Yogi: Not only applicable to Yoga

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Yogis….totally not what you think (but totally what you might be already without knowing so)

I Am Kahuna Wahine.

Regardless of what a whole lot of people who I share ancestry with might want you to believe, this is what I Am, and this is what I was raised to Be. I give no explanations, and I have to give no one any reason as to why it is that I have become what I Am.

Which is Kahuna.

Which is also a form of Yogi.

Oh man…that totally raised the hackles of a lot of Kanaka People but, let us get something understood long before you go and make it so that I have lots of things to explain to a world who really wonʻt understand and simply for the fact that our understanding, at least that of a whole LOT of people, is very limited by cultural norms and a collective of people who see a photo of a yoga instructor in their minds and who are likely wondering why it is that we who work in the weird seem to constantly be changing our titles.


No we are not – it is not that at all, but, that we are finding other things that mean the very same thing. It should be well known and well understood, as well, that those of us who are on this planet for the purposes of healing it, of teaching the inhabitants of it, of enlightening the world as to other, better, more fluid ways of being…we are a very dearly good hearted, well-meaning group of people. Those of us who are very well trained in our disciplines as these teachers of Spirit are titled lots of things, and in my case, as well as others who are also indigenous, I am Kahuna Wahine. Many of my friends are Shaman.

I, too, Am That.

So is anyone who is an expert in their field of practice and discipline.

In my culture, teachers are referred to as being “Kumu” and experts “Kahuna” and well, I Am and have been both of those things for a long set of years. It is up to no one who is not me, who does not work with me from time to time to bring healing and the alleviation of pain through addressing the emotional self and all that it experiences at the human level that is worked on and when the healing of those people who come in search of a better way for they, themselves, to answer their lifeʻs questions, happens, the evidence that I Am That Which I Say That I Am is clear.

Blood quantum is not important as is oneʻs methods of working

I get a lot of….I am just going to call it what it is – GRIEF – from people who I share ancestry with in terms of not only what I prefer to address myself as but more, what others who have been in my life and who are of the same ancestral place that I came from tend to not believe – NOT that I Am This but that I would have the very nerve to call myself what it was that BOTH of my grandmothers told me that I Am, and on that note – no one, not even anyone who I am blood related to, has the right to say that I ainʻt what I have been born into this lifetime as.

Which is Kahuna.

Of the Los Angeles sort.

We exist away from Hawaii, even as we are part of, rather than apart from, those islands.

We do not need to be there to be the real deal. Our abilities are needed around the world and Aloha is not particular to just Hawaiians – it is a human being thing, really, and the spread of and practice of Living Aloha is not limited to just #AllUsGuys.  

In fact, the very….practice….of Aloha, is a human being thing and NOT a cultural thing like a whole lot of people want to believe. In order for me and others like me to be able to do what we were meant to do in this lifetime, we have to be able to reach the world and everyone on it. We have to not be limited to the idea that we are only supposed to touch the lives of those who we share ancestry with (although being able to have that available to you, namely when you are here on the mainland USA is, as I have been told, great in terms of those who have come here to this side of the ocean to go to school – those people like the idea that someone who they are at school with ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW TO HELP THEM HEAL….please, keep reading) and we have to be able to get past and look farther past the things that have slighted us for a long time.

Things that hurt us are things that we learn from and things that we take out into the world and make part of our practice. The things that made it so that we would have to learn while we were getting out of a jam – those are the things, too, that through that healing mechanism called experience, we use as part of our tool box with which we address the world.

Healing is a universal desire, and the desire to heal oneʻs own self from the soul, out, is a human thing, rather than an indigenous thing. We, as a species, have been so convinced that who we are is dependent upon what we have been commanded to believe. When I was a kid, my mom used to like to state, to her friends, that her god is one who commands respect. As time wore on, she would say this same thing about my grandfather, her dad….I think I was 8 years old when I first heard her say that about him. I heard her saying those things about her god from the time that I was about 3.

Kind of puts things into perspective, and did for me at that time, and later on it dawned on me that my mom thought she had to worship her dad, because that is what he equated with respect and that is how she defined it for herself. This is her version of the fear of god – and she equated that fear with respect, and well, we now know what the hell it was that good pops Bill was all about, or at least what it was that my own mother believed would be what he deserved, yes?

Yogi is as Yogi does (and keeps on doing)

The term “expert” is the same thing as Kahuna and the same thing as Yogi. Yogis are NOT ONLY yoga instructors, and yoga is a divine practice and not just exercise, as is thought in the western world. It is a divine practice, and one that correlates the body, mind and soul, and combines these things to sharpen oneʻs awareness of the Self. Indeed, it DOES shape a person up – I know this.

I Yoga.

What I also know is that anyone, regardless of if they do or they do not practice yoga, can be a yogi. Many several people who have gone on to the next lifetime have been considered as such (MLK, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks) and many more have fallen into their own in terms of their being their own Yogi.

A Yogi is someone who, no matter how good we are at what it is that we do, continues to learn, to broaden their awareness and who is always a student of Spirit, of Life, and does not state that they lead – they prove it by doing it, and by doing it the way that is most conducive, not only to their mission in life, neither only their purpose, but also the message that they have to give to the world and that is the universal one that they alone were meant to teach.

This does not mean that there will not be other yogis who will not teach the same things that I teach. It means that those others will  teach what they know and will be confident that they have, to their best abilities, taught what they know to someone else because they live by what they teach and are typically their own first students.

Yogis live by the idea that we must accept everything about our own selves, that we have to take the balance that is our desirable traits and those traits that we would rather not even, ourselves, know that we have within us. We live by the words that we speak, write, teach, and we do not give any grief, as much as we will not take any from them, even as we will not be shitheads about it if they have given us said grief – that is what is meant, at least for some of us, when we state that we “live in harmony and with peace and love for the Universe” and we mean every word of it.

There are a whole lot of people who think that because I was born and raised on the 9th island of Southern California, that I am somehow not able to perform my duties as Kahuna, and why? Because some folks on that side of the water are not inclined to think that we on this side are the real thing, even in terms of being actual good Hawaiians. The truth is that I Am Kahuna, have been told so by not only my Aumakua, but also by the very people who I share ancestry with and who are lots more open minded about who is and who is not, and NOT BY RIGHT OF BIRTH ONLY BUT BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN ORDAINED BY SPIRIT, Kahuna.

Maybe this is also my way of telling an entire group of people that they need to open their thinking up more, to not be so god damned closed minded to the idea that theirs is not the only way of thinking, and neither is it the only thing that works, just because it happens to work for them personally. I Am not one of those people who practices things that she, herself, has not experienced – everything that I teach people I have learned the way that we are supposed to learn  – BY GOING THROUGH THINGS, by fervent study and by daily practice of those things that we would do in our working lives as healers.


Another thing that is particular to Yogis is that we have no actual capacity towards hate. We are fully human, and we have an ego, and we are able to feel, even until we are numb from it BUT, the bottom line is that we who are ordained by Spirit to be those who will make healing a reality in this lifetime, not just for ourselves, but also for others. There are plenty of people who want to tell us that we are not the real thing, that because of what is THEIR personal experience with anything spiritual, and because for some teachers the lessons they teach (and charge a lot of money for) do not come ready made with things that are taught about the ego, there are unenlightened people who share the air with us who willingly will attack people, simply for the fact that what we are that is the same titled thing that those who would judge is not the same thing that they have experienced and to those people …well, I am not the real thing.

We have, for a very long time in our collective lives, managed to maintain a global blindness to things that are not just like we are. The sadness here is that when it is that anyone at all, no matter what their roots are, have been taught and trained to be everything that their own Aumakua have prepared them for, that there are people who will nay say them, who will state, publicly even, that how they learned and who they learned from is not real.

The shame that is the worldʻs is that we have yet, because too many people are convinced that there is only one god, when really what that means is that there is only one All That Is and that the All That Is has many different names. The idiocy is that there are so very many different people on this planet and that we are all very markedly different from one another that to place all of us who are in the trades of the Weird as being the real thing or a phony is left up to whoever has the biggest mouth, the longest reach, and the crowd of closed minded people willing to be led rather than the opposite which is to be uniquely who we each are and are meant to be.

What we are meant to be is the purpose of Spirit. 

That might be a little bit odd to read but it is the truth. We ARE the Purpose of Spirit, meaning that it is through Spirit (The Goddess in my language) that we will be healed, that our lives will be raised to their highest best levels, that we will know the reason why we went through and still go through the things that we go through and that break our hearts.

The Purpose of Spirit, if you have bothered to read things online and in books about your own particular discipline, is to become expert at that practice, even if you are going to use what you have learned in your employed life – and that may well be the Purpose of Spirit in your life – to become the change in the lives of others in the workplace, so that they, through your example, may rise to become their own highest best self.

The Purpose of Spirit is to reveal the Truth, in all things, and at all times, and no matter how we, ourselves and privately, might feel about anyoneʻs truth, the actual Truth will be made known when it needs to be known and not before. Yogis KNOW that everything has its own time and its purpose for being. We also know that human beings are horrifically impatient, entitled, and all of those other things that most do not realize are in the way of their advancing to a higher level of Self. It took us each a very long time, a whole lot of tears, lots of gnashing of teeth, the loss of things in our lives that were “normal” and routine and there for many years – yogis know that everything has a purpose, and everything has a reason and that in everything that we go through, we are meant to learn.

We learn from our hurt and our shame, and we learn from the things that crushed us into millions of tiny emotional shards. We learn from the times that we made someone else hurt, even if they were meant that hurt, and we learn from the times when others are triumphant and again, we learn from that triumph. We learn as we live, and lots of us human type beings are no more aware of the things that happen in our lives and to our lives because very simply, there are a whole lot of humans on this planet who are no further their better selves than they were when they first said that they wanted to be everything that they know they are.

The reason that they want to be everything that they know they are is because of the soul within them. They know that at the soul level, we are much the same in that we have lessons to learn and teaching to impart and that some of us are meant, like I Am meant, to take everything that has been learned by me, no matter how much it hurt me, no matter how angry I got, no matter what….the things that I have had to learn, and the things that I have had to learn to heal from are the same things that lots of other human beings have to learn.

That we have to learn these things is not as important as to why we have to learn them. We each and all have this thing called a Purpose and we are here on a mission with others who are like us. We learn these things and end up drawing to ourselves the same kinds of people who are also going through those same things. We end up with these others because some of them are also on this same mission, with the same experiences, but with a different group who they are here to help heal and to teach.

We are those people who you want to feel sorry for but canʻt, because you are all aware of the idea that who we are is what is guiding us, and not the ego. You know that we will get through what we are faced with, and also that we, us healers, know, too, that we will get through this shit and that we wonʻt rest until we have.

We are those ones who, for whatever purpose there is by other humans, are messed with the very most, are harmed, it seems, purposely and so that we can tell others how we made it through it all and more, that they also can and that it is theirs to create, this method of healing that is particular to themselves. This is what I, as Kahu, teach those who grace my awareness – NOT what they can do to avoid going through the crap that they have gone through again, but, who they have become and how they have been made much more finely tuned to their purpose.

When you think about how a blade is made sharp, you know that it is the stone that sharpens the metal, and that metal is not as hard as is rock. Rock shapes metal, because metal comes from it, and in that manner, it is like human experience shapes thought and thought begets action that begets the manifesting of the life that we are living currently, privately and outwardly and out loud, even in the silence of the mind.

In Conclusion

A Yogi is not a Yoga expert only.

A Yogi is a person who has lived their lives to the highest best most purest extremes, in the soul, where it matters. We have taken the things that have happened to us, and we have made those things into the lessons that we take out into the world and teach other with. We are the people on the planet who, for whatever purpose we have, are the very ones who have to live with one foot on each side of the veil of consciousness. We are the very ones who, from time to time, are made to be the example of anything, whether shining or not, so that in that energy and after the fact, we can impart what wisdom we have gleaned from it and share it with those in need of it the very most.

When you encounter someone like one of us, you are encountering someone who is very transparent, whose life is lived not just on the fringes of tangible reality, but also, on the fringes of emotionality, spirituality, all balled up into a physical reality that explains who we are without saying a word about it to anyone. We work in our own lives, through those things that we have to deal with on the daily basis, and as we heal our own selves, we are given insight as to what kind of people it is that we have been purposed by Spirit to be there for, to help, and to lead.

We have come from every walk of life, and we have been placed here and in this lifetime to do one thing – raise awareness, first at the personal level with those who we coach, counsel, read, heal, and then at the level that is the collective, because always what is contained in one is also contained within the whole of the very All Of Us.

Mostly, we are here, nestled within that populace called “Regular Folks” because that is what we are…real, everyday regular people.

We might be a bit eccentric, but, that is part of our charm. And we might have ideals about things that you have not even thought of, that might make very little sense to those whose lives have been lived without realizing that there are several different planes of consciousness, and that this reality that we share is not the only one. We are the ones who are here and in place to tell you that unless you have been diagnosed as such, you are not crazy for being hurt, or angry, or loving, or whatever, because that is what you are supposed to do…that thing called live and be human about it.

We might have to do things on your behalf that might not seem like that is what it is but know now that the very vast majority of us DO NOT use what we know, what we are able to do in terms of the weirdness, to brig harm to others. We are, for the most part, not those who work only in the darkness – we are also those who use the darkness to bring back the light into a personʻs life, through their own thought process and their own change in belief.

We are who does not judge, for no other reason, than that we have been ourselves, judged so very harshly, for so many years, and possibly many lifetimes, so that through that energy we are able to come to know who we are, for real, so that when we are met with others who are where we have been in the past, we are able to at least tell them that their circumstances do not define who they are, that what is going on in their life is not there to bedevil them but rather and only to bring them to the realization that they were never the things that they were made to believe that they are, and that perhaps the way that they were told these things were told to them by people who, many years later, would be revealed to be lots weaker than they might have appeared to anyone at all at an earlier time in life.

To be Yogi is to know that you have come to that point where what you have experienced is far more golden to you now than it was when it harmed you in ways that brought to you this person who you are, in the Now and who is, to this point, healed well enough to get out there in to our own worlds, tell those who live inside of that world that we are here for them, that we know their pain and that most of all, what they are experiencing is temporary and meant to be a memory one day.

Indeed…I Am Kahuna Wahine.









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