Resistance = Persistance


We all know it is the truth – that which we resist, persists…

I am watching it happen all around me, this thing called resistance. 

In electrical terms, I suppose it is the thing that makes things push or pull. I could be wrong. I think you get what I am saying.

I suppose, too, and since it is that I am no one who can be considered an expert on things electrical OTHER than the way our thoughts magnetically draw what we focus most on, then I can honestly say that I could be wrong. The one thing that I am NOT wrong about is the truth that whatever we place focus on, even the things that we do not want more of, will come into our lives.

Reread that.

Indeed, you are the reason why things happen they way that they do. If I did not just go through it this past week with LOTS of things and people, I would not be able to sit here confidently stating that whatever it is that you believe is the only way to do something, and whatever “newʻ way of doing things seems odd to you – too odd for you, specifically, to make it work, then the issue is NOT outside of you.

And make no mistake – through my own doings (meaning through the prayer that is “Hey…Spirit…can you give me a little help please? Can you please show me where it is that I am being blinded by my emotions and will you please help me accept things no matter how much I might not like them? Thanks”) (…and yeah – as simple as that prayer appears to be, spoken with intent makes it a more powerful set of words. If you wanna know how it all works…yep – I teach it so send me an email if you would like to learn… until then, please keep reading.) I found out that indeed I have been doing things almost correctly, and the moment that the tears stopped and the equilibrium stepped back in was also the moment that I realized that no matter what I want, in particular, if it involves anyone else and the manifestation is up to me to create, then I need to be very careful, not with who that person or those people might be, but more importantly, who I am within that created situation.

The inclination we as human creatures have towards not doing what we might need to do, including letting go of the things that we believe, even if just for this moment and this one manifestation, and trusting that we are good enough, strong enough and most of all prepared enough for the things that we do not realize we are calling into being should we also choose to be over the top picky with what we do not want is the thing that makes things happen for us – good, or other than good.

When we choose with the intention and focus on the energies  of getting what we do not want (meaning when we focus on what we are worried about, doubting, or fearing will happen), we get more of those things. Proof is that those things, those energies, feelings, etc., all tend to happen in our lives. Our proof that we are strong in terms of manifesting our lives is all around us. If you looked at what is happening right this moment, and if you monitored your thoughts right this very moment, you would find out that what it is that you think about primarily is the theme of your current awareness.

And there really is nothing and everything that we can do about this.

The first thing that needs to happen is that we need to acknowledge and accept ourselves as being imperfect. Anyone who thinks that I think I am perfect is not paying attention to the things that I say, all of the time, which do not equate to my being the model of perfection. Quite the very opposite, in fact.

When we acknowledge things as they are and accept them with love, knowing that if we can see through the eyes of love, rather than through the eyes of anger, or perhaps whatever is anyoneʻs belief about what “hate” really is….we acknowledge our higher selves.

No matter what.

I also figured out another important thing – what other people intend, whether they want to believe it, whether they care to accept it, whatever the hell it is that they are or are not doing in relation to their intentions… is NOT ours to deal with –it is theirs and SOLELY theirs.

That last thing applies to us all.

You are not who called anything into their awareness on their behalf. It does not work that way. When we are talking about the Law of Attraction and when I tell ANYONE AT ALL to be VERY CAREFUL with their words and their intention and most of all their emotions that are backing the feelings of the phrases being stated….be very careful about the things that you do not want to see and how much energy you put into those things because the more that you resist those things, the more that they will find their way into your life, and the more that you will find yourself fighting those very energies that you believe are thwarting your prowess with using the LOA.

Yes. You are the reason behind everything that is happening in your life.

It is called perception . Our perception is the thing that we judge situations from. People, too. It is how we discern whatever it is that we are feeling from the Aether, and how it is that we are able to intuit what answers we seek. What we perceive things as is what creates our reality. What we think about what we are perceiving is our thought process which helps in the process of creating our lives. When we focus only on avoiding bad things happening, we will end up avoiding bad things, because that is where our attention is focused, and our perception of those things are what we are addressing when we opine about them.

Our opining about anything is what forms our feelings. How we feel about anything at all is what brings us to the awareness that things are, or are not, perceivably “good.”

“Good” or “Bad” are not soul things – they are of the Ego self, and are in place to teach us how to tell the difference between what is and what is not ours as has been manifested.

And regardless of anything you might want to believe, there is no one and nothing that can call into our lives what we do not want there. Through our avoidance of certain energies, we create a different sort of energy and one that draws to us, through our fear of things being bad, those things and energies that we do not want and that create turmoil for us…with our help, even.

It is all about YOU

You are who is, through your thoughts about things and your place in the Universe in relation to those things – you are, like I Am, the person who is creating how you are feeling about anything at all. The more that you focus on avoiding things rather than creating the ability to accept things that you might not like….the more that you will end up focusing on things that you do not like. You will ultimately draw, through that focus on things that you are not liking, on things that you are resisting (and believing that you can stop from happening because you have this skewed idea and understanding of what is and what is not the LOA) and believing, too, that the LOA is like a genie in a bottle in that you say what you want and you get what you want.

And this is the truth but what is also the truth is that you, if you watched “The Secret” and believed that there was not work involved in all of this, you really need to not think that way. You need to, instead, find yourself someone who is very familiar with quantum physics and then someone who is familiar with the application of quantum physics, and then you might want to email me so that I can teach you how it all fits into this thing called The LOA….getting back to the matter and the writing at hand…

I have been for a lot of years now, through my avoidance of certain kinds of situations, creating situations that I would have to avoid, and I will, for the first time in my existence, use my failed marriage….

We are all taught that abuse is not okay. Some of us go to church from the time that we are tiny kids – meaning that we have only one spiritual reality, and that is our parentsʻ god. We believe fully in this god guy and we believe that he will answer our prayers and then one day, it happens…our prayers go unanswered. (Actually, what happens is that we end up forming a belief that the god who we grew up with is not real, wonʻt be there to “save” us and can do nothing for us…please keep reading…)

In my case, that prayer lasted almost 30 years, with at minimum more than half that time with my trying to get out of it. I got out of it, and now am dealing with the maze of the court system, which is besides the point.

All the time that it took me to finally do what I knew had to be done was nestled in one thing, one energy, called FEAR. I was scared of this man because he threatened my safety, impaired my sanity and made life generally pretty shitty for a long, long time. It took me that long to get him out of here because the fear held within me, even now, to a certain extent, is the same fear that caused a lot of resistance in me when it came down to the answer to the question that is Well, Roxanne….who are you going to save this time? Will it be him again, or will it be you this time?” and even though it took me from 2012 to believe that I was strong enough to get through this, strong and brave enough to deal with the crap that I knew he would (and did) give to me…and then one day, I did it.

I got him out of here.

Life is not the same, and it is a good thing.

I got what I needed, and would have gotten it a lot sooner if I were not resisting through fear from all of the threats that were made on my life, on the lives of my family, on my parentsʻ house, on my ideas about who I Am in my own Life. When we believe that something outside of ourselves, outside of who we are for real, is stronger than that one truth, and we bother with ourselves rather than going with what we keep on believing is the truth that is ugly about us, we give away our power.

Lots of us give away our power to situations, and then when things fall apart, because we believed what it was that we saw, found, felt, without further investigation and without doubting that thing called our gut reaction, the bottom line truth that a whole lot of human beings do NOT want to accept is that shit is hard, sometimes, to deal with, and the more that we deny the things that we need to get through, that command our time and attention, so that other things can also be dealt with, the more that we find out things do not change for us, and the more “bad” stuff we end up experiencing.

It doesnʻt have to be that way, at all – really, how you feel about yourself is key in all of this. How I felt about myself was what kept me afraid of my ex. I feel okay about me now and it seems to be working in that I am seeing things from a different point of view lately, and taking cues from the symbolism that is sent to me in thought form. I choose not to ignore these things anymore, no longer passing them off as being something that is merely a fleeting thought.

Right now, too, I am very dearly hurting, and I wonʻt go into why, but, I will state that I have to, at this time, focus on healing rather than no longer hurting, and I have to believe that this sickness that has befallen the entirety of mankind is temporary. I know that for a long time I chose to be kind to people who were not very kind to me, chose to love those who were incapable of it and even now, I have no idea what to think or to say and can only do as I have taught you all who are reading this now – I can only intuit the situation and I can only trust my intuition when it tells me that just like every other thing in this lifetime, while I might not like the lesson I am learning, I know that I am safe in the thought that this too shall pass…

…like a kidney stone, of course, but none the less…

Believe the good things. Banish the bad things. Learn that Love is here for you and accept that you are a loved being.

This is the one manifestation that we never think about trying out, but is the very most needed one on the planet. We need to learn, collectively, to love our own weary selves. We need to believe the good things that we are told about ourselves, believe the truths that we know are the truth of us, and we need to learn to love our own selves. If we do not know how to do this, then we also do not know how to love anyone else for real, even though we might believe that we do. And believing that we are worthy of our own Love is the most important thing of all in terms of manifesting our lives.

If we do not love ourselves, the universe will see to it that the things that we think we love will be the things that love us only to a certain point. What we need to learn, as well, is to love for real – we do not know how to do this yet. I am certain that all of this turmoil is what is making us have to learn this, so that collectively we can rise to the occasion of who we are and take on the world through a new thought form, and one that sounds like “I Love You (insert your name here).”

Indeed…I Love You….