MANIFESTING LIFE: LESSON ONE – A High Willingness to Learn, and a High Willingness to Change…


There is no way around two very important things when trying to manifest one’s own highest and best life

I have a friend named Melody. I have referred to her as being both “The Goddess of Gettin'” and of course, I have always called her the Snarky Puppy.

However, as much as I adore this lovely human being, this writing is not about my lovely adorable pal Melody (Hey Snarky….how’s stuff? You already know how stuff is with me….and I told you I would start writing about it…here it is, lady !) but rather and only is the start of a series of blogs dedicated to making the Law of Attraction make even more sense to folks who, like me, wanna just have things go in our favor once in a while, if not all the time. That’s what I wanted to begin telling you all about…the way that Melody and a few others have taught me to begin to understand the LOA from a perspective that can only be thought of as being….blue collar….because yeah, even us folks in RegularLand like having things go our way.

In my studies at school, I have learned that there are two things that are required in terms of getting what we want in life. No matter what anyone wants to think, believe or tell me that I am wrong about, the thing that the movie The Secret gave to us was this deep-seated curiosity about how it is that people like me, and people like my Coven sisters utilize, at all times, and have only recently and are still learning what it is that Melody has been phenomenal at giving us all a clue about, and of course in language that we can all understand.

The Two Things….

You are not going to want to know this, but, I am certain that Melody would tell you that indeed there are two things involved with manifesting one’s own highest best life. Those things are to be very willing to learn, and more, to be very willing and ready (even if you think that you are not able) to change. And in order for these things to work, you actually have to implement them.

There is no cheating the Universe, and neither is there any way, at all, to get around two truths involving the Law of Attraction and why it seems to work for some while making the rest of the population feel …sort of weak-ass…in terms of the Craft and more, in terms of the LOA. (And yeah….the methods that I am teaching you all today are indeed the manner by which a lot of us Crafty Chicks do our thing…we play with the etheric energies. In my language I refer to it as “scientific research”) (keep reading)

Let it be well understood right now that just because I am one of those…Crafty…women, it does not mean that I am going to be able to get what I want to happen faster, and by that right, we must ask ourselves why it appears that something that we have been waiting to happen, finally and suddenly happens, and does so when others are watching it happen. In their heads this might well equate to our being magickal at getting our way via the LOA but the truth is that whatever it is that is appearing in the lives of those who we love the most and the lives of those who we feel deserve these manifestations in their lives, be they good or bad, are getting those things in their lives right at the perfect moment because one thing is certain…

Before I get to the thing that I am pretty sure you wanna know about, I have to remind all of you of the very MOST important ingredient of all, in terms of the LOA…

Ok….so there are actually three things…and here is the first one.

You have to believe.

Cher’s song Believe has gotta be one of the most inspirational songs ever known to mankind, NOT because of her butt cheek tattoos from Turn Back Time and not because of that song being thought of as only meaning a woman has found out that she is strong on her own (we are built that way, with it…keep reading…) but, that we MUST believe, and we must believe that indeed, we are strong enough to weather who we are, so that we can also rise to become who we are meant to be and become.

This is tantamount in all of this…manifestation stuff – in order for it to take place in the manner that it is meant to and the manner that it will serve the highest best good of all there must always in place be a pureness of intent and belief, not only in the thing being brought into being via the LOA, but more, one’s own magickal self as being worthy and able to receive and accept that which we each and all know is ours…so long as we BELIEVE…

And that part…the believe part, is best, I think, explained by a young woman named Gabby Bernstein, who is equally as awesome in my eyes as her pal Marie Forleo…and these women, along with my pal Melody, as well as a guy named Paul Santisi, are all one and the same in the thought that in order for anything to manifest in one’s life, there must always be belief involved, in all areas, but mainly in the belief in one’s own desires being right and good for themselves in terms of who we each and all are.

Paul Santisi’s own words resonate best with the way and the things that I teach other women, and the way that Melody, Marie and Gabby all speak and write, the message is very order to manifest your best life, you must not only have a firm belief in everything about what it is that you are manifesting, including and especially about your own self, but, you must also have those two things….A high willingness to learn, and a higher willingness to change.

Without these things, you will have a hard time understanding, really, how the LOA works. It is not really a genie -that is giving the power away to something outside of yourself. You are the power in all of this – NOT the outer Universe. Understand, too, that we have been taught to see ourselves as being apart from the Universe, and apart from nature, when in reality, that is what keeps us apart from the things that we so desire…because we see ourselves as being in control of the Universe when really we need to be in control of our own selves and our own energies. This is how we end up pushing away from us what it is that we are so wanting in our lives.

In order for the LOA to work in your favor – you MUST learn, and change, and most of all, you MUST BELIEVE…(or you can choose to NOT and consequently also choose to stay frustrated.)

Simple as that.

Been there. Done that.

Don’t forget this, guys…this is like salt – needed when baking anything. Belief is the very salt needed for the manifestation of one’s own highest, best life.

In order to manifest anything at all…you must …MUST have a very high willingness to Learn 

Indeed, my closest people are, themselves, also healers, and of course, in that realm of life, I am their resident scientist in terms of things ethereal as they relate to the tangible world of science and at the moment, I am researching the Law of Attraction in terms of why we want anything at all. I wanted to be able to use my gifts, and so I manifested the right kinds of teachers to help me along that course of action, and I chose, also, to stop believing things that were not and could not be true about me as was told to me by others and naturally, I had a LOT of my own bullshit to clear away.

And here I Am, all…”am what I am” and stuff, and loving every moment of it, because indeed, along the way I have met, and reunited with others who I have spent significant times in my life with, who I have known, now that I think about it, likely for many lifetimes (Hey Arlene…how’s my Healer Mamasita today?) and who with me, are here to help raise the planetary vibration. The planetary vibration is not going to be raised when there are still too many of us paying attention to things going on in the world of pretend (think politics and think reality TV and think…think think think).

Of course, for many, many generations, people like myself and my friends have been referred to as being “evil” because we happened to have a certain and real affinity for the unseen, quantum world, and more, because we also know that it is not something that we, as humans with souls, are not meant to know how to use. This is wrong, this way of thinking, but, truth is…we really don’t care.


For a long time, it has been that the social agreement with the world is that folks like us stay quiet because the “real” healers with their medical degrees and their kickback from the pharmaceutical companies far and long have outweighed what we heebie-jeebie people have offered, and which, totally and every time works….the only reason that it will not work is because it has not been tried. It always works. It never does not work.

If that were the case, millions and millions of “faithfully saved” believers all over the world would not be believing that what they have been told for the entirety of their lives is the truth – that we are very very awesome in terms of our magnetic nature, and by right of that magnetism, we are the ones who are actually able, the very all of us, to perform what are known as miracles. That’s right – miracles, if that is what you want to call them, are not things that happen by mistake. They are scientific, really, and if you don’t believe me, you can check out my professors’ books. I refer to them as The Professors, Lane, David C and Adrea Diem…in one of their books it is written that we are not here by chance, that we are miraculous in nature given that we have a 1 in…I forget but it was something like…40,000,000 chance to be here, right now, because for the most part, the majority of sperm ejaculated die on the way to the egg

You are not a mistake, but, instead, are a miracle, and according to my professors’ research in quantum physics – , we are “due”, on average, by right of the things that we keep doing and keep wanting and keep drawing to ourselves, one really way cool thing, every month…literally, one in a million chance (so go and buy their books and find out what I am talking about).

Yet, in order for us to “perform” these miraculous feats, there is a whole lot of inner work on the self that must be done and we have to begin to foster a love for learning things, namely things that we are not too sure are real by right of anything more than who and what we are. It is not that we are somehow touched with the Midas touch – but that we have been teaching ourselves and trading our thoughts and our secrets with our closest people, and we have been pretty much …not so much indoctrinating the tribe, as much as it is more that we are teaching our hanai ohana how to use what we are all able to use.

The thing that is our issue, though, as reasoning beings, is that we are way, way unreasonable about a whole lot of things, but most of all, we are unreasonable about what it is that we want to believe is our power. Humans mollify things, embrace things that are inherently worthless until another human places power on and uses it to control other people. We are here to share with each other. This is the reason that I will write these things and tell anyone about where I learned about them and how I was able to test them myself and use them in real life.

Really – we are amazing Beings, we Humans are. The reason it appears that things do not turn out the way that we want them to is because of the vocabulary in our heads.

We keep telling ourselves that we are “too (insert thing here) to learn, ” and of course, that they we are “too old and set in our ways” to expect things to change, and that there is the thing that is not ours to hold on to. That is something that we have heard for the bulk of our lives and in that process we have essentially brain mapped it so that this is the only thing that we are willing to believe.

Reread that – recognize that I wrote the word willing, because really, that is what keeps us from growing – our level of willingness, or, actually, our level of unwillingness.

You do not know everything there is to know. No one knows everything, and in thinking that you know enough is ignorant. It is a chosen stupidity (I said it, so deal with it) to not want to get better at something, because it is choosing to be less than your specific brilliant self, and is choosing fear of risking being great over the safety of being the same way from this day forward.

The reason that I believe that we believe that we are “too this” or “too that’ to learn is simple – by right of our human nature, we are lazy creatures. When we add to this truth the idea that we have been taught and then trained our lives long to believe that we have to work at a job that we hate so that we can take care of the ones that we love and when we are told that we have to do things the way that we have been taught (and ONLY the way that we have been taught) ourselves, as a collective whole, tend to have a problem with not getting what we want, because we are equating the phrase “work on ourselves” as meaning “working out” (and no matter what you want to think, once it is that the inner work has been completed to the level at the time that it is completed is done, you will not worry about what the phrase “working out” means to you…because it will have changed…keep reading so I can tell you why that is…welcome to “Spirit Science 101” …sit down, shut up, write shit down…here we go..).

TO work out….okay, sort of, because exercise will help to shake loose the stuckness in the thought process…is not the same as to work ON….know the difference in the words, and know the difference in the structure and context of sentences, and soon enough, you will also know the truth in the power of words, and why I so love them like I do….because they are very, very powerful….

What it means to “work on yourself”

This is very important, and you can sit there and get ass hurt, or, you can pay attention and think, really, really think about the things that bother you the most, and understand now that when you get your feelings hurt, and it is something that comes up, again and again, and you get to that point where you know you cannot go forward one more day thinking the thought that life is never going to get better and that you are just going to live in torture for the rest of your life – you need to know that you are doing this to yourself.

Reread that.

Hate me now for five minutes and then get over it – you are doing it all on your own through the mechanism of perception.

We all forget that while we might be experiencing the same tangible collective thing, every single one of us is having a very different experience, and we, in that moment, are not thinking this thought – of course we are not, because we are in survival mode, in some way, or maybe in the literal way. It doesn’t matter. You are who is getting angry at a situation in the moment, and that is fine, but, when you hang on to it for longer than whatever is healthy, it signifies that you “have some work to do.” It means that you have to figure out why you feel the way you do, and then you have to figure out if you want to get rid of the feeling or hang onto it, and then if you choose to hang on to it, you have to figure out why, and then starts the circle all over again.

And because we are human, we have to do this, because if we do not fail at things, we can never learn them. Sometimes, we fail at healing our lives, because we do not want to learn something that we did not ask to have, even though we love it so much. We fail at healing because we Love to the point of sickness, and at that point, it ain’t love…it’s sickness, and that is why people like me, exist.

To help people understand their Soul’s sickness, and to guide them in the proper manner to their wholeness. Sometimes, we need help. It is my job to help. This is how I do this, through these blogs and through Awareness Training (hit me up).

So, pretty much the truth is that, as Paul Santisi repeats, again and again, and is the truth that will resonate and is in line with the thing that Melody teaches (in that we are mirrors to one another) – “what you want, wants you, and what you want is careening towards you, right this moment,” and yes, believe this, please.

Whatever it is that you are learning is meant to be learned, and it probably sucks, but, once you learn it, you don’t have to learn it again, and going through all of the bullshit that you are currently experiencing is meant – and next time you have the choice to not go through it again. This is what is meant by having a high willingness to learn (even if not by the first time).

A High Willingness to Change

This one is harder than having a high willingness to learn, because when we think of the word “learn” we think of things in terms of literally sitting down and learning things, as a student, which is why in my thoughts, the reason why there are a LOT of clueless practitioners of whatever is their culture’s or belief’s version of The Craft, is because while they might have learned the mechanics of a thing, they have yet to shape themselves to the mold that they were born to fit into, which is the most magnificent thing in their world, once it is that they can wrap their heads around the idea that indeed – you are that fuckin’ cool…

Haha…I said….deal with it…here we go….

You have to apply what you learned. You have to change your level of thought, raise your vibration so that you can fill the void that is the chasm that you feel and that makes you believe there is only darkness. The one thing that has to change in you IS you, and that comes with learning, and once it is that you learn to learn, you learn to fail better (yeah there will be a blog about it and yes I will be sharing it here).

Learning to fail better

I used to be a huge fan of Cornel West, and it is totally because as cheeky as the dude is, he comes up with some brilliant shit – one thing that he came up with (but that I have some difficulty that he understands the actual depth of the ideal) is that humans strive to be better through learning to fail better…to fail ,up. To me this means that we each have a process, and we know that the process isn’t going to be pretty or comfy but, if we want to level up, we have to learn to fail better, perhaps more efficiently, so that we are spending less time on soothing our egos (which robs us of our precious soul energies) and more time knowing that we have learned something, and that right in that moment, we have failed up, have failed better, and because of this, we have gone up a notch.

I hate putting it that way but, for us all to get it in terms of this LOA stuff, I need to write in as black and white words as I can, because yeah – this series is gonna be long, and it is gonna be a couple of weeks before I am done teaching it. So, stay or go, it is up to you, but, know one thing for sure, and that is that you manifested this very moment, this very choice and the thoughts that you are thinking now were with purpose at the moment of onset. This is not a mistaken event, not a fluke and neither is it me trying to sell anyone on my ideals or my methods or anything that I offer to the world as a healing tool….

You manifested this moment, because obviously, you wanted to know something about the LOA that you were not getting from the typical places. You are probably tired of spending time on doing the free webinars and tired of getting only half truths and tired of being given a bunch of bullshit by “gurufucks” who want us all to think that only theirs is the way that this all happens.


Melody and Paul and Gabby and Marie all teach the same things that I do, and that one thing is that you have to be open to change, because being open to change means that you are going to be able to see the opportunities that you might not have previously. This is why it is so important that you learn what you need to learn, so that you can teach yourself what is your highest best level You. Your highest best level You wants you to have what you want, and what you want also wants you and is trying to get to you as soon as you figure this much out.

Ours is a very generous Universe, and one that does everything that it is  meant to in order to help us do what we are supposed to do in this lifetime – which is always, at the bottom of it all, to take care of ourselves and others, and this, in turn, takes care of the world. When we have learned, our level of wanting to change and adapt to that learning becomes almost automatic. So, when you can alter your thinking to KNOW that with a high willingness to learn, comes a higher propensity towards wanting to change, unless and of course, the change is automatically had via learning, which is, for the most part, almost an automatic thing. When we are not sure of what it is that we are doing we become fearful of failing. This is why I tell anyone at all that they ought to expect to fail, and expect to fail better and better every time. (You “lose” a BMW so you have room for a Bentley, if that’s how you roll…in my world, I lost a 99 Mustang, so I can have room for….well, whatever comes rollin’ into my life….please- keep reading…)

Changing your own thoughts to accommodate your new thoughts takes time to learn to do.

You took time to get to this point in your life, and it is going to take time to relearn who you are, so that you can take in the learning that you have done to unlearn who you are not.

Who you are not is who is keeping you from your highest best life. Who you thought you were is who is telling you, at all times, to be careful, and we end up being overly careful, and we end up not risking what was old for what is in manifest and being created through our own hand. Who you were is who you are not. This is not an easy thing to grasp. We look into the mirror at the person who is tangibly us, but, looking back at us is this person who we think is over with. Only the part that is no longer needed for your certain learning at this moment in your life – NOT the tangible things that you know (the tools of your trade, your knowledge, the things that you know how to do in your actual job) is not there. No matter how much we want to have those actual physical things be ours, we have mastered that part of our learning, and we cannot go backwards.

Of course we are going to feel like there is never going to be that sort of great time for us again, ever, because right now, we are upset that things are as they are. I get it. What I also get is that there comes a time when we get really, really tired of being tired, and we get really bored with looking at our lives through the lies we have chosen to believe and have, to this point, taken up space in our lives and in our minds, ultimately drawing us towards making some sort of …deal…with the Universe, even as we know fully that there are no deals being made – only the energy that is a high willingness to learn, and a high willingness to change, and a very dearly high belief in what you are doing, namely because it is for yourself, primarily.

So, here you have it – these are the three components of the Law of Attraction. It is just an introduction, an explanation, if you will…

Next time you will read about the energy that brings the goods to ya….and it has not one thing to do with how you will manifest things….the thing that gives you the energy will surprise you….

Until then…read, study, learn, change, Be !!

Aloha Mai E





In the comments below, tell us what you are Grateful for…part of making the Law of Attraction work for you is to know what you are Grateful for….here is the challenge, and I promise it IS a challenge. We all know what we do not want, and we all know that most of us do not know what we DO want. BUT, I bet we each and all can name ten things that we are grateful for, each and everyday of our lives…

Tell me in the comments what those ten things are….