Dear Pisces…

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This Year….remember this much, if you will, please…

Dear Pisces…

Welcome to the month of the fish. I am a fish. Not for real or in actual flesh and blood real life, but, astrologically, I am the sign of Pisces…the sign of the Fish.

And here we are, a few days after the change from Aquarius to Pisces, and for a lot of us, it feels like this time, in 2017, we are trying hard to not feel, not believe, not be who and what we are for real.

Who and What We Are…For Real…

The sign of the Fish has always been thought to be the most fearful, and while this is the truth, we are also the most resourceful – we have to be, in order that we can get through those times when we are supposed to call on our sense of bravery, and like the Pisces that we are, we want to retreat, but, still, we swim forward, darting left and right, trying hard to avoid calamity because so much of who we each and all are ends up dealing with calamity, and lots of it.

Yet, rarely does this deter us from being who we are and doing what we are able, as the fish, to do.

We are aware of the underlying energies, are able to discern what is the truth of any situation, and assess what it is that we have to do in order to remain with a feeling of safety. When it comes to us, the Fish, we may well be masters at the art of disguise, but without trying hard to do so, we prefer NOT disguising who we are to those who mean the very most to us, simply and only because we know that if it is any other way, not only will those who we love the very most end up confused as to why we would say or do the things that we say or do, when we say or do them, we will end up bringing more harm, more confusion, more of everything that no one else either wants as much as we know that you don’t….and we know this for sure.

This is what our special magic is – we have a clue, because we are the last of all of the Sun Signs, about how everyone else is feeling at any given moment, because our psyche, as the last sign of the zodiac, contains within it the energy of ALL of the signs, meaning that when we say that we believe you, it is because we can, and not because we are trying to score points or to impress anyone.

We are able to easily key into those thoughts, through discerning the meaning of the words being used, through their contextual meanings, everything that is going on in the  mind and the Soul of the people who we cross paths with, everyday of our lives. When we were children, other kids liked to bully us, but not because we deserved it, but because we were very different from the rest of the other kids. We knew things they didn’t. We came up with ways out of situations that no one else could, and when everyone else told us that those things would not work, rather than get butt hurt, we began to go through the list of things that we came up with, just to make certain that we did not miss a thing.

We do this because we know what the hell is happening in the mind of another person, but not only because of our very heightened levels of intuitive ability, our other ability that is loaned from our intuition – mediumship. We are adept at knowing the things that are going on in terms of the energy in the room and the energy of the people in the room, no matter what, most of the time, of anything, because of our razor sharp attention paid to detail.

Yes, we can be very forgetful, but, most of the time we are not – if we forget something, we feel awful because someone else might have needed us to be on top of our game or, it is not really forgetting, but, more a measure of trying to soothe our aching Piscean brain cave from all of the thoughts that were not ours, that we had to question and hone in on, because once it is that we know that the harsh emotions which are roiling beneath our Truth is the actuality beneath the surface of another human being, we are already waiting to be of assistance. This is our nature. This is Pisces. Most of us are like this, and there are a very few who are not. Most of us want to help, to heal, to make things right and balanced (because we are dual signs – we know, personally, what is balance. In the case of the Fish, we are those people who adeptly balance our emotions in ways that the rest of the signs, dual or not, can. Please, keep reading.)

This is how we navigate the world, the Astral, other peoples’ energies, and specifically other healers and Empaths who have no idea that the reason why they are suffering at any given moment is not because of everything that tangibly, they have to believe, but more, everything in the Astral, and in the intangible sense seems to have them in a vice grip hold. And no matter how much we cry about it, how much we worry and how much we teach, we sometimes forget that other people will grow at their own rate of speed, that other signs have their own strengths and abilities that, even as we also, given that we are Pisces, have those same gifts that they do, it does not mean at all that they are going to be able to understand everything that you are dealing with. No one really can, dear Fish.

Just You.

No One Really Can…Just You

Does this mean or am I suggesting that any one of us at all ought to try harder to change facets of who we are so that other people do not have to suffer so much, or, does it mean that we go into observant quietude? Does it mean that we stand firm in our goofy fish selves in terms of Spiritual weirdness, or does it mean that again, we must hide behind the veneer of those things, just so that we can not only make sense of everything that has happened in our lives, but more, so that we can help someone else understand what is going on, as well.

…and naturally, we are also doing these things to protect our very dearly fragile inner world.

Understanding what is going on is far different than actually going through it, even though when it is someone close to us, we are, without our realizing it, also going to go through those same emotions, those same fluctuations in our energies, because that is who and what we are – Pisces, the Fish, and we feel everything, believe every good thing, every bad thing more. We know who anyone is the moment that we encounter them, and we know when they are, or are not, up to no good.  This does not mean that we know it all, whatever “it all” is, and neither does it mean that we are going to go tell everyone on this planet and in our own worlds anyone else’s secrets. Again, this is how we roll – or swim, rather.

We Absorb Everything, and this is also how we seem to also know…everything…at all times…

We do not know everything. We know lots, but, no one knows everything. To think that we would be able to store everything that everyone on this planet knows, thinks, intends, acts upon is not placing us in our spot as also being human, let alone intuitive. Our intuition is both our gift and our crutch, and crutch because it is our fail-safe when we are trying hard not to fall apart.

And that we absorb everything is the reason why people think of us as being strange, and more than that, most people have the Fish pegged as somehow weak, not trustworthy, unthinking in the manner that is …juvenile, at best, and immature at worst…cry babies and people who are not reliable. These are the very furthest things from the truth.

The reason why people say this is because we are indeed very cautious, because yes – a majority of us, mostly those fish who have not welcomed their own Soul’s shift into a higher consciousness, whine about what is going on in our lives and whine they do at a constant. True – lots of us are not very comfortable right now, but, lots of us are so used to things turning on a dime that just like the creature in the wild, we are able to turn tail and walk away from anything that does not serve us with what it is that we know we need, and what we need is varied, and very important, just as it would be for any other sign in the Universe.

When we happen upon those who come into our lives and present to us, in the most beautifully fucked up manner that they are able to, those things which we need for our own soul, we stick to those people like glue. We do this because we know, without a doubt (okay maybe a little of one….can’t help it – this is the truth, one of many, of the sign of the Fish), who we are able to trust, and who we are not, and the day that comes that we have to accept the truth of someone who we have known and loved for a majority time of our lives and who has broken that trust – it takes us a very long time to rebuild that trust. The one thing that is the very biggest truth of the sign of the Fish is that we have friendships that are more like familial connections, and when that connection, that energy has become fouled by untruths, ego and contempt, we know it.

In fact, we know a whole lot, and when it is that we “guess” what is the issue of another sign, we are who is blamed, not, I think, for anything other than that, in our …Pisces -ness…we can only give love to those things that others are deeply ashamed of, because we also know that at the very bottom of all of us, and down deep in the very bones of the soul, we know for sure that Love is the thing that cures all ills. We know this. We live this. We are this. Because of this, we have been called weak, whiny, told that we are not able to be trusted, because somehow other than by means of our own sharp intuitive nature, we snooped and dug and stalked….no, that is not the Pisces, at least not in total and it takes a whole LOT for us to not trust, which then makes us do things that, while they are not outside of our character, they are very much a part of all human beings.

Pisces just knows, very well, how dearly being fooled (because we ignored our intuition), shamed, made to have to explain ourselves to just anyone hurts us. We refuse to stand down, unless the person who we are communicating with is someone who we have forged a rock-solid bond with. When it is in terms of that bond, there is nothing that can break it other than things being so unbelievable that even our own motto – “I BELIEVE” – becomes somewhat of a bittersweet thing for us. We want to see only the good in others, but some of us, like myself, and not unlike other Pisces, end up allowing damage into our souls, and the sort that takes us a very long set of years to correct. This is because we so badly, as much as we love others, do not want to hurt.

This is why people call us weak – because it is not hard to harm a fish in the wild, so, think about the Fish on the Astral. It is not that difficult to harm any fish. However, remind yourself daily, Pisces, that not all Pisces are guppies….the ocean is a big, mysterious place, and so is the ocean of belief, of spirit, of soul….and in those waters of emotion, some of us go from guppie to barracuda, and really, there is evolution in between those activities, evolution that the Soul within us all depends on. To believe that the Pisces is weak is to not bother with looking at all that the Pisces has to deal with. To believe that a Pisces can deal with things like another dual sign…Libra or Gemini…is not giving the Pisces his or her just due. To make it as though we cannot make up our minds is not giving credence to the idea that we are, as the Fish, the damned innovators of the zodiac. Steve Jobs is one example, as is Liz Taylor, and Albert Einstein…all Pisces….all people who made huge differences in the lives of the global collective of souls on this planet.

We are not weaklings – we are deeply feeling, and the world perceives the ability to feel as being a “weakness” and it so is not

I think this one is my favorite, and more, I also believe that this part I am writing for one particular Pisces – my very Pisces Self.

…another thing about us fish is that we are scared of no longer being with those who we love the very most. When even the thought comes to mind, it will break us into a million shards, and once it is that we have gotten over it, we are prone to avoid those things, and people, who we have come to discover have wronged us, purposely, and who have, without a soul’s thought, but rather and only that of the ego’s whims, went ahead and did or said or thought whatever thing it was that was done, or said or thought….rarely will we turn back for more of that same heartache, namely when it is someone who we share a history with, and specifically when it is someone who called themselves a friend.

We know who are and who are not our friends. We cling to those in our lives who treat us well, treat us like we are equals and who do not forget that we are also human beings as well as these really cool people who are a bit on the quirky side and who really and only just want others to get along, and if they can’t, just leave each other alone – it really is that easy for us. If we get to a point in our awareness that things are going to overwhelm us or that things are simply going to break our hearts – we retreat. We do not bail out, or abandon, but, because we are such highly intuitive people, when it is that we have found ourselves in the manner that only those closest to us have ever seen us be like, we simply just go into another room, or outside, or just away from the fracas, because always it is the fracas that tends to hurt us, and the fracas is typically had after we have been asked for the truth.

We are the very ones who are brave enough to spill our guts, and we are also those who endure much, complain very little about the really giant things (because we want to be optimistic, and anyone who wants to be otherwise we simply will not allow, no matter who it is, to burst that bubble, seeing as how no matter what – someone is always trying hard to burst that bubble). We are afraid of everything, but this is what also must be remembered in that, as much as we are afraid, we do not realize that we are brave, brazen and not putting up with anyone’s shit. We might have the thinnest skin, but, that is because we are very deeply feeling and we want to trust and believe everyone, but then people become the truth of themselves, and some of them who love us and who we understand their plight remind us that we are in their lives because not only who we are, but primarily what we are, which is deeply loving and feeling people.

That we can have a giant temper tantrum is one thing, but, that those tantrums are few and far between is the thing that people are not seeing when they are telling us who they think we are. That we are able to cry at the drop of a hat, and then as quickly turn into a raging cauldron of venom is proof of our very dual nature. On the one hand, we know why you are confused by us, but, on the other hand, we do not understand why it is that we accept everyone, flaws and all, but when others judge us, we forget that the reason others do not understand is because the bottom line is that they are not who we are, and who we are, no matter who wants to tell us otherwise, is a collective of brilliant (even as we are exhausted) minds poised and ready to come up with ideas that the world cannot comprehend, cannot even believe will come into being.

Don’t tell that to a Pisces, because we see what is beneath the surface, some of us literally, and we would, because actual fish “live under the surface of the water,” and in Astrology, water is the element of Emotion.

We are the sparkling glimmer of hope where it feels as though hopelessness is the only thing apparent. We are the shining brightness of the fire which tries so hard to rise, to rage with its own patent glory, to Be the Light of Love, because that is who we are.

We are the very epitome, sharing space with Einstein, Kornberg, Michelangelo, and Greenspan, Representative and MLK activist John Lewis, and of course, the One Pisces who the whole world likely wishes were here walking the crust of the planet with us – none other than Christ, himself…of the word “Genius,” and more, the sort of genius that can see past the science lab, the engineering lab, the physics lab, the psych lab. On the other side of that we share space, as well, with artistic geniuses, such as George Harrison, Karen Carpenter, Rue McClannahan and “The Man in Black” – Mr. Johnny Cash.

We are the people who are called “visionaries” and the very ones who, for the very life of us, do not know this unless and until someone else comes and tells us this. Because we have this…governance…about ourselves, in terms of our being able to accept, graciously, any kind of gift, or compliment, or both (because for the bulk of our lives, we have been told that we do not deserve to be treated kindly, equally, namely when it is good, or as if we matter….we have had to endure this sort of thing since we were each and all very small children…please keep reading) we are thought of as being fickle, as being (ready?) brain-snobs, and open to abuse.

We are not.

We are simply people born under the sign of the Fish. being born under the sign of the Fish has, just like all of the other signs, its own positive and negative traits, its own demons to overcome, and its own thoughts that are primarily a thought that anyone sharing a sun sign would think. We are here for our own purpose, which typically includes others. In the wild, sea creatures travel in packs, and in terms of the Pisces, it is schools we travel, and this ought to loan credence to the fact that the world’s genius gene pool, while it might not be ALL Fish, it is plentiful with thought leaders, with healers, with scientific intuitives, with people who parade around all day long, making certain that the world around us is as beautiful as we see with our 6th sense that it really is.

We have the magical ability to see past a person’s faults, to the goodness that lives within them. We have the ability to be and remain very quiet, and when this is so, it is not because of any other reason than that we are being the very quiet observer, the universal mind scientist whose goals are to heal the planet, one soul at a time.

We Love, endlessly, and we Feel and Believe in everything that we are told by our Loved Ones. There is not a whole lot that we will not do for them, any one of them, and when things get difficult for them, we want to make it all go away. We end up sad and upset, because it is times like those that we realize that we really cannot save the whole entire world, and it bewilders us when we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of something as fierce, as ferocious, and life-consuming and ugly, but, manage to get through it, we do. If you asked me how I get through it, this would be one of those times that I KNOW that, because I cannot recall it, because it is by means of the stories that other people tell me about me, about the things that I have done and that, for the tiniest moment, sounds a little bit on the heroic side, it has to be the Truth.

When I hear people tell me how strong I am, it is a bittersweet moment – bitter, because I know why I am so fucking strong, but still very sweet, because yeah…I am sitting here writing this, sitting here typing out these letters for you all to read, thinking about the one man who I love, endlessly, and how it is that every year he has referred to this month not as the month in which my birthdate falls, but, the month that we celebrate the Birth Month of the Silly Pineapple …Yours Truly…

And therein lies the gift in all of this.

…one day became the entire month…kind of like when entire cultures celebrate a whole month…

Dear Pisces….

We all need to get a fucking clue already, guys…take a bow, revel in your mysterious selves, and love the quirky, eccentric genius whose purpose in life is to Love, Unconditionally, Christically, and with every bit of the Truth of Who and What The Very Each and All of Us, on the collective, and damned straight, the singular, Soul and Self Level of Being Is…

To the Global School of Brilliantly Dazzlingly Sparkling Creatures of the Water….

… Hau’oli La Hanau….a very Happy Birthday, everyday, until the 20th of March, every year…

Aloha Mai E…I Invite Aloha to Your Lives….