Shamanism and Psychosis: The Chasm of Difference Between these Two States of Mind…


Western Thought Has Us Believing In Our Broken Selves. What if they have been wrong all this time?

I Am Kahuna.

It is sort of the equivalent of a Shaman.

I do strange things.

I see things that no one else can see.

In lots of ways, it would appear to anyone, even based on my free-spirited manner or Being, that I Am pupule… the Hawaiian word for insane.

I Am Sane.

I promise.

I Am also a Practitioner and Teacher of the Divine Arts, and this means that I see differently, hear differently, know differently and ultimately do things differently.

And I have been like this my whole life.

Throughout my childhood I was warned vehemently about not dabbling with things like The Craft, or with anything that was considered to be “Heebie Jeebie” by my mother, whose understanding, at least from my perspective, of what I do, versus what she believes that I do, versus what she has been told to believe for the entirety of her life that people like me do, is rife with the only thing that anyone who I know was in charge of raising her could use in order to keep her under their control….

Itʻs Called Fear

I look back on my own life, and have come to that place where, at least in my mind and even my soul, I know that this is also how she tried to raise me. When I chose to become Me, or started to realize that I am what I am, I would get grounded, or embarrassed in front of my friends, or simply told that I was wrong. When I was found out to be correct in my “guesses” I was again reprimanded, meaning that I had, at that time and not known yet by me, found out that it was fear that drove my parents, but specifically my mother, to overdo things, at least in my own opinion, in the religion area.

You see, fear will make a person more driven than they can recall ever being in their lives. I have, over these last few months become completely driven towards digging deeper in to the areas of our thoughts and patterns of behavior that are driven by old fear patterns that lead to our feeling like we are running around in circles and constantly chasing our tails for whatever reasonable answer we can have or at least create.

In what is known as “Western Thinking,” we find there is a lot of fear there, and fear of things that we either do not know enough about, or, on the other side of the spectrum, things that we know massive amounts about – one of these areas that human beings are completely afraid of things is in healing, and particularly in healing the mind.

I have always believed that people go through things that ultimately will make things lots clearer for them and will answer their questions all on their own.

Yet, there are times when I have to think further, such as in my own life, when it is that I have been diagnosed with things that until I chose to create A Magickal Life for my family and I, and things that there are a whole LOT of meds for – I chose the way of the Shamanic People I come from.

I chose the Path to Health in the Body via means of Health in the Mind and the Soul.

In an article written in March of 2015, former Sports Illustrated writer Dick Russell titled How A West African Shaman helped my schizophrenic son in a way Western Medicine coulndʻt ,  tells us about his son, Frank, and the young manʻs issues with schizophrenia when he was a kid who was only 17.  His issues became and continued to become more apparent. After Frankʻs parents tried and did everything that they knew to do and in accordance with Western medicine, while they did indeed find some sort of medication that would ease his symptoms, they were not able to get Frank the help that he needed until they happened upon a West African Shaman who made things become a lot easier to deal with, given the Shamanʻs advice.

It was a long time ago when I first thought about this, because people referred to me as “crazy” and “psycho” and a host of other less than wonderful descriptors.

What they were not ever thinking was that maybe I was someone who was in touch with the Divine, and maybe it was not that I was “seeing things” but instead that I saw things that no one else would allow their awareness to engage. This was something that my Auntie Kalei, another renowned Shaman the world over, would impress upon me as a younger me – that some of us just see everything because we choose to see it all, while the rest of us just accept what everyone else sees, regardless if they have admitted to it or not, if they, themselves, believe what they are thinking, or not.


There were plenty of others who taught me, some donʻt even realize it but they have, and all of them have said the same things to me – that there is nothing wrong with me, that I Am fine and good as this me and in no way shape or form am I crazy – but that I Am, instead, gifted with the art of healing through words and music and movement.  

Western medicine has impressed upon the world of medicine that we are all given to a set of symptoms, and in that set of symptoms we have what are the things that are ailing us, and all of those things require some sort of pharmaceutical manner of easing them. And that is the key – Western Medicine has us thinking that we are not entire whole beings but rather a set of systems throughout the body. The one system that we are is also an emotional system. Our emotions are guided by our experiences and how we feel about what we have experienced. We are guided only by the way that we feel and from the way that we feel we are then motivated and inspired to take action.

When we are diagnosed with an ailment, the way that medicine in this part of the world addresses it is through symptoms rather than the entire whole of a person – this is the reason that I feel a whole lot of people remain sick and die from their ailments. It is not because of what ails us, but what we think about what ails us that keeps us sick and tired and taking pill after pill, and most of the time those pills are generally for maintaining the bodyʻs reaction to the side effects caused by the last one. This routine goes on for years and years, and people who are emotionally ailing end up physically ailing because of the things that they are told is needed.

June 5 2014 Living with Aloha Meme

I used to have issues with telling people that I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1, Dysthymia, Major Depression, Anxiety, and a couple of other things, all having to do with the things that I have experienced over the last two decades and more specifically, what I have been through since April of this year, 2018.

Anymore now, I have nothing that makes me smile wider than to have been in conversation with a person who is engaged by the things that I tell them, engaged by the words I have spoken or written and in all of those words they find the one thing that resonates with them. I have no shame in telling people that I Am emotionally driven as much as I am emotionally traumatized, no issues telling people the reason why or that I Am in therapy.

It is because I have had the opportunity to allow the old thoughts to go away, and have made it my mission in this lifetime to make certain that my most important client who I coach is me and most of all, the one thing that I was taught, was impressed upon me by Auntie Kalei was to do everything from a place of love. That I chose this time to come from a place of Self-Love in that I refuse to allow another personʻs lies or a groupʻs lies become my truth again, namely about me, or my kids, or my partner or my life. I chose this time to not allow that what I believe will be questioned, or that lately, I have become completely fearless in my understanding of things in terms of who I Am, versus who I know I have never been.

When we live our lives through the mechanism and the energy that is fear, people begin to think we are out of our minds. What they are not thinking about is that some of us are born, like Dick Russellʻs son Frank, with issues that do not present themselves until far and long after we were brought into this lifetime.

Then there are the others of us, the ones who have, throughout our lives, been through a whole lot of heartache, a whole lot of calamity, and a whole lot of being someone who seems to have the right guesses, seems to have things dearly locked into a manner that we have a certain way of doing things. We have to – our minds will not allow that we can go past or aside of the thing that we know is bothering us at any given time. We have been told who we are, wore those things as though they belonged to us and through trial and error we find out who we are not.

When we find out who we are not, we are not thinking that who we are is in creation mode, and that we are not really “crazy” but that for all of our lives we have been told, again and again, through others, through the media, through every possible means, that somehow, we are “insane” and that we need pills and we ought to see a shrink or that we need to be locked up in the wacko basket.

The reality is that what you are is nothing short of Magickal , but, for real. You hold within you all of the secrets of the Universe. You are galactic, are Universal, and all this time you have been called insane, crazy, not right in the mind. It was not ever that your doctors knew better than you did, but that everyone else in your life is who was giving the world what is their experience internally with who you are. Rarely do people who have gone through severe emotional trauma know, for real, what it is that we are.

What we are is not crazy, not psychotic, not sick in the head.

We are instead those who have been entrusted by the Aether to be here to tell everyone else that they are okay, that they are Magickal and that all they need to know is how to make it all work for you.

Let Frank Russell tell you through his father and his mother, who also wrote about Frankʻs meeting with a West African Shaman….

Let Frank be your reminder that you have every reason to believe that you are anything but insane, and that you have no reason to bother with those damning things that no one who is not you can possibly know about






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