The Spiraling Effect of Evolution (or a thing called Brain Mapping and how we can Un-Learn what hurts our Souls and makes us cry)


We have no idea what is going on until something makes us go into a complete spiral and we are shown the 360 degree truth of it all. What is there is what we have feared for a long set of years, and then we find out that it was all meant to show us what we are made of

Right now, in the most collectively felt manner, healers and healers-in-training are going through a whole HELL of a lot.

Yet, we knew it would be this way.

All of us who have been practicing what it is that we choose to use as our means of healing ourselves (and thereby using to help others heal themselves) have come to a place in our lives where we believe that we just want things to be over with, and it is not for another reason than that over the past few years, with the last year in particular, we have been given the means, through all of the heartaches that were collectively felt, and through everything that seems to have broken us and thrown us into this place where we feel like it is the very end of the world, what we are not thinking is that it is not the end of the world, but more like the end of things as we knew them to be.

Things as we knew them to be

Perhaps for a very long time in each of our lives, there were things included which we were allowed to believe as being effortless.

Then one day, because Spirit saw that we had this…effortlessness…happening for us, and Spirit decided that what we have done with that energy that was applicable has been seen to, and we have learned what we have had to learn through that energy, possibly for a long time in our lives, to propel us to this point in our time on this planet as getting to where we needed to be in terms of the growth of the Soul. The growth of the Soul depends not on what we are already so very good at, and does not come from the gifts and talents that we are born into this lifetime with , but more what it was that we were supposed to do outside of those things that we are so phenomenally good at and seemingly born to do.

And born to do those things that we are so seemingly good at is what we are supposed to do, but only to a certain point, and when we reach that point is when things begin to turn for us.

For a whole lot of us on this planet, things began to turn for us within the last ten years. For me it was 2008, and from there it took about …well, until now, which is when I chose to think about all of the things that I have gone through in another light and with another manner of thinking. It has come through to me through the heartaches and the pain and I have learned what not to do by trial, error and plain old being here and in this body to learn all of those things so that, in my capacity as Kahuna Wahine, I am able to teach others what they can do to bring themselves to a point where healing is the thing that matters, and healing is the thing that we bring to ourselves, and it is through that thing called thinking that we do this, because thinking is how we end up jacked up to begin with.

We need these experiences. 

All of the crappy things that we have a negative energy because of are the very things that we are here to learn and for a lot of us, are also here to teach to others.

Many who have been in the same situation as I have been in the past will tell anyone else that the thing that we have been through, and the thing that has broken us and the thing that makes us be who we are in the now are the things that also taught us to wear it on our sleeves.

When a formerly abused person “wears” something on their sleeve, that simply means that, not only will we know that they have been abused but, we will also know that they are ready for their healing, because what it is that they ail from will be evident and be made evident through the things that they say, do, and even the look on their face will show to the world what it is that this person has been through. I know this one because it is the very thing that I work on everyday – quelling the mind madness brought by the abuses I have survived and which happened over the very course of my life.

It is not easy unmapping a brain map (also can be called a habit we need to form or break), namely not one that has its origins in childhood.

Brain maps and brain mapping, also known as neuroplasticity, is how our habits form. If we can teach other people this one thing, and we can show them, in theory, how it is that these things become habit, specifically these things called a belief that was planted in our heads when we were children and which also were reinforced throughout our growing and into adulthood. The thing that not a lot of people can think of as being true is the idea that anyone else has the very power to do this – plant ideas and suggestions into other peoples’ heads and not be aware that this is what is going on – is that there is a whole lot of damage that happens to those people in which these habits have been, over the course of our lives and until the point where we actively were able to “see” and to confirm where it was that the abuses took place, we will also be better able to unlearn those habits through actively paying attention to what we are thinking and why we believe those ideas.

Yet what this ability towards changing our habits right from this moment does for each of us is makes it possible that we can map another part of our brains – the part that tells us that we cannot change a habit, because we have been told that habits cannot be broken.

And let’s think about that word “broken.” Why must it be broken, when the word “broken” is not really a very good one, given that as children, we were told, more than one time, I am betting, that the reason something does not work is because it is broken, and the reason that it is broken always is blamed on a kid in the house. However, one cannot chalk a broken person being the doing of a kid in the house unless it was a kid that was being picked on for a long time in said and same house.

When we think about kids and bullying and that sort of thing, we have the opportunity to see ourselves as both the bully and the bullied in terms of how we think about who we are, what we have to offer, and what our abilities are in terms of the things that we have been through. We are all more inclined to believe that who we are has been created via the people who tell us who we are rather than our believing what is our own Truth. When we choose to believe our own Truth we also begin to doubt what others have told us. When we think that what we are thinking hurts us and we cannot think of another reason, over time, why it is that we believe those thoughts (because when a thought hurts us, we are being taught via the ego the reason why the soul hurts and more, how to go about it all in terms of healing our own selves), and more, why we hang on to them.

My thinking is that we hang on to them because we are supposed to learn more of who we are not, so that we can become who of who we are for real. We hang on to our pain because really, it is ours. No one else can have it, and no one else can learn from it – only we can do that.

The idea that we are doing all of these magical things as healers all and on our own is preposterous and tells me that there are plenty who are still not enlightened enough to understand yet that the things they have gone through, while they strengthened you, were not meant so that you could go out into the world and tell people that you are bad ass (because it will already be apparent to those who can already sense it and see it in other people), but to allow the world to remind you that this is what you are. If they are not reminding you, this simply means that there is more to learn, more to re-map, and more to deal with in terms of lessons and learning and doing what it is that we do with our selves.

It is not when we have a clue as to what it is that we are learning that makes us go into a spiral like we do (water signs…we are MAGNIFICENT with going into, and more, coming out of, this spiraling of our thoughts…we feel, believe and know things that we do not understand because of our own symbolism of what it is that we are ‘shown’ will not be readily understood by us because that is what we are learning to know- our own symbolism, so that we can understand the things that we are being shown and learn from it all, for the purpose of healing others through healing our own fears. The guides and the ‘Aumakua will not ever nor readily show us these things. They are what we are learning, or more importantly, un-learning.


The person to whom I have referred to as “Mama No” all this time was the very first one to teach me about a process called “Un-Learning.”

Pretty much, the way that I have had to learn to implement this process is through questioning myself, my motives, and most of all, if what I am trying to un-learn is somehow still a useful thing in terms of what we are meant for in this lifetime. To think at all that the things we have experienced were somehow not useful is the way that we learn to question. To begin asking ourselves things like “what the hell did I do that for?” and usually we answer with “’cause you are a dumbshit” when in reality, and now that you have this thought (that you can stop yourself from believing that thought by asking yourself questions about the tangible proof that someone would have in terms of why that thought is believable) you also and now have the ability to form a thought that will stop the ugly thought from taking over your psyche.

This is what is meant by “Un-learning.” Un-Learning is a process by which we question ourselves and the way that we formulate the questions must be done in a manner that will only produce a truthful answer. When we are talking about healers, we are talking about people who HAVE TO deal in the truth, because if we do not, it could mean dire things for the people who we are working with. As healers, we have to think, too, when we are talking with them that they are where we were not long ago, and that where we are now is not ever going to be indicative of where it is that we want these other souls in pain will end up being or how they will grow from what we have shared with them. To Un-learn something means that we have been able to accept the things in front of our eyes and we are able to make certain that what we have ahead of us is something that we know will benefit us and ultimately the future for both ourselves as well as others.

The trick is knowing, too, and believing that changes are coming, that we have to practice being who we are for real so that we can stop going through the motions of who we are not. This is where the brain mapping thing comes in, and where it is that we are able to pinpoint exactly the thing that triggers a reaction which is first in the mind, then the brain,  and then the physicalities which follow, which can be a joyful bodily reaction, or a stressful one. It is the joyful feeling that we are meant to aspire to, with the stressful one being the one that we need to question ourselves about.

Most recently, I thought that I was the most horrible person in the world, not thinking for a moment about the reason why anyone would ever say what I had in terms of who I am. Then I thought about what my friends, Amber and Dannie, and of course, Mama No, had all reminded me of, which is the same thing I remind others about. In this case, it was about someone who is very important in my life, and it was Mama No and Dannie who reminded me that we are all going through these things right now, and these things might be things that cause us to question not only ourselves, but, those who we know are there for us. When it bothered me enough, I made mention of it, and today, the clarity is there again, at least on my end, because I also forgot that at the same time that the person who did or did not do anything or say anything, but that I know very well and good enough also knows me well enough to not have those thoughts, that the person who expressed things to me, showed me that they are actually growing, given the things that were NOT expressed.

What was NOT expressed is not important. That I saw this person’s growth right in front of me is what matters, because that person matters, a whole lot, and no matter who is going to judge anyone at all regarding how it is that I go about things these days (a LOT better than I have in the damned past and no one can state otherwise), what remains is MY truth about things, and my Truth about things is, in this instance, what matters. I have a Truth that is not going to be like anyone else’s will be. Mine is a truth that has been created, at this stage, with another person.

And embedded in that shared truth is also the truth that I was right on it when I chose, a very long time ago, to seek out this person. When I found them, it was like I had returned home.

What a beautiful truth, and more, what a way to remap an area of my brain that told me, for a lot of years, that no matter what anyone else tells me about who I am, it is what this one other person says to me, regarding me and my place in their life, is that I am very important to them, no matter what the spiraling he MUST go through says to my ego-self. When it comes to things that have scathed us for a very long time, and it comes to things that the rest of the world cannot understand, we have to chalk things up to others being able to handle, on their own, like evolving healers must do, the ugly things that happen in their lives that are meant to show them, to teach them, and to give to them the gift of themselves as their highest truest selves, and more, teach them how to get there by their own measure and their own means.

Understanding of the Spiral gives us this much. Knowing our own propensity towards going into the Spiral is one thing.

Knowing how we got there is another….

…but…knowing that we are who creates the map back to ourselves, quite literally, is the most beautiful thing ever.

It helps us know that we are who has been there, all along, and that never once did we think, believe or feel like everyone else was right. Once we know that this is the truth held in Spirit for all of us, we also know that healing is for everyone, and that not one of us is meant as someone else’s fool…

No one likes being made a fool of.


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