We Aren’t Promoters of Evil


No matter what you were told, and no matter what it is that you care to believe, those whose lives are led by the rays of the Moon…we are not Evil.

I am Kahuna.

Lots and lots of human beings on this planet like believing that I am evil, simply because the way that I pray (we call it Pule,  pronounced “pooh-leh”) is not the way that a whole lot of unenlightened beings who share the air with us wants the world to believe that their great big scary abusive man god is somehow the only thing in town.

We are…we witches (I said it so deal with it…it is not like those who have known me forever were not aware of it LONG before I came outta the broom closet) (please keep reading) are, by and large, very peaceful, only wanting things to be right, balanced, and good, not only for those who believe the way that we do, but, EVERYONE.

Including those who make us out and tell the world that we are tools of the devil and my favorite – Satan worshipers. (These are the very same people who tell the world that those damned natives in North Dakota ought to lose their lands because they are dirty and do not worship a big, white, scary god who says that it is not okay to be brown OR indigenous…anyway…) These are the people who want you to believe, by right of what it is that they read from a book, that what is in that book is the very truth and applies to EVERYONE on this planet.

It can, but it doesn’t, namely the part about folks like us…healers, Kahu, Shaman, Sorcerers, and hell yeah – WITCHES….being evil, devil-worshiping sinners when we use our 6th sense. (By the way, that fucking book you judge people like me from also says that you, specifically, are NOT supposed to judge others…ever…because you are not God, and by the way, God ain’t listening to you whine – he only hears the sincere, not the moronic…yep – I judged you…and I will keep judging you…eye for an eye, bitches #OldTestament)

Let me (again) enlighten you to something – WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY..the rhetoric, and the rhetors of such purveyors of their own man-made truths are.

We are nature loving hippie freaks, for the most part, scientists, educators and philosophers – you know….COLLEGE PROFESSORS, HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS, MUSICIANS AND ARTISTS…anyone with a creative soul and who have that soul without making excuses or apologies for it. True healers take the time to NOT judge those of us who are not of the same damned light work that they are involved in. If what you are doing works for you and yours – great!

Keep on doing that shit.

But, do so without doing harm, to anyone, namely other healers…this includes even and especially judging others for the work that they do, with the people who they do that work with, in whatever capacity it is that they do it – as long as the shit works for the client, then to hell with other so-called “healers” who want to judge ours as being evil.

It isn’t.

The reason anyone would call it evil is because they have been told and now believe this, because that is how the brain works – when we are told something again and again, it is mapped, or what is also known as habituation (it’s a big word, don’t hurt yourselves..yup…fucking mad…keep reading).

In the neurological sense, habituation is the action taken, over and over again, and tends to stick in the brain. This is how habits are formed – through repetition (sort of how it is that all of you who are focused on the things that we do that you have been told is evil…sort of like JUDGING OTHERS is…get what I am saying?). So, as much as the repetition for what it is that we who work in the weird is meant so that we learn, so, too, is the repetition that happens with those who are …dare I say…”true believers.”


True Believers

Any person who works in the healing arts, no matter what avenue of those arts it is that they practice their practice in, deserves respect. This healing stuff…it ain’t easy. It took me a LONG TIME to get past all of what I was taught over the years being the eldest of three pentecostal preacher’s kids. It took me a long while to abandon the fear of my own gifts, to be able to use them and practice them on me, then my kids, my other half and also others who need healing in the soul – this is where all ailment originates…in the mind…in the soul….

We are not respected, because there is no PhD in The Craft, no Master’s degree, no doctoral certificate for it.

I am not getting my learn on for the title, but for the knowledge, which already, I have named my special brand of Wisdom, and yes – like my guy tells me all the time…this alone, in terms of being a very powerful human, makes me that thing that he says ALL women want to be, which is that lethal combination of brains, bravery, and, according to him, absolute true beauty…(and now you all know why I am out of my mind about him – I Love You, Maestro).

That special brand of Wisdom is called HAVING A CLUE ABOUT THESE THINGS AND KNOWING HOW TO USE THEM- ALL OF THEM, all at one time, and all for the specific purpose of learning, and, as well, teaching the heartsick of the world how to heal their own souls.

It is not easy work, and neither is it for the faint of heart. In our world, you must know that it is the Spiritual, rather than the medical, which preceded and even comes in as way more important than anything physical -we deal primarily with soul-sicknesses, of all sorts, and not a lot of people can medicate it away. It HAS TO BE experienced by those who ail for true healing to happen, sort of like getting the flu – you have to go through it so that you get through it, and then you have to deal with the shit that comes with it.

A healer’s job is to make sure that those whose healing we are charged with by the Goddess is learned by them.

We are not taken seriously because we do not deal in the tangible, not even with ritual or ceremony – we are the very vehicles through which this healing teaching and wisdom  comes, and if you are more inclined to pat yourselves on the back from having taught anyone at all how to heal themselves, you are not a healer, but instead are an attention whore and operating completely from the ego.

A True healer’s only wish is that whoever we have been gifted with in terms of a soul which needs guidance, is that that soul finds what it needs so that it can grow past the ailment, even if the ailment has somehow crossed the line in to the physical realms. Even conventional medicine practitioners are entertaining the idea that what we do is the real deal, and my thought about why it is taking this long to make us be part of that world is because how the hell is the pharmaceutical industry going to prescribe prayer as medicine if they cannot dilute it with more poisons and cannot charge an arm and a leg for it for those who prefer it over trazadone?

Yet, unless our names, specifically, come with some sort of …title…to it – we are not to be trusted, even and though for CENTURIES….and ANCIENTLY….who the hell does anyone think were the doctors, nurses, people with the cure for things that no fabricated medication could EVER cure, let alone ease?

Yup…us…the weirdos of the world, and the very ones that conventional thinking, even now, in this day and age of enlightenment, have made, it seems, even now, the world STILL believe that somehow, if you even talk to one of us – you are going to that place called Hell.


Believe anything you want to, but, do no harm, and this also includes that if you fancy yourself ANY kind of healer, that you ought to learn about respect prior to your judging me and mine as heavily as you do. Your thoughts and assumptions are rooted in fear of what you do not know is the truth, and your fear is bred and born of Hollywood big-screen special effects – NOT YOUR ACTUAL EXPERIENCES…and only…ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN RECITED TO FROM THE GUY BEHIND THE PULPIT…the church pulpit as well as the damned media pulpit.

You want to believe that we are bad because you need someone to be better than, or you need to be validated in your beliefs in whatever it is that you want others to believe alongside you, so that in case you are wrong, you don’t have to feel so damned alone in your chosen in your at-that-point ignorance, NOT ONLY about the things that you are reading in that damned holy text of yours, but more, the idea that you think you know better than anyone whose ENTIRETY OF LIFE is all about healing, magick, and fuck yes – THE CRAFT (which, for the most part, your “believers” call them “miracles,” because it is a lot prettier than the right word called “HEALED”…learn it. Know it. Do not fuck with me about it because you know it and I know it…we all know it – I AM RIGHT).


Evil is as evil does…so what is your holier than thou guy telling you to judge me and mine about? (According to Matthew 7:1 …you are who is being evil, NOT ME)

This photo, from the movie The Witches of Eastwick is a photograph of these characters performing magick with a poppet. There is NOT ONE THING WRONG WITH DOING THIS sort of working, but, there are people to this day who want to remain as the torch bearers to burn folks like me at the proverbial stake.

Those days are long gone, and more and more people are turning to these beliefs because theirs have FAILED THEM MISERABLY.

Yet, because of the idea that people need someone to be better than, there are still those who walk the planet with us believing, too, that the things that we do and the things that we know will work, are the things, because they are not laid out in some damned holy text (thereby making it “in writing”…ever heard of a Book of Shadows? I have one. My daughter has one. Gator has more than one. Mama No has written an entire series of them….they’re called SPELLS for a reason…BECAUSE SPELLS ARE WRITTEN BEFORE RECITED, and in my world as Kahu – they are called PULE!) THAT WILL DAMN A SOUL TO THE PRETEND LAKE OF FIRE…yeah – PRETEND…I said it – DEAL WITH IT.

At the risk of (finally)  sounding off as though we somehow have a phenomenal bitch to pitch, I must let it be WELL KNOWN right now, to EVERY RELIGIOUSLY INCLINED DOUCHE BAG WHO WE SHARE THE DAMNED AIR WITH THAT NO MATTER WHAT YOU WANT TO THINK IS YOUR POWER, it pales in comparison to ours. Ours is true, and yours is had from the pages of a book that a dude behind a pulpit told you was the only truth. You were led, are still led, down that path of judgment, of hatred towards that which is not like you, and most of all, your little selves are showing themselves in the big fat obnoxious things (I call them LIES) that you want the world to know is the only truth that there is.

The reason why you each and all have so much to say about us, and more, why you talk shit in public, and some of you even have the balls to talk to our faces….is fear.

You are scared.

You are a scared human being whose entirety of being is led by a book that other humans wrote and you have taken it upon yourselves to be the cancer in the world of health, healing and true beliefs. You are numerous, make no mistake, but, you are also losing those numbers and we continue to gain ground.



Because no one likes being lied to for the purposes of church membership and neither a damned building fund…and of course, the pastor’s vacations, luxury car, expensive suits, smirk, mistresses….I will give my dad that much – he never did any of these things, and drove a beat-the-shit-out-of car, or yeah..the ugly brown and white Econoline church van, and more than one time, the great big ugly powder blue church bus…

Luxury vehicles my ass.

There…how’s THAT for TALKIN’ SHIT?

Go ahead…talk it right back – you act like we ain’t had to defend ourselves for centuries and centuries of shit-talkin’ and weak-assed excuses as to why it is that we are still fringed….

…because you cannot argue with Mother Nature, that’s why…

And you assholes take credit for that one, too…as if something, anything male could create all of this gorgeousness called Life…

Bitches PLEASE !!