The Inherent Power of Words

June 5 2014 Living with Aloha Meme

Words are very Powerful.

Anyone who does what I Do in this world knows very dearly just how inherently powerful all words are. We do not know their power until they are stated and create a different energy for those who we are trying to convey a message.

At this time, the collective who I refer to as being called #AllUsGuys has begun to make the world aware of the fact that our word Aloha – IT IS NOT FOR SALE!  

And I do not want to get into that right now. What I do want to teach you about today is the inherent power within the words that we think, speak, hear…words are very powerful. They are the things that make up our thoughts and we all know – Thoughts are Things.

Thoughts, as well, have words in them, and all those words tend to vibrate at their own special frequency where the each of us is concerned. We each have a level of vibratory energy that either draws what we want to our lives, repels what we think we do not deserve, makes the things that make us hurt not be in our faces or in our lives. The bottom line is that as important as numbers are, so, too, are the words in our lives.

The Words in Our Lives

Without words, we have no means for communication. Even sign language uses words in symbols created by the hands – words are everywhere, and words are very powerful.

I teach Hula as Medicine to other Abuse Survivors. Hula has always been the iconic dance that the world knows as using our hands to tell the story of the message in the song being danced.

The words in our lives make us know who we are to others. The words in our lives make us know them. The words in our lives are the things that make it so that we can understand one another, and the words in our lives, when they are used to control, manipulate or harm are the evidence of the power inherent in them. We are able to make others lives beautiful or the opposite of beautiful. We are able to bring into being the things that we want in our lives or donʻt want in our lives.

Through our words, we are able to direct life, and right now, there is a word that is a most important one to people who I share much with – Ka Poeʻ O Ka Wai…The People of The Water, who are also and simultaneously Ka Poʻe Aloha….The Aloha People.

Right Now

Right now, as a collective of Aloha Souls, we can gather our energies and we can go one way or the other – we can fight like hell and strike at the soul of others, or, we can Be, In Love, in #Aloha, and we can do all that we can, NOT to get even, but more, to resolve.

Words have a magickal ability to make us feel great, or lousy, to make us happy or sad, angry or be filled with laughter. NO matter what anyone wants to tell us, the reason why we who work in the weird tend to be wordy about things is because we know their power and we also know that the reason why they are so powerful is because all of us, as human beings, has a past, and all of us in the past were likened to use words to satisfy our ego needs.

When we grow into the …Magickal People…we are meant to Be, and when we adopt an attitude of knowing that our words carry magick and meaning and that those very words can heal or harm is when we realize, too, what our power is all about.

All of it is contained in the words that we choose to use, in whatever way we will and without our really thinking about what we are telling other people, not just through their actuality and meaning, but, also through the things that we do not realize we are using, such as body language, tone of voice, pitch, context- it all hits us whichever way it is going to and most of the time, we use our words to do as I have already stated and that is to satisfy the egoʻs need to feel like it is some kind of big frikkinʻ deal.

It is, but, it is not the part that matters the most, namely when you are Shaman, which I Am.

And letʻs look at a very good example of the use of words…and I will illustrate it with the one phrase that a whole lot of people use but not the way that they ought to, because in order to Be anything, you have to believe what you are saying. Most people will tell themselves the things that they want to hear but really, they need to say those things to themselves by first and when a person makes that statement, create that statement to be a Believable Thought.

“I Am” statements and Believable Thoughts

I have been asked plenty of times why it is that with all of the challenges that I have faced and that I still face, how it is that I Am Able to create Believable Thoughts.

We believe that these two little words somehow are easy to turn into a statement that we will believe and that is good about ourselves. Most of the time, we are likened to bullshitting ourselves and talking ourselves into things. When an I Am statement is a Believable Thought it makes all of the difference in the world.

Throughout our lives we are told who we are to others, and lots of times who we are according to them is a lacking Being. I Promise you that if you lack THINGS – ACTUAL THINGS – and this is what you want to believe is telling other people the story of who you are, then you are not telling the whole story.

I can only speak for myself when I say that it would be nice to have my car, and it would be nice to have a great big beautiful house, but, those things do not comprise who I Am. No …thing…can do that.

I can love the things in my life because they might carry a beautiful memory, but, the  memory is not contained in the thing…the word “carry” is not the same as “contained” and lots of time we Humans do not think about the difference in words or how that difference can make a difference int he energetic vibration that is always within us and is also known as our energy self.

It is through our energy selves that we are able to sense the Truth of Who We Are. When we are found to see what else someone else thinks or believes, even if it is just about something or someone who we feel strongly about, good or other than good, it is that thing that I refer to as being your energy signature that is particular only to you that is conveying the actual energy from the words that you are speaking or hearing, that you are defining according to your own intelligence and your own thoughts about words and how they will give you a good energy or a not so great feeling one. Either way, it is not anything outside of you that is directing you, at least not for real, but is, instead, the way that you are feeling the way that something that you have heard, namely when it is about who you are according to anyone else.

When someone says something to us, it either raises our vibration or lowers it. We can take this energy and use it to our advantage. The thing about hearing negative things is that we have to learn to question who we are right in that moment, not to that other person but to our very selves. We cannot bother with allowing, any further, the things in our lives to matter to us in terms of how those things create our feelings and our energy, but, instead, how we feel about those things and what they symbolize for us.

For instance, when I read things that are not the truth about me, of course at first I am going to be hurt but, I am NOT going to allow what others hold as an opinion about me or anything that has to do with me be the thing that guides who I Am. Who I Am is not anyone elseʻs business and no, they do not have the right to impose or impress upon us the belief that, if who we are to them is not the shining example of who we are to perhaps a lot of other people, then we know that whatever it is that they want to believe is not our truth, thereby making it only something that the other person is choosing to believe.

We do not have to make it our truth, and I Am statements are the thing that no one thinks work but if a person learns their own interpretation of the words that they use in their lives to also interpret the energies of their own lives, even and including when it comes to those interpretations that others hold, we can safely and effectively create our own I Am Statements.

An I Am Statement is simply a statement about ourselves created by us. It is our claiming the good, and choosing to work with the “bad” to check and see if what we are thinking about ourselves is the truth of us. The more that we create Good I Am Statements that are both believable and true about us, the more that we will notice that not only is our life becoming everything we want it to Be and need it to Be, it is also becoming far more than we thought it would be.

When we believe the words that we speak hold the power to make us become who we are for real, and we are willing and ready to make certain that we are brave enough to step into the uncertainty of who we do not believe ourselves to Be, even when it doesnʻt feel quite right, we know that we can change our words to make them feel lots better.

This is the beauty and the power of words. They have the ability to make us think in ways that we never thought we could, and we are able to create a beautiful life through them. just have to Believe that this is the Truth.

The way to do that is to realize that the power of our words are not meant just to give others this feeling of good or bad energy, but mostly, for ourselves.

When I Am told that I Am a good soul, or when my other half tells me that to him I Am Beautiful, I want to believe those things, so, instead of questioning Him, I question me.

I ask myself why, if he believes it, do I not…if it is the truth to him, it is also my truth BY him, because as with all other things that feel right versus the things that we fight against and that feel “wrong” NOT ONE OF US ought to question the beautiful things that for someone else may well be the truth.

When my kids tell me that I Am awesome, I am not going to question it, and I Am going to continue to do the things that cause them to see some sort of …awesomeness…that is their mother and is their interpretation of that word “awesome.”

When my soul family tells me that I am a good soul, I cannot do anything other than believe them because on that end, I actually Am aware that I Am a Good Soul. I Am That. I Am. It is believable and not because someone else told me so, but because it is what I Am That I created for my life, so that those who I share my life with and who are also Good Souls can know who they are to themselves through the mirror that I Am hopeful that I Am to Them.

Think about all of the great things that people have told you about you, and then think about how you think about yourself after the fact. Think about the way that you argue with yourself about what those others say about you and how it is that you are who is making those thoughts hard to believe in that you are also the one who holds the power to go the other way with it, and believe the good that you hear out of them. Think about every single time you fought like hell with someone else about who you are not and how it was that when you fought over it, they did not change their thought about you.

And what you might have forgotten then, too, is likely what you may well still not think about now, which is that you do not ever have to believe the ugly things that other people hold as their opinion of you. Opinions, it is stated, “are like assholes” in that everyone has one. You held the power all those times and you still hold the power now to believe their shitty opinion of you (that is actually how they feel about themselves because you reflect something about themselves that they do not like) or, to remember who you are for real.

Who you are is an amazing Soul whose life is being created, is well held within the hands that care about it the very most….Yours.

I Promise.





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