Opportunity: The Gift in the Calamity


For what it is worth, this time in our collective lives can serve us with opportunities that we do not know exist.

If there is a word in the dictionary that I believe every healer, light worker, minister, shaman, kahuna, priest, dabbler…pretty much anyone with a heartbeat…needs to not only know, but live by, at least in the manner that is growing and healing, it is the word Opportunity.

Merriam-Websters lists the definition of the word Opportunity as follows:

Opportunity – 

a combination of circumstances favorable for the purpose ; 2 a good chance

I think to myself at times that there are moments in my past that I can look back on and know, for sure, where I might have missed an opportunity or four. (Yet, that doesn’t matter, because if we are supposed to do something at all, then the chance for that to happen again is very good- my oldest says “if it’s meant, nothing can stop it from being”…please keep reading). It doesn’t bother me, at all, because, when I do look back, I find that I have been visited with the opportunity to do those things that I was supposed to do, perhaps even a long time ago.

A Combination of Circumstances Favorable for the Purpose…

There is a whole lot going on right now on the planet. I do not need to remind everyone of what is going on here at home, and neither does it need to be expressed that all over the world, right now, thanks to the Plutonian energies at work (Pluto = God of Destruction, 8th house, Scorpio) what we are seeing right this moment totally still shocks a lot of us. We are aghast with the idea that humans really are as horrid in the soul as we have found ourselves to be, even if we, ourselves, are not horrible to people or ourselves.

The combination of circumstances right this moment and which are favorable are the very ones that a whole lot of people on this planet are begging to differ on. There is not a whole lot that can be done about a whole lot, but, there is one thing that too many light workers and other professional weirdos are not thinking about: We are supposed to learn from this, how better to help others heal, but this time, we are being called out to do our jobs, all at one time, together, all over the planet.

Some of us forgot that no matter what is happening in the tangible world of stuff, it does not have to affect us, not if we know how to use what we have been given as our gifts, not only to stay safe and sane, but more, to have a clue about what to expect next. (There is a reason why I check the planets and their daily positions, guys…because there’s a whole lot goin’ on up in the cosmos, and all of it, if you know what you are looking at, gives hints as to what has the propensity towards happening…) For the most part, we went back to being just carbon based beings and not the ethereal sensitives that we are. While I will never fault a person for being human and having a human moment, I will remind us all that there are reasons as to why things happen, and right now, my ONLY reason that I can or care to believe is easy – because it is time that light workers, healers, professional weirdos went to work….and this time, it’s for real, guys…and it is on the global and collective level.

We are being called to the task, to take advantage of these particular circumstances, see them for what they are on the tangible level and then, do as we will, look at it all for the symbolism that is particular to yourself and your work, for the meanings of words and the context in which they are used no matter if written or heard or sung, pay attention to your physical reactions and the thoughts which you are thinking. All of these things, as we all know, are our own personal messaging system from the ‘Aumakua…we are not only being called to the task, but, we are ready to take it on….all of it, and not one of us is thinking that we ought to back down, be nice, do what we will (and do no harm).

Each and every one of us is looking to the future. Each and every one of us were worried, but, because there are a lot of us professional weirdos on the planet, the most of us have chosen to flow with the energies that are being given by those who are rife with worry, scared to death that their lives are going to change for the worst.

I am here to remind others like me that now is our moment, our opportunity, to get out there and do good in this world, for the world, for your own personal and private world, because the truth is that good expands, grows in energy and finds its way to those in certain need of truth, of unconditional Love, of healing from the soul, out. This is our time, guys, to give the world a gift of the promise that we, as who and what we each and all are, will do what we must in order to give clarity, calm others’ fears as best we can, but most of all, remain truthful to the thing at hand.

The thing at hand is NOT what anyone thinks it is.

The thing at hand is the Purpose of why we who work in the weird exist in the physical form.

The Purpose is always Love. 

We have a very closed idea of what Love actually is, what it means to anyone at all to Be, in Love, why it is so vitally important on every level, including physical, and not just the sort that is between two people in Love, but, between members of the human race. We do not exist without it, and our only Purpose is to teach others about it through our manner of graciousness, our concern for the betterment of the world through the betterment of our own personal worlds, our need in this lifetime to be of good and kind service to the rest of the planet. We were never taught what it really looks like, because even our parents only had one idea of Love, even though if you were a church kid with churchy parents like I had, you were taught about what is now called “Christic Love.”

We are told that we need to be benevolent, altruistic, and in some cases, like that of people who are way, way churchy (of the pounding on your door on the weekend sort, that is). We are told that we have to sacrifice who we are for the sake of not hurting others’ feelings or making people be mad at us, just because they might not have liked the truths that we tell them about themselves. We are told that we need to give unto others until it hurts and made to feel guilty if we bother with doing stuff for ourselves. And the reward that we are given for these non-changes is that nothing ever changes.

We still end up stuck in the patterns of the past and at the same time have the very nerve to blame God or the Goddess for things not happening the way that we intended them to be (meaning that we have held on to the outcome). We stay immobilized by our own refusal to allow new truths to be lived. We end up dealing with the same things again and again, only to end up frustrated by it all (because we do not let go and allow the flow of things…I am REALLY BAD AT THIS ONE….Holy CRAP am I EVER!!…please keep reading…)

What needs to happen, by our example, is that we need to remember the Purpose of our Being.

That’s it.

Our only Purpose is to Love, and that can come in the form of many things, things such as our efforts towards doing things that bring more beauty to the planet (music, arts, writing, etc), to make certain that others have the knowledge that the first person who needs to be loved by them is them. You are not being conceited, or selfish, or anything else that you have been told you are should you love who you are. It is NOT A BAD THING AND NEITHER IS IT A FUCKING SIN.

We are not taught this. We are taught that we have to give up who we are so that we can be better accepted by others (because appearances are everything, right? ummm….no). We are taught that in order to be our best, we have to do better than the neighbors and we have to also make sure that all the other neighbors think so, too (because what others think of us is way more important than what we think of ourselves….whatever). We are taught that we are required by someone else’s big scary abusive god that if we suffer in our bodies, we will go to heaven when we die.

I don’t know about you all, but, this is not the way to self-love, but the way to being really very hard on yourselves until someone else tells you that you are acceptable just as you are (that’s that whole…Christic thing….happening….). You are thinking that what you are doing, in terms of loving You, is being a bad person, but you are not. How will any one of us know what love really is if we do not Love ourselves? And how does anyone at all expect that we would be able to share that Love, help others heal themselves, do what we were placed into these bodies and lifetime, all at the same time, if we are so glued to the things that were drilled into our heads as being the truth if we do not know what the truth of our own selves really is?

We cannot bother to deal with the healing help for others if we are not bothering to see what it is within us that makes us unhealthy in the soul. We cannot deal with the things in similarity to what we have been through all of our lives if we are not willing to reconcile it, let it go, let those who harmed us also go, and never in our lives will we be able to have the actuality called Love if we are too busy still trying to make shitty people not be shitty. For a quarter century I not only endured the abuse of the psychopath who fathered my kids, but, throughout that time, rather than truly trying to help me, those who swore they loved me chose instead to judge me (“why don’t you just leave?” “why are you protecting him?” “why don’t you kick him out?” …BECAUSE THERE IS THAT THING CALLED REVENGE AND LOWER-ENERGY SPIRITS DO CLAIM THE PHYSICAL BODIES OF THOSE WHO ARE OPEN TO CAUSING MORE GRIEF…and really, I do not have to explain to people who have not, themselves, been there, a fucking thing – you chose to judge me…you can go fuck yourselves). , chose to punish me for getting beaten – as if I asked for it, liked it, wasn’t terrified enough…I felt abandoned by these people.

The worst hurt was when one of my mom’s friends chose to call me an enabler, did not bother with me until years later, and when I saw her again, while I wanted to hold that grudge, I couldn’t. It hurt because she was so blunt about it, behaving as though I were strong enough to not need a shoulder, an ear, a friend, and once again, I was injured in the soul by someone who was clueless to the terror, the turmoil, the sheer-blackness of the fear that I felt at all times. It was not easy. I ended up hating people who meant well but who should have chosen a better way to tell me.

Then there were the rest of them, the ones who behaved as though I liked it….they’re called relatives. (But my cousins – Gina, her brother and our cousin Lance – these guys DID NOT AND STILL WILL NOT TURN THEIR BACKS ON ME, even though we are very markedly different, the each of us, since that time. They knew their Purpose, and it was all Love…I Love You guys!) and to this day there are still these people who think lesser of me for not having quelled my fears (which was by violent means…no thank you…I am a woman, not a manchick) the way that they wanted and felt was okay to do.

That was not Love, by any means, but more control.

Control is not a form of Love, but a form of fear.

Right now we cannot be afraid. We must be brave and we must believe that our Purpose is what we are here to live inside of, help to grow, become stronger souls because of it. This is our opportunity …this is our time to do what we were meant to do, to do what we were each and all brought to this incarnation for…to take Spirit up on this chance, this opportunity to raise the planet’s vibration.

Be brave, guys, not scared…

The planet is waiting…