Life Begins In The Dark


“You never listen to the voices inside. They fill your ears as you run to a place to hide. You’re never sure if the illusion is real. You pinch yourself but the memories are all you feel…”  

(Billy Squier’s “In The Dark”)


We all have them and the ones that we keep going back to are not the ones that remind us of who we are, but of who we had to wear being for years, because someone else told us who we were and like good trained animals, we followed suit. It was not then and is not now our doing, this ruination, or, the tried ruination, of the soul within. And fun stuff, the reason why I am writing this today, in this particular blog is because yeah – I guess that if anyone who did not know any better, wanted to know just what, exactly it is I am, and they who query cannot wrap their heads around my answer, which is always “A teacher of who you are, in terms of your Soul and your place in this lifetime…” I guess that I could be likened and compared to being a witch.

Who we are, as human beings, as a collective, is far more than we want to believe that we are…yes….believe. And no, I am not talking about those who would think of me as being a witch (I am a healer, am Kahuna Wahine, am a lot of things that not a lot of people understand so rather than try to understand, they judge and do so with their own fear, not of what I can do (or what they believe that I am able to do) but, what they have been told by their own religious leaders in their lives…which is INSANELY powerful, imbued with gifts that they have been told make me evil.

But, you cannot believe that I am evil, just because part of my own charm is that I call a spade a spade. You can also not believe for one moment that I am evil just because I do not follow any belief that condones violence on humans, even as it professes to be one that is both the most salvation producing belief that history has ever known (and the very most violent one, at that) as well as the only true one.

I am an expert believer.

I was born one – I am a Pisces.

Most of us fish have this innate ability to wear rose colored glasses, or so we have been told (and will ultimately believe), and really, because I am a fish, I am stating now that there is nothing that we do not see as it being in its own truth. That we like to create other ways of seeing what is in front of us does not take away from us that we are actually seeing what we are seeing in front of us. That we are able to do this…”change the shitty to a pretty” is our very own spectacular brand of Magick. (And yes, we are the very ones who teach these things very well – we fish have a little bit of everyone in our personalities, meaning that we literally can sit inside of the heartbeat of humanity and take its temperature and be CORRECT about it…please, keep reading…)

The beauty, if you can manage to think of it as being a beautiful thing, of right this moment, is that as always, and as folks who practice the Craft, practice their ancient origins’ methods of being in contact, at almost all times, with the ether, the Astral, also practice their own methods of healing on their very selves. We are, by and large, all damaged, and some of us further damaged, by the way that the world has seemingly just been turned upside-down within a few days. Things that are being done in the dark and away from public knowledge are not the things that we ought to fear, because the fear that is being created at this moment is being created to make the populace run and hide.

Running and hiding are the last things that any one of us needs to bother doing right now. What we need to do is the thing that we have, that we have always had – we need to turn to our own ancients, our own ‘Aumakua, and our own thoughts about the Divine and  things not understood in terms of what it is that what people like me and a lot of you do for your pay.

People like us were studied, and I guess that this particular writing, at this particular time in our shared history is meant to tell everyone who is reading this that if ever you were wanting to make certain that you were able to communicate with others, that which would not be most accepted at this moment in time by EVERYONE you know, there is not another or better time than right this moment for the very all of us who are “Divinely Employed” to take the chance right now to practice, in real time, the gifts that we are meant to use.

The gifts that we are meant to use are the gifts that we each have had since the time that we were born. In my case, because I was born under the auspices of folks like me having to actually be out in this world, through these words that I write, NOT adding to the vitriol but, instead, bringing to the world this newness called OPPORTUNITY, wrapped in the energy of fear.


Let’s face it, kids – the collective face of your typical American citizen is no longer what it was just a few days ago.

At all.

Where once there was this..tiny sliver of bravery…it appears that for a lot of us, fear seems to be the thing that just wears well with everything else that we are opting to wear. All I sense is that there are a lot of healers who are NOT trusting their own instincts, who are falling into the idea that what has been said over the last few months and that were things that we were to be afraid would be taken away from us are not the thing, I believe, and according to what it is that I have been hearing, seeing, sensing, knowing, and all from other healers, is that we are exactly where we need to be.

Now is the time that we would most be beneficial with our gifts, particularly those of us who are very adept with whole body healing from the mind, out. (No, this is NOT to say, neither take place of, ANY medical professional…at all…it IS to say that there are alternatives and even complementary practices that people like me offer….and that you can be taught to use in your own lives for your own health and well-being…it is how you were created – completely self-contained).

The scientist in me totally took the idea that we are here to be part of this revolution that was created by this growing energy of desiring change at the global level, and if we are wily and stronger in our thoughts about our own selves and our own gifts and how very dearly able we are to inform, to teach, to revive these things within us that tell us that what we are seeing and hearing is truly the illusion which is being created by the fear of the populace when really, what we NEED to do is take a look at our rights and realize that no matter who says what – those things are INALIENABLE...and this means that we are all prone to being able to do what we need to do, just as much as we were able to do what we needed to do in the past.

Except for today, as we are being TOLD what to believe is the truth, we are not seeing the great big opportunity that is had by ALL WORKERS OF THE DIVINE ARTS…

It is no longer play time, guys….this shit is real, and so are our gifts, and right this moment I am calling out to the masses…calling my fellow global coven mistresses, the Grandmothers of the Global Tribe, Na Kahuna Wahine Ali’i Nui…I am making the call to the other leaders and teachers in Spirit, the ones who, as we all know, are the very granddaughters of the witches they were not able to burn (source, still not known, but, it is brilliant, and true)…we would be those women, those witches, the ones who still possess the Spirit within, as it glows hot and bright without and is made untouchable by right of the Goddess whose light shines within us, each and all.

What we do not want to think of is that this is the end of things as we knew them to be, but, guys – that is what’s happened, and now is when your gift, my gifts, everyone’s gifts are needed, badly. Everything that we knew and was real prior to these last few weeks…that is all different now, and for the life of me, I cannot think of why ALL healers and workers in the light were not actively preparing for this time, for this…thing…that has happened and that yeah – we cannot change it, at least not the way that we want it to be.

Not the way that we want it to be…but…

…but we are able, the very all of us who walk on both sides of consciousness, who know that there is another side to all of this, and who refuse to not be who we are, just because there is a larger populace and energy that is making us think that we have to conform.

We are being told without being told (and you each and all know exactly HOW we are being told) that now is when we have to rise up, now is when we have to come out of our broom closets, our covens, the safety, even, of the religious fervor that we might have been raised with.

This is our calling.

This is our time.

This is the reason for the marching, and the opining, and the everything that seems to be a big giant mess at this time – we are here to fix it, to help others bring it to its changes, meet it head on and learn to not just protect who we are, but, the entirety of the very all of us, present and aware on this planet, and put into place so that we would have that tiny instance of what is, and what is not, our healing abilities.

And the term “healing” does not mean “one n’ done.” It means that whatever is ailing, the healing that has come from it is what needs to be more…permanent, and this means that we actually need to believe that who we are is what is needed, and who we are in that manner that is HEALER. We are hurting, but we all know who we are, and because of this, we are the very people who are telling others like us to simply be strong, if they cannot be patient, to just simply be strong and remain Wise.

Whatever is ailing is always ailing, and whatever is ailing is the thing that we need to pay attention to and whatever is ailing is the thing that we need to address and accept and make whole again, and this time it is a collective effort. This time, it is really all of us who are needed, because this time, it is not an emergency drill – this time, whether or not we feel like we are ready, if we feel that we are anything to look at, if whatever it is that we are hiding behind again, because we might not feel like particularly strong healers….guess again.

Guess again because all of us are needed.

Guess again because there are people in this country who are trying hard to usurp the things that are in place and made that way for us all, and guess again, because really, this is what we have been waiting for, is what we have called into being for ourselves and for the rest of the families, the rest of the souls, the rest of the world.

Guess again, because this is what we have trained for, for many lifetimes…this moment in time. The reason that this is hard for us, is because we are Being our…noetic…selves….

Our Noetic Selves

It is in our best interests to remember our noetically inclined selves at this time. Noetics is the science of the brain-heart connection. This, you guys, is where our power lies. 

It is not only in the thoughts that we are famous for thinking, neither the words that we speak when in prayer, meditation, in the power of the moon, but also in the connection between the heart and the brain – we call it “Mind.”

No one will call it this, at least not anyone scientific, but, I am both scientific and philosophical.  I have to mix them, and so this is what I refer to as being “Mind,” and yes, of the Higher Sort.

It is of a Noetic energy that this all must come from, and one that is the collective of the Mind that is One, and in that One, the energies that are created there, and the very ones that are going to begin to heal this planet.

We cannot wrap our heads around this concept – the idea that we are who can make this all …balance…itself out, and all we really have to do is help others realize that if they are to see the changes that they, specifically want, then also ,they must become the change that they want to see, and it cannot be change that gets rid of people, but, behaviors, beliefs, theories, and things of the collective Mind of right this moment.

Right this moment, we are being called upon. We who are known as the Women Who Worship the Moon, and the Tribal Grandmothers, Na Kahuna Wahine Ali’i Nui.

The Maiden.

The Mother.

The Crone.

This is our time. Our time now to include ALL women, All peoples, from ALL corners of this planet…even the ones who we would not think we could be friends with, the ones who we disagree with….every single one of us….

ALL OF US. We are all included, and we are all needed, and we are all here, meant to actually use our Divine Gifts, so as to begin the fulfillment of our Divine Purpose, because for many lifetimes, we have had a collective, Divine Mission…

…and in this particular Lifetime, we are meant to complete the Missions begun long ago, that until this moment, we had no clue of what it was, and then, like now, all we know is that it is about us, and not about what one man was told he should tell us, and then a panel of them bullied us all into turning into THEIR reality.

…we still have our voices, and that is OUR reality…and out from the Darkness, we Rise…

Follow what I’m sayin’?