The Truth About Magickal Women

June 5 2014 Living with Aloha Meme

Magickal Women  – We are everything that you cannot believe we are, and more…

…including honest, sometimes beyond fault.

I did not know that this is what I was being taught I would Be, through all those years in the company of the …empowered…women in my life, throughout my life, and the ones who have no idea what they taught me, or more, the means through which I was taught that thing called Truth and the revealing of it.

Most of the time, it is not because we called it into Being, Truth….

…most of the time, we merely show up in the lives of certain others and at certain times because those certain others have called us into Being in their lives and typically they do not know that this is what they have done.

Always….it is the Goddess who prompts us to either answer those Truths, or, allow them to pass us by – when we do that…allow them to pass us by…it means that we have avoided something that, in our Souls we know was the best thing we could do.

We are the women who have been blamed for nearly everything awful that happens in this world, and we are the ones, as well, once it is that we have been found out to be correct, are more harshly judged, even now, much as it was in the days of the Salem Witch trials.

At the global level, we are calling on humanity to finally do us a solid and get us on the real….

We are the women who the media portrays as either horrifically ugly and hard to look at, or strikingly gorgeous….but the reality is that we are all women, are represented by all women, and we, in kind, represent the Lilith energy in astrology.

Make no mistake – Biblically, it is thought that Lilith was Adamʻs first wife and later he was married to Eve (who would be Adamʻs DAUGHTER…think about it)…I can only state that having been in church my whole time as a kid taught me that there are two sides to every symbol, and that no one OTHER than a Magickal Woman would EVER see that Lilith and Eve represent the Two Sides of a Woman…. The Light and the Dark. The Evil and the Good.the Angel and The Devil…

All women have these two sides. We are all the Virgin and we are all the Porn Star, are each and all The Little Woman at Home, as well as the very Mistress of one manʻs deepest fantasies…

All of us knows this about ourselves, and we impress this upon the people in our lives the most, because those are the ones who have to know this about us...we are virginal in the idea that we learn new things everyday, but are the porn star when it comes to being an old pro at certain things that, righted by the Goddess Herself, are also part of our Magickal toobox that we are very dearly careful with.

This includes our very selves….just like a singer in a band whose instrument is the Voice…we become the Magick as much as the singer becomes the song. As much as we have been portrayed as being the darker side of the Human Feminine Divine, what we have not ever really been thought of is “good”.

By “good” I mean that we are good people, who do good things for other people, and we are people who care about others, but specifically the people in our lives. While it might be that we are around when the shit hits the fan, if others would bother to see just that one thing – when everyone else seemed to be gone from our lives, there were always the ones who stayed. The ones who stayed were not always the ones who were readily accepted by the people in even their own lives, but that never mattered – the only thing that mattered was Love, was healing, was well being, and the idea that no matter what, you are, I Am, we all are Loved. Our measure of Love is not what is seen in the media, and we are not all here to exact curses, are not here to hex people on behalf of our loved ones, not here to bring calamity to an already calamitous world.

We are the ones who have the ability, the …Magick…. to create for ourselves the calm needed to survive the things that the rest of the world does not understand is crippling us – the chosen obsession with controlling the outer chaos in the world, and the chaos that no one realizes that for a lot of us, because it is always there, is the thing the we use the most in order to create order.

We create order from the Chaotic Now, and even if it is that we cannot stop the Chaos, we are able to make sense of it, are able to give it a voice and a name and we are able, then, to call it our Magick, and Magick that is most akin to the the primal and beautiful violence that is bringing life into this world, even as this world is a dangerous place sometimes. 

We see things in patterns that no one else wants to acknowledge, and we envision the stars as being the stories of old, of things that only the stars have seen, the Truths that the Moon has always tried to make light of through the Big Light of the Sun. We show the world who we are in an eliptical manner. We see the motion of life in the cycle of the tides in relation to the moon. We know the heart of others, the intention of the populace, the reality that is shared but never ever seen as the actual Truth of things. We know reality is called outer energy, but, like all things else that are born into being, it was the seed planted in the Universe that was there first, the birthing of the Light within that only Magickal Women are capable of bringing to the world. 

We know that everything in our lives is given to the life of Spirit, of being those who walk along the split Path of Being Human while also Being a Soul in A Body. And we dare make these very bold, very Powerful statements, live them like they are our second skin, know them like we know our Lover, Are Them because we live by the very words that we speak, write, think, know…Being Magickal is not a belief that is followed, is not about being seen or Known as anything other than Who and What We Are as Beings of Light, Truth, Balance and most of all, Love. 

Truth and Love….

I know the opposite of these two energies very well, and now, even though life is not that great neither easy for me, I Know that I Am The Creative Energy that I Know as these two things …. I Am the Truth of Pisces, in all of Her madness, and all of her femininity, all of her trying to make sense of things that need no explanation – because those things just Are.

Light and Balance. Truth and Love…I know them well. From either side of them each. I studied them as the person who was harmed by other peoplesʻ darknesses, and looked at them through the rose colored lenses worn by too many disappointments which automatically created Balance.

Yet the things that I learned the best, held on to the most, live by as the sword which I wield, undaunted by the things that Truth brings about for myself, even as I Am hard pressed to not have to see those things because I see them as weaknesses….the things that I have learned the most, the things that I have given to others the most and will continue to give to others, no matter who they are…are Truth and Love…because always, one begets the other…for real.

Truth and Love – they happen to be my specific ….super powers…for lack of a better term. Truth and Love are the things that, while growing up, even though I know that I was loved, I was rarely told or shown the Truth. I recall asking others all the time if they were sure of what they were telling me, if they were sure if they believed what they saw or heard and always wanted to know why they believed what my Soul screamed at me was not what they thought it would be, no matter what it was that they wanted it to be. This was an issue that I had to deal with my entire life – the things that people knew better than to believe being also the things that I would question them about the most, because even then I was wanting to get to the bottom of things.

I did not realize that I could deal with the Truth, as long as I knew that that is what it was in its purest sense.

I do not stray from things that I do not understand. I do not stray from the reasons why anyone would not want to deal with the Truths that they do not like, so that they have a moment to see and accept things as they are, even though they might not like things as they are – it is in the acceptance that things happened that allows us to live in our Truths, and in the awareness of our weaknesses that have the same capability of making us Strong beyond our greatest imaginings. With Truth, about our Selves, mostly, while we are very aware of the things that we do not want to accept, we are also aware that we have the very power to change the way that we are affected by things we do not like. It is not that we have to like the Truths of things that have happened, but in our accepting that they have happened.

Yes…it is that big of a deal, because until we can accept the pain, we cannot begin to accept the healing – we will not be healed until we see our place in the madness as being the one person who has the power, the ability, the control of and the POWER TO think another way about anything at all.

I do not know what it is like to ignore something that is blatant and calls for my attention in terms of what it is that has fruitioned for people, not even myself at times, and I do not know what it feels like to hurt someone with a lie, because I cannot lie.

I cannot lie about what someone else thinks about what I have observed.

I cannot reveal things to others for the purpose of hurting who they are.

In fact, if I can make an ugly Truth hurt less, or at least make it easier on myself to tell these specific Truths, I will state it immediately. I do this because I cannot stand it when others are in the dark about things that they need to be aware of. This is doubly so when it is someone I Love and who I do not want them to be blinded by what their ego is telling them.

The ego speaks from our place of fear, of failure, of the things that we would rather not see there as being our creation. Our ego makes it feel like we have no way out, but our Spirit, our Higher Selves show us the mess as a work in progress, as our turning the Chaos into our Specific Magick that is beyond what we, as humans with the penchant to lean towards self sacrifice to the gods of yesterday, want to believe is ours to have, to hold, to create in unison with others.

The Ego, as has been stated, by more than only this scientist, operates from fear, from the pain of the past, and fuels the flames of self doubt. The ego wants us to stay where we think it is safe, but sometimes, that safety is what makes us crippled, and crippled by the fear of loss, the fear of being made to feel ashamed of who we are, when who we each and all are on our own is nothing short of magnificent.

The Ego wants us to believe that who we used to be is who the world loves, and this takes the power away from the Truths that we know, deep in our souls, is unchanged and unfiltered, and when anyone tells us these Truths, via our Egoʻs need to protect itself and use who we are when we are in pain to grow its own self, we do not get the results that we thought would just happen. The ego is what tells us that we do not have to do the work on ourselves, tells us that it is everyone else who is fucked up, far more than we are, because we have taken to that fear, again, and cchosen to believe what the blinded populace sees rather than the Love that is there in front of our faces, and a Love that is so big and so real, that naturally, the Ego would try to hide itself from the blinding glare of the shininess, of the glittery and gorgeous beautifully wrecked Self that, in and of itself, is comprised simply and only of the very most powerful energy in the Universe, and an energy that too many unenlightened people have equated with Love by the body (yeah – SEX) as being the Love from within the Soul.

While it is that the Soul can express itself, does express itself through means of the body, the Truth that is seen when we are in a place of what we feel is disempowerment is a mechanism of the ego when it is desperate for being right rather than being part of a glorious whole called YOURSELF….there is not a Magickal Woman alive who is not aware of these things that I am revealing to the world right this minute, not for the first time in anyoneʻs lives but, at least, for the first time at this part of my own Life.

I have been taught, all on my own, that when the ego tells us things that we want to believe, what we are also doing is finding every reason to ignore a Truth about ourselves.

The Truths about ourselves that we cannot face are the things that a Magickal Woman, if she is also compassionate as well as balanced, have learned over the course of our lives to absorb, to think about, to accept having happened (even though we might hate the things that we know…as long as it is The Truth, we are able, over time, to glean from those things what we are meant to….keep reading….read and learn….)

And that is the thing about Truth, really – when it does not match the ideal of who we are, according to anyone else but ourselves and others who are very dearly truly like us – men included – we get a little upset about things.

In terms of the things that we do – ask one of us, and forget what you have heard in social media groups, or have learned from people who post youtube videos – there is no instruction manual and you will have to learn about us through experience

…and if your experience tells you that women, no matter who they are or how honest we know them to be, are not to be trusted, then you must ask yourself WHY you feel this way about any woman, but in particular any woman who can be considered magickal.

I Am A Magickal Woman.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I say some very strange things, but it is also no secret – I Am typically right about the things that I say.

I do not guess…I Know and for the most part, all Magickal Women Know before we are consciously aware of what it is that we Know, and more, WHY we know. 

Always, what we have been shown by the Goddess is shown in symbols, ones that we relate with the things that we are sensing from the Universal groove thing. We are not the people in your lives who are there to create havoc, and if havoc has been created, and we just happen to be present through it all, know now that we are not there and present because we want to see the mess that we are believed to have made….because we do not make messes – we reveal things so that those things can be seen to far and long before the shit hits the fan.

Sure, there are times when we have been “off” some in our inclinations but for the most part, we are correct in that when the thing that we have intuited, at any time at all, usually happens. We are there and in place in the lives of certain others not only to guide, but to create order from the revelation of things not clearly understood or comprehended via the typical means that those things would be revealed.

Truth – We Know It Well…

Lots of people seem to want to hear the Truth but refuse to accept things that have happened. I will impress upon this the most – that we, as humans, do not know how to differentiate between accepting things as they happened, versus accepting things as our truth.

There is a huge difference – one of them calls upon us to accept that things HAVE HAPPENED, and the other tells us that we have to accept a truth that others believe about us but is not OUR Truth. This is one of the biggest lessons that we, as humans being NEED to learn – to accept that things happened, and no we do not have to like what happened and we can feel however we want to but WE ALL KNOW that we CANNOT UNDO THE PAST, THAT WE CANNOT UNSAY THINGS THAT OTHERS CANNOT UNHEAR. This – Truth – is something that we humans want to avoid because we have not bothered to look at the words that we are using, and neither how those words make us feel.

When it comes from someone like me, and because sometimes people actually research certain things such as being associated with a truly Magickal Woman, we also know the other side of The Truth and we see both sides.

When it comes to the point where we are being put to the task regarding that same truth – we get sort of upset.

The other thing that we are very well aware of is that most people, even as they say (with their mouths) that they would love to know more about us, they do not understand the one thing that they are about to learn, very well, and that is Truth. I am not talking about “The truth” as being told. I am talking about The Truth of Being. 

I speak for all of us, even the ones who are still in the Broom Closet – we know nothing other than what is the starkest of Truths, and we live by it – even when it sucks to have to live through it. We also know that the things that suck are not meant to piss us off even though, as humans, we get good and fuckinʻ angry when what we Know and more – what we are willing to Speak, Write, Think into Being – we must also be willing to live with the outcome that, because we are still Humans Being, we will have created for ourselves through means of what we have been given through those times in our lives. Understand now that the outcome for us is less important than getting to that point. If the outcome is not what we intended, it means that we were not working fully in the energy of Truth. Lots of times, when we think we are doing our own thing for ourselves, we later find that the reason that things did not work the way that we intended, it was because once again – we were loaning our energies to something that someone else is learning. 

Bear in mind the sentence “…if the outcome is not what we intended…” – I Promise you that there are a lot of different types of Magickal Women, and that there are things that we can see, things that we already know, things that others believe themselves to be hiding from us that cannot ever be hidden because we have known those things for quite some time, and over the course of that time it is a guarantee that we have made outright mention of certain things, certain energies, certain patterns that, if we were not paying attention, we would, the very each of us, NOT state, think, write, communicate those things. This is because we are aware that the majority of the things that we, all of us here on Earth, experience is directly correlated to the energy produced by the things that we think about all the time.

There, you folks, is where the Magick is within us all.

It is not wishing, and it is not only as easy as merely speaking it into being -if that were the case, we would all be millionaires (at least) and I promise you that things in the world at present time would not be as shitty feeling as they are right now. If we as an entirety of people would bother to look at things as an entire thing, and if we could just look at the bigger picture of things, and realize that we were not ever apart from but rather and always a part OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING HAPPENING IN OUR LIVES, we would see the thing that we have been able to do with our lives, our selves, that it would take a bit of time to materialize it but, it is not the wishing, nor the speaking, nor the poetic leanings and musings of things that creates reality.

It is our belief.


I Am a Pisces. As such, it is my nature to Believe and you can bet your last dime on it when I state If I Am Able, so, too, are You, NOT to eat the ugliness of the things that you, yourself, did not bring to you, but, that are meant to show you your weakness, about anything, so that in the Truth of those things, even as brought to us by others, namely when it is a GOOD TRUTH…such as you being Loved, for real, you can reveal to yourself the Strengths that You have no clue are there and waiting…

…there and waiting for no one else but YOU to realize

No one else can realize these things for any of us…the thing that a Magickal Woman brings to Your Life are the very things that Life is comprised of…

#Light #Balance #Truth #Love

For real….

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