You cannot “Magick” everything to go your way….


Oh hell yes pictures tell stories…

But human beings, namely the Witchy sort, tell them, too.

Lots of them, and while I will not ever outright call anyone who Practices this beautiful Craft to be…getting ahead of themselves… I will boldly state, right now, that if you are practicing, or learning to practice, or learned to practice for the purpose of “Magicking” your lifeʻs ills and struggles away?

Stop trying, right now.

In fact, go put the broom back into the closet, throw your crystals out into the garden where you have planted all of those beautifully witchy sounding flowers and herbs, go fill up the  bathtub, put some Pink Salt in it, get your ass in there, and please do us all the favor of washing the ego off…today…

IF you are out in this world teaching people who need to know what you know, in terms of the shit that you have bothered to NOT try to cast a spell and make disappear, you need to know that you are going to go through that shit anyway – or are you not THAT sort of Practitioner?

Are you that one that tells the world what you are, but only because it makes you feel empowered over other people who MIGHT be impressed, but lovelies – if you have to TELL people that this is what you are, and you are not going through the lessons that are coming into your life (which some may be repeat lessons that you THINK you have  magicked away, all so that you do not have to suffer???) …you are not telling the whole Truth.

And you know you arenʻt.

I do very strange things, and there was a time when I could do them all in the privacy, at least, of the neighborʻs backyard – each on either side knew that if they saw me in their yard doing what appeared to be yard work?

They knew that I was gathering things for ritual.

If they heard me talking to myself, they knew that I was not doing that at all, and they always left me alone.

If I needed to create something for it, I left nothing stating that I did…and what has this to do with anything at all?

You are making what we who have been this for a very long time have to clear things up for you, and more, with the people who you have left with an open door through the veil and yeah, in more ways than one you are letting the cat…and the demons…outta the bag….

We are  meant as stewards of the Human Race, and in that energy we are here to teach others to be kind, to love the planet, to practice and live peaceably as much and as well as we are able, to be compassionate, and to never ever leave anything, any place, and namely ANY PERSON in lesser energies than they were prior to the workings.

What we do is NOT just something that too many television shows have turned in to “Parlor Tricks” 101 …and no, not all of those shows are like this and most of those who are part of the teams that go hunting for ghosties are legitimate, even when we judge them as being otherwise. It is not ours to judge that (even as I know I just did) and that is not what I am here to tell anyone.

That you have abilities is one thing, but, how are you using them to get to the next level of being able to use them? Are you using them to just impress people, scare them, intimidate them? Are you facing off with Christians just for the sake of having come out of the broom closet because you are defending your beliefs as much as they are speaking out for theirs (even if what we feel is that the way that those beliefs are being represented is the wrongest way that they could be?), or, like I have seen, more than one time – are you out in this world dabbling in Magick that you are not prepared to practice because you are using your abilities in the least positive way that you can?

If you are, then you are really not doing you any favors by using them to avoid clearing Karma that you are meant to clear in this lifetime. It is likely that the reason you have abilities is FOR that purpose, and here you are, a whole lot of you, acting like the idea that you can sense things, or that you can make things happen, or that you have “sight” or “hearing” of the sixth-sense sort, that you are meant to use those gifts to avoid what you are here to learn.

Yeah I know this one real well because a little more than a decade ago this was me. I was able to see things very clearly, but, unlike now, when it is that I can interpret it all because I did not turn away from these challenges that, when it all came to a boiling point in April of last year, I learned over the course of the last year what no one can ever tell me that I do not know enough about. While I will not go into what I am talking about in detail, what I will state is that without having gone through and still GOING through this shit, I would not have the awareness of certain things, some of those things being on the Astral Plane, that I now have. One of those things is that I trust my abilities more now, not because I practiced them but because I actually have been using them the whole time and did not know it.

What the hell do you think you are gifted for, so that you can skip all of your lessons? You canʻt.

Or you can try to, and when you are not on this plane any longer you will have to come back to finish the learning. I mean, I know it is easy to learn a lot online but, there are things that no one can just…learn…because the truth is that all of us is here to learn and when we are done with one lesson, no matter what – another one follows. When we do not bother to learn them while they are right there and evidently not going to stop showing up, it means that you are meant to get through that challenge and that you might even struggle through it all. That you will struggle is one thing, but, have you noticed that when you keep trying to use the same things that served you in one area of your life, it fails in another?

That is because you cannot be good at only one part of your gifts. You might be pronounced in one area and sorely lacking in another. You might not ever get to be proficient in every area but, that is why the shit keeps happening – so that you will learn to stretch your abilities.

If you must have evidence of this pertaining to me, as well, that is easy – I have owned, read, interpreted correctly, The Tarot….but, because I Am Me, in the human being sense, I Am an impatient learner. I know this because in my life as a college student, anyone who knows me as that will tell you that I Love To Learn, and my grades reflect it, even the ones that are kinesiology (P.E. if you donʻt know what that means) – my point is that while I Am a Book Smart person, I am not book smart enough for everything. Where I lack is the action taken upon the words. This does not mean that I am stupid or anything -it means that in certain areas I need to practice. I will know if I am not meant for that activity if all I do is keep trying and not succeeding at it.

It also does not mean that I give up, or that in NOT knowing or learning how to read or do anything I am desirous of learning, that I will not experience disappointment – this is the same thing for me, The Tarot, as is most college mathematics. I want to know how to figure out equations and how to create formulas but, after 45 years in schools, with a decade of not being in a learning environment like I am now, it is evident to me that I wonʻt learn them like many others do because I am simply stronger in other areas, like writing and dancing….which ainʻt too shabby.

Where we think we lack in one area, we are stronger in others. Sometimes, we need those areas we “lack” in (I prefer to think of it as “C for Charlie” because earning a “C” in college is a passing grade and yes I DO get Cʻs…keep reading) or are averagely intelligent in, to give support to those areas where we are Herculean in our abilities….and that last part is true for all of us, and no not just as being a success at failure, because only a MASTER HAS FAILED MANY MANY TIMES….get that one truth worn like a bad tattoo already -you cannot master ANYTHING without FAILING AGAIN AND AGAIN.

As far as giving up goes…just because you failed, the other scenario, again, like me with the cards, is that the timing, for you, was off.

It merely means to try again another time, which, I have been doing and well, it turns out that I needed to go through everything that, to this point, even right this moment when I have the most ….weighted feeling…a feeling of being depressed (and yeah I have been diagnosed with Depression…keep reading, please…)  and at this time, the last thing that I ought to do, even as I WANT to do it, is use my abilities to shun what is another moment for learning something, possible from another place where I Am gifted the chance to be the third person – when that happens, I know that I have learned.

It does not, however, mean that I will not go through things like whatever “it” was again. It means that through the bullshit, I have come up with my own way to get through it, and when I know that there is someone else who is going through something like it, I have the experience of having gone through it, with the intention of learning from it, because we can choose to keep on going through things and trying to make those things no longer be in our lives, and we can keep on cloaking them with magickal words and we can burn herbs and light candles and can keep on asking for the lesson to go away but it is not going to, namely if it is meant that you are to lead, somehow, others to their own place of healing through those same things, even if the wounds are Chironic in nature and wonʻt truly completely heal.

They donʻt heal all the way for a reason, and that reason is that we have to remember what the hell it is that made us nutty for longer than we thought we would be, and in doing things that way, we chose to limit who we were becoming.

When we try to limit who we are meant to become, and we are not aware of the fact that even when we think we are losing, what we actually are doing is learning.

There are no losers, no winners, when there is learning, and it would magickal of people to learn that one thing -there are no winners or losers when you are not playing a game, but that when you are learning – THERE IS PASS (C) OR NO PASS (D) and you just try again – it is called a MASTERS DEGREE because so many times in undergrad studies – STUDENTS FAIL HORRIFICALLY AND I AM NOT DIFFERENT…just older and lots mouthier.

There is only a lesson coming one at a time and our needing to learn them all.

What feels like loss, unless we are willing to learn about it and change to accommodate it and turn it into a place of power for ourselves, is actually a life lesson that needs to be learned or at least the outcome that we want that never comes into being, NAMELY when it is something of actual dollar value (because we are priceless, folks, and no person is truly worthless…keep reading) …once we learn that we are far more precious than any THING our working to avoid lessons can bring us (for a short time, even…do you not realize that everything that you lose leaves room for more of what you want there in its space? It doesnʻt even have to be something new…it can be something that was already there and present that needed to be made better….we donʻt know this UNTIL WE CHOOSE TO BRAVELY STEP INTO THE STRUGGLE FOR REAL…keep…on…reading…please….) …shit changes

When we know that what anyone else told us that was good about us IS NOT A LIE, and we can take that knowledge with us into any struggle, it matters.

It matters because we are yet on this plane, and because we have been sent to this lifetime with what seems like an endlessness of bullshit, there is truth to the idea that the bullshit we go through is only the same amount as the badassery we are creating ourselves as being. When we see that our loved ones are seemingly flying towards a better future, and that we had the heart enough to wish them the best, and we know that THEY believed what we were saying, things…Magickal things, for everyone, begins to happen.

Unfortunately, too many people do not look at the big fat picture. They want the end result but without having to go through the bullshit that they are faced with.

I mean, no – no I would not want to go through any of what I am still going through, at all, but, I am certainly not going to stop working towards learning what I Am learning, because I donʻt know what Magickal changes are under way – I just know that there has to be a reason why, everyday now, for like, 7 or 8 months, I have cried…sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, with right this moment not being any different.

They are a deluge, really, and I am not certain whose tears they are, or who they are for, or if they are out of frustration and the idea that I have been struggling for lots longer than only since last spring.

However, I would not be at this Spring and almost done with this lesson in terms of my own personal power….and I wonʻt know it unless I choose to continue learning the lessons that I simply and one day surrendered to. It did not make the pain lesser by any means, but, with the thought in my head that all the things that hurt us are temporary, and that once the lesson has been learned, we have already been putting to practice what we are meant to be able to help other people with, because other people go through shit, too.

Seriously…when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

It would be lots nicer if, like in college, we get to schedule our classes and choose our instructors, but it isnʻt.

What we learn in the classroom is not what we learn in the Craft.

It is more like what we learn in the classroom, wherever a Magickal person is in attendance, we utilize and share with our fellow learners, because we do not know when we have met who we will teach or who will teach us. Sometimes the lessons are momentary but make  huge impact, and other times, long and challenging in every way they possibly can be.

My own lessons are being given to me straight up and harsh….I donʻt like them.

I like learning.

I donʻt like hurting.

I like learning to heal from it all when I have to.

This does not mean that I am going to stop Being My Magickal Me

It means that the human being who is also Me sometimes needs My Magickal Me to take over.

You canʻt grow into who you are becoming if you are not willing to learn how to be that person.


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