The Actuality of Karmic Response


Karma can be depended on

“…Once youʻve lived a little you will find that whatever you send out into the world comes back to you…”

(Beloved Metal Guitarist, Slash, on Karma)

Let it ever be well known that whatever it is that any one of us is meant to learn, meant to go through, we will go through, and more – the more that we think we can get out into this world, thinking the shitty things that we will, about anything or anyone at all, we are automatically creating Karma for ourselves.

Lots of people like to think of it as being the junkyard dog that Karma is not.

If people would just pay attention to the things that they think and are feeling at the time that they are expressing the things that we are feeling instead of being a humane, balanced person in every aspect of our being there would be LOTS less karmic energy on this planet.

Thing is, though…human beings live on this planet, and in that measure, we are going to create our own Karmic destiny, whether we judge it “good” or “bad” and depending upon why it is that we believe that we ought to damn anyone else to the hell that we live in within our minds. 

That is the truth. There is no escaping it, any of it, and no matter how many times we try shifting the blame to what we want to see as being outer sources, we are GOING TO experience the same things, over and over again, until we learn…and sometimes, learning means that we simply and just have to let go of the anger. This is not something that is new to me, and what is new to me is the most beautiful thing in the world….

…it is called freedom.

No, not the kind of false freedom that comes from getting oneʻs self out of a relationship that has run its course, no matter what kind it is, but rather the kind that we end up having once it is that we have accepted that we are the reason for the Karma. We donʻt want to accept that we can make such a mess of things, and we cannot stand it when we are wrong about anything, namely how we have chosen to learn from the things that we are presented with.

I am not calling myself better or stronger than anyone else, because that would be a falsehood and one that I cannot even begin to wrap my head around no matter how much I have tried. There are not a lot of people who do not know this about me – I take responsibility for the things that I know are mine to learn from, and there is no person on this planet who is not full of themselves who has encountered me and has had what they think is a bad experience where somehow I have been present. That I have been present, that I have shown up in every way possible, open and vulnerable to the things that Karma can bring to me is one thing, but that I accept the things that I have done, thought, been through, have chosen to take responsibility for the way that I handle myself is lesser important to me than it is that anyone else reads these words and figure out that there are times in our lives when it is no one else who can do anything for us BUT us…and still, some of us, sadly, cannot let go of the idea that we did nothing wrong.

There is your first mistake – believing that anyone else has that much power to wreck who we are, for whatever reason it is that we believe what we will. It all boils down to our process and our life patterns – if we are wise, we will look at the things that we have been through with others in the past, and if we are wiser, we will, once the shit hits the fan, place ourselves as being the one component that was needed in order for things to go so awry – when we choose to do nothing, and we choose to leave the things that we know are ours to deal with, and when we decide that the ridiculous and actual material THINGS are more important to us because they symbolize a time in our lives when we might have followed the outer rules, but chose not to follow the gut instinct where the thought in our heads ought to have been that the great energies we were experiencing were not going to last forever….it is THAT moment where we ought to have been grateful for the experience, rather than hanging on to the hope that this end result in material and tangible proof of our outer selves was the thing that was also our inner selves…is where lots of unenlightened, lots of humans still preferring, in some areas of their lives, to stay asleep in the soul.

We choose to stay asleep.

Think about that for a moment and see that even in the body, we are very comfortable when we are sleeping. Sleeping makes it possible that we recoup in the body and regenerate the soul through the mechanism of dreaming.  Indeed sleeping heals the body and of course regenerates the mind but that is not the sort of sleeping I am talking about.

To sleep means that for a few hours, in terms of the body, we get to rest our minds from the outer world. It is the inner world that causes us to be the way that we are, whether we are angry or calm, whether we are sad or happy – that which we believe is the truth of us always comes out into the world as the actual truth of who we are at any given moment. And the reality is that we are not the way that we are, again – at any given time – because of other people, but instead because of ourselves.

We believe that we are these people who we were, and when the shit hits the fan and we are so cemented to the past that the only thing that we see ahead of us is a future that is bleak and ugly – that is not someone elseʻs judgment of those things, but our own.

We have all done it – given the power away to others, even when they do not take it from us. We believe that just because that is our perception of it that that is the truth no matter what. In reality what you are doing, what anyone is doing, is wishing or trying to wish those thoughts into being. When it comes to other people, we have to remember that the one thing that we are doing when we wish onto them the calamities that we are going through, that we are setting that Karmic reality up for ourselves, and it is worse if we are believing that it will happen to anyone else, NAMELY if we KNOW the truth is that we are the ones in control of our outer lives by means of our inner lives.

Our inner lives are lived by our inner selves

I Am a Pisces.

What this means and is typical to all Pisces is that we live a very rich inner life. We are the most imaginative, most intuitive, most Psychic Mediums of the Zodiac. Over the years and through the help of many, many teachers, both those who are actual teachers of the weirdness like myself, or teachers who do not realize that this is what they have been in my life, I have learned very well the Karmic patterns of life. Over the years, the one thing that I have also been able to manage learning in the most…scientific way…is knowing what our patterns are, and applying what I see there to the charts that I read for others and I can see contained in those things the pattern of someoneʻs life, and more – how it is that within them there is the ability (or the challenge to that ability…meaning that it is your Karma to learn it so you do not have to go through it again…) to grow beyond what feels good.

No one realizes that ALL of the things that we go through are actually manifested by us and through us -we end up having to experience the same damned things that everyone else does, and some of us still think that we are not the ones who are responsible for the things that happened to our lives…

The shit that hits the fan is our to learn from…

And when we do not learn, we end up having to deal with things that we never thought we would have to. When we wish horrid things on othersʻ lives, what we are really doing is making those things an absolute for us, making those things happen for us.

This means that if something happens in your life that sucks, and something happens by means and through means of other peoplesʻ shittiness, other peoplesʻ egotistical need for power that is seen rather than created within ourselves, and we are bothered by the things that we do not realize we have the power to change through changing our thoughts…we are destined to go through those experiences. When we ignore it all, place blame on others, and continue to do that, what we are doing, for real, is bringing that right back to ourselves, and the shittiest part of that is it is a FACT that no one wants to believe that this is how this works.

And we have the very gaul nerve to want things to improve, even and while we are bothering to still blame everyone else we know and used to know for our troubles. I have always believed that unless we can see ourselves as part of the problems in our lives, rather than above and apart FROM them, we will never ever come up with a solution. The reason being that the Karmic loop will always remind us, certainly through those who we KNOW were there for us, who it is that not only meant the most to us, but also who we, through our ignorance to Universal Laws and our own tininess of inner self….of where it is that we were either not even looking or more – are not believing that those others would not eventually make us well aware of the idea that we are who, ourselves, has caused this Karma.

Such as when you wish the bad things that you state you want for yourself, you suddenly are not that shitty person anymore, and it all boils down to living the outer life without even bothering with our shitty inner selves – thatʻs right, I said it so deal with it…. when we are not willing to live with the idea that we are and have the propensity to be shitty humans, taking on the energies of what is outside of us rather than healing the inside through learning from the things that we have to go through by right of our egotistical leanings versus our lying to ourselves about what is and what is not the truth, we are, in that moment, no longer blameless. We are who is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in our lives, no matter who we are, who we think we are, what we think we deserve, what we think it is that anyone else deserves. I am in no way making it as though we have ZERO chance to make things right for ourselves…with me that is never the case.

I have absolute belief in the human soul, a dear and deep belief in the idea that everyone deserves a chance to be their greatest selves but I have to draw the line at that place in the sand where when it is that anyone elseʻs life turns to shit, that because I am what and who I am, that I am, for anyone, the reason why life sucks for someone else

I will be the last one to tell anyone else that clearing your Karma and not reliving those patterns is easy – it is not, truly, for the faint of heart. If you believe that others have more power than you have over your own life, it also means that you are not willing to take up the reigns of your own soul to take over the Path that some of us want to be rightly on, but not a lot of us are willing to go through the pain of forgiving people, but mostly ourselves. When we have this energy within us that will not let us believe the truth that we are the reason why life sucks or doesnʻt suck, we also have the propensity to turn those thoughts into our actual lives and when that happens, we are more inclined to believe that we are sinless when others bring calamity to us.

I have been through this..chaotic shit…for the bulk of my life, and in that time the thing that I have learned the most and best and continue to learn is being able to accept that I am not perfect, but that I am also not the one who has to deal with these things that, in the energetic sense, were never ever mine to have to make right for others. That some things have happened in the lives of others and that have been the worst time in their lives does not now nor will it ever mean that because of that much, by reason of association, I am to blame..

When that happens, I go within and really think about what it is that has transpired, no matter what time in my life it is , and no matter what it is that I am facing at any given time. I know that for things to change for me I have to see myself as the part of the issue that is most powerful in that without my being involved somehow, nothing can change for anyone, but least of all for myself. There is nothing in this world that anyone can do for us that will be anything tangible if we are not ready for it – we have to be ready for the change for it to be implemented. If we are scared of the change that is not new – that is normal and is meant for anyone at all to see it there, within us each, to know when it is that we are not all we think we are, that there are things that we have to change about who we are and that we are not meant to be what we used to be, simply because we have to rise to who we are now becoming..

…and that is the truth.

You donʻt have to believe it