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Healer….rather than Light Worker…is the correct term

Over the last couple of weeks I have come to the conclusion that the term “Light Worker” is now one of those things that has become a very over-used, completely …obsolete…term…to be used in order to define a whole lot of us. This morning I woke up realizing a few things, and one of those things is that there are a lot of catch phrases that capture our attention and it is all for one purpose – so that those who market “healing,” and “light worker” “courses” become enriched. At the risk of sounding like a whiny baby, and at the risk of coming off as someone who has completely lost her marbles, and mostly, because the closest people in my life are NOT in need of a “light worker,” but rather and only me as me – the healer, the prophet, the teacher…I find, right in this moment, I am not, that lots of us are not (and this includes myself, my best friends, my other half, and my kids) what can be called “Light Workers.”

Don’t get me wrong – there is a need for these people called “Light Workers,” and the need that exists is the need for clarification by the masses. We cannot all be these people called “Light Workers,” because those people are the very ones who are only coming into their own Wisdom in terms of all things strange and unexplainable to those who are not very aware of what is really going on in the world at this time in our collective lives.

It is kind of a big deal for a writer to be saying these things, only for the reason that anything in writing is absolute, meaning that my personal and singular opinion is that there are a lot of us on this planet who are telling the world that we are these people called “Light Workers” when in reality what we are is addressing the Christ Consciousness which is, at this time, impermeable. Too many of us have been feeling guilty for displaying things that we alone are able to do (only for the reason that we have been through a lot of shit over these last three years and in that time have been forced by the Cosmos to adjust to inevitable changes which we are ALL facing right this moment). What I mean by “we alone” is that there indeed are people who are light workers, but, right now, there is a dearth of the population who have not yet or willingly gone through the lessons that they are now faced with, and on that level, there are two kinds of ethereal types – the light workers, of which there are a whole lot right now (and they ARE needed…I will explain in a moment but please keep reading…), and the other sort, of which I am and those within my close circle of closeness are, as well – we are called Healers.

Healers…we are NOT “Light Workers”

A Healer is what a Light Worker aspires to become, but in some manner, they are scared of something that will bring them harm, even as it will bring them learning, and very valuable Wisdom, and the sort that can only be had by going through things that will..WILL challenge even the strongest among us. I know this. I have been told again and again that I am the very strongest person alive on this planet, at least in the world of those with whom I share much closeness.

A Healer is someone who can withstand the things that visit our lives, because we are able to see things as being a learning opportunity, rather than what the human being part of us wants to see things as – which is nothing short of a pain in the ass, seriously. The Healer’s Path is not one that everyone can cope with, and those who can cope with it eventually feel like they are going insane, when really, what they are experiencing, even as their human minds cannot meld the thought with their brain that what they are going through sucks, but is very needed. This all came to me last night, when it was that I was absorbing the good and the …challenging….of last night and when it was that I was in my own place and in need of someone to tell me that I will be okay, that things right now are not great but that things will eventually be righted, as soon as the people in our lives understand that there are a lot of ways to look at anything, but right now, the most….forgiving way…to see any of the bullshit in any one of our lives is to try to digest all of these things that have happened to and paradoxically for us as being the diamond in the dog shit.

We ache and we hurt, always, those of us called and who have earned status as ‘Healer.’ We have toiled, emotionally, and have gone through what fires of life we must, all so that those who are currently experiencing what it is that we know so well can have hope that even though things are horrid right now (they are….admit it….too many “light workers” want to put a lovely spin on the turds we are being given right now.), the silver lining in it all is that we are being made more aware of what we CAN handle, and all of it is being thrown at all of us, all at one time, because within us are the things that we need to learn, and right now the things that we need to learn are the most important lessons, because they are the lessons which call for us to release part of who we were and let that person become who we are.

The human personality is a very complex thing, indeed. Within each of us is nestled these things called “dreams and wishes,” and these are the things that motivate us toward our wholeness. When we follow the whims of who we are, and we choose to face that person head on and instead of lambasting that person, talk to that person, asking that person what else there is that our attention is being diverted from and learn why it is that we have diverted ourselves from it. We find that the most painful things are not brought to us by others, but the things that we choose not to look at. Sometimes we cannot accept what is there, yet this does not mean that we are not meant to continue to go toward this thing called “The Light”, which really is only a heightened sense of awareness. If all we are looking for is the bad things that could happen, all we will find that we have manifested are those things, and we will be remiss as to think otherwise.

However, if we can sense that in all of the bad things that are passing through our lives at the moment, and we see there that where we have been is what is affording us with the tools we need this time around to get ahead without bringing further harm to anyone, but mainly ourselves.

First of all, get over the idea that you are anyone’s ‘savior’

The thing that I have noticed lately is that there are a lot of people who are calling other carbon based beings “savior,” as if somehow, another human being is going to be able to do that – save another human being from the things that are eating their lives.

We cannot do that. The most that we, as Healers (and yes….the interns to becoming a Healer, I have decided, are those people who are called and who call themselves “Light Workers”), are capable of doing is to reveal the truth of a person, to remind those who are losing faith in who they are that they have a lot of good to offer and that even as right now is not the best indication of these things, that this is the very truth. I must make it known here and now that those who are going through the most right this minute are sort of in the final exam part of what it is that we each and all have been through over the course of say….I have to say, collectively, since 2007…because apparently, even as it has not yet been said to us through the news media, and as if all of the EU thing with Britain no longer being part of it…this ought to tell you all that the last time something global like this happened, we ended up in that ugly thing called a recession.

You can also chalk this whole…recession…thing up to a lot of other things that are not in the tangible world, and this is what scares us the most – we can see what is going on in the tangible world, and we can, as Healers, also see what is the remedy for it, but on the top of things, there is a lot going on that makes it appear that what it is that we are working toward is just the ultimate demise of the race all together. This is not the truth.

What is the truth is that there are a lot of “Light Workers” who are giving us what is their ideals about all of what is happening, and in their wake we have an entirety of the population dearly terrified of a lot of things, but mostly of what is not known. What it is that we do not know is what is the surprise, and if we glue ourselves to the outcome of what it is that we see there, we will end up in a world of heartache, and all because we want to be able to “call it” in terms of what it is that we see, that we are all seeing and that we are all …diagnosing. We are NOT diagnosticians, and no one who is calling themselves a “Light Worker” is going to come to terms with this because they have not reached that point yet where who they are in terms of the world at large, really is.

If you do not know who you are here to help, you will end up trying hard to reach everyone. The thing that I have learned the most over the last few weeks is that just as there are specialists in terms of the medical field, there are also specialists in our field, too. In example, I have told my own story of abuse, over and over again. There came a time when it was no longer the healing that I thought I was receiving through my own self’s thought that maybe what I needed were other women to tell me that I would be okay. For a bit this worked, until I found out that men are also abused, and so I went on to study the reasons why that was so. After that, I realized that in the set of things that are offered to us as students at an actual college, there are plenty of generalizations, but not a whole lot offerings in terms of what is the actuality of what it is that we are there for. In my case, I already knew and still know what are the many faces of abuse. However, I am a terrific survivor, and sadly, the reason is because I have been, again and again, been presented with harm that in some cases I could not deal with emotionally and ended up in a shrink’s office.

On the other hand, I just stated that I am a terrific survivor, and as such, was compelled to return to college to find out, this time, what makes a survivor survive. I want to know what it is that other survivors have had to endure, just so that they could survive.

The thing that no one who calls themselves a “Light Worker” truly understands is that in doing this sort of work, one must call up within them the strength needed to endure more pain, to be able to become one’s own level best expert as a ‘Light Worker’ first, because all true light workers aspire to become people in the actual healing trades.

Am I saying that those who would call themselves “Light Workers” are way off in terms of what it is that they want to believe is entailed in everything that goes with that label? Not at all. What I AM saying is that Healing work is NOT for the faint of heart. Healing work is NOT work that is done on the physical body, but is work that relates to the soul and affects the physical body.  Once it is that we have bothered to think about these things, and once it is that we have accepted that things are not always going to be rosy in the world of the healing trades, and damned surely in the world of Light Workers who are truly seeking the Light rather than the accolades, this is when the world will know, for sure, what it takes to wear these labels.

They are labels that are set aside for those who have accepted the challenge of looking at themselves and seeing their own imperfections, realizing that there is no one else like them on this planet, and knowing that in that energy alone, they are the very ones who will serve as the section of society that CAN “call it” in terms of what ails a person. It takes time, and it takes being able to take a candid look at who we each and all are, right in this moment, and realize that even with our Wisdom and our Knowledge thus far, that who we are is dependent upon what we are and what we are more likely to classify ourselves as being.

I was a Light Worker….but with time and learning and knowing that I am not the person who actually does the Healing …but that I am merely the one who is seeing things from another vantage point, because all work in these sorts of Healing trades is best done by those who have actually done two things…

Been There.

Done That…

…and survived quite nicely, even if a little bit scuffed up in the Soul….

It is, none the less, just like every scrape and bruise any one of us has ever had….very temporary


How to Protect Your Fragile Healer Soul

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Fragile… We are born so fragile that those around us are very careful with the way that they present who they are, but only when we are newly born. As we get older, others seem to believe that one’s fragile nature gets less fragile. The opposite is the truth. The problem is not that we are not all fragile, but that we literally do not speak each others’ (biological) language

It is very simple, the way by which one will protect one’s own Soul that is the Healer – you simply get a very most important clue, and a clue which no one has told you outright, or even taught you, so that you do not realize you are being taught this particular truth. Whether you want to accept it or not, you might be all the medium, psychic, knower of things, but, the one thing that you, as a man or a woman in The Trades of The Realms, cannot do, is truly, deeply, biologically understand or relate to the other gender completely. You will not. This is the one clue that we must all get, all wear, all accept as the truth.

Yup…this is about “boys and girls,” just not the way you might think it will be. There is a certainty of misunderstanding about the genders in terms of healers, in terms of “getting it” when someone else, particularly a someone else who is of the opposite gender than ours, is being taught how to heal themselves. This has been something that has posed itself as one of my greatest challenges as a person employed in the ethereal healing trades. We are better able to understand those who share the same gender as us, for the simple (and biological) fact that literally, we women speak one another’s language. This same thing holds true for men – they understand one another.

You can sit there getting ass hurt from these words, from this person who is outright telling you that you cannot reach everyone using the same language that you use with your own gender – or you can take these words as the truth and as a truth which has been researched by me, an actual human female, and as the truths of the few men in my life who I actually trust enough for me to put their words in writing so that all healers can have a bit of a clue about why it might seem difficult to help certain others (of the opposite gender) at least try to better understand what you are saying. This is not my telling anyone that they are stupid, but my sharing with the world of professional weirdos that those difficult clients of the opposite gender are not being difficult, that they are merely being true to who they are in the biological sense, and on that end, the only thing that we have no effect on, at least in terms of how they think and what they understand, is that person’s biology.

Neither gender can compete with the biological nature of the opposite gender in terms of doing the impossible and trying to get them change or even to understand – and you are not supposed to anyway….

It is what makes them pretty awesome, no matter what anyone who shares the same gender as I am part of wants to continue believing. You cannot change a man. A man cannot change a woman. Human beings do not operate that way. Stop pretending like you understand them. You do not, at least not entirely, and I promise that I SO do not. Take my words as you will, but, I actually seek these answers out and usually when it is that I, myself, need to heal something that is bothering me. What you are reading is organic, is the truth of men, as told to me BY AN ACTUAL REAL MAN…so deal with it…stop being the princess, girls….start being the queen. There is no need for the Diva – only the Goddess…

And no – it does not matter that you are licensed in this trade or that trade- the bottom line is no matter what you want to believe (and may well be put off by my saying so), the actual TRUTH is that those in your own gender are only able to help those in the opposite gender in a truly limited manner, and lots has to not only do with biology, but ego on either side, no matter what anyone wants to believe – again…no, not even those of you who have licenses or conduct scientific research in the behavioral or social sciences trades – NAMELY us, because, yeah – the things we learn from, such as books and the like, only reveal as much as is needed in terms of what is typical for humans, but truly NOT the genders as they each are in reality.

It is the language that we use, combined with the context (energy) caused by the words which surround the most important word in whatever sentence it is that you might have used to teach a person of the opposite gender the best way that you can. It is not that they do not want to understand, but that they cannot understand our energy as much as we cannot understand theirs in the emotional sense. Biologically, we know our roles in the primal sense. Outside of that, we have no clue of anything until and unless we ask for clarification. The issue a lot of us healers have is that we are so …dependent…on our smarts that we think that what we know is applicable to all humans. This is only the truth when we are thinking in terms that tell us that this person of the opposite gender only understands what we are saying from their gender-specific point of view, and also, of course, when it is that we are (ahem) specifically …engaging in, in terms of “doing things” with the opposite gender…are supposed to be doing. at a certain time, that which each gender, in that moment, is meant to be doing…yet, we are not talking about that.

However, what I am talking about is language and context and gender in that very primal and biological manner. We have GOT TO understand and accept that we are not fluent in the opposite gender’s biological language, and the more we hang onto the old idea that we know better than what is our biology, let alone theirs, the longer we will stay stagnant in the beliefs held that need to grow into the truth of our Gender-Selves.

Language is important, but as much as it is important, so, too, is the context.

(Context…“the parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning” )

We women believe that we are able to “make” any man think the way that we women do, and we cannot. Men, it seems, sometimes end up trying to do things like a woman when they are working with a woman in need of healing, and sometimes that work ends up becoming yet another thing for both the healer and the student to have to heal from. No one needs that shit. (And please – do not even, for one moment, believe that a gay man is more of a woman than he is a man  – this is ALSO A LIE…a gay man is a gay man and NOT a woman in a man’s bodythey still have a man’s biological understanding of things…)

It seriously all boils down to what each gender understands from the point of view of their own gender. If we could wrap our heads around the fact that while it is that we might each and all literally speak with our voices, the same language in a technical manner, but that we are not even close to understanding one another when it comes to what it is that we are saying to each other as a gender, and know that at all times we are being in our biological and correct selves, we might be able to get through all of this craziness that we think is the other gender NOT bothering to get what we are saying. It is NOT that they cannot understand the meanings of the things that you are telling them, but that the energy behind it is the signature that we all offer. If that signature is not a matching one and one that someone else is going to be able to relate to, you will not get through to them. 

You may, again, think that I am putting us chicks back a whole lot of centuries, but in reality, this is all simple, biological common sense. We are not better at understanding men, as much as they are not better at understanding women, as will someone from within that same gender as ours or theirs will, in terms of communicating with them the things that have occurred to compel anyone to seek out the help of a life coach or Spiritual Healing Coach, both of which I am.

At this moment, I am healing …or rather continuing to do my part of the healing work that was done with me this morning by a very important healer and person in my life (He knows who he is), through my own words and my own words are telling me that in this one instance, where men are concerned, I am right, and am only right because I was taught these things in terms of women in relation to men by a man. In any other instance, it has been this very person to whom I will turn when I am just not able to understand something about a man and how they process things in the general sense. There is absolutely NO shame in knowing that I do not know it all in terms of what it is that I do in my trade – it can only make me better at what I do, and absolutely only makes it so that I KNOW – ABSOLUTELY– when it is that I am in need of some assistance from him (and really, where is the harm in bettering one’s self in one’s trade, right?).

We woman have been taught that anything a man can do we are able to do better, and no, this is not the truth. We are meant to be WOMEN and NOT MEN IN ANY CAPACITY. That notion is a relic of the 70s and 80s that needs to go away already, not only in my trade, but in ALL trades, even if you are the woman who wears a tool belt all day and knows what each of those tools in that thing is for – it still does not make you a man. It makes you a woman who knows how to use tools. Period.

Indeed, you may spend lots of time with men in those trades that require tools, but you are not now, nor will you ever be, a man, meaning that you will truly not ever understand things from a man’s point of view unless it is a man who has taught you these things that NO woman can teach a man without a man’s assistance. Even then, you will not ever know because you will never be a man, ever, even if you have gender change surgery – it is not organic knowledge. It is just knowledge for which you won’t ever have the experience to understand more than you do right this moment.

I am sorry, girls, but this is a huge sin on our part – we really think we know better about the guys than the guys do, and at the risk of sounding very sexist, there are times when I must believe that we are a product of our own, hammered-into-our-heads until we could stomach the lies about ourselves as having loaned to the misogyny of the current time, beliefs as imparted to us by the generations who believed they could do “men’s” things better than men could – I am sorry, but this is a lie. The other sin is that we mom them – and all they do all their lives is try to make their way in life and apart from their moms, even if they need our help with stuff sometimes,  so that mothers will take pride in our sons. We are not their mothers. We do not have the right to try to be that woman in their lives unless we are that woman.

If we want that to not be our reality any longer, perhaps it is time that instead of trying to “mom” away the hurt of the world, that maybe we could truly listen to what we are being told, rather than believing that we already have the answer for a person who we might not even realize is NOT in our faces for anything more than someone’s better understanding of who they are right in that moment. It is not our time, ladies, to try to nurture, but rather and only to teach. We cannot nurture every man on this planet – that is meant for the actual men we share our lives with, and it is NOT of the mothering energies we know some of them seek from us – THEY DON’T NEED IT IF THIS IS HOW THEY ARE, but that is not for this writing- please, keep reading.

The most effective way to teach is with the right language, and no matter what any woman wants to believe, there is no better context for a man to understand than that of another man. 

What this means is that we chicks (deal with it…I am a product of my own world, thanks…yes, I am calling chicks…well, CHICKS !)  have to be willing to ask questions of the men in our lives about the reality of what, exactly, they can understand as given by us in terms of communication between us. The answers will not only surprise you, but will very surely educate you on the things that you do not know that you do not understand, because you truly cannot relate to any human male, not even those closest to you, because you are not a man. You are not biologically aware of what it is to be one unless it is in relation to you, and if you are female, already the men in your awareness are being men about it, and it is not a bad thing, at all. Really, baby girls…it is all in the energy contained in both your language and more, the context that you are using.

Language, for me, is that thing that I revel in, that I bathe my own Spirit in, all the time, because that is what my magic is – words, just like the Kahuna of old, and just like the Kahuna that I continue growing to become. The one thing that I have a very good command of is the use of words – all kinds of words, some of them made up words. Yet, when it comes to the use of these same words in terms of helping others understand their own pain, and more, their own availability towards healing who they are so that they can get on with their lives, much depends on the context I am using, specifically when I am speaking to someone, particularly a man – ANY man, even my own father, even my other half, even my sons. 

Do not believe for one moment that people do not listen or that they are impossible – they are not. What is impossible is trying to navigate what we mean, using words, between the gender worlds, which cause us to unwittingly switch (or at least try to) gender energy roles so that we don’t misunderstand, which only causes a deeper misunderstanding. (Yes, girls, I know…I could easily not have to go through the things that I go through, but, I am still very human and still prone to thinking that I need people to at least accept my words, let alone me…yeah, I said it so deal with it – I do not walk on water, but I try my hardest to do my best…please, read on…)

I have been through some serious shit these last few days, most of it due to misunderstandings and more of it to do with what you have read to this point. I have been given the “fast-track” with a few life lessons, all over again, in terms of men, lessons which are all from the past, and all having to do with words or the misunderstanding of what their meaning is, and particularly in regards to my using my intellect in the proper manner. The meaning of “I do not want to hear what you have to say because you are not good at listening” is not “please keep on talking because I did not hear or understand you the first time.” It is pretty cut and dry, the things that a lot of people say.

What is more cut and dry, and why it is that we do not listen to the answers that other people have for us is simple – pretty much, when someone tells you that they do not understand, they do not understand, and at that moment, the time has come to stop talking or communicating, for that moment, because what WILL happen next is that we who work in the light and who have a myriad of ways to describe something will no longer be understood.

It is not YOU who is wrong, and neither the other person – it is a biological thing that happens more than we want to think it is happening, and the worst part is that lots of light workers do not take this one thing as serious – if the person who you are talking with is not understanding you, it is not your job to make them do that. It is  your job to understand them. I am not stating that you are not going to be somewhat affected by what they tell you or how they tell you that they don’t understand your words. What is your job, as a light worker, is to ensure that the thing that you are told and that you inherently know in terms of their not understanding is NOT about you. You know what you are saying, and it is not that they are stupid – they just do not understand you in that moment.

Know this now – you cannot be less than all of what you are, at all times, even when you are feeling like you “need” to be clear and others just are not getting it…

If it were not for a few very intelligent individuals who are NOT scared to tell me the absolute truth, I would not be able to sit here, today, writing. The things that bother me specifically are things that have to do with a person’s very personal personhood.

Personhood is defined as the quality or condition of being an individual person. When you are not being listened to, and are told that you are also not being clearly understood is your hidden opportunity to stretch your mind a bit, to reach for new meaning of things, and to explain, clearly, what it is that you are trying to say. You will know it when you are being expected to dumb yourself down for the sake of someone else because like me, you may well end up being very irritated, becoming even hostile, and in my case, to the point of tears, because the way that anyone who has gone through the …inner turmoil…in the manner that anyone has will reveal itself as being for everyone, or being only for your own self.

Fragile …

Fragility is the hallmark of all professional weirdos, because the bottom line is that the very all of us are very sensitive, and we have to be. In order for us to be able to understand what it is that anyone else is calling their issues, one must be highly sensitive, and, as well, must know what it is that we are sensing at any given time. We do not know, right off the bat (and almost anyone who tells you that they do is a liar), exactly whose energies we are feeling when we are presented with another’s issues. This is simply because the person who has presented to us, the things that are eating their brains at the moment, is the person who, at one time, we might have also been like. Perhaps not in the manner they are exactly, but, that is who we have been at one time in our lives.

This calls for more than only the memory of who you were at that time. I could be all the hood rat gangsta ghetto diva I am capable of being, at all times, but, that is not me. I like being this smarter, educated me, all the time, and only let the hood rat out when she is needed. She is not needed all the time. In fact, she is only needed when it is a certain type of person, based on my understanding of them as they have presented themselves to me, and based completely on the energy that I am reading from them, that she is needed. This is really how this works – we, as healers, can’t ever forget this, and more than that, if we are healers who are helping someone of the opposite gender heal themselves, we have to remember that we are not them, and more, that we are not going to understand them in certain ways, because in those certain ways, we will not ever understand them. This is the mechanism of our biology – to literally separate the men from the women. (Call me a sexist all you want, but, in terms of us chicks, we can’t forget that the guys already tell us that they do not understand us…take them on their words, ladies, because that is not a lie – they need clarity, but that is another blog all together…keep reading…)

Yeah – I said it, so deal with it…

I suppose that what you have read here is very simply a reminder that no matter what, while it is that we may have gone through anything that anyone from the opposite gender has been through or is going through, tangibly it is the same, but, we are, each gender, processing things in the manner that we will and in accordance to what our biology is. You can call me a sexist, a misogynist, a pretend feminist, but, in reality, I am none of those things. I am always conducting some sort of research, always getting my truths from where they ought to be coming from. While it may well be that you might think that I am picking on anyone, I promise I am not. What I am doing is giving a truth that is a very uncomfortable truth and a truth that not a lot of healers are willing to state, all for the many things that they have been taught throughout their lives and which they have made work for them in their practice.

If it works for you, great, but, in general, we healers need to understand that we cannot be all things to all those in need. Sometimes, we need to be healed from the things that we hold onto that, deep inside of our Spirits, we know is not the truth. We are meant to seek the truths that we report to the world as being just that. What we must not forget is that what are our own truths, even in the position we hold, is not the same truths of the entirety of wounded souls. We have to remember that the very hallmark of our job is to lean on our better understanding, and when we cannot lean on our better understanding…

…we need to do like smart people do and ask a question. We might find out, like I was confirmed this morning by that very important person in my life, that we really do not understand as much as we believe we do …

Think about it…