WATERWORLD (Or “explaining water element to the world”)


The thing that water elements understand is what it means to try always to be brave while feeling very alone in a crowd at the same time

No, this is not me as a Pisces whining about anything.

That is what the world has been told about us born under the sign of the Fish – that we are weak, and whiny, and that we are gullible and naive and that really, you can fool us with your words and your bullshit but, those who are also water element sun signs know one thing that we fish people know – that you cannot fool a Pisces.


Try as they all might, people try very dearly hard to lie to me, or, at least try to hide the fact that they are lying to themselves. About anything, but, mostly about what they are feeling, all the time.

We fucking know whatʻs up, we fish folks do.

Donʻt try to bullshit us. We are quiet, not stupid, and more than that…we know when you are too tired but wonʻt admit it, and when you are too tired, or feel too weak – NOT in the body but in the mind and the soul, we know….we KNOW, okay? We fish folks know when you are lying to yourself, and we try hard to not let you know that we know. Then when you find out that we knew all along, you get all mad at us – because you thought you told us something that we already knew. The problem is not that this is not the truth…the problem is that it IS the Truth and we put a voice to it. I am sorry but, if this is how you feel, that I have somehow said something that you think you told me, without you telling me a thing, you are telling more than you know. 

(Yeah, fire signs…I am indeed and very well talking to a whole LOT of you! Those are not just thoughts that you are thinking, Aries, nor is it your turn, when you get one of those thoughts that the Aries shared with you, Leo, meant for you to become a royal pain in the ass because of…holding that shit over their head…and as if you didnʻt go tell the Sag you THOUGHT would keep your secrets could not WAIT to be off and running with their ….THEIR – haha, NOT YOUR version of the same truth…it is really all in the delivery…the context…guys….hahahahahahaaaa) (I know…you guys are action, and well, sometimes, action precedes thought….hello, Air signs…yes, you guys, too – indeed what the hell IS the big idea, right??? Keep reading, please lol)

It is like we are there in your head long before you realize that weʻve got your number and have already decided if we will be remaining in your life, or, if we are just going to bail and say nothing. And typically, we are magickal at it, because we are not just the quick change artists, but, more than that, better than any sign can – we can turn tail and just take ourselves out of peoplesʻ lives and awareness.

*Snaps fingers*

Just like that.

This same thing goes for the Crab (Cancer) in that, they are PHENOMENAL at the silent treatment. When they are ready to speak up, they will, and lots of times, those who they love the most actually have to guess when that is, through the things that this person will do (or how long it takes for them to come out of the safety of their distance) that tells their loved ones that they are coming back to balance and that it is safe to approach them again.

Then, there is the Scorpion, the person who will destroy you, but, at the same time, will help you rebuild yourself in some area of your life, in terms of who you are, not for anyone else BUT for yourself.

We all mean well…every single one of us. We are not here for the sake of intuiting all of everyoneʻs sins and secrets, and we are not here for people to constantly dump your own crap into (think about all those things all over the place here in town that tells us not to dump into the storm drains because they flow right into the ocean…keep reading). We are here to have a human experience, in a human body, so that our souls can learn, grow, and be part of this consciousness called “the human experience.”

Yet, the very lot of us who were born with the element of water as our sun sign have a very keen knack for having tantrums (lots of them) in some manner, and those of us with this element are sometimes known for being blatantly honest (and we enjoy watching you cringe at the very silky way we administer our venom…yes, the fish….and no, it is not for all of those who have pissed us off – we are VERY discerning about who gets fucked with and who gets space and time for balance…), and lots of times that honesty comes out at the very wrongest of times.

However, the one thing that remains sure and true – sometimes, the hardest thing in the world is to be a water sign.

Water signs feel EVERYTHING

Specifically my sign, the fish, feels, knows, sees, “guesses” everything correctly, and almost with startling accuracy.

It is the gift and the curse of all water signs to some degree.

And no, we are not able to just turn this shit off – it is part of who we are, and by that right alone, is the very thing that makes us very, dearly strong (even though we and the rest of the world are told otherwise….meh, whatever – it is usually written by a sign that has no real clue…til they ask a water sign…think about it…) and more than much else, able to handle a whole, whole lot of crap.

However, like everything else that gets filled to the brim, the thing that the rest of the signs seem not to remember is that even as we are….magickal…as water signs…we are still, even though we are also very spiritually inclined – we are yet still very human.

We are the very ones who first feel what people are feeling, and since some of us are not able to discern what is our own crap versus what is anyone elseʻs we sometimes think that someone elseʻs crap is actually our crap.

And yeah, unless we are able to discern that much, for the most part, we are also the very ones to whom entities called “emotional issues and mental ailments” love to stick themselves to. If we are not aware of this much, the things that we do in our lives and the things that materialize and the things that we see and hear and feel….all of these things, if we are not careful and if we choose to just take on whatever comes our way, will cause us to be sick in the soul. 

Soul Sickness and Water Signs

More than every other sign, when it comes to bodily ailment that we waters end up with, it is a guarantee that it is, in large part, a manifestation of ailment in the soul. Again – We are also the element who is most prone to mental and emotional issues, and truly, there is not one of us who has never dealt with depression.

And we would be the very ones who could, also seeing as how we are the ones who are the most creative in terms of healing ourselves, just walk the crust of the earth, soul-sick as can be, and only another water sign would know it, because they would sense it. There is not another element that, just like ours does – water – can become entirely sick in the body from being sick in the soul. We are also, not surprisingly, the very ones who come back from our ailments stronger in every imaginable way than we were before we were physically ailing.

Problem is…

Problem is that, more than most, water signs will be the very ones to also not say anything about not feeling well, are the ones for whom these ailments, as I already stated, are rooted in our emotions, rather than our having been made that way through physical contact. Donʻt get me wrong – we do end up sick from person to person contact but when it happens, we are very easily able to flush out the sickness.

Just like actual water does.

For real.

Dr. Emoto studied it….

But..again…problem is…folks tend to “come to the water to be healed” without realizing that perhaps it is that the water needs to flow as itself so that it can flush out its own ailments. The rest of the signs rarely see this, but, of course, it is because we waters rarely say anything about it. It is not because we have this thing about us that makes us want to believe that, in our state of denial (something else that we are magickally inclined towards…denial) we are somehow just going to snap our fingers and POOF! we are better.

Of course we try hard to do it that way – especially the fish (it is that big giant Pisces imagination…it fucks with us but rarely does it steer us wrong so long as we are aware of what our own, personal symbols are…again, please keep reading…), but, we all know that for the most part, unless it is statistically the time for that particular miracle to happen (indeed….wisdom, the sort that is home grown…The Professors, Lane….hello, guys…indeed I am still trying to stay felony free hahahahahahaa) it ainʻt gonna happen.

Even in the Astral world, folks, life is messy and still takes effort on either side of the Veil of Consciousness. When cleaning messes, one needs far more than rags – one also needs water…for real and proverbially….when the earth needs to be reseeded, it is the fire element that comes to burn the earth. It does not burn the earth to harm it. It burns the earth to cleanse and purify it, as does the wind blow to carry the seed to it, and the water to help nourish it and bring it fully into Life…no matter what, in order to Be, Life Requires ALL elements, but, can bring forth nothing without Water. #WaterIsLife and #LifeIsWater…never, ever forget this one Truth. 

You can bring a horse to water…

…and there is one person to whom that will speak volumes to, or perhaps more than only that one person, and I could sit here and repeat what the rest of that is, but canʻt because I have a different thing to say about it.

No one can make anyone else do anything. But this does not mean that others are not doing and saying things that we are intuiting differently than they are delivering it to our ears and our souls, and the most of it is bullshit. Believe what your heart and your soul are telling you, and not what you think your Ego wants you to believe and keep you…yeah okay, sort of safe…but safe because of the familiarity of the bullshit rather than actually safe and secure in the soul (and remember that in the world of the weird the ego is NOT what we have all been raised to think of it as being. In matters of Spirit, it is the part of us that makes us feel small when really, we are life sized entities brought by Spirit….think about that…let your watery minds drift off with that one for a bit…).

You know the Truth. The right people keep coming and telling you the right things, the good things that you never heard a whole lot until they showed up, the funny things that you never thought anyone would have the balls to say, and the ugly things that no one could ever put a more lovely light on than can a water sign.

We water people are masterful with the truth, and sometimes so much so, that even when it is something that we, ourselves, donʻt want to state…it is there.

Just like water is transparent, by the way that we wear our hearts on our sleeves is the way that we would hope the world would treat us. We know that we are not the only people on this planet, just as much as we know that we are as venomous as we can also be life-saving. We know who we are, even if who we are hurts us to our core from time to time. Like water can cure itself, we, too, as water signs, can do everything in our power to cure ourselves from our ability to take on everything this world throws at us, and everything that the world throws at everyone else.

We are like the element we are named for….transparent, even when murky. We can live in our Ego, but too much time there confounds us.

Eventually, we each and all come home to the Water, come home to who we are….we come home to our Truths

We all know the thing that is circulating this next bit of brilliance around the web … it too, is that thing called, THE TRUTH: