The Science of Magick

The Ghetto Allegory SPiritual People

We are all so convinced that once it is that we know a little bit about something, we are experts. Outcome proves us right or horrifically wrong

Our intentions are never really…known… revealed seen for what they are until after the fact. By this I mean that when we set our intentions, typically, we are not aware of the date, the time, the phases of the moon, etc., and really, even as those things matter, at least to folks like me, what actually matters is that we remember having set said intentions, no matter when or where.

What we rarely think about, also, is that most of the time, the intentions that become reality are the ones that have the most energetic feel behind it and our intention is based specifically upon how we are feeling and more, where that focus is being sent to in regards to that same feeling. When we feel like things are going to go wrong, inevitably they end up going wrong, but this is because we have focused on those things going that way. We do not see ourselves in the bigger manifestation picture. We get frustrated by the things that do not happen for us, and then way later, when we end up with what we end up with, we want to know why it is that whatever it is, if it so applies – SUCKS OKOLE!! BIG GIANT OKOLE…LIKE AN ELEPHANTʻS BUTT SIZED OKOLE.

This happens because we believe the words that we speak. We believe them so well that when we end up with what we end up with, we are remiss to find out that it is not everything we wanted it or needed it to be, that what it was that we intended for ourselves included NONE of the safeguards needed in place (it has to do with our thought processes) and NONE of the intention of “this or better” and damned surely NOT AT ALL with the intention of being “for the good of all.” When we manifest from a place of neediness and selfish thought, and we expect that we will not be met with the same sort of energetic feelings. We are not thinking at that point about everything that we thought about, felt any way about, did things in regards to with specific intent.

Doing things with regards to specific intent.

Specific Intent is a phrase I created. It is what separates what is good intention versus ineffective intention. Our Specific Intent is the Intent that we have and that we use for our manifestations. In my world, those intentions, in my own voice, sound like “I happily receive the good that is coming to me via my intentions.”

In my world, intent is spoken and written and has everything to do with words and their power. I use them carefully, and yes, I have used them not so carefully more than one time but typically that was because I was triggered to do it that way. My own Specific Intent ALWAYS includes :

  • Why I am intending this

  • Who I am intending it for

  • The reason for the intention.

..and yes they are always spoken into being. I have my own reasons for that much (because that is the sort of practitioner that I Am – the thorough kind). You see, our own voice can either be music to our ears and our souls, or, they can be the death knell. Most of the time humans choose the death knell in that they are more inclined to choose to focus on HOW they intend to make their lives not so harsh versus WHY it ought to be done. WHY it ought to be done is inspiring. And HOW it will be done?

That part is tedious because it includes our having to go through anxiety over things that we just want to see happen in our lives and if we can make them happen then HOW will we do that?

Think about that for a moment, about the last time you needed to figure out HOW you were going to do something. Pay attention to your gut…I am betting it is tight and not the way intended to strengthen your core but the other way that causes stress for humans.

OK…now….try this way….think about WHY you want something to happen, and think also about who the “why” applies to and realize as well that the feeling that you have in your gut right now is the same feeling that everything that we who work in the weird have honed to the point of daily use. We want you each and all to be able to do these things too but only if you want to. That you want to is the WHY and now, you just need to come up with WHY you WANT TO…and yes, check the way that your gut feels when you do this because it is important to know your own bodyʻs reaction to these things. If we do not know what we are saying, then we also do not know WHY we want to do anything at all and that makes the HOW irrelevant.

By this I mean that no matter what it is that we are speaking, it is the truth within that brings about the material reality. It is the truth that we sometimes are unwilling to face and our own truths which, until we are more well versed in things as weird as divinatory and magickal practice, we are never going to see the outcomes that we want, only the ones that we do not realize that we are focusing on. What we focus on becomes our outer reality.

Yes – this is the truth, and no matter what anyone wants to believe – this is the truth, that we are who creates what we see, feel and experience in the physical outer realms, and the reason being is because just as much as we are the ones who create those realities for ourselves, we are also those who are perceiving that reality.


You do not have to believe me, can deny me what you want to deny me but the bottom line is that what we see as outer reality is on us – meaning that our outer reality depends on how we are discerning it all. This is the same way for all humans. We could all be in one place at one time, witnessing the same outer event, but in our inner worlds we are each perceiving things very differently and apart from one another. This is because at those times, all of us are being reminded via memory of that last time that we were someplace similar. Even as that might be the prevailing thought throughout the venue, what is more true is that we each and all are having our own personal experience at that moment.

At that moment, where it might be a painful thing for someone else, it might be a “not painful” thing for us, and for anyone else, it might just be a curiosity. This is the thing that no one thinks about when we are in the middle of our own crises – while we might be in a lot of turmoil, we are expecting that anyone else will feel sorry for us. They are not us, meaning that even as they might have that tiny bit of empathy that all humans are capable of, the truth is that they are NOT having the same experience as we are, meaning that we CANNOT expect others to be COMPLETELY empathetic to our life situations.

When we are not shown by others that they are sympathetic to our current and outer reality, these others get bent because we think that they are somehow being mean or shitty to them. No, it is just that we are not in their awareness and that is what makes all of the difference in the world. It does not matter that you are a psychic or that I Am Kahuna….while we each might be able to sense those differences, we are not able, even when we choose to step inside of anotherʻs auric field, to “get rid of” anything that anyone else is perceiving as being “bad.” It just does not work that way.

While I might be very well attuned to ANYONEʻS energy, (NAMELY those who are closest to me, even when we are not speaking to each other…) at any given time, the bottom line is that their energies are not mine, and the only thing that I can do, again – at ANY given time – is to give those individuals a bit of what it is that I am FEELING and SENSING and tell them so. This gives them the ability to, through having one more channel to do that through, open up their energetic field to the open field of more and better possibilities.

In this same manner, when we cry out to the Aether in fervent prayer, in the manner that is pleading and are open wide to receive the blessings of the Universal groove thing, and when we are NOT sure WHAT our intentions are, we can be ABSOLUTELY sure that when things happen the way that we see them happen that we are not going to like what we see with our mindʻs eyes. Our intentions are what bring us what we desire, and more than that, if we are not careful with our intentions, will bring us what we LEAST desire, which is the ability to wish we had things easier, or better, or more endowed with material wealth. I am all for those things but at the same time also know that I am MORE for the idea of figuring out how anyone at all “gets to where they are going” for any reason at all.

And by the way – that you believe that you will not ever have these things is only part of why it is that you do not have them. It is all about energy produced by your own feelings, no matter what.

Nothing, this means, is ever by accident – we have to think them literally into being.

(yeesh! Think about how many people thought Trump would be somehow good for the country)

It is never “how” but “why” we are intending something

We want good things in our lives. There is a huge growth in terms of people turning to the ways that I practice, and it is because they want the good life. Lots of those people are making those ways of being work for them, even the ugly stuff -I, myself, Am quite remarkable at doing good things within my OWN ugly situations (note that I DID NOT STATE ANYONE ELSEʻS AND ONLY MINE…keep reading). Within that growth there are lots of people who are making things happen at a lightning pace, and within that growth is also the stifling of that growth via the thought process. It is the thought process that makes or breaks our intentions and stalls the manifestations that we desire to see happen for us. It is embedded in the idea that what we want also wants us, so long as what we want is a beautiful thing. That part is left up to oneʻs own discernment.

Discernment can be thought of, in terms of magickal practice, as being able to interpret, through oneʻs own symbolism, what anything, at any given time, means. Literally, and according to Websterʻs Dictionary (1996), the word discern means to separate…to perceive or recognize clearly. Sure, lots of people have a different way of thinking about that word but the bottom line is that much of what can be called “work in the weirdness” has much to do with how we are discerning things.




Our discernment of things is dependent on how we have dealt with things in the past and what we have learned from those times.

Know now that dealing with things in the manner that we dealt with them in the past is NOT going to work as well in the Now as lots of us, including myself, are findiing out lately. Reread what I just wrote and realize that as per usual, and namely when I am teaching what I am teaching right this moment and that I say it A LOT – the past is a reference point, is history, is your study guide but it is NOT OUR TO GO RUNNING BACK TO AGAIN AND AGAIN in hopes that something from the past that worked then is also going to be as magickal now. It wonʻt be. I canʻt be. This is not that time. You are no longer than person. You are meant, through these things being told about, no matter if it is this blog or from others, to learn your own practice of discernment.

And touching on that for a moment….think about how glad you are that the past is in the past, where it belongs, because to want those things again, even for a fleeting moment, would make at least ME think also about all the shitty things that happened and that I KNOW I learned from. One of those things is to let go of what FELT GOOD BACK THEN and know NOW that it CANNOT BE THAT WAY FOR LONGER THAN THE TIME IT TAKES ANYONE OF US TO THINK THOSE THOUGHTS and I will also remind ANYONE AT ALL to NOT get CAUGHT UP IN THE PAST by thinking that we can recreate it.


It does not work that way. Repeat that to yourselves as much as you can….YOU CANNOT GO BACKWARDS. EVOLUTION DOES NOT ALLOW IT AND NEITHER DOES YOUR SOUL. What you CAN do with those memories AND that energy that is feel good and from the past is use it to propel your intentions. I am not saying that you gotta NOT remember the good times. I am saying that you will do better with creating new memories by utilizing that feel good energy you get when you think about the past and how great it was not to have to deal with the things that you are dealing with right this moment.

Tell yourself that you cannot go back to that time, even if you want to and it was great and people were not such assholes – deal with your memories, and your hurt soul and your broken and bloodied sense of who you USED TO BE.

Deal with that much already, would you please? I know you donʻt want to – I mean…hell, I would LOVE to go back to the hairband days, love to be able to wear those clothes, and those shoes, and deal with being my “pre-mom” self, all over again, but I hardly would be able to deal with her. I would likely hae to tell her that she is being an entitled asshole, that she needs to check herself before further wrecking herself, that it is not okay to pretend to be something that she is not and above ALL, she is NOT NOT NOT to sully who she is in order that she get that thing I wrote about very early on in this writing and that this is NOT intention but is rather and only ATTENTION.

That version of me is clueless, and while she might have been adorable, she is not as smart as THIS me in the NOW is. This me is sharper than that one was, and this me is strong and this me is far more intellectually adept than that version of me could ever be. I was too young at that age to handle the empowered forces of Mother Nature, of The Goddess energies which permeate my life and mostly, the stronger, more resillient me that even I am sometimes taken aback by. To go back to that time in my life and to be that me places me, even though I am far younger and lots more physically able to do lots more….that me was preparing to be this Me because I knew then that there was more to me than only what I looked like. I still know this. It is not the thing that makes or breaks me. With help from other people …THAT is what m akes or breaks me, and sometimes, without their help. I can no further go back to that time in my life and thankfully so.

Neither are you as your old self able to deal with what this version of you IS able to deal with, even though it might not feel that way – it is the truth.

I will not argue with anyone who will tell me that things were easier back then, and we were all these physically beautiful beings with perfect bodies and thoughts that were made of cream chesse and alcohol, with us being the cream cheese part…but, it CANNOT BE THAT WAY and you do not want it that way because even though we might have been much prettier, and might have been way way cooler, tighter, with less stuff needing to be botoxed, lifted, scultped, shrunk….we are far wiser than we were as those people.

The reason it might not seem that way is simple.

We hate to have to work on stuff, but, we really hate working on our own stuff.

I say this a whole lot too, and it comes out in coaching sessions totally in the manner that the sun sign I am speaking with at that time, whether in writing, in chat or on the phone (and when of course, I am fortunate enough to meet one of my clients personally for the first time) …for ANY OF THIS WEIRD STUFF TO WORK FOR US RATHER THAN ONLY BE THE THING THAT REVEALS WHERE WE ARE NOT READY TO ALLOW GROWTH DEMANDS that we have a VERY HIGH LEVEL OF INTEGRITY, not only when we practice our Practice, but, at all times. The way that I do things is that this is my way of life and living, and there is no one who can say otherwise. The thing that I recently figured out is that the reason it feels like my life is stuck is NOT what I have thought all this time.

It is not because I did not get help from anyone on the tangible side of reality, because the actuality of that much is that I am pretty resourceful – evidence is that I am the….chick version Macguyver when it comes to things “household” and specifically preparing meals. NO ONE can turn teeny tiny places into a kitchen where entire meals are made using what she has in her environment at any given moment as well as I know I can. I have done great things with one burner, a microwave, frozen produce and my creative nature. I am magical with sustenance. Ask anyone who actually knows me. They will tell you that this is the truth of me. This is one of those things that can be thought of as an example of my proof of our being able to do amazing things if we bother to think, believe in what it is that we are thinking on the good side of things and have faith that we are good enough to carry it all out or receive it, too.

However, I was not always as magickal with this sort of thing and for one good reason – I WAS TOO BUSY FOCUSING ON WHAT I DID NOT HAVE INSTEAD OF DOING WHAT I KNEW TO DO WHICH WAS TO UTILIZE WHAT WAS IN MY SURROUNDINGS and anyone who I have taught and am still teaching will also tell you that I am also big on that, as well – the answer to the question that we each and all have to come up with at least once a day which is NOT “what are you gonna do when you are done learning all this stuff?” but rather and only “WHAT IS IN YOUR AWARENESS AND WHY IS IT THAT THAT STANDS OUT THE MOST??”

Meaning that you want to answer your own self when you ask these things, and you want to ask you why you think something sucks as opposed to it not sucking and why it is that we want to believe that those things suck to make us feel sucky too or perhaps those things are teaching us better that which does NOT suck. I know, it is a bit to wrap your head around but it is the truth and I know it is because I live in this energy everyday – no, not of just asking these questions of myself, no, not just expecting that others would also ask themselves these same questions but why it is that you or anyone else is not satisfied with the answer since it is that the reality is we are the ones who direct our reality and it is all based on our personal perception of everything going on at any given moment. The answers to these questions are different because we are different.

Only one thing is identitcal between us, even as our perception of things will never be.

The answer to any of those questions is connected to oneʻs own DISCERNMENT.

It is with this one thing that we are able to detect, sort of, what is going on right NOW in the Aether – know NOW that the ONLY WAY THAT WE ARE ABLE TO “TELL THE FUTURE” IS BY CALLING IT WITH OUR VOICES, OUR BELIEF IN THAT FUTURE and more – OUR ABILITY TO LEND TO OUR INTENTIONS WITHOUT OUR EVEN KNOWING THAT THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOING. Maybe I am very upset right now for things that have nothing to do with this writing or this blog but know that again – all that I do in my life is directly connected to who I am in this lifetime. I might be overly upset, or, I might be very frustrated at the idea that I have people in my life who do not listen to the things that I am telling them in terms of this stuff. This stuff is real. If it were not I would not be able to tell you all about how I survived that whole “married to an abuser” thing and how it is that I continue to come up with many different modes of healing for those who have also been through this same thing (yes, it is called OPENING UP CHANNELS AND IF YOU DO NOT PAY ATTENTION HOW WILL YOU LEARN HOW TO DO THAT?). Take it or leave it, when we go with what is our TRUTH that we KNOW IS THE TRUTH, we cannot go wrong, even if it feels weird to ignore what it is that our ego is telling us (because the ego is the part of us that keeps us afraid, egotistical, narcissistic, ugly towards our beautiful selves, all the way down to the weary bones of the soul..keep reading…)

Of course this is what the ego is telling us, because the ego cannot be wrong – at least to its tiny little self. It is the part of us that tells us to hang on to old ways of being, because at least if we have to suffer the same pain again, we know how to deal with it IN THE OLD MANNER. We are TERRIFIED of letting go of what used to work for us. I am GREAT at that one – I know what works, and for awhile I stayed stuck to those things until those things stopped working for me. By this I mean that I could go ahead and be my very…extremely overly and obsessed with the organization of oneʻs own time self (and where it is metted out at and to whom) and even now there are times when I will trip out when there is a given timeline when things are expected to be done.

I will fret, and worry, and obsess, not over having to get it all done, but having to get it all done by a specific time. If I thought about it more, I would be wise enough to do those things on my own and rid myself of those worries, but I donʻt, meaning that really…it IS my bad. That it is my bad is one thing, but that I am willing to let the world see it is quite another. It is yet even more “quite another thing” when I think about not HOW I will stop that behavior, but WHY…and you will read about “How versus Why” very shortly. Too many people believe that we are somehow lacking when we want to get things done, and this all relates to how we were raised and not why we ought to not think the way that we do when we are faced with both “how” and “why” questions but the thoughts about that will be in another writing. Right now we need to know the “why” of things…

…and it is not that I will not get them done, or that I will procrastinate, but that I do not want to do the work on my own, because rarely will I leave it to anyone else to work for me or on my behalf, namely if it is to get my own self out of what my mind perceives as being “trouble.” Rather than taking a breath (which I am great at telling other people to do) and actually THINK about the issue at hand, most of the time I am already in that moment where I am thinking about what anyone else is going to lose, or going to have to listen to or have to deal with, and if I am able to help at all I am going to.

Not a long time ago I begged to hear that I was so helpful, but the truth was that I was fishing for compliments. Not a long time ago I was worried about what people would think of me, and now I am more worried about what people do for themselves. It is not that much better but it is better in that I have taken the focus of my being their savior to them saving themselves.They can keep on keeping on in the same manner that they have always, or, they can try something different, and learn that it is not that bad to do things differently.

Saving oneʻs self and doing things differently.

Sometimes doing things differently is what is needed, not for the teacher, but, for the learner, because yeah I get that, too – it is frustrating to see other people be magickal at what they do and what they want to do seems like it comes to them easily. I am always that one teacher of weirdness who is willing to tell anyone that like all other activities, we who work in the weird take lots of time to measure our skills and practice what we do. Yes, there are a lot of humans who are blessed with gifts, as we all are, the magickal sort included, but, of all of those people, we are also the only lot on the planet which was designed to reason. That we reason selfishly at times is human. That we think to reason selfishly at all times, turning our art into what it is not (a competition) is why we get confused as to what is our discernment that is actually our ego wanting to be better at this stuff than other people are.

When we understand that we are not able to “turn people into” anything, that we are, through reason of our abilities to use etheric flow, to use our ability to think broadly, through things that we have been taught are not useful to our human lives and mostly, when we are brave enough to think an original thought, typically about how we are or are not trying hard to create being our highest best selves, this is when we are able, as well, to accept the truth about things. The truth about things is that this Craft stuff takes time to learn, and only a foolish student would believe that what we have been shown in television shows like “Bewitched” is real.

It isnʻt.

What I do is the real thing, and I Am here to teach it as well as a lot of other things. People do not seem to get it when I tell them that your thoughts are things, that they carry lots of power, and that if your intention is to get what you want without getting it in your head that what you want is great, but, at what cost and who is going to be the one to ultimately pay the price? The only answer, should there be a price to pay, is our very selves. Whenever we set out to practice intention through measured and focused thought our first thought needs to be that we are trying to make things better for ourselves and everyone else and the things that we need to ask for NEED TO BE for the purpose of making life be a better thing to have to live.


But first you have to be real about things. Going back to that whole…telelvision witch thing….we are not telelvision actors, not purveyors of parlor tricks and no way is it ever a good idea for us to ʻzapʻ folks with ANYTHING OTHER than the absolute energy that is TRUTH…and not OURS but THEIRS!!! You can do NOTHING IN THE ETHER THAT EQUATES TO HARM OR HURT OR TRIAL AND TRIBULATION and in the direction that is towards others, without also expecting those things to come back to us somehow. This is the truth.

We think we can send this thing called “Karma” out after the people who hurt us, but when we do that it brings it all back to us. This is when we suffer, which makes me wonder what the truth in intention was at the time of setting that intention was all about energetically for anyone at all. I see the things that befall others, and immediately I can totally see where it is that they have created certain things for themselves and in other situations where these same souls are concerned, I see where it is that they need some help and immediately I am there and there until I find that the lesson is not about what I can do for them, but about when those others are going to STOP and recognize that this time, the spotlight, the count of 8, the intro and the moment that the curtain is going to close is theirs. I am only there to guide, like the playbill does.

When we realize that we are the most fascinating, most empowered tool we have in our weird practices, we understand the reality of what is and what is not POWER.

Power is dangerous. It can kill a person and can kill a personʻs spirit if it is not emitted in the right amounts. Again, this is not something that I do not personally know about – I mean I am accused a lot for being the demise of people, specifically men, no matter what role they play in my life…it is always, in their heads, “because of a woman” and that there tells me a whole lot more, such as the idea that these people either truly have given away their power to someone else (and thereby shirking responsibility within their relationships) or, they actually believe that it is not they, themselves, who have in some manner, through inaction, or perhaps wrong action, or wrong thought, or bent will…anything can be the reason….so long as the reason (where things got fucked up) does not point their way. We resist this energy – BLAMED FOR OUR OWN LIVES IN SOME PART – and we feel like the world is against us and making us look bad and that is not the case at all. This is when our discernment is telling us that it is teaching us something, that it is going to be revealed to us the reality of the things that we are setting out to accomplish and most of all, when we are doing things with right thought and action, the end result will show this as fact.

So too will we be shown what was NOT right action.

This is the part that lots of people do not understand. There are a lot of us for whom magickal practice is a way of life. This does not mean that I use the Craft everyday to zap things and those things are going to go “my” way. What this means is that everyday, at the moment that I open my eyes for the first time, that is the very moment that my intentions that have been placed into motion have the benefit or, unfortunately, the negative effects of what my actual intentions are. This is the reason why I am very prone to telling people – and not just one or two but ALL PEOPLE who have asked me about how I know how to do my work in this world, to please please please REMEMBER THAT AT ALL TIMES THE UNIVERSE IS RELYING ON OUR INTENTIONS AT EVERY MOMENT, so that it can do for us what it is that it is meant to, which is to help us help enrich our own lives through creative means. We who are practitioners of this divine arts stuff, if we have been taught correctly, will always remind people of a few things…

  1. it all depends on you and your thoughts
  2. if your thoughts are not pure, your intentions and your soul will scream at you; conversely, your ego will prod you on to keep on doing what IT wants, so that IT can remain in its safety net of denying YOU YOUR LIFE with the people who mean the most to you. Your ego self wants you to do things to keep IT alive…think about it. How much have you done OTHER than thinking that would tell you that this much is NOT the truth? (, too, I promise)
  3. You are who is in control – not any tool of discernment, not any heebie jeebie prayers, not one damned thing OTHER than our own selves are controlling our lives (so it is a moot point to think that anyone else can fix or ought to pay for the sins they have committed against out lives (and yes I know that these energy demons exist in our world and no you cannot zap them into the ether – unless you want someone else, for real, to do that same thing to you)
  4. MUCH depends on the energy to the INTENTION that is embedded in the END of a SPOKEN intention which ought to sound like “…this or better than this.”

We have to expect great things from ourselves, but, we cannot set the bar for standard too high, because in doing so we also set ourselves up for very real dissatisfaction because we chose to set our intention at the egoʻs level, rather than the realityʻs, and always the reality is that of the SOULʻS LEVEL. When this happens we will take this out on anyone – most of the time it is on those who we love the most. It is in THEIR response to that energy exchange that we have reflected back at us the things that we have to work on within ourselves. Working on the things that we have a hard time letting go of and that exist as our energies within is the same working on oneʻs self that makes it so that our manifestations, via pure intention and thought, come to us faster and with better, higher energy responses from the Ether.

And no…no you do not have to believe me. You can do like I hope you will do and try it yourself. Do not make the mistake of expecting these manifestations to come to pass immediately, at least not as immediately as one would expect them to. It takes time and practice and lots and lots of working on oneʻs own personal baggage before anything in the realms of Spirit and in terms of those things working out for us happens. You wonʻt like the way that the Universe teaches you, and it is by design that I Am a teacher of all of this….divinatory stuff….

Because I intended it that way, that one day, I would be someone who gets to do what she loves the most as her work in the world.

I Am doing just that.

I Am sure that there are markers in your own awareness that will tell you that everything that you have just been enlightened to is NOT news and that you knew, already, all about this….



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