that when we are trying to ascribe tangible energy to something as intangible and spiritual as how we feel emotionally, that ALL of us can get ourselves in a mix of thoughts that we want to label anything with. Indeed, life is the hardest thing in the world to go through, but it is a beautiful truth for us all to know what we are able to do for real and for the good of those who share our lives with us.

We can never lose if we understand our powers of anything, ever. So long as that power is backed by the pureness of intention, by the Love that is within us all, and by the empowerment granted us within the scope of our genders, we cannot go wrong.

This really is how this all works. Be what you are (I say it a lot…I know who and what I am…and so, with that, I manifest things such as love, such as partnership and belief where before, there was none. It is my magick, is my gift, and one that I use lovingly and without fear) and follow that instinct, not of destruction of the self because we want to believe that only the things we deem as ugly are our truths. Follow that instinct because that is where your power is at.

At this moment, I am following my instinct, via the feminine Divine, to continue to care as always I have, to Love fearlessly, bravely, truly, and to apply these things to myself, so that the shared end result will be what is best for all involved, and so, too, that others can see that all along, they have had the power to do their highest best because they are quickly on their way to realizing who they are, because they know what they are…namely to anyone else.