MANIFESTING LIFE – LESSON TWO: Clearing your emotional crap

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In order for us to see our Powers of Manifestation at work, we have to open our awareness. In order to open our awareness, we have to be willing to accept and to change what is there and slowing us down.

In the last writing, I told you all about the important things that must be included in your quest for manifesting your own highest best selves, so that you can, at the same time, realize your highest best lives.

The work involved is anything but simple, and it is anything but kind. It involves taking a good look at the reasons we keep giving to ourselves as to why things do not work out as we plan for them to, and it involves our being able to settle things within ourselves and also, more than anything else, asks us if we are able to forgive, not only others, but, also ourselves. We are taught that we have to win and that if we do not win then this means that we are losers.

We are told how to mechanically do things, including this manifestation stuff, but we are left wondering about the other part – the energy part, which really is the very most important part of it all.

We believe ourselves to be stupid, when really, we are merely ignorant, and that word ignorant does not mean that a person is anything other than unaware of the truth. Once it is that we become aware of the Truth, we are not able to be thought  of as ignorant.

The movie, The Secret, while it was a very lovely explanation of the fact that we are each and all empowered beings, enough so that we would be able, because we are all able, to have the lives that we most desire, the one thing that this movie and ones like it is that, years later, when all has evolved to what it has become in the Now, we find ourselves lacking for the rest of the story. This is the thing about our Selves, guys – we don’t want to work for what we want. I do not mean go out and get a job kind of work. I mean the sort of work that makes us look at what is bugging us, down deep in the bones of the soul .

What is bugging, way down deep in the Bones of The Soul

I tell lots of people that when we deny the things that others see in us, that we cannot see and do not realize that these things are the evidence that we need, via the observations of others, of the things that we need to learn about and clear out of our awareness in the manner of energy that those things are, right this moment.

What I mean by this is that everything that makes us feel bad, that makes us react rather than respond, are the very things that we have to see to, the very things that we have to take a look at, even if we do not want to. The things that bother us, if we knew what they were consciously, would be the things that would not only hurt our souls (again) but, are the things that contain the initial pain of the past and the very thing that we came to this lifetime to ho’oponopono. (“To make right”)

We were not ever meant to stay the wreck that we are upon birth (reread that – yes, it is true. No matter what you have been told, you are only sinless at the start of this particular lifetime, but, may have crap that has to be cleared from previous ones….keep reading…). We are not meant to stay static in the idea that since we were born imperfect, that we have to live in those imperfections. No one tells us that we can go the other way and no one tells us that we have the right and the ability to change our minds about things and the ability to make right, that which was not right within and grow our lives the way that they are meant to grow.

We are not ever taught that the things that hurt us were only meant to hurt us one time and no one ever told us that that one time could take a long time to resolve for us and no one ever, ever thought to make it okay for us that we went through anything, even if what we went through was brought into our lives by our own energies. We are not taught to think positively, even though we are told that we ought to. We are not taught that forgiveness is the key to everything because within that energy of forgiveness the freedom from our ire is not for those who we ought to forgive but rather is within ourselves.

Yes – ourselves.

We want peace, but peace is not outside of us.

It is felt inside, where it counts and where we actually live. But, that is not something that we have been taught about, this garnering of peace within. In order for us to have what we want in life, we have to have peace about what it is that we do not have and we have to know if whether or not we want that one thing in our lives for the moment, or, if it is something that is meant as part of our awareness for the purposes of our growing and our being able to do our part in the healing of the planet.

What was wrong was that we were forced to live a certain way while we watched the adults in our lives break their promises to us, and they didn’t even breathe a word to us – it was in their actions, or rather, their speaking what they expected of us but not living those very words that we, the parents of the children born to my generation, cannot do otherwise BUT to live by them. My generation had no idea, some of us until this moment when you are putting your eyes on this…my generation as a whole is the one generation that I can totally say has collectively kept our word, to those generations which came after ours and the one which we parented. Our kids are bad ass and they live with integrity and truth. We did it right.

We made certain that there was not a lot of their own personal crap to clear, meaning that the world is now filled with successful people who listened to us – they worked smarter, not like we were told was the only way, which was harder and to this very day these people insist on learning things the hard way, rather than doing like we SHOWED our kids to do, which was to do things SMARTER.

Of course, their grandparents think they are crazy, but at the very same time they see their grandkids as brilliant. My grandparents were not that great at sensing the brilliance that, by right of what our own parents showed us that WAS good, we have instilled that much into our kids -they are called valuing morality and living in the Truth.

Living in the Truth

To live in the Truth means that you are not scared to be who you are for real. You see, lots of people manifest things that they want in their lives, and then they ruin themselves with that same manifestation. I have a theory – those people manifested from their Ascendant, rather than their Sun and Moon signs (it counts and truly matters – if you want to know more, go to my website and send me an email…). The Ascendant in Astrology is the game face or the mask that we show the world. It is part of what I refer to as being “The Big Three” in Astrology.

The Big Three are easy (okay, they are easy if you know what you are looking at…yes, I can teach you that, too)….They are your Sun Sign (mine is Pisces, the fish), your Lunar sign (Also known as “the moon sign” – mine is Taurus, the bull) and the Ascendant, or “Rising Sign,” (which I refer to as being your “daily mask” and your “game face” where guys are concerned…). The Big Three are the parts of you that are who you are, how you feel and what you show the world. These things are also the reason why, in your inner world, you have stuff, that we all have stuff that we have to clear out. Over these last few months we each and all have been clearing our emotional bullshit.

We do not know, a lot of us, that this is the reason why we have been dealing with this collective hurt.

The things that are not there anymore we have managed to allow to release – and the part that hurt us is not just what was on top of things – our emotions are tied to tangible things because the tangible things are the things that we feel strong emotions about, good or bad. The part that hurts always is the expansion of who we are that has to take place in order that we will be able to accommodate the new person who we each are becoming. We all think that this whole…manifesting thing…is about getting things when really, it is about creating a beautiful life.

The first thing to learn in this letting go of things is that we have to let go of who we were in order to become who we already are. This is directly related to those things that are called I Statements.  Basically, these are things that we tell ourselves that keep us in our power. The way this happens is that we are not able to place blame anywhere else for how we are feeling. Manifestation is based on energetically drawing to our lives what we are focusing on. If what we are focusing on is how we feel, and how we feel is always not that great, we are going to continue to draw to us those same things, events and ways of being that cause us to go through things that we feel are not that great.

If all we focus on, throughout our lives, are the things that we have lost, and we think that our lives are going to get better because we have managed to have all of those things at one time in our lives, and we are not looking at the thing that is there and not making itself obvious…the thing about this is that you figured out what to do back then, and back then, you did not know everything that you know now. What you know now is ten times more than what you did then.

Between that time and this time, you figured out what you needed to do in order that you would not have to flounder like you think you are right now. In fact, what it is that you have to do in order to move ahead to your future is simple – forgive the past.


This is something that a whole lot of us have heard about. In my case, I have been part of this energy of forgiveness at the soul level.

You see, there are things that have happened to us in our lives that we cannot let go of. Maybe we are mad at Spirit for having taken someone from us at a young age, or, perhaps it is an energy that is just there and has always been there for the majority time of our lives. Doesn’t matter what it is. Just know that for real – we all have baggage and we all have things that way down deep inside, we hurt dearly from.

Some of these things had nothing to do with us, and all of these things that had nothing to do with us, somehow was strong enough to harm us to the point that we would, at this time in our lives, believe that we are not able to let go of an energy that we have pain from. Significant losses will cause us to believe, if there are enough of them that happen consecutively over time….those events will cause us to see ourselves as the reason why these things happen. We will think that somehow, we were bad. The reality is that we are trying hard to not hurt, and when we hurt, we think about what we are hurting over and why we are hurting over it.

We do not realize how magnetic we are, specifically in the heart and the brain.

Yes, physically. When we ache in the emotional sense, we actually ache physically. If we ache enough, we will ache to the point of physical malady. This is how we end up with chronic physical issues. This is how we end up sick – we think ourselves sick, because we try so hard to fight how we are feeling over a lot of things, that when it comes to the things that have broken our hearts and have made it so that all of our lives, the running theme in one area of life seems to have no luster at all and for the life of us, we believe that we will never know the truth of what it feels like to know what it is like to tangibly feel the energies of manifestation working out to our benefit AND was also something that was just pretty much handed to us….making it seem almost effortless.

It is the feelings of self-loathing that make us have to wait.

We unconsciously believe that we go through what we go through because we are paying for Karma that we did not know we created.

We put ourselves through things that we believe are correct and are the right things to do, and we do them out of a feeling that we need to do anything to “pay for” the sins that we committed on others, but the truth is that we are paying for the sins that we have committed against ourselves in thinking that we owe any sort of explanation for the things that we think about, let alone do.  This is the truth – the fact that we spent a whole lot of time in our lives explaining away the things that we did because we wanted to do them, or did because we needed to do them and had zero choice in the matter…THESE are the things that are in your way in terms of what it is that you are not manifesting at the rate of speed that you expect rather than the rate of speed that your own belief in all that you are, rather than how much you deserve something in your life – THIS is how we manifest.

Manifesting takes a lot of forgiving

The thing that not a whole lot of people want to believe is that to forgive is to roll over and expose your throat to whoever it was that made it seem as though somehow, you are not meant to have what it is in your life that you so truly desire.  It might be that some of us feel like forgiveness is an entirely religious thing, or that we simply cannot forgive because we think we do not know how to. We also, a whole lot of us, want to believe that when we forgive others, that we are rolling over and exposing our throats and that is so not the case.

The actual thing that forgiveness does for us is releases us from the boundary set by ourselves to protect us from perceived wrongs done to us by others. Indeed others are going to hurt us, and others are going to challenge who we are and what we are and they are going to try to make us slip up and do things the way that we did them in the past. The reality is that we ought to forgive simply for the idea that it brings us a whole lot of peace.

Yet…again…we are told that we have to forgive BUT we are not shown the way to do that OR the actual reason. The only reason is you and your peace of mind and soul.

When we are able to come to terms with the things that have marred us, the things that have made us believe that we are bad and that we are not worthy of the things that we are desirous of, it is those times when we are meant to question ourselves, question why it is that we believe that we are meant to suffer.

We are not meant to suffer. Anyone who makes it seem like you have to suffer for the things that they are not getting what they want in their lives is because you have not offered your services to their manifestations, and the next time that someone tells you that same thing that you have heard from the time that you were a child and hurt your soul – THAT, and other energies like it are the things that, once they are forgiven, and once it is that you no longer believe that you somehow owe penance for the things that you have believed your life long that hurt you….this is when the proving of your power starts.

The one thing that we each and all need and ought to want to manifest in our lives, long prior to our manifesting the tangible things, is the intangible, yet peace giving energy that is forgiving one’s own self for every little thing that we each have gone through, that we have seemingly opted to sacrifice our very Sacred selves to the altar of the ego-self.

When I have taught others that this is the thing that must be, initially, because without it, nothing else will come as easily as it is wanted, I have been told that there has to be a way to make these things happen much faster than lots of people are willing to wait for it all to happen.

My last piece of advice in regards to this one part of the manifestation process is the very most important part of it all because it is the part that we do not realize we need. If it is that we must have pureness of thought and intention, then, too, all the way around, we must be as pure as we possibly can be, free of the things that brought us the pain for so many years and the thing that we are allowed to release, are allowed to not have to try to rectify any longer and the thing that we do not realize has been making us have a sickness in the soul that we do not know, because we are not believing it, is the reason why we ail physically.

Forgiveness is the key to our manifestation. We need to get into the practice of forgiving, of Ho’oponopono to and for ourselves. In order to manifest, we must remember that we have to Love us. We have to Love ourselves, believe that we deserve those things and that life and everything that we imagine is contained within it. Indeed, we must have an energy of belief, of a belief in who we are, a belief in what it is that we want to see in our lives and a belief in the Love Energy that is the Collective of Human Life here on this giant floating rock we each and all call home.

The thing that we have not been taught about manifesting our highest best lives is the thing that we have not been taught about the rest of our life and its energetic reality.

That thing is that just like the fact that we are a part OF nature rather than apart FROM it, we must also think of ourselves as being a part OF our manifestation process rather than apart FROM it because thinking that way also keeps us apart from, rather than a part OF, the life we want to have.

In other words…it truly is all and completely up to us, up to the idea and the energetic reality that is believing in the life that we want for ourselves…

It sounds simple, but it isn’t….

I can show you how….

Just Believe




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